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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  March 12, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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the refund is on the way. the impressive lineup of local talent looking to take home grammy gold this weekend. a big step on the road to recovery. the friday night lights are extra bright with high school football returning to the bay area picketing i am ken bastida. here's more on the friday night light story from a andrea nakano. >> reporter: eye donor member the last time that i stood on the sidelines. this is quite a treat. it's an amazing sight to see. as you can see the freedom falcons are facing off in oakley. this feels a little different than any other football game that i have covered. normally students gather early
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and parents are staking out their fees. there are no fans allowed. but each student did receive tour tickets to give to their parent or guardian. and they will be in the stands and they are being referred to as observers. while the atmosphere is different, the teams are excited to get back to playing football >> their great group of kids and they are excited about it, we're going play hard. like to talk about winning and losing. >> we want to stay positive and work hard. we are excited and we cannot wait to see the ball kicked off. took the varsity game starts at 7:00 p.m. there will be some time between the jv game and the varsity game. while they are playing football , right across the way they are playing baseball at the same time. that normally doesn't happen in a regular year. this is sports during the
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pandemic. these empty vines in sonoma will have visitors as the county moves into the red tier on sunday. and that means wineries and breweries do not serve meals can open. all visitors must have reservations and wear masks. the elaborate and outdoor dining setups in san francisco are here to stay the mayor announced plans to make outdoor dining permanent. sea i am determined to make sure that these shared spaces that we know and love are here to stay in san francisco. even after the pandemic is over. we have to make it easier for businesses to do business in san francisco. it should not take two are years to open an ice cream bar, or a drugstore or the kind of amenities that
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so many of us rely on. >> cities supervisors will discuss the legislation next week. if the plan fails bay area movie lovers have a few more options. cinemark reopened theaters in multiple cities. and their promising enhanced cleanliness, sanitizing and safety measures. this sunday the recording academy will give out the dozens of grammy awards. get ready, some bay area artists may bring home the grammy gold. >> reporter: from the quintessential american symphony , two brilliant music for troubled minds during the pandemic, and a catchy dance
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song. the list of bay area grammy nominees is packed. >> there's a huge range of music being created and developed. and we are proud of all of the nominees. >> reporter: nominated for twogrammies. one of the most acclaimed jazz musicians in the world. joshua redman. the album is called around again. >> some of my dearest music collaborators and friends are with me, a 25 years to get the band back together. >> reporter: also included julian-quc for best album of the year >> it was shocking when i got the news. >> reporter: oaklands own
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fantastic jhene aiko is up for contemporary blues . the video for the hit single "chocolate samurai" was crowd sourced with fans ascending in videos of how they were coping with covid. >> the celebrates all things good and wonderful right here in oakland, california. we cannot let the pandemic stop us from all the wonderful things of living on the planet. nomination for chas bear. this came at a weird time. but it was a perfect way.
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>> reporter: the san francisco symphony is up for three grammys, all classical. as for mtt? >> he is 11 grammy winds to date . and the tour films about music are up for grammy. linda ronstadt and we are freestyle love supreme. the behind the scenes story of an improv rapid group. >> we would like did you know we were up for this pinch me because this can't be real. >> they are hoping for grammy gold picked a special cake was ordered for sunday. that story is coming up at 7:00. you can watch the 63rd annual grammy awards this sunday at 5:00 p.m. right here on kpix 5.
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the state says we should be getting a bigger break on car insurance. the refund that is on the way? steph curry and his wife teamed up for a different kind of competition? attacks on asian seniors go back for decades. coming up how community leaders plan to raise awareness and break that code of silence.
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in southern california. >> a pickup truck slammed through a wall into the driver and passenger were killed. this happen in garden grovebefo
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crash. no one in the house was hurt. back here in the bay area we are hearing from a san francisco supervisor who just experienced a familiar city headache. this picture was posted on twitter. you can see the window of his car was completely shattered. this happened as he was inside city hall calling for a hearing on the rise of shoplifting and test. the thieves didn't get away with anything. saying that substance abusers are largely to blame. >> we can say that the person who broke into my car was looking for something of value that they could sell for drugs. and the only thing that found was kitty litter and a cushion. i guess that was not enough of value. so they moved on. >> this a break in is proof that no one is immune to break-
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ins. the ntsb wants tougher standards on driverless technology. and they are usingan exple. ntsb said that tesla is using customers to beta test full self driving on public roads. but the co elon musk said that that feature is an advance driver assist system. the ntsb is calling on their sister agency the national highway to two impose stricter rules taking a live look at traffic across the san mateo bridge. california drivers could be in for more refunds? the state insurance regulator claims that car insurers shortchanged policyholders when it came to refunding premiums because of the pandemic. regulators say that they refunded 9% of premiums those
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premiums should be 17%. they now have until april 30th to report how they will make up the difference. coming up preserving the stories of the pandemic. the items being collected to remember this moment in time kpix 5 wants to bring you the good news in the area.
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if you're looking to invest in property. 140 acres in marin county is coming up for auction. the kings mountain estate that is located in the unincorporated part of the county with some pretty spectacular views. check it out. chopper 5 flew over the area. the asking price is $25 million. that is a steal if you compared to 2015. when it was going for 39 million. the property was once owned by the cofounder of a cup he called genentech. the auction opens next month. >> and it's rgain. when the pandemic becomes a chapter in the history books
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there will be a place to visit some of the key moments that mark this past year. there's a rolling collection of artifacts that tell the story of covid-19. when critical care nurse sandra lindsay became the first american vaccinated against the coronavirus was a turning.that would go down in history. >> i hope that this is the beginning of the end of a very painful time. >> we want to make sure that we document the story from multiple perspectives. patients, practitioners, scientists, politicians, teachers. all sorts of individuals for who the pandemic has had a direct and immediate impact on their lives. >> reporter: the smithsonian
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even put out a call to the public soliciting ideas and photos. so far they have collected 600 documenting the heartache and the resilience of americans. >> how do you think this time in history will be remembered? >> in this will be a major event in american history. and this will mark a period of before and after. there are some radical changes in simple things. how we work on a day-to-day basis. perhaps even how we think about the inequities in our society. >> the collection will ensure that the impact of the pandemic is not forgotten come in nor the advances in medicine that ntury. rting to pull the nation the museum is still close to the public but eventually the artifacts will be part of a broader exhibit called in sickness and in health. this will explore american effort to contain, control, and cure illnesses. steph curry is ready to
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play a different kind of a game. his wife will be his teammate. he will join his wife for a game show competition featuring celebrity couples as they reveal insights into their relationship through fun challenges and games. this is a reboot of the series called "tattletale". the bay area is ready to go green. st. patrick day celebrations are getting started. tomorrow the rtl rish on. all things irish st. patrick's day celebration. weeklong celebration that will include events like irish
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dancing there will be music and bands. you name it. dublin, california doing their bit to represent the emerald isle. a baby sea lion that was a found on the bay bridge is recovering. take a look. chp officers found the littguy ar the toll they hp marine mammal center. the a month old appears to be beat up and dehydrated they are giving him lots of fluids and officious movies and they will release him he is fully healed.
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nice weather for the weekend this means warmer temperatures across the board. that storm system is moving farther off to the southeast all of that bringing with it a dry day for tomorrow. is not to be quite as warm as today a great view as we look east. temperatures are cool mirror the coast in the bay. that's not to bad for the middle of march. warmer temperatures in the middle to upper 60s santa rosa made it all the way up to 72 degrees. current temperatures are still a mixture of 60s and 70s. it is 50 in half moon bay that's a little bit on the cool
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side for the coast. while temperatures are not going to drop tomorrow's temperatures will not warm up because that offshore breeze will be weaker and that low cloud cover will spread back in spilling into some of the inland valleys. expect reduced visibility's if you're going to be up at about early saturday morning. this will improve on saturday. that fog is going to be pretty stubborn and that is why your temperatures will be so much cooler. it's good to be chilly inland. is not very efficient holding any warmth. so temperatures will drop down into the 30s with a few mid-40s sprinkled end. high temperatures tomorrow will be back below average just a few degrees depending on where you are even cooler is the clouds increase on sunday.
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that low cloud cover is blocking the sun. we will see the warmest spot reaching 66 degrees picked up to be the case for fairfield and brentwood. temperatures a little cooler as a fog is a little more stubborn. mostly low 60s. the north bay reaching into the mid 60s. the farther in lnu go. more the same as you head farther north into mendocino. in terms of rain that will hold off on saturday. were not concede any precipitation. >> just low clouds given away to fair-weather clouds. a good chance of rain that will linger into monday. we dry out on tuesday and wednesday with another chance
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of showers headed our way for thursday and friday. focusing on that first chance of rain. forecast models are a little enthusiastic in terms of how much rain. estimating a half an inch of rain fall ball i will show you exactly when that rain will move in at 6:00. let's take a look at the seven- day forecast. temperatures continue to drop off and the temperatures increase. late next week temperatures stay steady even with the next chance of showers on the way. leaving us chances of below 50%. it's a long way down the line and a lot can happen between now and then. we take a look at futurecast coming up at 6:00 p.m. conspiracy charges for police officers? how they used traffic stops to shakedown drivers? >> we take a look at the evolution of crying. why attacks have been underreported? we introduce you
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to a first time grammy nominee from the bay area. how he's using music to connect the past with the present? still ahead. a major winery
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forget the grapes. vineyard is using part of its land for something else. as don ford reports this land
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is reserved for butterflies. >> reporter: this winery has a dedicated 80 acres worth of land to help the monarch butterfly. scientists say that the monarch butterfly is in trouble. this year's annual migration count is just a fraction of other years. >> they had 2000 visuals of monarchs. that the 99% decline. >> reporter: jordan estate winery has over 1000 acres spread across anderson valley. eight acres will now become a permanent butterfly sanctuary. >> behind us we are bluegrd maanita trees.
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>> reporter: the director of agricultural operations said that they could've planted more vines, but they see a greater need to keep the environment balance. and it's not just butterflies. >> we have chickens, and cows, and that we will have butterflies. that is the goal. >> reporter: the winery has a large successful honeybee operation and they want to repeat that success with this new venture. reporting live from sonoma county, don ford, elizabeth cook. crimes against asian americans are more visible than ever. why decades of attacks went unreported. tonight the state hits a vaccine target. allowing the last county to go red. we begin with good news for
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sonoma and contra costa county. they just got the green light to advance to the red. starting on sunday restaurants will be able to reopen indoors. that is when contra custer county slide into red. they change their tier system triggered by a milestone. 2 million vaccine doses administered to the hardest hit communities. millions more california residents will be eligible including adults with high risk eligibility risks. here's a more on that story from andria borba. >> reporter: the ceo of blue shield was talking about how there system would bring reliability to the counties that are concerned about when
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their doses are coming in and if they're getting enough doses for the week. the problem still remains where are the doses? more people are now eligible to get them. we would last spoke in january adam was advocating for those with serious health issues to be put next in line for the covid-19 vaccine after the governor said tier shake up. he hopes that others will finally get their shot starting on monday. >> i think the state listened when we told them it needed to be a priority for the most vulnerable population. it was good that they listened. >> we are excited to open up more eligibility we are waiting for more vaccine to come in. from what we know right now we will not have enough vaccine to meet the demand.


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