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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  March 9, 2021 12:00pm-12:29pm PST

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studios, this is kpix 5 news. now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area , unsettled weather. ofagain rain expected to continue. we are tracking scattered showers. good afternoon, i'm emily turnerght to the meteorologist mary lee tracking the storm. >> trucking this rain as we are looking at unsettled weather with this upper-level low bringing that into the area. lighting up radar screen especially for the north bay, san rafael as well as novato, you can see showers near petaluma, and st. helena at this hour. this is just the start, we are looking at more rounds of rain coming our way put a live look with our salesforce terry camp, a little bit of sunshine and low pressure system, with isolated mobility and thunder storms. several lightning strikes offshore earlier today. so, looking at showers, isolated thunderstorms and gusty wind, even small hail
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the sier, no levelsghaks inba and we could also see some snow, emily, back to you. a breaking news now. minutes ago, california updated its reopening map, alameda, solano, and santa cruz counties shifted from purple into red. kiet do is in fremont, where he spoke to eager businesses who are ready for the next step in the road to recovery. >> reporter: alameda county is on the verge of heading into the red tear, which means indoor dining here at classic diner in fremont. you can taste the excitement. >> reporter: for the owner, rose, it has been a struggle with the openings and closings and hemorrhaging cash since the start of a pandemic. >> losing money for almost like a year, right? >> reporter: the county is now administering 25,000 vaccine doses each week, and the latest
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covid-19 numbers show alameda county has helped red tear numbers for the past two weeks. which means, they now qualified to advance. the main indicators? the number of cases per 100,000 people is now 6.3. it is supposed to be less than seven. the overall positivity rate is 2.4%, supposed to be sassantages 3.7 percent, supposed to be less than 8 as well. once in the red, gyms can reopen indoors at 10% of movie theaters can open up 25% capacity. rose has expanded her dining areas footprint and is ready to move quickly once the announcement is made to open up indoor dining to 25% capacity. >> reporter: do you think opening up indoors will help your business? >> of course. especially days like today when it's going to rain. will be very hard. if you have indoors, rainy days are very busy. >> reporter: regulars like kenny griffin have been waiting for the official words to come inside.
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>> i am over sitting outside? >> i am too. sometimes you suck it up and do it because you figure you have places you like to go eat. >> reporter: much of places like denny's have gotten the vaccine but he still plans to play it safe for now. >> i am concerned, still. once the red tear opens and things start to open up like they did before, i do concern myself with things regressing the other direction, and now we are locked down again, where we can't go inside and sit and eat. it could harm a lot of other businesses within the community. >> reporter: in fremont, kiet do, kpix 5. new at noon, thousands of furloughed disneyland workers will be recalled to be trained on their new safety standards with a plan to reopen in anaheim by late april. the company's ceo just made that announcement. the state recently announced theme parks could open at a limited capacity on april 1st for counties in the red tear. l.a. county is currently in the purple tear. looking live out to san jose right now. santa clara county will not participate in the statewide coronavirus vaccine distribution system which has been manageby blue shield of
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california. officials say the county will not sign a contract with blue shield allowing the health insurance company to take over vaccine distribution. they claim the new oversight wouldn't do anything to improve vaccination speed or efficiency. county supervisor cindy chavez had this to say. >> our experience working with the state prior to the entrance of blue shield has been mostly positive. but, the lack of flexibility at a local level is a very high concern to me. >> blue shield told kpix 5, quote, our aim is to enhance the network increasing capacity to be able to administer 4 million doses per week. we are well on our way to meeting that milestone. santa clara county claims it lycali refusing to participate. happening today, governor newsom will be able to deliver
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his state of the state address, happening at dodgers stadium which forces one of the countries biggest vaccination sites. newsom says he plans to honor the quiet heroes of the pandemic. we will carry that drli here 6:00p.pix 5, aninon cb bay > new atcoues. breaking silence, they are speaking up for the first time since prince harry and meghan's high-stakes interview with oprah. it is being called the biggest crisis for the british monarchy in decades. tina krause is in london with the royal response. >> reporter: buckingham palace broke its silence about prince harry and meghan's explosive revelations. in a statement, palace officials said, the issues raised, particularly that of race, are concerning. while some recollections may vary, they will be taken care of by the family privately. the monarchy is responding to harry and meghan's claims of racism after they said that
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someone in the royal family were concerned about what color the babies skin would be when it was born. >> the whole of the family comes under consideration, but that is a serious allegation, something that buckingham palace wants to take it seriously. >> >> reporter: prince harry and meghan's interview with oprah has stirred up a backlash in britain. on the street. >> at the top of my country, i don't like that. >> and on tv. >> you continue to trash her. >> i'm done with this. >> journalist piers morgan walked off the set during a heated debate about the royals. >> when they decide to talk to me, i will start talking to the press. >> reporter: meghan's estranged father , thomas michael, was quick to speak to tv after being reached out to interview in new mexico. >> these stories with oprah are way over the top. >> reporter: earlier, tuesday, prince charles ignored questions from reporters, while
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the palace often tries to stay out of controversy, by staying silent, royal watchers say this time, they have no choice but to respond. tina krause, cbs news, london. the interview with oprah is the first time meghan markel's father says he has heard her father -- his daughter since the breakdown of their relationship. >> the biggest problem here is that she has pretty much ghosted all of her family, on her mother's side and my side. so, she had no one to reach out to. she would have had us if she kept us. >> reporter: londoners are also reacting to that bombshell interview. >> i think probably race did play some sort of role in the way that she has been discriminated, amongst, you know. we can all see that. being a part of the public. >> when you go into that type th yot
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to expect to get some criticism about it. switching gears back here in the united states, jury selection began today in the murder trial of the minneapolis police officer charged with killing george floyd. the judge is moving forward with derek chauvin's trial even as a appeals court is considering adding third-degree murder to the former officers charges. last may, the video of sheldon kneeling on floyd's neck for nine minutes sparked days of protest there and across the country as well racial justice. >> we have always been disenfranchised over police, over criticized, overpromised and undelivered. 38th in chicago is like a microcosm of the world that we are trying to ideate. a world without police, where community depends on each other. >> derek chauvin's defense team is expected to argue that floyd drop died of a drug overdose rather than from the officers knee on his neck. derek chauvin faces up to 40
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years in jail if he is convicted. let's take a look at the big board now, some good news here. you're in the green. stocks up 220 points right now as we speak rebounding this afternoon. teslas stock is up 18%. investors are also keeping an eye on capitol hill, where democrats are pushing ahead tri co19relief package, doing it without the votes of republican lawmakers. skyler henry has the latest. >> reporter: the house is expected to vote on president biden's $1.9 trillion covid-19 relief bill this morning. >> if the committee passes it to the floor we will pass it hopefully with some republican votes, although that remains to be seen. >> reporter: republican's have unanimously opposed the bill, every step of the way, saying it is too large and untargeted. >> did not have to be this way. we could have had a bill that was the fraction of the cost of this one.
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it could have gotten bipartisan approval and support. >> reporter: the white house is still pushing for gop support, pointing to public polls showing a majority of americans, including the public >> getting checks to almost 160 million americans, money to reopen schools, money to vaccinate people, since when is that a democratic idea? >> reporter: president biden is high night highlighting the need for relief, pointing to a small business owner who benefited from the paycheck protection program. >> the first thing we did was, we took all of our at-risk employees and sent them home and paid them through the entire process. very helpful to allow us to do that. >> reporter: this comes as the cdc issued new guidelines saying newly vaccinated people can now gather in small groups come indoors without masks or social distancing. it also includes unvaccinated people as long as they are low risk and from the same household. >> this is the beginning of the next several months of slowly
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enabling more privileges to get back to a new normal. >> reporter: the cdc is still recommending no gatherings between unvaccinated households, novak gatherings in public and avcbnews, capitol hill. coming up on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn the area, sentences go cracking down on food delivery services. the new ordinance to keep workers safe. plus, and incentive to stay home. the university paying students
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let's get you right to an update of the story we broke this morning. to rvs caugtakeokthiscitizen ap video of the flames, pretty dramatic period happened along 17th avenue around 7:00 i picked cruise essay it was a large homeless and kevin. no one was hurt locally, but around 20 residents have been displaced. it is not clear what started that fire. new afternoon, a dig worker progress movement, and san francisco supervisor matt haney calling on companies to prioritize the health and safety of their workers. that is expected to pass.
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on 10 tenderloin and treasure island to call the city to provide max basin a vaccination efforts there. the tenderloin ranks 31st, and treasure island last indexing rates in the city. there are currently no publicly available sites in either neighborhood. also knew afternoon, uc davis is offering to pay its students to stay home for spring break. the university says it will give out $7500 grants for the first five students who choose to staycation instead. it hopes the money will go towards supporting local businesses. spring break is scheduled to start on march 22nd. time now for a check of our weather, with meteorologist mary lee, and it is on again off again, can't make up its mind. >> lookinght now looking at active weather,
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lighting up our radar screen, especially for the north bay. pea-sized hail north of santa rosa, and likely, it is this cell right here to the northeast of healdsburg, there. likely would heavy downpour is associated with it. also looking at showers pushing across parts of san rafael, mill valley right now, and as we go through the afternoon, likely some isolated thunderstorms will continue as we are looking at sunshine, upper-level low, and cold air aloft. thunder storms, lightning strikes early this morning, stopping short, so that recipe is out there. for that instability, looking at temperatures in the upper 40s in santa rosa, catching that wet weather. upper 50s, mid and upper 50s in concord, oakland, livermore, sentences go and increang zyonditions at sfo, a miles per hour, nap at 16 with 14 mile-per-hour wind and
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fairfield sustained. 's there is that specific a storm system bringing the unsettled weather for us today and tomorrow. clouds, popcorn like cloud activity indicating instability for us. as retaking hour by hour that te activity we head through our afternoon, and into s,isng our bay area mountains, as we go through tomorrow, still looking at instability. off and on showers, the possibility of isolated thunderstorms. rainfall amount anywhere from a quarter of an inch to as much as an inch and a half. winter weather advisories for the tahoe area. sunrise at 6:27. daytime highs average in the 50s today and we will stay in the 50s with even cooler temperatures. unsettled weather
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sold worldwide every year. but, they remain a favorite among con artists, too. the federal trade commission says americans have lost $245 million since 2018 pa rs wgist the last four years. now, victims are sharing stories in order to alert others of these scams. >> anybody that asks them to buy a gift card and read the numbers off is running a scam. no legitimate business or gs ere i absolutely could not believe that i had done it. >> the better business bureau says if you buy gift cards with cash and you read those numbers off, your money is gone. winter weather is back. scattered showers around the bay area, not quite decided if it wants to be rainy or sunny out. still ahead, we have one last
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check of your unsettled forecast. today on the drew barrymore show, ashley simpson and her
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check with meteorologist mary lee of this wet weather. >> keeping a close eye on the owerand strong cells popping up, getting reports of small hail, pea- sized hail, north of santa rosa, likely those cells there. when you see the orange and red colors indicating brief heavy downpours as well, with today, and then dry weather ahead as we look to e end of the week, emily, back to you. >> thanks. that is it for kpix 5 news at noon. member, we are on 24 se
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