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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  March 13, 2021 2:07am-2:41am PST

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santa clara county to stop attacks against the asian community. good evening, i am elizabeth cook. >> a dramatic rise in crimes like these are now prompting them to take action before someone else is hurt or worse. kpix 5's medina and san jose tonight with reports of fellow lawmakers doing something about it. >> reporter: tonight, i spoke with one assembly member who is bringing together city, county, and state leaders as well as community leaders in a show of solidarity against the recent rise in violence against asians, particularly the elderly. >> i was waiting for some type of rally to organically happen. weeks passed by and i saw nothing. >> he is not a stop asian- american aci san jose. >> so i said to myself, we must do it ourselves. >> reporter: not only did the
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lawmaker organize a show of solidarity, he also got a long list of attendees to rsvp, including the district attorney, police, the 49ers, san jose sharks and mayor sam liccardo. >> this rally is certainly about getting together, but also about empowering the community with information. there is a long tradition, we know of racism and xenophobia against asian americans in this community. >> reporter: recently, bilingual police officers have productive foot patrol in asian- american communities. many hate crimes, police say, go unreported, including in the case of a woman who allegedly told an asian-american man in mountain view to go back to his country. >> that victim initially did not want to report to this forniaisesblish an online repor system for hate crimes in multiple languages. tomorrow, many community members who stepped up to denounce the anti-asian hate also plans to attend, a show of
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solidarity in the face of divisiveness. >> i think it is important to speak out, say something, ask for solidarity. this might be an issue toward the asian-pacific islander community today, but we know that tomorrow it will be some other group. >> reporter: tomorrow's rally is at 11:00 a.m. outside of san jose city hall. in san jose, maria medina, kpix 5. community leaders are also planning a rally tomorrow at 2:30 in oakland's chinatown. tonight, new information about one of the suspects arrested for attacking an uber driver on sunday in this viral video. later tonight, we learned police arrested malaysia king in las vegas two days later for allegedly trying to use an account inattoma tran at ba ica. kiis red this vide she now faces coast, anciscce he warrant for arna kimiai, the
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woman at the right hand of your screen. her lawyer says she will turn herself in. ♪ ♪ in just a few days, the entire bay area will be in the red tier. contra costa, sonoma county can ease restrictions on sunday and monday. all schools in sonoma county will be eligible to reopen for all grades alameda county eased their restrictions today. tonight, people got to eat dinner inside a restaurant in pleasanton for the first time in months. kpix 5's katie nielsen is in the downtown area, where it is expected to be a very busy weekend. >> reporter: yeah, ken, people we talked with tonight that this has been a long time coming and it is not just the restaurants that are seeing the boost now that alameda county has moved to a less restrictive tier.
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restaurants have bepl is fomonths. togues ce to everybt, indoor ng. >> reporter: even town center books on main street is seeing an increase in business. >> as soon as we got red and the restaurants good reopen, bumped right up. >> reporter: the shop owner, judy wheeler, says more people are coming to browse in the stores as they are waiting for tables in nearby restaurants, which sometimes can be a long wait since indoor seating is limited to 25% capacity in the red tier. >> it looks so weird to see people inside of restaurants now after getting use to seeing everyone outdoors. >> reporter: sameer and his parents said they were excited about coming out to eat dinner ors orou >> i am l morecomfortable ide. >> reporter:jackand alexandrd n si just wanted
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more time >> ifun to tually ber bos. >>eporter: restau alked with tonighsaid they are just glad they are able to have guests sitting inside, even though alameda county and solano county were one of the last to be able to reopen in the bay area, they said it could not come at a better time, especially with rain in the forecast for next week. live in pleasanton, katie nielsen kpix 5. the vaccine will be accessible to millions more californians starting on monday. that is when adults with high- risk health conditions and disabilities can start making appointments weird public transit workers as well and folks living in group homes. as eligibility expands, supplies still remain an issue, but there is this, health departments expect increased production of all three vaccines in april. pfizer, moderna and johnson & johnson and that could beef up supply here in the bay area.
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heg the faly a onight, we are lticarbay on wednesday night. i have been putting up these posters of 25-year-old tyrone biddle. he grew up in san francisco, recently moved to hayward with his mother and was suffering from some mental health issues. >> we are hoping to find is body to bring some closure for his mother. >> the crash prompted the entire shutdown of the westbound lanes. knew at 11:00, tonight, a texas border patrol facility is allegedly passing overcrowded conditions as it handles a staggering number of children. a lawyer representing migrant kids in government custody says clients she interviewed said they were hungry. some also said they had only showered once in seven days and
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had to take turns sleeping on the floor. an internal document from customs and border protection revealed the complex withholding 1800 people when it's designed for 250 people. customs and border patrol says it is struggling with the number of migrants in its custody. the agency says it is offering kids blankets, hot meals and showers at least every 48 hours. tonight, the city of minneapolis has agreed to play pay george floyd's family $27 million to settle there civil lawsuit. it is the largest pretrial civil lawsuit ever. pice fir d kneeling on george d' ck, usin the death sparked outrage, causing nationwide protests last year. >> all of the protest for standing, especially during a pandemic, when you did not have to, you put your lives on the
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line. >> chauvin's trial is set to begin at the end of the month. tonight , the friday night lights are finally back on. schools around the bay area are trying to salvage some sort of football season. kpix 5's andrea nakano is in oakley where there is a glimpse of about during the pandemic. >> this is the first friday night football game in about a year, while everything on the field is fairly normal, take a look at the stands. it is practically empty, it except for a few people that got special tickets to the game. friday night lights were shining bright once again. >> i've been waiting almost two years to play. to get this opportunity to play again is exciting and fun. >> reporter: tonight, freedom the chee to
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subdued crowd according to public health guidelines, no fans are allowed. >> what we are allowing tonight is two observers. an observer is a parent or guardian from your household. >> reporter: while friday night football may not feel quite the same, the kids finally have a sense of normalcy, despite this not being the first game of the season. >> i think it is good for the kids. they needed this. >> a lot of people are hurting. this is the chance tonight to kind of start dusting ourselves off and getting back to normal. >> reporter: while football has started, freedom high will open to students next week in a hybrid learning mode. in oakley, andre mcconnell, kpix 5. so neat to see them playing the sports that they love right now. >> it is a rite of passage when you are in high school. >> and how often do you get friday night lights in
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springtime? good for them. still ahead, our exclusive interview with the volunteer stabbed by the homeless man he was helping inside of a san jose church. while he is more determined now than ever before. the moment i put up to park here, other homeless individuals started coming out and welcoming me. the pilot was forced to make an emergency landing for a reason most of us can relate to. the fog is spreading out. we will track that along with our next chance of rain heading in this weekend coming up in the forecast. a reminder, we have a special lineup for the grammys this sunday. 60 minutes starts at 4:00, followed by a live broadcast of the grammys at 5:00, an encore, followed by
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looking live at san jose tonight, it has been almost four months since a homeless man allegedly stabbed five people inside grace baptist church. tonight, one of the survivors, a church volunteer, is sharing his story exclusively with kpix 5. >> he tells us why he is more determined than ever to help in
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ats time of year is a bit unreliable, there is one thing at columbus park in san jose that you can count on, someone will be there delivering food to the homeless peers >> i tried to get to know everyone by their first name and i get pretty upset with myself if i don't remember their name the second time i meet them. >> reporter: it is one of many ways he treats people experiencing homelessness, like a friend first. he knows trust is the most valuable per currency out here and it is not easily earned. trust in this community is something he struggles with too. >> is more about usissues ink my dream is about trust issues. i, myself, still have ptsd about the incident, lots of nightmares, the scars on my face, my neck and everything. >> reporter: when wen goes to
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sleep, his subconscious takes him back to this night. in novembeheon five volunteers at grace baptist church to be stabbed by a homeless man he was helping. we had he has scars on his neck and cheek and said he had a blade stuck in his neck for 3 hours at the hospital. >> reporter: was there a moment at the hospital when you thought you may die? >> there was a moment. >> reporter: two of the volunteers did not survive. as soon as he started to heal, nguyen came right back here. >> i believe a week after the incident i started coming back. the moment i pulled up to the park, other homeless individuals started coming out and welcoming me. that is when i knew that coming back is not a bad idea. >> reporter: you are someone who has every reason to feel like you should not trust this community, or like you don't feel safe because of what happened, but you don't feel that way. >> i do not. >> reporter: for nguyen, the
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real problem is that somebody people are still out here. what do you think will help the most in terms of helping the homeless, but needs to change? >> housing first. >> reporter: and until they are housed, he will be here to help. >> don't let what happened to me to find the community that we serve and love. >> reporter: nguyen told me he is not comfortable discussing the details of that night because of his personal ptsd the, but has also been advised by the das office not to divulge too much detail because the suspect has not appeared in court. susie stein, kpix 5. >> that suspect happens to be an undocumented immigrant who had been deported three times and has a long criminal history. a pilot is safely back on solid ground tonight after making an emergency landing in the middle of a field after the plane ran out of gas. it happened this afternoon near the lafayette reservoir . officials say the pilot was not
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injured and there was no damage to the plane, just a very close call. >> a gorgeous sunset in san francisco this evening after a warm, springlike day, but don't get too use to this weather. chief meteorologist paul heggen is tracking more rain on the way and some fog tonight? >> it is already out there to some extent. early tomorrow morning, we will see a lot of reduced visibility is across the bay area, not just along the coast in the bay area, it will spill into the inland valleys. that is where it will dissipate baptists aired by 9:00 or 10:00 or so, visibility should be further inland. along the coast, you will be stuck with that low fog cover for much of the day on saturday. temperatures should warm up nicely. you can see the fog spreading downtown toward treasure isla s and 40s by early tomorrow morning. mostly mid-40s around the bay. we will start off with the fog
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and cloud cover, but the sun emerges. temperatures are on the cool side to start, and warming into the low 60s the afternoon. she will want to get out from under that blanket eventually, once the sun is out. the next chance of rain will move in sunday afternoon and sunday evening. temperatures tomorrow topping out only in the low to mid 50s on the coast because of that fog and cloud cover sticking around. mid to upper 50s maybe around 60 degrees on the bay with 60s further inland. these numbers are a few degrees below average this time of year, but we will drop to another category on sunday. rain chances increase. by early afternoon in the north bay, but that will spread across the rest of the area as we head into late afternoon and evening. this will be the heaviest rain we see with the system and it moves to the east by 10:00 sunday evening. we are not done. often on showers the rest of sunday night and a few monday
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as well. that will be lighter activity, but still out there. it will not rain everywhere all the time, keep the umbrella, keep the rain jacket handy because we will see those body showers often on during the daylight hours on monday. futurecast adding up to about a quarter inch of rain, most of it with the first burst of rain that comes through and a few more hundreds as we head through the daylight hours. we dry out tuesday and wednesday and warm up a little before the next chance of showers heads are away thursday and friday. sports zone at 11:00, we got ourselves a packed basketball championship matchup. the san jose sharks strike tonight
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vern is here now with sports and the sharks are hitting the road for the first time in three weeks. >> that is right. you can put the pads in the car, leave them in there. the sharks did not need you tonight. every once in while, it is good to get a [ laughter ] laugh in the record books. on the road at anaheim, sharks on attack!
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scoreless eight minutes in and welcome back hertl. first one off the covid list, 1- 0, san jose. d..t-forward, it is 5-0 in the l,albecause devan dubnyk was a monster. he stopped 32 shots , posted the first shutout of the season. they won their second straight 6-0 tonight. same two teams tomorrow night. nba and warriors had the night off. they don't run again until they host the jazz sunday. utah, they've got the best record in the association. we will leave james wiseman alone after tonight. benched for the first three quarters of the loss of the clippers last night because he forgot to take a covid test and subsequently missed an important practice. the 19-year-old scored 14 points and 12 minutes late in the game. if it were up to
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dream on grade, and i am quoting the liking movie, he says [ speaking foreign language ], s. >> not that i am questioning what coach did, i'm g.i mean, j tomorrow, we test three times, from 8:00 to 9:00 a.m., 5:00 to 6:00 p.m. and 10:00 to 11:00 p.m.. i'm just not going to be mad about the man missing a covid test. the man in red, gary payton in vegas to watch his old school oregon state battle in- state rival oregon. time for big buckets and jared lucas! what a shot, young man! a bato reach. e beatthe top seed, 75-64 and advanced to the conference final for the first time since 1988. gary payton was on that team. how about the other semi final! look, usc, the trojans face
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colorado, tied at 75, how do they win it? does sean schwartz with a final slam in the waning moments. colorado won it, 72-70 and they will take it to the pac-12 title game. shot out to all the bay area high school football games that got their first games in tonight. a lot of openers coming up on saturday. how an airline worker with to infinity and beyond une a
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james brown and bill cowher welcoming you back to the midnight snack run. this is one tricky obstacle course. he's reaching... but he pushes it away! he's approaching a plate of iced cookies... he blows right by 'em oh the fridge looks like he's headed for the soda. wait! he jukes left! grabs the water bottle now he's just gotta get out of there. look what dropped from the sky! don't do it dennis. that's the way you execute a midnight snack run. stand up to cancer and rally want you to reduce your risk for cancer, go to to infinity and beyond. tonight, a real toy story.
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>> asap line southwest airlines worker went to infinity and beyond to reunite a taller with his toy. 2-year-old hagan absent accidentally left buzz light year on the plane in texas. by the time his mom reached out to the plane was already on its way to arkansas. that is when two employees jumped into action. they documented his adventures [ laughter ] and sent him back in the mail to hagan in elk grove. >> being a mother and having somebody go that far for your child, not even knowing that was definitely special. >> pretty amazing. >> buzz was none the worse for wear. >> now, a little bit better. >> out-of-the-box and ready to go. we will be back.
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another week in the books, we made it. the late show with stephen colbert is next. take you for watching. the news continue streaming on cbsn bay area. have yourself a fantastic weekend. we will see you. the 7pm news, weeknights on kpix 5. (mellow music)
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and it all starts with a consultation. we wanna hear about the vision that these people have for their smile. what do they want this to actually look like? we talk about what their objectives and what their goals of the treatment are. we call that the smile healthy approach, because every patient then walks out with a customized plan. - yeah, and it's just so remarkable that a dental issue can affect your entire life. - at clearchoice, we have locations all across the country and we hear these emotional stories all the time, patients who suffer emotionally and physically, they're masters of being able to hide their smile, patients who are unable to sit down and enjoy a meal because of the pain going on in their mouth. imagine not being able to eat foods because you are trying to chew these foods a dent tr other solution., an, and i, from experience, had that where i'm afraid
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to go to the dentist because i have a little bit of a fear of pain myself. so how does clearchoice handle pain management? - every patient is unique, and so every patient needs a customized approach to being able to handle that. i can tell you in general though, our goal is to minimize any kind of discomfort for our patient. we have pain management, not only for the procedure itself, but right afterwards. you have to remember though, that these implants become part of your body so that when you begin to chew and eat, you don't have a set of teeth that are moving around. they look, feel, and act like real teeth, and so there isn't any pain associated with them, like you have with a lot of removable teeth. when you have a denture, it can move around and it can cause a lot of pain. and here's the worst part, a denture causes bone loss whereas the implants help to actually save the actual bone. - wow, it sounds so wonderful, and it must be really gratifying to be a part of that.
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