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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  March 11, 2021 1:37am-2:12am PST

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now at 11, santa clara county stopped scheduling first dose of vaccine appointments. who was to blame for that setback?
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even more rain over the bay area, we will track the rain out there right now and take a look at some changes in the forecast later this week. alameda county school district just hours away from welcoming all students back to the classroom. >> we need to do this because so many kids were struggling. some bidding wars, bay area real estate breaking records tonight, what is driving the spike in sales. good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> a live look at san jose, santa clara county says it's being forced to stop scheduling first dose covid vaccine appointment because of a shortage in supply. >> reporter: santa clara county is confirming a shortage in doses from the state is forcing them to conserve the supply they already have for second dose appointments. even as more people are
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eligible and ready for their first shot. >> well then i feel really lucky to have gotten it when i did. >> reporter: allison ireland, an occupational therapist, just received her second dose of the covid vaccine at levi stadium. >> i feel a lot more secure. >> reporter: eligible county residents are learning they will have to wait a little longer to make an appointment. this is the message that pops up on the vaccination site. all vaccination sites are currently full due to lower than expected vaccine allocation from the state. >> we were assured by the state that we would get sufficient doses to cover all of our second doses, particularly of moderna. >> reporter: county leaders report a decrease of a few thousand deste an increase in the number of doses the state received. it comes as santa clara county officials pushed back on the new vaccine distribution plan through blue shield. >> that is unfortunate but i do
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feel good that i was able to get it. >> reporter: donate, a sense of relief at levi stadium, for those who were able to get an appointment. the county stopped scheduling first doses last friday and they can vaccinate up to 15,000 people and it has now dropped by half of that. >> i was really excited that i was able to get it. >> reporter: the mercury news which first broke this story says the state public health department is blaming the shortage of manufacturing. it was a crazy weather day, a live look across the bay area, and we even heard some thunder rolling by, it's been a day of wild weather, so much help fell in santa rosa that it looked like the ground was covered in snow on highway 101. chief meteorologist paul heggen
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is here with the hi-def doppler. >> there is plenty out there right now, the storm system is in the last hours of directly affecting our weather. san mateo getting some heavy rain, into the coastal santa cruz mountains as well, heavier rain continues to fall. on the east side of the bay there is heavy rain east of oakland right now, all of this is spinning around the heart of the storm system. you can see this swirl right here, this is the core of this thing. so all of this will get dragged along with it, but that does not change the fact that it is pouring right now. even some small hail possible, but the rain chances will go down as we head into the rest of the night. so right now the rain chances will drop to near zero by early tomorrow morning. then the sunshine will break through and it looks like dry
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weather will take over the rest of the work week. we invite you to wake up with our team for the latest on weather, and traffic beginning at 4:30 tomorrow morning. looking out at the bay bridge, coast guard crews are searching for a driver that jumped off the bridge after a crash. they tell us that several cars crashed around 7:00 tonight west of treasure island. one of the drivers got out of his car and jumped into the water. the westbound lanes were shut down for almost an hour. so far the coast guard crews have been unable to find th > tonight, other attack in ve oi asiaicans the bay area. a caltrain spokesperson said a woman was sexually assaulted this morning. the suspect was arrested and police are investigating it as
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a possible hate crime because of what the attacker allegedly said to the woman. and we are learning more about the suspect who police say left an elderly asian man critically injured in oakland. law enforcement sources tell kpix 5 that the suspect is this man . this is his mug shot from when he was arrested last year after an armed robbery and the police pursuit on the bay bridge. this is the latest attack, happening yesterday morning at adams appoint. police say a 75-year-old was pushed to the ground, robbed of his wallet and his phone. doctors have declared him brain- dead. happening tomorrow the pleasanton invite school district will become the first in alameda county to have all grade levels back on campus. andrea nakano joins us from pleasanton where middle and high schoolers will be back in class and just a matter of hours. >> reporter: the superintendent
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of pleasanton unified said that the 5% of the students will be coming back to a campus like this tomorrow. but an infectious disease doctor says a full return to school is long overdue. >> online learning is not for every kid and yet every kid was forced to do it. >> reporter: after roughly a year, students will be back on campus tomorrow. >> it's not a panacea to go back in person. >> reporter: this is alameda county hit the red tier metrics for the last two weeks. >> once we started to realize that these cohort sizes were really doable, it was really showing us that we need to do this. >> reporter: infectious disease dr. monica gandhi recently addressed the struggles and the safe return to school in usa today. >> there is not room for fear anymore, to dictate is going
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back to things like school. >> reporter: dr. gandhi shows research stating that transmission is minimal between children and there is no mandating of six feet of distancing and like the cdc to recommend approximately one meter. >> all of those mitigation procedures can be relaxed once the adults are vaccinated. we don't need to wait for children vaccination to get back to full come in person learning. >> reporter: i reached out to the association of pleasanton teachers for their perspective on returning to school but have not heard back. after hours of debate, the mt. diablo unified school district board has voted to start bringing students back into classrooms in the next two weeks.
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in the past to 30 minutes the board of trustees voted 3-2 to set a targeted reopening day of march 22nd. preschoolers through second graders will be the first to return to class. all other grade levels will return by march 29th. parents could choose to keep their children at home if they wish, or return to school. >> one more big school development, the san francisco unified superintendent is retiring. vincent matthew started as the superintendent in may of 2017. the announcement comes after the district and teachers unions finally reached a reopening agreement. they've been locked in a months long battle about how to reopen safely. matthews will leave at the end of june. taking a live look at the white house where president biden will be giving his first prime time address tomorrow night to mark one year since covid-19 was declared a pandemic. tonight one of the largest economic stimulus bills in u.s. history is heading to the
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president desk after congress approved the nearly $2 trillion covid relief package. that bill will send americans stimulus checks of up to $1400, billions will go toward vaccination in school reopening efforts, while increasing the child tax credit and lowering insurance premiums. it will also extend the weekly $300 in federal unemployment benefits. you can watch president biden's address right here tomorrow at 5:00. still ahead tonight, despite the pandemic, bay area neighborhoods are breaking housing records. what's leading to unbelievable bidding wars. >> it has really created a surge in the market. plus, a furry intruder that caught on southbay homeowner by surprise. the grammy awards are almost here. meet the bay area artist that's up for best album of the year.
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i woke up and saw a bunch of text messages on my phone saying
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a danville neighborhood is quiet again tonight after a nearly four hour long standoff between police and the suspect. officer say a man refused to
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get out of his truck just before 4:00. they put a neighborhood on lockdown. the suspect finally surrendered just before 7:30 and no weapons were found. a live look at san francisco's marina district. on both sides of the bay bidding wars are back with a vengeance. who is leaving, nobody is leaving. despite a global pandemic, 2020 is expected to outpace 2019 when it comes to the number of homes sold. >> in our original series project home susie steimle has a look at how the market bounced back so quickly and what neighborhoods are breaking records. >> i am very surprised by the numbers. >> reporter: michael has been a realtor for 16 years and is now having daily conversations with client about overbilling. they go something like this. >> the good news is i think i know what it will take to get this property. the bad news is, it's a number that is so outlandish. >> reporter: take this three
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bedroom home in kensington, which sold for more $400 over the asking price last week. that overb re monethe back in 2001. >> we are talking about kensington but it is going on in concord and oakley and the entire east bay. >> reporter: a multitude of factors helped create this red- hot real estate market. we are dealing with record low interest rates, bottoming out at 3.2% for a fixed rate, plus millennial's just ahead homebuying age. working from home also change what people wanted. most want space but a lot of people are still worried about moving during a pandemic. that gives us bidding wars, or as a zillow would like to say low inventory and high demand equals increase in intense
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competition. >> it is this scramble for space. >> reporter: jeff tucker is a senior economist at zillow and says the record low interest rates mean even more in extremely expensive real estate markets. >> if they know they can lock that in for 30 years, it makes a huge difference on a sizable mortgage. >> reporter: for many people with white-collar jobs that didn't lose work, many were able to save money by staying home. for first-time homebuyers, that made a big difference toward that down payment. couple that with low interest rates, it was very tempting for people to buy. now the expectation is that the economy will improve and the low interest rates will start to creep up. >> it has really created the perfect storm for the housing market to erupt. >> reporter: alexander is a real estate adviser for compass and he saw interest wayne in
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san francisco during the pandemic but says it's coming back, especially for unique homes like this one, it is two cottages combined by a glass ceiling and has a lot of rare outdoor space. >>offer today, after just a few days. >> reporter: san francisco is also breaking records, this home broke a neighborhood record at 17.5 million. >> the folks who have good positions and profitable businesses and have the money to spend, they are buying luxury homes. >> reporter: laura adams is a former real estate agent and she worries about how the other half is faring. for those who kept their homes but lost their jobs and are seeing relief only because of forbearance. >> when we hit the end of the mortgage forbearance which is set for the end unmay see a lot more foreclosures. and that could change the dynamic a bit. >> reporter: as for how long
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the bidding wars will last. >> the outlandish aspect is just not feeling like this is a bubble. not feeling like this is an unsustainable run-up on the mark. lot of renters now buying single-family homes, some out in the suburbs, because they want more room. i'm wondering though, this is a city full of really nice condos and luxury apartments, how are those doing right now? >> reporter: a lot of them are vacant right now but analysts say the best barometer for the market is always inventory, for condos, they say it is moderate and for lu tm it is a little bit above moderate but they think that will switch when things started normalized. they think a lot of people will start eyeing those condos.
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>> the city of boom and bust, and it doesn't bust for too long. thank you for that. keep sending your stories and ideas to project home and see all of susie's time is reporting on our website. some breaking news into the investigation into an attack on a uber driver. two of the women are now wanted for assault and robbery. the source identified as malaysia king, and the woman on the right of the screen. the driver picked the women up sunday night and things got heated after he told one of the passengers she needed to wear a mask. driver says the women called him racial slurs, stole his phone and ripped off his mask. with all that wild stuff going on, i think we can probably attach that to some wild weather. >> it is still raining out
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there, and the storm system will eventually lose its grip, but it is really squeezing out quite a bit of rain in its last gasp. let's take a closer look, heavy downpours around most of san francisco at the moment, and this will be staying in place for the next hour or two. we also have heavy downpours over the bay and in san mateo. we do have the lightning tracker turned on, not seeing any lightning flashes at the moment, there was some inter- cloud writing within the clouds themselves, but if you hear a b because it is 11:20 at night. hme heavy downpours on the east side of the bay as well. and from san leandro northeastward towards around walnut creek, some heavy rain, all of this is just pivoting
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around the center of the storm system which is just off the coast, taking its time making its way farther down the coast. as it does so, the rain will taper off. by 3 am, still some rain in place, but it will be lighter as the storm system moves farther away. by tomorrow morning i think everything will have tapered off. then some patchy, dense fog will burn off and we will see a mix of clouds and sunshine for the rest of the day. another rain chance late sunday into early monday, this will not be as substantial, around a 10th of an inch to a quarter of an inch of rainfall. we will keep you updated on the specific timing. right now as we look outside, it just looks wet. temperatures in the low to mid 40s, and it will be kind of cold by tomorrow morning, mid to upper 30s inland with low 40s around the bay and along the coast. when you start off that chilly it is only so much recovery that can happen.
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highs in the upper 50s and a few low 60s inland with mid to upper 50s along the bay and low 50s along the coast. try to start the weekend with a chance of showers late sunday into early monday. we will keep you updated on that. are sports anchors the toughest on the set? we've got the video to prove that tonight. y area homeowners
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i trust 'em. i think you can too. call now! dennis is here now with sports and another chapter was written in the cal stanford rivalry tonight. >> yet, stanford has long lost to that tournament but nobody thought that eight and 19 cal would end the dream today. the cardinals come upset last year by cal, stanford was about to take the lead late in the second half but that readily
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rose up it to reject lucas and that put the entire game on it 24-7 run. and bradley was right in the mix. he had a game-high 19 points. the warriors began their second half tomorrow at the clippers. to start, 19-year-old rookie james wiseman failed to take a mandated covid test and was not able to practice tonight in l.a. his status for the game, he is now in question. >> it is disappointing because he could have used the practice tonight and we needed him out there. so it is disappointing that he made that mistake. >> how about this, the texas rangers say they will be at 100% capacity on opening day.
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globe life the field will be the first to host a full house since the pandemic, and the news did not go over unnoticed in the yankee broadcast booth tonight. >> just about to talk about texas, who have said for opening day they will open the ballpark. >> i'm glad i'm not there. that's stupid. >> susan is not pulling any punches. but the mets celebrated a successful drill like it was the world series. dion strout in the open court throws down the 360, now ken bastida would call this traveling, but what a shot by walker down in san antonio. and who says sports anchors are not tough? a piece of the set fell on an
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anchor after some tense moments. suddenly i feel a
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now to a wild encounter in the south they. >> somebody in the los altos hills area realized they had a
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surprise visitor. imagine finding this little guy running around your house. santa clara county deputies were called in and they were able to coax a fox, that's a fox in the bathtub, and he was eventually released back into the wild. none the worse
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the 7pm news, weeknights on kpix 5. the late show with stephen colbert is next. >> thanks for watching. the news continues to remain on cbsn bay area. have a great night. (dramatic music) - [announcer] this program is a paid presentation for omegaxl and is brought to you by great healthworks. (stirring music) - welcome. i'm larry king, and i'm here today to report on a significant health-related investigation


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