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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6am  CBS  March 11, 2021 6:00am-7:01am PST

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the shot appointments being erased from the books this morning. saying good-bye to zoom and hello to their classroom. east bay district welcoming back students. is the royal family racist? >> prince william cornered by reporters. his response after his brother's bomb shell interview. good morning, thanks for joining us. we have a lot going on. i am anne makovec for michelle. >> i am len kiese. some showers still lingering but later today, we'll be a bit dry. that's right. we are looking at those showers this morning, still hanging on. not done just yet with our wet weather. here is high def doppler. you see a little bit activity lighting up our radar screen, low pressure system still
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taking its time to move out of the region. showing you east bay, you see showers across the bay bridge, berkeley, oakland, alameda getting that wet start. for the south bay, milpitas, yv here are the temperatures starting in the 30s and 40s as we start our day. on futurecast, we are going to see drier, quieter weather as we look to our afternoon. daytime highs are still cool, below average four, six, seven degrees this afternoon. we are tracking some showers. gianna has a latest on a traffic alert. west bound 24 unfortunately, a deadly crash. wilder off ramp blocked until further notice. it was involving an overturned pickup truck. there is a lot of activity on
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scene. the main lines of 24 are open but there was a second crash. it's to the right shoulder and causing a bit of a back up for your commute. if you are getting ready to head out, lanes are open on 24 but you will see brake lights as you head through with the wilder off ramp closed until further notice for the investigation into the incident. stick with an alternate if you can. we'll get a live look at the bay bridge in our next report. we just got this video in of the big police scene in fremont this morning, officers intactcal gear have been outside this apartment complex for a couple hours. this is fremont boulevard near stephenson boulevard. there appears to be a body at the scene. so this is a death investigation and what appears to be a search for a suspect. police have been basing operations out of an armored vehicle there but still have not told us exactly what led up
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to this and if they're looking for anymore suspects. we of course have calls into police for more information right now. we will have more updates as they become available from fremont this morning. new, prince william is denying racism within the royal family. this is in response to his brother and sister in law's bomb shell tell all interview sunday. this morning as duke of cambridge paid a visit to a london school, reporters asked for a comment. he said "we are very much not a racist family." prince william said he is yet to speak with his brother about the interview but plans to do so. many of you were watching when they sat down exclusively with oprah winfrey. they told her there were questions within the family about how dark their son's skin color would be. william is the first member of the family to directly address this. buckingham palace said the issues raised are concerning but recollections may vary and
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also stating it will be addressed by the family privately. today marks one year to the day since the world health organization declared coronavirus a global pandemic. the virus has since killed more than half a million people across u.s. and over 2.6 million people around the world. there has been a dramatic drop in covid-19 hospitalizations in the bay area. monday there were 500 covid patients in the hospital, 146 in the icu. but that is a decrease of 77% from the winter peak of 2200 people in the hospital. happening today, santa clara county supervisors plan to announce united stance in its decision to opt out of blue shield's vaccine distribution plan. this is as county reports a vaccine shortage. the shortage is forcing the bay area's largest county to stop scheduling first dose appointments. this is the message that pops
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up. all vaccination sites are currently full due to low than expected vaccine allocation. county leaders report decrease by a few thousand doses despite increase in the number of doses the state received. >> we were assured by the state that we were going to get sufficient doses to cover all of our second doses, particularly of moderna, which as described we did not get. >> i feel really lucky to have gotten it when i did. >> santa clara has capacity to administer up to 15,000 shots a day but it's had to cut that in half because of the shortage. mercury news reports the state public health department is blaming supply issue on manufacturing. santa clara will have a press conference at 1:00 p.m. and we'll have that streaming for you live on cbsn bay area. today california department of public health hosting event at the oakland colosseum to highlight johnson & johnson's covid-19 vaccine. it's part of the efforts to
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increase vaccine acceptance among groups less likely to be vaccinated. that starts at 10:00. cvs expanding the number of stores where you can be vaccinated. as they receive shipments, appointments are expected to be available soon. they'll start booking saturday march 13. the total number of pharmacies offering vaccinations around the state is 286. register on target is partnering with cvs to help distribute the vaccines. pharmacies with target locations nationwide will offer vaccinations to people who are eligible. in the east bay, a few more hours until the first school district in alameda county will reopen all schools and all grade levels in pleasanton. let's get to kiet do who joins
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us live from foot hill high school. a busy day ahead. >> reporter: you can sense the excitement. you get the feeling they've been planning this for sometime. they've got the welcome back sight, the pile ons, cones to direct traffic. we are told parents will be standing along main thorough fares along santa rita and foot hill roads to welcome their kids back, cheering and holding signs. a total of 55% of all kids will be coming back for hybrid learning. it will be a mix of in person and zoom classes until the end of the year. the other half of families opted to continue with distance learning. pleasanton unified began phasing in kids last week with kindergarten to 2nd followed by 3rd to 5th monday and middle and high schools today. alameda went into the tier a couple weeks ago and they were
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ready to pounce. >> once we started to realize that it was do-able within state guidance, it was really full court press. we need to do this because so many kids were struggling. >> reporter: coming up in the next half hour, we'll hear from a doctor from ucsf talking about how we need to rethink six foot distance rule and maybe shrink it to three feet when it comes to teaching inside schools. school starts at 8:00, and we'll be here for it. >> very interesting to see how teachers think of the reimagining distancing. a live look at san francisco, san francisco unified school district staff waiting for a vaccine can get one today at district headquarters. that's on franklin street. this is as the district and teachers' unions reached reopening agreement. they have been locked in months' long battle over how to safely reopen. a quick live look at the white house. in a matter of hours, president
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biden will give first primetime address to mark a year since covid-19 was declared pandemic. he is expected to speak about american rescue plan just passed yesterday and it's now awaiting his signature. watch the president's address on kpix5 tonight at 5:00. we are learning how funds from president biden's stimulus package are helping bay area public transit agencies. $87million will be going to bart's corridor core capacity program. 52million to cal train electrification and 23 million to the central subway. bart extension from san jose to santa clara did not make the cut after protests from republicans. 6:09. coming up, update on the obnoxious attack on an uber driver. new charges against the riders. >> what the driver said sparked the incident and how people are supporting him. it's a wet start to our day
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in spots this morning. i am tracking lingering showers on high def doppler. it's really wrapping around this cold upper level low, this storm system that's taking its time to move out of the region. i will let you know when we will see drier weather ahead. a deadly crash shut down a ramp and we are tracking a slow ride
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this unpnplugged devevice isis protectining our r beautiful l coastlines and momore. put off f chores and use e less energrgy fromom 4 to 9 pmpm to help kekeep our state goldlden. welcome back. it is 6:13. getting you updated on this trouble spot, unfortunately a deadly crash that's now shut down the wilder off ramp from the freeway. we are seeing some significant delays. we'll keep you updated throughout the morning. an update on the recent uber driver attack, a police source telling kpix5 that two of the women in the viral video are wanted for assault and
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robbery. the source identifies them as malaysia king, in the red, and arna kamye on the right. he picked them up sunday and things got heated as he told one of the passengers she needed to wear a mask. he says she called him racial slurs, stole his phone, ripped off his mask. a gofundme for the driver has raised more than $55,000. lyft has reportedly banned the riders. we have much more on the story including the driver's full video on our website. head to kpix5 stocks happening today, the man charged with brutally attacking a pet tortoise will make an appearance. in february the class tortoise was found impaled with sharks from a wooden gate and rake
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handle. he was arrested, placed on 72 hour mental health evaluation and released. he returned to the school a day later, was caught, and arrested again. he is held on $60,000 bail. he is willing to receive mental health services. our storm watch, check this out. a wild day of weather on wednesday, so much hail fell in santa rosa it looked like the ground was covered in snow. we have seen videos similar to this from all over the bay area yesterday. this was highway 101 and river road. a welcome sight for skiers in sierra with at least 30 inches fresh powder dumped this week. >> they say miracle march in tahoe so we have our fingers crossed. >> major tahoe row sorts are adding another week to the season hoping for even more snow soon. a steady stream of skiers and snowboarders have been drawn to
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the area during the pandemic. it is 6:15. gianna, a busy morning on the roads and a tragic circumstance as well for one driver. unfortunately, this is a deadly incident that we are covering on west bound 24 right at wilder off ramp. the off ramp is closed until further notice for the investigation. it was an overturned pickup truck. all the activity is still on the scene but causing a back up on 24 itself even though lanes are open on 24. a lot of spectator slowing. we've had a couple crashes on main lines of 24 also. you have the ramp closure for the fatality on the wilder off ramp plus all the back up here that you are seeing. it's kind of hard to find an alternate around this area. bart may be an option but we are seeing delays grow and grow. definitely give yourself extra time if you are taking 24. same for highway 17, busy north bound before idlewild road.
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speeds are dipping down to about 7 miles an hour back to beyond summit. sluggish conditions through the santa cruz mountains. metering lights are on, wind advisory in effect. there are slick surfaces making it a busy ride. the san mateo bridge, busy conditions across the span, especially west bound towards 101 and foster city. number four lane, right lane is% blocked from a pot hole they're working on repairing as we speak. it's pretty slick out there this morning. i am tracking it for you. we are not done yet with our wet weather. you see the light scattered showers this morning. let's zoom in here. you can see that wet start to our day from san francisco, embarcadero, across the bay bridge into parts of the east bay from alameda this morning. getting that wet start to our day down the peninsula. looking at the wet weather from
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south san francisco, san mateo, across san mateo bridge, belmont, the south bay. you are getting light showers from sunnyvale to cupertino at this hour. here is a live look with the san mateo bridge camera. you see the wet, slick roads out there and rain drops on our bay bridge. temperatures are running in the 30s and 40s as we start our day. it's a chilly start for sure. through the day, we will catch a bit of clearing. this storm system is taking its time to move out of the region. what we are seeing is the wrap around moisture, wrapping around the low pressure system. through the day, we are going to see drier weather ahead, quieter conditions with a little bit sunshine this afternoon. as we head through the rest of the week with warmer temperatures as the high builds in and more sunshine is expected by the end of the week. on futurecast, taking you hour by hour. here we are at noon.
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we will start to clear things. here we are at 4:00 in the afternoon with clearing skies, sunshine expected for your friday and also for your saturday. our sunrise today, looking at 6:26 a.m. and sun set at 6:13 p.m. daytime highs, still below average, about five degrees below average. a cool day with 58 in santa clara and south bay, 59 south bay. pleasant hill 59, mid 50s for the tri valley. san francisco at 57, 56 daly city, 58 oakland and san leandro. for the north bay, upper 50s to low 60s this afternoon. here is the extended forecast and what you can expect as we are looking at drier weather, temperatures a little bit warmer friday, saturday. by the way, this weekend we spring forward. daylight saving time begins and we lose that hour of sleep. sun set will be an hour later. rain chances as we look to
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sunday and for monday and drier weather ahead next tuesday and for next wednesday for st. patrick's day. back to you. ten years after a nuclear disaster, two men found their calling. next on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, how they are making a difference in a place thousands of people left behind.
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it is 6:23. taking a live look outside from our camera on the sales force tower looking east, still a few scattered showers this morning.
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mary has her eye on the radar for us. happening today, japan marking ten years since the country was devastated by a tsunami and nuclear disaster displacing nearly half a million people. it was the biggest earthquake in japan's history and triggered a catastrophic tsunami that smashed ashore causing a nuclear melt down. more than 18,000 were killed and 2500 are still unaccounted for. tens of thousands of people escaped when radiation spewed into the air. >> some never left including the pets of those forced to flee. among them stayed behind to help pets abandoned by neighbors. he also rescued a dog. he says his decision to stay was spurred by the shock of finding dead pets in abandoned
6:25 am
houses. he calls the animals his kids. >> people ask why i am still here. i tell them because i need to care for the abandoned cats. if i die, i would prefer to die with my kids. >> he says he survives on donations. bay area residents will mark the 10th anniversary of the incident. >> it is the anniversary that we had a tsunami here stemming from that with a lot of damage along the coast. one of our photographers posted a picture of us standing and waiting for the tsunami along the coast that day. there is also a rally planned, speaking of japan, later today in san francisco that is trying to take a stand against holding olympics in the middle of a pandemic. american rescue plan, much bigger than stimulus checks. what else is included in the bill? we'll break it down in our next half hour. >> reporter: the first school
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now california phones offers free devices and accessories for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program visit right now or call during business hours. right now on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, the pandemic one here later. we'll look back at how it began and where we are now in the fight against the virus that shut down the world. packing those backpacks.
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it's first day of school for kids in the east bay. how one district is speeding ahead of all others. breaking silence. first member of the royal family responds publicly to claims of racism. good morning. thanks for joining us. it's thursday march 11. i am anne makovec in for michelle. >> i am len kiese. good morning. first, a traffic alert. let's go to gianna with more on the deadly crash. it's been out there for quite sometime, reported at 5:00 this morning involving an overturned vehicle. an investigation is underway into this deadly incident. there is no word yet as to when lanes will reopen. it is causing a back up on the main lines of 24. we have had a handful of crashes in the same area not far from fish ranch road. your drive is backed up to st. stephens. it's hard to find an alternate. you may want to consider using
6:31 am
bart or public transit until they completely clear this. i am learning there is damage to the light pole to the side of the road way so that needs to be checked to be sure it is stable and doesn't fall into lanes. speaking of that traffic alert, i have been watching showers push through that area on high def doppler. more wet weather as we kick off a new day. if you are about to head out, don't forget that rain jacket. we are tracking light scattered showers in spots as we start our day. zooming in, you see that wet weather for san francisco across bay bridge through bay view district and peninsula. you see that rain san mateo, belmont, even parts of the south bay, light rain across sunnyvale and los gatos. a live look with our sales force tower camera looking east with the rain drops on live cam. temperatures are in the mid 30s to mid 40s at this hour.
6:32 am
as we take you through the day, the low pressure system bringing instability and showers for us will eventually push out. we are looking at drier, quieter weather as we look to our afternoon with daytime highs still cool mainly in the mid to upper 50s. >> thank you. today marks one year since world health organization declared covid-19 a pandemic. in a few hours, president biden will deliver his first primetime address to commemorate the anniversary and remember the lives lost. the virus first identified in wuhan china swept around the world killing more than 2.6 million people. critics say chinese authorities worked harder to suppress information about covid-19 than to contain the virus itself. world health organization maintains it issued early warnings but countries did not listen. >> maybe we need to shout louder, but maybe some people need hearing aids. >> it took months for w.h.o. to declare pandemic and by then
6:33 am
it was too late. the virus hit italy early and hard triggering the first nationwide lock down outside of china. italian hospitals were overwhelmed as morgues overflowed. 40% of people in a village died from the coronavirus within a month. some countries learned and locked down quickly. australia and new zealand largely averted disaster and have returned to some semblance of normalcy. in the u.s. more than 529,000 americans have died from covid-19 but vaccinations are working to finally slow that tally. just yesterday president biden announced a deal to purchase another 100 million doses of covid 9 vaccine from johnson & johnson. that will be 200 million in total. meantime, moderna announced
6:34 am
it's testing for a new covid shot designed to better target the more contagious variants of the virus. the company plans to enroll 60 people to test the newly developed vaccine. modified shot aims to target the strain first identified in south africa. for the latest on the vaccine efforts in the bay area, download our kpix5 app that gives easy 24/7 access to cbsn bay area and kpix newscasts. u.s. jobless claims have fallen this week. this is more promising news because economists predicted a much higher number at 750,000. going live to wall street at 6:34, investors hoping to extend wednesday's gains today, dow is up about 100 points. tomorrow, president biden will sign the $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief bill into law. >> the motion is adopted. this is the most consequential
6:35 am
legislation many of us will ever be a party to. >> the bill passed yesterday without a single republican vote and includes those $1,400 stimulus checks. plus a $300 federal boost to weekly job less payments, an extension to 15% increase in food stamp benefits, housing aid which includes around $20 billion to help low income household dollars. legislation beefs up tax credits for families and low income workers. it cleared a major hurdle for college students with making student debt forgiveness tax free. this is only good through january 2026. lawmakers say it's a key step in canceling some of the $1.5 trillion in federal student loans. >> reporter: i am kiet do live from foot hill high school in pleasanton where the entire school district, everybody from kindergarten through 12th grade, is getting back to in person classes starting today. that's the first time they've
6:36 am
done so since the pandemic hit one year ago. they are the first school district to do so in alameda since the county got back to the red tier. superintendent of pleasanton unified says after months of planning this is do-able within state guidelines especially since so many kids have been struggling. you will see more familiar patterns like designated drop off zones for grade levels and hybrid models where kids come to campus part time and continue with zoom classes at home. 55% have opted for in person classes. ucsf says kids are at low risk of severe covid symptoms and viral spread within schools is minimal. she says there is no science to support mandating six feet social distancing and she would like cdc to adopt world health organization's recommendation of three feet. >> there is not room for fear anymore to dictate us going
6:37 am
back to places like schools. all the mitigation procedures can relax once adults are vaccinated. we don't need to wait for children vaccination to get back to full in person learning. >> reporter: we are told that parents will be lining streets along foot hill and santa rita roads with signs and cheering on students as they get back to class at 8:00 a.m. new this morning, prince william denying racism within the royal family. this is in response to his brother and sister in law's bomb shell tell all interview last sunday. today as duke of cambridge visited a london school, reporters asked for comment. here is what he said. >> very much not a racist family. >> short and sweet, prince william said he is yet to speak with harry but plans to do so. sunday night meghan and harry sat exclusively with oprah and told her there were questions within the family about how
6:38 am
dark their son's skin color would be. william is the first member of the family to directly address the interview. buckingham palace put out a statement saying the issues raised are concerning but that recollections may vary and also stating it will be addressed by the family privately. a live look at the white house where president biden will reflect on another potential crisis at the border. a record surge of children crossing into u.s. from mexico by themselves. >> there are more children coming across than we have facilities for. >> yesterday the department of health and human services said about 8100 unaccompanied children were being taken care of by folks from office of refugee resettlement. february 28th, the number was 7700. the numbers don't include kids placed with sponsors. white house announced plans to restart central american minors program ended by trump administration.
6:39 am
it's requesting $4 billion for countries where a large portion of the migrants are coming from. federal official in his bay area are assessing whether can be used as a shelter. officials with department of health and human services are checking vacant property at the former navy base to see if facilities can be used as temporary shelters. breaking news out of minneapolis, live to the courtroom where a judge granted prosecutors' request to add a third degree murder charge against the former police officer charged in the death of george floyd. that former officer derek chauvin already faced second degree murder and manslaughter charges and the judge originally rejected the third charge but an appellate court in an unrelated case established new grounds for it. so this additional third degree murder charge will help prosecutors by giving jurors more options for conviction. jury selection continues today. chauvin of course is accused of
6:40 am
kneeling on floyd's neck until he died. promoting music education. >> coming up on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, how grammys are
6:41 am
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welcome back. it is 6:43. tracking lingering showers on high def doppler. not done just yet with our wet weather. i will let you know when we'll have drier weather ahead. i will have the full forecast in about four minutes. slight gains after a rocking day on wall street yesterday. diane king hall is live with an update. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. trading has been underway for a little more than ten minutes. all three major averages on the plus side. dow is better by 90 points, extending record advance.
6:44 am
in the tech sector, nasdaq is the star of the show rallying more than 200 points. let's put this in perspective. one year ago wall street tumbled into bare market as investors fretted about the announcement of an official pandemic. it marked end of 11 year bull run for dow. you wouldn't see that today, traders not wearing masks. bluemeanwhile, fewer americans signed up for unemployment last week. 712,000 people filed for weekly jobless. still a lot but it was better than expected and improvement over the prior week. anne. >> working in the right direction. we like it. >> indeed. >> thanks for that. new, we are learning more about the 63rd annual grammy awards happening this sunday. harry styles is set to open, up for three awards including best
6:45 am
pop solo performance for "watermelon sugar." the show is expected to look different, no surprise. no fans in attendance. >> grammy in the schools is keeping its mission alive but online and offer students lessons on music education and how to navigate music business with popular artists and producers as instructors. the new virtual format makes the free program available nationwide to educators and students and includes lesson plans and study guides free of charge. >> seeing arts, music, other programs in schools across the country being cut or at least paused. i think that is unfortunate. this is leaning into that and providing content. >> the grammy museum also going virtual has created a free digital experience launching new online exhibits and content. tonight meet the young bay area artist up for best album
6:46 am
of the year. >> i woke up and then i saw a bunch of text messages on my phone. i was like what's going on? congratulations, congratulations, congratulations. >> journey to grammy gold, tonight. >> catch the grammys sunday at a 5:00 on kpix5. let's get you to your traffic. it's a tough ride out there. we've seen brake lights west bound 24. unfortunately this is a deadly crash chp is dealing with. they've issued a traffic alert out there since about 5:00 this morning. west bound 24 at the wilder off ramp. that is blocked until further notice. it is causing back up on main lines of 24. we have had a handful of incidents in that area, well beyond st. stephens at this
6:47 am
point. it is really slow and go. you may want to stick with an alternate or may consider using bart. i am getting word from chp, they did remove one vehicle from the area. there is damage to one of the light poles near the trouble spot so they need to check that to be sure that holds up. again highway 24 west bound, some delays. also delays on 17 north before idlewild. we have the left lane blocked and it's busy through the santa cruz mountains. brake lights at the bay bridge toll plaza. look at the live shot, backed up well into the maze. you have rain drops and wet weather that you are dealing with. slick surfaces and pretty windy as you work across the span. a busy ride on san mateo bridge as we deal with that wet weather, the lane still blocked near the toll plaza for pot hole repair. slow and go into the altamont
6:48 am
pass. delays extend to well beyond north flynn. here is a quick look at our travel times. let's get an update on this wet weather. live traffic cameras showing those wet roads for you. we are tracking it for you. we are not done just yet. on high def lopper you see some activity lighting up our radar screen. if you are about to head out, don't forget the rain gear. you can see in san francisco from the golden gate to downtown san francisco, sun set district as well as down through daly city getting that wet start to our day. light to moderate rain over south san francisco from mill bright to san mateo and even pacific along the coast getting those showers. sunnyvale to los gatos, some light showers. here is a live look looking east with those rain drops on
6:49 am
our cam, temperatures in the mid 30s to 40s at this hour. it's a chilly start to our day. there is the upper level low that brought all the active weather yesterday with thunderstorms, hail, lightning, heavy downpours yesterday as well as even snow in bay area mountain peaks. this storm system is taking its time moving out. you see the showers, the counterclockwise circulation around the low pressure system. that's are wrap around showers. eventually this will push out as we head through the day. that is when we are expecting drier, quieter weather. you see on futurecast here we are at noon with showers pushing out. this is 4:00 p.m. with clearing, a little bit sunshine expected later today. more sun as we look to friday and saturday as high pressure begins to build in. checking daytime highs, highs about five degrees below average for this time of year, a cool day, 58 santa clara, 59 san jose. 59 campbell.
6:50 am
mid 50s for the tri valley later today. as we look around the bay, san francisco with a high of 57, 56 daly city, 56 alameda for east bay shoreline, 58 oakland and san leandro. in the north bay, highs in upper 50s to about 60 for sonoma as well as for napa later in the afternoon and 59 windsor. here is the extended forecast. we are going to start to quiet things with showers finally pushing out by this afternoon and then looking at more sunshine, drier weather, temperatures a little bit warmer friday and saturday. by the way, this weekend don't forget daylight saving time begins. we lose that hour of sleep but sun sets an hour later. rain chances sunday into monday and drier weather next tuesday and wednesday for st. patrick's day. back to you. >> ten minutes before 7:00. we are continuing to follow breaking news, a large tactical operation and a body found in
6:51 am
fremont. the hours' long investigation still unfolding, next. >> reporter: the first school district to open in alameda is doing so in about an hour. we've got a live report from pleasanton. good morning. ahead on cbs this morning we'll explain how democrats' huge covid relief bill benefits you. a year after world health organization declared global pandemic, we'll go back to a hospital at the u.s. epicenter of the outbreak to see how much has changed. new fall out in britain from meghan and harry's interview. one calling out tabloids for their coverage of the couple. they're seeking change. a neighborhood figure skating program that's helping girls overcome barriers on and off the ice. i like how that looks. we'll see you at 7:00. on the
6:52 am
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6:55, time for a look at top stories. >> a judge granted the request to add third degree murder charge against the former officer charged in the death of george floyd. live to the courtroom, the former officer derek chauvin faces second degree murder and manslaughter charges. this in you charge will give jurors more options for conviction. chauvin is accused of kneeling on floyd's death until he died. huge police scene in fremont. officers are outside an apartment complex on fremont boulevard near stephenson boulevard. there appears to be a body at the scene and search for a suspect. police still haven't said exactly what happened there. prince william has spoken out in response to duke and duchess of sussex's tell all interview. the prince denied there is racism within the royal family and said he plans to speak with his brother soon. today marks one year since the world health organization declared covid-19 a pandemic
6:56 am
and nations all over the world started locking down. the virus has killed more than 2.6 million people worldwide. a live look at the white house where president biden will be giving his first primetime address to mark that anniversary. you can watch live on kpix5 at 5:00. president biden also getting ready to sign the $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief bill into law which congress passed yesterday. he is going to put pen to paper tomorrow, that bill passed without a single republican vote. streaming on cbsn bay area, state health department holding vaccination event at the oakland colosseum. we will bring that to you live at 10:00 this morning. at 1:00 this afternoon, santa clara leaders voice resistance to blue shield taking over. watch at or the
6:57 am
kpix app. >> reporter: all grades are getting back to in person classes starting today. it's the first time since the pandemic began. they are the first to do so in alameda ever since the county went into the red teach a total of 55% of all kids will be coming back so it will be a mix of in person and zoom classes. the other half of families opted to continue with distance learning. >> once we started to realize cohort of the returning students was do-able within state guidance, it was full court press. we need to do this. so many kids were struggling. >> parents will be lining the streets along santa rita and foot hill to hold signs and cheer their kids as they get back to class at 8:00 a.m. this morning. as we look at the roadways finally some positive news to report, the trouble spot we have been monitoring all morning, lanes are open. this was west bound 24 at
6:58 am
wilder off ramp. the ramp is reopened. unfortunately this was a deadly incident. the investigation took a couple hours and traffic is still recovering. lanes are open so hopefully things will get better. still busy across altamont west bound 580. 205 to 380. we are tracking brake lights with a 24 minute commute highway 4 to the maze. highway 4 is already busy. traveling through pittsford and bay point, 37 minutes from antioch to the east shore freeway. headed to the bay bridge, you are backed up well to the maze with the metering lights on. this rainy wet weather is out there. mary. please be careful with the wet roads. you see on high def doppler, still tracking light scattered showers. we had the wrap around moisture with the upper level low slowly beginning to push out. as we head through today drier
6:59 am
quieter weather clearing skies. here we are on futurecast in the afternoon. we are looking at daytime highs about five degrees below average, mainly mid to upper 50s this afternoon. we will start to dry things as we head through the afternoon, more sunshine as we look to friday. saturday temperatures are warming up. then we are looking at rain chances picking up sunday into monday with drier weather next tuesday and wednesday. a reminder this weekend daylight saving time begins. we spring forward and lose an hour of sleep but gain with sun set an hour later. so we have that this weekend. for our early risers it's a little tough. >> i will pretend i didn't hear the part about losing an hour of sleep. i'll block that part out. thanks for watching kpix5 news. don't forget the news continues all day on cbsn bay area. >> cbs this morning is next. they will have more on what the covid relief bill means for all
7:00 am
of us of course on the anniversary of the day the world health organization declared a pandemic. it has been quite a year. but we appreciate you trusting us as your local news source. cbs this morning is next. . good morning to you our viewers in the west. welcome to "cbs this morning." it's thursday, march 11th, 2021. i'm gayle king. that's anthony mason. that's tony dokoupil. president biden's nearly $2 trillion covid relief package will be signed into law tomorrow. how it could help families now and possibly set a new course to fight poverty for decades. one year since everything changed in the global fight against the coronavirus. we're back at one of the first hospitals in america to be overrun. see the vast progress we've made since the crisis was officially declared a pandemic. breaking news -- after harry and meghan's explosive interview with oprah, prince william says


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