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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  March 8, 2021 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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right now at seven, scattered showers and parts of the bay area but more widespread and heavy rain is in store tomorrow and wednesday. >> they almost look like he was sobbing a couple of times. the sentence just handed down from one of the deadliest buyers in bay area history. certain san francisco students have a new timeline to head back to class but what about everyone else? we push for some answers. >> parents are frustrated that it has taken so long, and there is still a lot of questions about which schools. right now, we are tracking rain tonight, locations all over the bay area could get hit
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by pop up showers over the next few days. good evening. >> chief meteorologist is alongside with the high def doppler. we are seeing some action out there. >> some rain mainly for the north bay right now but other parts of the bay area did see passing showers earlier today. the bulk of activity is over sonoma and marin county so let's zoom in for a closer look. moderate rainfall would some pockets of heavy rain, especially over marin county with a little bit that is just making its way on shore. this will be pushing eastward to the north bay. the southern most extreme end of this band of showers could just clip san francisco but basically it will peter out right around the golden gate. more rain to come as we head into the next several days. more rain to come later on tonight, our rain chances dwindle as we head towards about 11:00 the rain chances go up even before the sun comes up tomorrow morning. tried to pin down the precise timing will be the major
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challenge for the next couple of days but it is an unsettled forecast tomorrow, tomorrow night and into wednesday and even the potential for enough instability in the agnes here for some cloud to ground lightning. a few rumbles possible, they have this outlined for just general thunderstorms the next couple of days. we take a look at the future cast and will track those rain as they come in. reaction to a 12 year sentence handed down in the go ship warehouse fire. the alameda county district attorney says defendant has accepted his criminal responsibility for his role in the fire that killed 36 people. andre mcconnell reports on the emotional day in court. >> reporter: the judge except of the plea deal this afternoon as you can imagine it was a very emotional day in court his family members to share their grief and pain and it was also though an odd day as the judge stopped the court proceedings, just see if he was on any sort of substance that would alter his behavior. earlier this afternoon the judge took a break noticing he
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was nodding off and his movements were jerky. when they returned, his attorney told the court, it is not an issue of drugs, your honor, it is an issue of pain. they also read a statement from the client, at the center and hearing. i am sorry, i am very afraid to say more. i am's sick with shame, i am so sorry. my shame cannot stand as any defense but it is what i am responsible for. it is my fault. family members overwhelmingly wanted the plea deal rejected. the family of 30-year-old sarasota says this lenient slap on the wrist entrance is vastly inappropriate with the crimes he committed. we vigorously recommend you reject this plea, and honor all the victims legacies by ethically holding criminality to count. the family of san francisco state graduate, donna kellogg, says not one day goes by without a reminder of our losses that you caused by your
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negligence. and lack of responsibility that you have shown for other people's well-being. i will always know this pain. >> from our perspective, it was a fair and just result. because part of the deal to plead guilty to 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter, he got a 12 year sentence but because of his times served, he will most likely be not seeing the inside of a jail again and he is expected to serve the rest of his sentence on an ankle monitor at home. i spoke with the court reporter and she says it was very anti- somatic when the plea s excepted. family members were not allowed to be in court and there just wasn't that a motion in the courtroom today. reporting in oakland, andrea nakano, kpix5. a live look at the richmond san rafael bridge, contra costa county could soon be moving
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into the red tier. they are seeing fewer than 10 cases per 100,000 people a day and health officials say the goal is to get down to seven cases per day before moving into the next tier. five bay area counties are currently in the read. tomorrow, alameda and solano counties could join that list. >> reporter: a group of vaccines vigilantes are trying to help people but how people book appointments. has become an expert in navigating the appointment site. he says he has helped more than two dozen people find open appointments. in fremont, a group called bay area vaccine hunters also aims to help. >> it is frustrating that this is underground knowledge but the knowledge is out there to certain extent and it is a matter of getting to it. >> we said hey, let's create a group and we were wondering who would even join. >> those helping search for open appointments say they award the situation could amplify once more people become
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eligible in the coming weeks. taking a live look at san francisco where a small group of students will be going back to public schools in a month. they have marked april 12th as the day six elementary schools will reopen and more by the end of the month. but there is still no plan to bring back middle or high school students. >> parents are frustrated that it has taken so long and there is still a lot of questions about which schools, which phase. >> they want to return at this time, but they will not be able to. >> several parents are fed up with how long it has taken to get schools back open and are now petitioning for city leaders to take over. they want the city to choose who is on the school board instead of voters. tonight, mayor sam accardo pushing part of his new budget plan called the resiliency core. the goal is to create more than 500 jobs for young adults that involve pandemic response,
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educational recovery, and the environment. >> to protect us against this pandemic and future disasters, to protect us against climate change, protect us against the economic challenges we are facing collectively as a community. we are launching this resilience core. >> we first brought this to live on cbsn bay area. you can download our app to get live news of states 24/7. the governor switching it up, the huge venue where he will deliver a much-anticipated speech tomorrow. with the cdc says you are now allowed to do if you are fully vaccinated. and what it means for looking and upcoming vacation. >> they are not encouraging travel. i have a lot of concerns, how are people going to stop that? >> yet another bay area
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sideshow, this time an innocent driver ends up getting hit head- on. later, it is a charity known for providing jobs to people in need. why it is now being forced to slash dozens of bay area positions. >> our business is people. >> people obviously need it, especially now. >> it sad. coming up all new at tonight, one local volunteer pastor waited three months to get $3000. in stolen unemployment money. and it only happened when kpix5 stepped in. >> i can only thank god our parents are humble, hard- working and they don't ask very much from everyone because they always believe god will supply and provide but sometimes we need assistance. >> we are helping victims on the ro
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it another one of these a legal sideshows, this time, in vacaville, and it took a dangerous turn. police say a man hit an innocent driver head on over the weekend. three people injured, no word on their conditions tonight. the cars completely obliterated, and more neighbors are expressing concerns. >> i have a lot of concerns. how will people stop that? i mean, i don't want to be on the road that occurs. that can only cause death in my book. the governor will give his state of the state address tomorrow but it won't be from the state capital. it is expected to happen at dodger stadium, one of the largest vaccine sites in the state. he is expected to give an update on california's vaccine rollout. the budget into list of other issues. make sure you download the kpix5 app so you can watch it
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live when it happens. a live look outside, the view from treasure island, looking at us, we can always back. our camera people over there. >> i know some clouds moving in and some of the clouds carry real-life raindrops which we need terribly. >> definitely and there is rain falling right now over the north bay, more of us will see more widespread and heavy rain over the next couple of days. off and on pattern that will continue through wednesday. the heart of the storm system is still well offshore and what attracts directly overhead that is where we will hear the best chance for some rumbles of thunder and the rain will be more widespread. dry weather will take over later on this week but for right now here are the showers of the north bay, mostly over sonoma county and marin county but a little bit now creeping into northern napa county, moderate rainfall at the heaviest and it is pushing through quickly enough that we are not going to see any issues with any debris flows in the
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wildfire burn scars, the north bay or in the santa cruz mountains. let's switch over to the future cast to show you how things play out. scattered showers with possible as we head into the rest of this evening. pretty brief, hit or miss, but they are possible so at any point over the next couple of days keep the rain jacket and umbrella handy. the more widespread and heavy rain, one round moves in early tomorrow morning. this could obligate your life if you are somebody who still has to commute as opposed to working from home. this will be the pattern that repeats itself, little dry break and more following. the ways of heavy rain adding up to a quarter to half inch for most of us but if you see one of these cells, track overhead it another one follow it up, some spots will overachieve and pick of too close to total rainfall.
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the atmosphere is actually going to be unstable. that is what we look for is the amount of instability which around the bay area is usually pretty close to zero but the forecast models are indicating at least some instability in the atmosphere late morning to midday on tuesday so that is just high enough to allow the potential for electricity to get separated enough to allow for some either into cloud lightning or cloud to ground lightning and is a possibility exists around midday on wednesday so don't be alarmed if you hear some rumbles of thunder. total rainfall amounts will be the quarter inch to half inch range but again a few spots the overachieve and pick up three quarters of an inch, this is not going to raise the rainfall deficit but every little bit definitely helps and this will fall over a long enough period of time that we don't have to worry about the debrief low problems. temperatures are mostly in the lower half, down to 45 already downtown and in livermore, temperatures tonight only back down to the 40s with increasing clouds overhead, a couple chillier spots dropping down into the upper 30s and another
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cool day tuesday with high temperatures across the board in the 50s, low 50s along the coast, mid 50s near the bay with mid to upper 50s farther inland, similar temperatures on wednesday if not a couple of degrees cooler, then as we try things out thursday and friday we start to warm up and the weekend is looking pretty good. set your clocks ahead one hour before you go to bed saturday night, we see a chance of showers heading our way to start off next week. we keep an eye on that in the long-range. here is look at your top headlines. new guidelines from the cdc say groups of fully vaccinated individuals can't safely gather in small groups, indoors, without masks. they can also visit with unvaccinated people if they are at lower risk of developing severe covid symptoms. the cdc is still urging everyone to wear masks in public and discourage travel. >> i think they are holding off on that because they are worried that too much of uncontrolled sanctioning of
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travel word sort of spread a lot of covid all over the u.s. >> it is our responsibility to make sure, in the context of 60,000 new cases a day, that we protect those who remain unvaccinated and remain vulnerable. tomorrow the house is expected to pass the senate version of president biden's almost two trillion-dollar covid relief package. it includes $1400 stimulus checks which eligible americans should get later on this month and a child tax credit of up to $3600 per child. not a single republican in either chamber has supported it. >> we will be having a further discussion about this bill as we move forward to its passage in the next 24 to 48 hours. >> these people in the congress today, the house and the senate on the democrats ride, our out- of-control liberals. protests are expected
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outside a minneapolis courtroom where former police officer is facing trial. earlier the judge put off questioning jurors until tomorrow. he pleaded not guilty to second- degree murder and manslaughter charges. his lawyers are expected to argue that he died from health issues and drugs and not from his kneeling on his neck for more than eight minutes. >> our hope is that justice prevails and we can all use this as an opportunity to be better and do better for those around us. that the other officers involved in his death face aiding and abetting charges and they will each be tried separately. coming up next, what is being done at the state capital tonight. >> they are worried about being forced to do something that they may not want to do. >> i feel like my stuff is not in place and the people who really need it.
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bad news for goodwill, find out which eight bay area stores just closed for good. and then later, steph curry missed last year's all-star game but boy did he make up for it this year. even lebron was blown away. >> it was an honor to be on the floor with him. a live look at san francisco city hall, all lit up in purple tonight in honor of california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones. - ( phone ringing ) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones. get details on this state program. visit right now or call during business hours. bay area homeowners, learn how you can eliminate monthly mortgage payments and improve your cashflow. look, this isn't my first rodeo and let me tell you something, i wouldn't be here if i thought reverse mortgages took advantage of any american senior,
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goodwill taking a hit from the pandemic, the company says it is now been forced to close eight bay area stores. that includes locations in berkeley, livermore, oakland and vallejo. goodwill's ceo says donations have been good, however, the pandemic has led to a large drop in customers. at least 61 employees will be impacted by the closures. >> our business is people pick a we have a mission and that mission is to turn donations into jobs, help people get back on their feet. and of course, our stores are a major way in achieving that. >> people obviously needed
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especially now and that is the place to go down which is bizarre. >> it is sad. i mean, i like donating to goodwill. i feel like my stuff is going to a good place and to people who really need it. >> millions are forced to choose between staying home without pay or exposing others at work if they have covid. that is because the sickly protections expired on january 1st. new data shows five out of six working telephone onions do not qualify for the federal paid sick days or family leave even when they were mandatory. lawmakers have two new bills that would require businesses to offer two weeks paid covid relief if you get sick. need to care for family member, or need to stay home because of child facing school closure but it is facing opposition from the business community. >> employers are worried about being forced to do something they may not want to do.
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>> it could come up for vote within the next couple of weeks, if passed the new leave rules would be retroactive back to coming up next, the world is still reacting tonight to steph curry
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did you see steph curry's all-star performance last night? it impressed everybody, including lebron. the sports director dennis o'donnell shows us. >> have a lot to accomplish, i don't have anything >> his night started the three- point contest where he defeated utah's mike conley to win the event for the second time. then he knocked down eight more threes in the game. >> the shot, the turnaround, little shimmy. >> even threw down an alley you.
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and after years of going against lebron and the finals, the two were finally on the same team. >> it is my first time teaming up with steph and it was an honor to be on the floor them. >> it was bound to happen. we had a great time and we got the win, so i will remember the night for sure. >> it is fun to see them slapping hands and being teammates and having fun with each other. where sites there. >> great to see him back in the game and playing well. >> he has not lost a step. these are real people, not actors, who've got their eczema under control.
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: come on, west virginia. i appreciate that. how are you all? thank you all. thank you all very much. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man, steve harvey. [cheering and applause] got another good one for you today. returning for their second day, from emmons, west virginia, these is my homies! it's the kinder family! [cheering and applause] and from beaverton, oregon, it's the kindell family! [woman whooping] steve: everybody's here trying to win theirself a lotta cash, and somebody might have a shot driving outta here in a brand-new car.
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