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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  March 12, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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this happened in broad daylight. years more on that story from devin fehely. >> reporter: the victim in this case a 26-year-old filipino woman was not in the court room. prosecutors read a statement on her behalf. she described being traumatized by this attack and being very afraid of the idea of her alleged attacker being let out. the judge made sure that she would remain behind bars. the prosecutor described the graphic details. when the victim was grabbed from behind, and tossed in the ground and dragmire here. the stranger shouted obscenities
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. it was an unprovoked attack. >> to be attacked by someone is really scary. i hope that the woman is doing well and that she gets the treatment and care that she deserves. >> reporter: they said that he suffers from mental health issues. >> his response in court was a genuine and he feels a deep sadness. >> reporter: the suspect has been charged with multiple crimes. the prosecutor read a statement written by the victim giving voice to her fear and hope that the judge would keep her attacker behind bars. sea to have the constant fear
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of walking through those tunnels and getting followed and attacked. no one should have to go through what i went through. took the suspect will be back in court on may 25th. the district attorney's office wanted to send a message describing hate crimes is a double offenses. against the victim in the community as a whole. devin fehely, kpix 5. nobel for a suspect accused in an early attack against a elderly asian man. the ruling came down just a few hours ago. he will set a plea later this month. bailey is accused of robbing and punching the 75-year-old man while he was out for morning walk on tuesday. the attack left the man brain dead and he was later taken off life support. they tracked bailey down after he fled a traffic stop.
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he is also wanted for residential robbery and had been released on that pending robbery case in san francisco. he is now charged with special circumstances murder. a second arrest is suspected this evening after a violent uber attack video went viral. this happened a sunday in the bayview neighborhood. after the driver asked one of the passengers to wear a mask. san francisco police have an arrest warrant for the woman on the right hand of the screen. her lawyer said she will turn herself end. last night las vegas police arrested the woman in red. >> is facing assault and battery. all three passengers have binned band back from the right share
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service. contra costa will join the bay area in the red tear beginning on sunday. walnut creek gearing up for a busy night. restaurants will be able to reopen indoors. and i had a lot of people excited today including regulars and restaurant employees. on sunday were going go into the red zone and i'm psyched about that. i appreciate the regulations and i am behind those rules. been able to go into a restaurant is the dream. >> we feel amazing that our customers can start enjoying the indoors. we are ready to get back to the
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new normal >> gyms and fitness centers can reopen at limited fitness capacity and all schools are eligible to reopen in the red zone. the one and done vaccine dose is in san francisco. the extra doses came at a good time. starting on monday millions of californians will be eligible for the vaccine. including adult with high risk health conditions. public transit workers and people living in group homes. there just are not enough doses in the area to go round. years more on that story from andria borba. >> reporter: they need and want for the vaccine out strips the supply no matter where you are. the public health directors say
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they cannot get the shots they need to put into arms of everyone who wants one. no matter if you're getting a shot in san francisco, or san mateo county. the story is the same. not enough doses to go around. >> we are still constricted by the state of california. this is something we have to overcome. >> reporter: 300 essential workers were given a moderna dose after the state zip code equity failed. >> i respect the state and governor but we are doing this by zip code. in san mateo county where we have palo alto and other farmworkers we have zero that qualify within those zip codes to get those extra doses took the ceo of blue shield said their management system will allow counties to keep track of
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every dose and prevent uncertainty about when others are arriving. >> the ability to know where the vaccine is at all times and know the inventory allows for a much smoother and manageable system that can optimize performance and demonstrate to the federal government that california is doing a great job. >> more supply is on the way in the form of the single dose. which was started today. we have capacity to do 3000 vaccines a day. >> reporter: those doses have been opened up to a wider audience with those people with long-term illnesses and compromise immune systems getting in line starting on monday. >> we are excited to open up more eligibility but we are waiting for more vaccine. from what we know right now we will not have enough vaccine to meet the demand.
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>> is a president joe biden's goal to make this eligible by the beginning of a doable? >> vaccine dosages will ramp up on april 1st. and if they will provide the doses they will meet that goal. sea for the full list of who can get the vaccine aware check out our guide at the another big vaccine milestone this evening. 100 million americans have gotten one covid-19 vaccine shot. is a live look at the white house where the president and members of his party gathered to celebrate. the american rescue plan. cbs reporter natalie brand is a live with the latest. hi natalie. congressional leaders
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including house speaker nancy pelosi were here this afternoon. by a praised her for helping to get this covid-19 relief bill over the finish line. he also noted that the devil is in the details when it comes to implementing this huge legislation that will require he wants to make sure there's no waste or fraud. by a held president joe biden held a press conference today. >> what you shepherded through the conference meets the moment and does more. it is historical and they call it transformational. >> reporter: the white house of that direct deposit stimulus payments could hit bank accounts as soon as this weekend. >> elbows arrived for families
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that are struggling to put food on the table. >> reporter: this week the president set a goal to get the united states on a path to normal by july 4th. >> some states will move faster than others. >> reporter: they are expanding health professionals that are authorized to give the shop. >> including dentist, optometrist, paramedics, physician assistants and more. >> reporter: the white house will launch a federally supported website to make it easier for americans to get vaccinated. since many people are using state and local
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websites to find vaccinations the administrations said that they will deploy technology teams to provide assistance. i've asked the white house for more information about how that will work. sea that's amazing. thank you. looking live now at the city of oakland that stands to get more than $190 million thanks to the american rescue plan. the mayor says that cash on the way is crucial. >> call your councilmember and urge them to use this money to restore the police services that we have had to cut. the parks and library workers that we had to cut. we can now bring them back and open those facilities under the red tier.
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sea oakland is facing a $3 million shortfall. the federal funding will go a long way. >> there are still challenges ahead. still had, a search for a coyote that is attacking people in contra costa county. tonight neighbors will sleep a little easier. a dui kills of five people including children. what made this crash on survivable? getting back on the gridiron. we are live with the long- awaited return of high school football. better late than never, a beautiful night out there. clear skies, not a cloud in the sky. more coming up in the forecast.
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an unusually aggressive coyote known for terrorizing people in one neighborhood has
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he was captured in a hold trap yesterday d bya representative from that u.s. department of agriculture. it will now be studied and tested for rabies. dna link to this animal and an attack on a three-year-old. five people are dead, tour of the victims are children. this happened near french camp. what made this crash on survivable. >> reporter: we are blurring part of the video where these family crash. man in the 30s suspected of driving under the influence. taking the lives of forged
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people. as well as his own. the driver veered off the side of the freeway and hit a road sign before slamming into a tree the crash was so violent that three people died instantly. to are others unable to survive injuries at died at the hospital. here you can see tire marks leading all the way to where the car ended up. pieces of the car still remain here on the ground. they said that three people in the back seat were not wearing seatbelts. a busy freeway becoming the sing of a deadly crash that ended two are young lives. at the hand of a suspected dui driver. a woman in her 40s was killed, no word on the other age of the victims including the children.
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the city of minneapolis agreed to pay the family of a george floyd $27 million. the family attorney said that this was the largest civil rights settlement ever. meantime jury selection continues in the criminal case of derek chauvin who is on trial accused of kneeling on the neck of a george floyd and causing the test. three other fired officers have also been charged. add a couple of u.s. senators to the growing list of people that are calling for governor cuomo to resign. they want him to step down amid allegations of sexual harassment. governor cuomo says he is not going anywhere. >> i did not do what has been alleged. i will not speculate about people's possible motives.
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i can tell you is a former attorney general who has gone through this situation many times. there are many motivations for making an allegation >> the governor condemned people calling for his resignation. he has faced sweeping criticism keeping secret how many nursing home residents died from covid- 19. california's unemployment rate is down as the state loses tens of thousands of jobs. they said that california lost 70,000 jobs. >> the state has a regained a 39% of the jobs lost in march and april of last year. the unemployment rate stands at 9% as more people stop looking for work. parts of the bay area were hit hard with job losses. san francisco lost 4800.
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and the south bay was down by 1800 jobs. better news for marin county. they gained 2600 positions. the east bay added 2300 jobs. water shooting into the sky. this was this afternoon in san francisco. fire crews responded to a broken fire hydrant. this is the sing, the fire department said that the hydrant was not clear off its base. it is unclear how. it probably involved a car. eventually they were able to shut off the water valve. they are designed to do that. temperatures did warm up today. it's going to be dense fog developing near the coast.
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and that's going to be reluctant to burn off. it looks like up pleasant first half of the weekend. on sunday we start off dry and those showers will linger often on. we will stop the next rain chance. we start dry and we see increasing clouds through early afternoon. the first showers hitting the ground by early afternoon. most of us will have to wait until late afternoon for more substantial rain to make its way on shore. keep in mind the usual disclaimer. this is one forecast model. there are some that are faster and slower. this gives us a good idea what to expect with the rain chances increasing late in the day. you will need to be flexible with any plans as you move those up. saturday looks fine. the rain continues to progress across the bay area. the be the heaviest rain that we see pick but we're not quite done. moore showers are in the forecast for sunday night and
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linger through monday. this will be a hit or miss activity pickets not going to rainty dry akes but you will need to keep that raincoat and umbrella handy. rain showers will continue to develop before we dry out on tuesday and wednesday of next week. this will wash the pollen out of the atmosphere. the pollen count is going to be sky-high. sunday night the rain will wash that out for monday. it will climb right back up with dry weather settling back in on tuesday. a beautiful view outside. and we see some of the fog in the distance as we look out towards the pacific. to make its way to the coast and the bay as we hit atre prty nice pickets 55 degrees down town. still 71 degrees in santa rosa. mid to upper 60s further inland. substantially warmer than thursday, by about five degrees warmer.
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temptress will continue to drop quickly tonight with clear skies overhead and a fog developing near ground level. this does not help us out in terms of how much we will cool off. we will see 30s and 40s around the bay. and because we start off with that fog and low cloud cover it's going to be reluctant to retreat and the suns energy will try to dissipate that. temperatures will be slightly below average. it still nice out there. mid to upper 50s near the bay and low to mid 60s further inland. just a few degrees below normal . we take another step back with that thickening cloud cover and a chance of rain showers late in the day. and we dry out anrm u tuesday and wednesday with another round of chance on thursday and friday. a little soon to be speculating on the timing. we will keep you updated as it gets closer and talk about how
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much rain we could see next week coming up at 5:30 p.m. a new twist in one of silicon valley's biggest scandals. the bay
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another record high for the dow jones today. the index jumped 293 points. bank stocks saw gains amid rising rates in industrial stocks were strong. the nasdaq fell 78 points. with tech stocks down. apple is suing a former employee over allegations that he stole company secrets. apple filed the suit against the san jose resident, simon lancaster. is accused of handing over confident information to a
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journalist who published those trade secrets. the tech giant is seeking restitution and damages. we reach out to apple for, but we have not heard back yet. elizabeth holmes the founder of failed biotech company theranos is a pregnant. and her due date is in july. the same month that her trial is supposed to start. team is asking to push it back to august. she is facing up to 20 years in prison. the she is accused of defrauding patients and investors by claiming that the startup could conduct a full range of medical test using a single drop of blood. more local news at 5:30 p.m. the friday night lights back on. we are back with the return of high school football. the excited athletes who have waited one year to compete. a packedti.
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we introduce you to some of the homegrown talent. a bay area winery reserving
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right now on kpix 5 and streaming on more local news at 530 p.m. as we look live at the bay
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bridge where drivers were shortchanged during the pandemic. the refund is on the way. the impressive lineup of local talent looking to take home grammy gold this weekend. a big step on the road to recovery. the friday night lights are extra bright with high school football returning to the bay area picketing i am ken bastida. here's more on the friday night light story from a andrea nakano. >> reporter: eye donor member the last time that i stood on the sidelines. this is quite a treat. it's an amazing sight to see. as you can see the freedom falcons are facing off in oakley. this feels a little different than any other football game that i have covered. normally


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