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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  March 16, 2021 3:42am-4:00am PDT

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>> it's demoredemoralizing. and it's a check. it felt that way until a lot of people i met were in similar industries as me and it felt like you are everybody else. not like -- sn >> reporter: yeah. >> and it was helpful. it helped. >> reporter: one out of four small businesses closed in 2020, and of those that remain, 40% of owners believe it will take more than six months to recovery. at corporate av, where gabe worked. how big of a change did you see year over year prepandemic to right now? >> we may be 25 percent of what we were normally at this time sgloo. >> reporter: he said that his business has shrunk to virtual gatherings, and some of them may be permanent.
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do you think the inperson event business is going to come back like it was? >> i don't think that every event will come back to being hundreds of people together. i think certain events will stay online. >> reporter: that means former employees like mo johnson cannot heal quickly either. >> i did have to ask for extensions here and there. we borrowed from my 401-k. >> reporter: a year without full time work meant a year without medical coverage. something we first discussed last summer. >> we had a spat today, she said, you should go to the dentist and i said, we don't have insurance. >> reporter: lately he put off the purchase of new contact lenses. >> i do needer more, but i've been watching, and cleaning. >> reporter: oh, man, that is dangerous. >> i know. >> reporter: disposable ones, knock on wood you don't have an infection. you have to clean those things. it's thanks to unemployment benefits and stimulus money that former full time employees like mo johnson have been able to keep up with bills.
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this is a cushion to make your life a little softer betwee now and when things pick back up. >> well, i don't call it a cushion. it's hard earned. i have paid in to the system all my life. you know, this is what i pay in for. you are not giving me back my money. you are giving me back my investment. >> reporter: when we spoke a year ago, gabe's wife feared that the federal government would not be there when her family needed the help. >> you are constantly worried can i make the payment? can i put my kid, you know, can i get a doctor? >> reporter: even before. >> even before. >> reporter: but these days even after unexpected expenses like a damaged fence and broken aappliances, she has a different outlook. >> i don't feel as skeptical as i did last year. last year, i just really felt like wow, we are going to be on an island and this year, i feel like, okay, i think the government is hearing us and trying to get somewhere. >> reporter: how important has the covid stimulus been to keeping you guys afloat this year? >> it's the only reason we are
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afloat. >> reporter: one full year in to the pandemic that's pretty much the goal for families like the anells, pay the renter or mortgage, make atity least the minute payments on your credit cards. you may only be treading water but you are at least not going under. >> we are not going to get out of debt at all. but we can just, you know -- >> ride the wave. >> ride the wave for a while longer and that's the best, had most of us can hope for. >> reporter: we do want to point out positive developments for the people in our story. both gabe and mo have been corporate av, that's the company they are part of. when we were there last week, the owner received his first two phone calls for live events being scheduled for the fall. these were ones that were cancelled in 2020. however, he does predict it will be a slow ramp up and it's likely that not everyone will be hired back all
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♪ ♪ why do you build me up, build me up... ♪ ♪ buttercup... ♪ ♪ baby just to let me down! ♪ ♪ let me down! ♪ ♪ and mess me around... ♪ ♪ and worst of all, worst of all ♪ if you ride, you get it. geico motorcycle. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. super star eddie murphy's sequel to his hit fill "coming to america" is setting records. the film debuted this month and had the biggest opening weekend of any streaming movie over the past year. the original was enormously successful and still beloved as a cult favorite. eddie murphy took time out from
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his busy schedule and big family to discuss the project. >> prepare the royal jet. we are going back to america. >> oh, hell no, your majesty. >> it was my pet project. i loved it. if the original became a cult following. so, when it all came together, and the movie was so well received, i was over the moon. >> what delighted you most in the second one? >> what delighted me the most is that the film captured the spirit of the first movie. >> i just discovered that i may have a son here in the land. >> the king pays to child support for 30 years and you came back? yous a dummy. >> it's funny, it's visual.
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more visual, and yeah, that's what, that's what is most pleasing to me. >> you know, most sequels don't holdup and this is such a classic. such a cult classic. were you worried about even tackling it again? >> yeah, i don't think like that. >> no? you don't, okay. >> yeah. >> how do you think? >> don't say sequels. most movies don't work. success is the exception not the rule. so, if i have an idea i can't go in to it thinking hey, what if it doesn't work. >> then, eddie, what took you so long? >> the script had to be right, i was not making it -- i took a break from making movies in like 2011. because that was like i don't want to make any more [ bleep ] movies and coming to america because i knew it had a group of people that are fans of the movie. i wanted to make it right. took four years to get it all the way together. >> did you think you would you had made crappy movies, did you think that? >> yeah, i have had my share of
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crappy movies. >> really? >> oh, yeah. >> most people don't say that though. most people say, you know -- you hook at the script and you saw something in the script when you made the movie. >> oh, it was not in the script, it was probably in how much money they offered me. they will give you the script and show you the numbers and you be like, so is, is this where i'm supposed on to call you. know that is how much we are going to pay you to do the movie. you say, let's go. >> yeah, yeah, okay. so, what the did you do during that time? >> just being a dad. >> when you say being a dad. i will say, because you have ten children ranging in age from 2-31. what is it about being a father that is so important to you? >> it's just the most rewarding experience. you know i have had as a human being. i said it the other dayif you put your kids first before you make a decision, you never made a bad decision. >> you should have talked to the
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children about the [ bleep ] movies you were making. talk to the children before you did that. when you say being a dad, what does it mean? are you driving to school, changing diapers and cooking? what does it mean? >> i don't do any of that. i can't cook dinner. i could cook, but you know, it would not be tasty and i can change a diaper, but i don't think i would do a good job. and i think the children deserve better. >> so you are not changing diapers. your kids do they think you're funny at home? >> i'm a funny person. i'm a natural funny person. so, i would imagine anyone that was around me for any length of time thinks at the very least i'm a funny guy. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> eddie, are you a grandfather too? >> yes, i'm a grand pa. i have one little granddaughter name , shes ar a
3:53 am grandc grandchild. >> she calls me papa. >> i'm sorry i slept with your man. >> the character of leslie jones was entertaining. and tracy morgan, it's like you said all the talented black actors i want you over here. >> you i have come back for my son. >> i don't know where you from. >> and louis anderson fits how in the big picture? 1 and 2. >> louis was in the first movie. the first movie, "coming to america," the studio was like, we are not doing this. one ofcharacters has to be a white character. >> you must have a white person. >> eddie, you know had what is funny, there's movies for years with all white people and nobody ever says is, you know. >> we cannot do it unless we have a black person. never happens. >> and one more thing about the movie. there was an actress, bella murphy in it. what is it like to watch your
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daughter? >> see themoing sething that they are doing well, and tha th filled up on the set just looking over at baby girl on the set acting with me in scenes. i was filled up every day. >> my princely robes is not on fleek? >> on oh, my god, father, to be on fleek is no more. >> really? >> i heard that you are thinking of returning to stand up. is that true? >> yeah, when the pandemic hit, this last year, i would have been in the clubs working, trying to get my act together. as soon as it's safe to go back in the world i want to do it again. >> you must miss the people. you must. >> the sound of live audiences laughing. >> i have some ice cream. i have some ice cream. i have some ice cream. >> you hear loud laughter coming off of a crowd of people. that's the best thing in the world. it's nothing like that. >> do you still after all this time still enjoy what you are doing? still? >> yeah. just being me, being eddie,
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yeah. i enjoy being. i still enjoy being eddie. >> and no one can be eddie better than eddie murp
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beyonce bin the srs awards, artists performed on multiple stages and those there were the winners, fellow nominees and the guests. >> history has just been made. >> with those words, beyonce was the most honored woman in academy history, as she accepted ♪ ♪ craculture. grammy.
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she collaborateha song grammy w new artist. ♪ ♪ literally i looked and i was like, there's, is that beyonce? >> while meghan was in awe of beyonce. ♪ ♪ >> record of the year winner billie eilish used her accept is answer speech to praise meghan. >> you had a year that is untopable and you are a queen. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> women dominate today major categories, taylor swift won album of the year for folk lore, it's something that no female artist has done.
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♪ ♪ >> and miranda lambert won for best country artist. ♪ ♪ >> and although she is didn't win, mickey geiten made history as the first black female solo artist to be nominated in a country album. ♪ ♪ calls for racial equality took center stage. lil baby and killer mike form today the bigger picture inspired by the black lives movement and the artist h.e.r won honors for "i can't breathe," written to honor the death of george floyd. >> will this mean more than any other? >> absolutely. absolutely. we wrote the song out of pain and hope, and thinking that you know, we want things to change. >> and that's the overnight news
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for this tuesday. reporting from the nation's capitol, i'm chip reid. it's tuesday, march 16th, crowding the beach. spring break is well under way, but partygoers are concerned of another covid concern by piling into a virus hot spot. border crisis. border facilities are overflowing with thousands of migrant children as the biden administration races to find a solution. church controversy, why the vatican says it cannot bless same-sex unions. well, good morning. good to be with you, i'm anne-marie green. we begin this morning with concerns over a potential spike


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