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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  March 12, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PST

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on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay camera, live from our exclusive sales force tower camera down the embarcadero as we start this friday together. good morning. it is friday. i am len kiese. a preview of our weekend. how is it looking? >> it looks beautiful especially as we start our weekend. today we'll see plenty sun as we look to your saturday, changes by the end of our weekend with our next weather system. we are starting with mainly clear skies. it is a cold start. we are down to the 30s and 40s this morning. chillier compared to yesterday as we start our day. we are looking at temperatures that are going to be milder with that sun. 60 in san francisco, 65 oakland, 66 san jose, 67 for a
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high in concord. you see on futurecast the sunshine as we go through our afternoon. we'll talk about the weekend forecast coming up. let's check with gianna for a look at the traffic on this friday morning. is it friday light? yes, it is. i love reporting that. everything is moving nice and at the limit with no delays out of the east bay into san francisco. that's pretty much the story for most bay area freeways and bridges. everything looks clear in both directions. a live look at the san mateo bridge, so far so good. easy ride between 880 and 101 between hayward and foster city. the golden gate bridge is clear. there is occasional road work north through sausalito or just north of there. things are going with no major problems out of marin into san francisco. developing, surveillance video just released of suspects who gunned down a man in his own driveway after the victim
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interrupted a car break in. san jose police say the 55-year- old was shot and killed after he confronted at least two suspects who were tampering with his car last friday just before 6:00 in the morning. there is surveillance video of the car, light blue bmw3 series with possible damage to the tail light, windshield, both drivers windows. >> we don't always put out this information but we want to see justice done. >> the victim's neighbor believes he heard the suspects circle back to pass bid one more time before taking off. police believe there were at least two suspects. a cash reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest. update on this situation, the 24-year-old seen in the red
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on the left has been arrested in connection with this bay area uber ride that went viral. the driver was assaulted after telling a passenger to wear a mask. the uber driver is speaking out. he believes he was targeted because of his race but is thankful for work of multiple police agencies and the community's support. >> it's a sign of relief. we are getting there. we are one step closer. this would be lawfully punished, whatever our constitution, our law says. >> the second suspect seen on the right coughing on and then swiping the driver's phone told police she would turn herself in soon. uber has banned all three riders. the company said uber does not tolerate racism or hate any form. when one community is being attacked we are all being
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attacked. uber has offered the driver $1,000 in wages. he has declined and is looking forward to work after he returns. a gofundme for him has grown to about $65,000 in two days. the asian elderly victim of robbery has been taken off of life support. he was robbed and punched as he took his morning walk. the suspect was arrested a few hours later. bailey is a parolee with an ankle monitor. police tracked him down after he fled a traffic stop. i had recently been released on a pending robbery case in san francisco. he is set to be arraigned this morning. looking live at the white house. in his first primetime speech
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president biden made a big vaccine promise that every american over age 18 will be eligible by may 1st. >> let me be clear. that doesn't mean everyone will have the shot immediately but it means you will be able to get in line beginning may 1. every adult will be eligible to get their shot. >> we are learning what needs to happen for that to become reality. in the bay area mass vaccination sites have struggled with supply issues. to open vaccine eligibility to anyone over 18 will be a challenge. experts say it's do-able. a public health professor says at the start of the pandemic he never could have imagined it would be possible to have a vaccine developed at this point let alone be talking about making majority of americans have their vaccinations by summer. >> we can be approaching if not at community immunity sometimes called herd immunity. >> things will have to be aligned and work just right for
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this to happen. sites, people to administer, the distribution. >> experts worry a lot can h vi before widespread vaccines become reality like yet another surge as young people travel for spring break in the coming weeks. a doctor from ucsf says over spring break students can vacation in other states, some of which have no mask mandates. then they can end up going home after being infected with one of the more contagious infectious variants. >> it is stickier. like regular covid but regular covid on steroids. >> the governor issued a statement saying the state is on board with idea of expanding eligibility and is waiting on details on how they can implement the plan. the next round of stimulus payments may arrive earlier than expected. the $1,400 n come as early as this weekend for some
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people, much needed cash infusion for city of oakland which is facing deficit of around $45 million. the $190 million from american rescue plan will help the city fund basic services, maintain infrastructure and provide public safety. >> i can't tell you how gut wrenching this last year has been as the needs of our communities have never been more acute or desperate. >> last year, oak land had the deadliest year since 2012 with 102 murders while public safety remains priority. the hope is oakland will start seeing a longterm reduction in crime. >> unless we start investing in housing and education and jobs, all the things we know truly keep us safe. >> the relief bill includes expanded tax credits for
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children, childcare, family leave. democrats want to make some of the changes permanent. one year into the pandemic, many of us have encountered some of the biggest challenges of our lifetimes. >> coping with high levels of stress made worse by grief, isolation, and financial problems. the toll covid is taking on our mental health. >> reporter: she daniel journaling to cope with her increased anxiety. >> i just really gather my thoughts and put on the paper whatever it is i am feeling. >> reporter: a surveyor from the american psychological association shows american experiencing unprecedented stress in the pandemic. >> we have adopted over the course of the pandemic. what the survey is showing is some of our adaptation has been unhealthy. >> reporter: 61% of adults experienced undesired weight changes. 42% report gaining weight, average of 29 pounds.
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67% are sleeping more or less than they would like to. 23% are drinking more alcohol. the survey also highlights the toll the pandemic has taken on parents with school-aged children. 47% of mothers and 30% of fathers with children learning remotely say their mental health has gotten worse. communities of color are also being impacted during the pandemic. >> both for hispanics and african americans that they had elevated levels of stress in certain areas, particularly when it came to thinking about the future. >> reporter: dr. evans warns this country needs to act now for mental health. >> we need to shift from a system and approach that waits until people are in crisis to a process where we are not only dealing with crises but we are helping people today to mitigate the stress. >> reporter: he hopes more people find their outlet. >> write about what i am feeling overwhelmed about, how
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i can approach it the next day to make it especially. >> reporter: especially during these trying times. ú>> the stu are uncertain about the future with 49% saying they're uneasy about adjusting to interacting again in person once the pandemic ends. we are two days from music's biggest night. it's going to happen in a way we have not seen before. the changes underway at this year's
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4:43. heads up if you use someone else's net flix log in trying to get around the monthly fee. here is diane king hall to explain in today's money watch report. stocks moved higher on thursday. dow jumped 188 points. nasdaq rallied 329. s&p 500 gained 40 hitting a new record high. tech stocks continue to claw back from their recent tumble. facebook and google parent company alphabet each jumped 3% and tesla added 4%. uber and lyft teaming up to make rides safer. they'll team up with each other with names of those who are banned. this will be available for
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other car services as well. net flix may be cracking down on password sharing. some viewers will be prompted to sign up with a new account. the various surveys have found about a third of users share their password. that's your cbs money watch report.. i am diane king hall. america's biggest music night will have a different look this year because of the pandemic. >> beyonce is up for the most awards with nine nominations at the 63rd grammy awards sunday. chris martinez has preview of what to expect at the big show. >> reporter: in music's biggest night but in a way we have not quite seen before, this year's grammys will look different because of the pandemic including no live audience and a lot of precautions.
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still, the first time host trevor noah promises a show full of surprises and live performances. >> stages intricately designed to social distance but at the same time engaging. it will feel like you are there. >> reporter: the show will pay tribute to live music venues that the pandemic has greatly impacted. employees from shuttered spots in los angeles and apoly theater in new york city will present awards for various categories. the list of the live performers is a who's who from different acts. >> people are st ndyoin thwhst home the most trophies, it's beyonce at the head of the pack with nine nominations including two nominations for
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record of the year. >> i would probably be lying if i said it wasn't scary to be like okay, i have to come up with interesting tv performances where i have to sing from my kitchen. it makes you think outside the box. >> reporter: the nominations aren't without controversy, most notably the lack of nods for the weeknd who was shut out. >> i don't know what they were thinking. >> reporter: an unusual award in an already unusual awards season. >> catch the grammy awards sunday night right here on kpix5. despite the doom and gloom this past year, it appears one bay area city can't be brought down. we are talking about fremont. it's been named the happiest city in the entire country. that is according to wallet hub. they looked at 31 indicators including positive psychology
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research and found that people in fremont had top emotional and physical well being. and it also scored high for community environment and income. apparently it's a good place to look for love. the study found fremont had the lowest separation and divorce rates. we asked locals what else makes their city so great. >> everything about it. the weather, the people, the different cultures around. >> it's quiet. it's peaceful. i like it. >> as for other bay area cities, san jose ranked number five on the list. santa rosa is number 10. san francisco comes in at 13. let's take a chekatt our weather forecast in all those beautiful happy cities this friday morning, mary. i think you are going to like our forecast today as it might make you a little happy with that sunshine as we head through our day. it will be a beautiful day
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across the region. here is a live look south across the bay. we are looking temperatures in the southeast that are in the 30s and 40s. it's a cold start, much colder compared to yesterday with mainly clear skies. we are looking at those temperatures that are going to be milder as we head through our afternoon. that storm system has moved to the south. high pressure building in for today and for tomorrow bringing us that sunshine. taking you hour by hour on futurecast, you see all the sun as we go through today. then as we look to tomorrow, we are looking at mainly clear skies in the afternoon but the changes are coming our way for sunday. we are going to see more clouds stream in. then watch as that rain approaches us on sunday. likely late sunday we are going to see that rain push back in with our next weather system. this is stopping the clock at 6:00 p.m. sunday. here we are at 8:00 p.m.
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sunday. to end our weekend, more wet weather ahead and into next monday. checking daytime highs, we are going to be a bit warmer compared to yesterday afternoon. you will notice that difference, 65 santa clara, 66 campbell and san jose, sunnyvale, cupertino 66. as we look to the east bay, 67 concord as well as for pittsburgh, 68 pleasant hill, mid 60s for the tri valley this afternoon. around the bay san francisco at 60, 58 daly city, mid 60s for east bay shoreline, 66 san leandro, 65 oakland. north bay, you will see temperatures a little bit warmer. we are talking 70 degrees for sonoma as well as for santa rosa this afternoon, looking at 71 for windsor. i want to remind you this weekend daylight saving time begins. we turn our clocks an hour ahead. we spring forward. it's a good time to test smoke alarms. we lose an hour of sleep but
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our sun sets an hour later. here is what you can expect as we are lookinen we wi see rain for sunday, late sunday into monday. drier weather next tuesday and for next wednesday for st. patrick's day. let's check with gianna for a look at traffic. how are the roadways? not bad. i don't know about losing an hour of sleep. i don't like that part. if you are up early and headed out the door, look at the bay bridge. you see things are moving nicely. so far it is an easy commute, no delays out of the east bay heading into san francisco. everything is pretty quiet through that portion of the bay bridge. also if you are taking san mateo bridge, same story. we are seeing a nice commute this friday morning. your travel time is 13 minutes between 880 towards 101 if you are commuting to hayward towards peninsula, east bound, not tracking delays or issues. so far so good on the golden
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gate bridge. things are good out of marin as you head into san francisco and the only place we are seeing slowing is pockets of slowing out of tracy into altamont pass. not bad. things are moving okay with speeds around 48 miles per hour. travel times are still in the green from 205 towards 680. all clear on the east shore freeway, highway 4, 101 out of the south bay, not seeing brake lights or delays. nimitz freeway through oakland is looking good in both directions. good morning everybody. i am dennis doell. in sports, he put -y d okiee. in fact everybody was in steph curry's dog house last
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good morning everybody. a year ago the nba suspended operations due to covid-19. it was a surreal moment best described by the mavericks owner. >> this is something out of a movie. >> that's where the hiatus will start. >> his reaction to the news flashing on his phone is how we all felt at the time. the league anticipated shutting down for a month but it lasted over four months. all sports are still navigating the pandemic. >> i never would have guessed that it would still be going on a year later. but again i am not an infectious disease expert. >> it's been a brutal year, a rough year for everybody. it does feel like the light is at the end of the tunnel. >> a sign of the times, james
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wiseman forgot to take his covid test over all star break. he was cleared to play but he sat until the 4th against clippers. leonard through 14 straight which told you everything you needed to know about the outcome. warriors weren't exactly engaged on defense. nick knocks his way to the rim for a jam, clips up 21 in the third. last time we saw curry he was winning three point contests. last night one of eight from downtown. that was it. just 14 points for steph. leonard had 28 to go with george's 17. clippers win 130-104 and something we seldom see from curry, giving the bench the riot act. warriors lose their fourth straight and curry explains why wiseman was on the bench. >> you have to prove it in this league. if you want to be stafford,
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then you have to do what those guys did. guess what? both those guys were benched their rookie year. >> meanwhile duke will miss ncaa tournament for the first time in 24 years after they pulled out of the acc tournament because one of its players tested positive for covid-19. meanwhile georgetown knocked off ville nova yesterday in madison square garden. that's the site of the acc tournament. warriors are coached by legendary patrick ewing who built a hall of fame career in the building but gets no respect from the security staff. >> everybody builng should kwho the hei am. i am getting stopped. i can't move around this building. i was like what the hell? is this madison square garden? i will have to call and say is my number in the rafters or
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what? >> patrick ewing, the rodney danger field, get no respect. but they won the basketball game in dramatic fashion. that is the latest in bay area sports. i am dennis o'donnell. have a great weekend. three minutes now before 5:00. still ahead, one and done. >> next on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, the first johnson & johnson
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surge. what bay area experts say might set us back in a matter of weeks. a san jose father confronts somebody breaking into his car and pays with his life. the search for the suspects now wanted for murder. good morning. thanks for joining us. it is friday, march 12. thanks for joining us. i am anne makovec in for michelle. >> i am len kiese. good morning. finally friday. it's all about the sunshine. mary lee is joining us with a forecast we have been waiting for kind of all week. with our wild weather earlier in the week we will quiet things down. it will be a beautiful day ahead so enjoy the sunshine. here is a live look this morning, mainly clear skies. it's a cold start to our day. grab that winter coat if you are heading out. we are looking at 30s and 40s right now with those clear skies. as we head through the day, milder temperatures. mid 50s along


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