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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  March 17, 2021 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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? now on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area new and escalating attacks on asian americans. what police and law makers are promising to do to stop them. good afternoon. first new video just in from san francisco's market street this morning. police say they are investigating an assault on an elderly asian woman. the circumstances are not yet clear and police have not confirmed whether or not this is a hate crime. of course we will follow up on the news at five. violence against asian americans has skyrocketed this year and the community is calling on police and politicians to do something about it. emily turner tells us what is being done.
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the call for change goes from the streets where police have escalated and upped their patrols all the way to the state capitol. the pictures are heart breaking. we want to warn you, hard to see. this the fear they are living because they are asian. >> someone pushed me and hit me. i loose consciousness and when i wake up i'm all bloodied up. i didn't even see the person. i didn't loose anything. all my belongings is with me. they didn't rob me soy think it's a hate crime. >> danny yu chang was walking back to work from lunch when he was attacked monday on market. >> i can't see on my left eye. >> hate crimes against asian americans rose 150% in 2020 even as hate crimes overall dropped. this 71-year-old grandmother was pushed to the ground and her purse stolen. yesterday a man was punched for saying good morning and another assault left a 75-year-old dead
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in oakland last week. for every crime reported, there are more that aren't. >> it's not just the incredible violence in a number of incidents but how racism has manifested in so many ways. >> and he other asian american and pacific islanders are proposing a statewide hotline for reporting and dealing with hate crimes as well as legislation for restorative justice. they want the governor to appoint an attorney general from the community. >> the reality is thoughts and prayers are not enough. we need action, we need leadership and we need someone who understands our community. >> they say that will hopefully help curb the alarming trend that often targets the oldest and most infirm. >> we should respect each other and try to live with each a. >> the aapi said in the last year they have logged 3800 cases of hate crimes against the asian or pacific islander community. 1600 of those are in california
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alone. in san francisco, emily turner. kpix5. san francisco mayor also weighed in saying i asked sfpd to increase patrols in areas with the high number of asian residents, visitors and businesses. more long term effects will also be announced shortly. nobody should have to live in fear that their race could make them a victim. new at noon the suspect accused in a deadly shooting spree at spas in the atlanta area is telling police it was not racially motivated. he is facing four counts of murder, one count of assault. six of the victims were identified as asian. authorities are investigating the deaths as hate crimes. >> robert aaron long, a 21- year-old accused of opening fire at three spas in the atlanta area has told police that he finds the spas too tempting. >> indicators that he has some
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issues potentially sexual addiction. >> the spree started 5:00 p.m. tuesday at young's asian massage parlor 30 miles north of atlanta. two victims died at the scene. two others at the hospital. less than an hour later police were called to the atlanta parlor, gold spa where three asian women have been shot and killed. >> while at that location we received another call across the street at shots fired. >> that locations aromo therapy spa where another victim, also asian, died. >> he claims it was not racial. he has what he calls a sex addiction and sees these locations as something that lets him go and it's a temptation that he wanted to eliminate. >> police used footage to identity long and were able to track his cell phone. authorities believe that he may have been heading out of state
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when he was caught. >> he determined that the suspect was on his way to florida, i believe. perhaps to carry out more shootings. >> the south korean ministry stayed that four of the victim was of korea n d n heritage. the vice president is speaking out about the incident. >> we don't yet know, we are not yet clear about the motive. i do want to say to our asiam american community that we stand with you and understand how this has frightened and shocked and outraged all people but knowing the increasing level of hate crime against our asian american brothers and sisters we also want to speak out with them and acknowledge that none of us should ever be
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silent in the face of hate. >> the president singled out violence and hate against asian americans during his prime time speech to the nation last week. the live news desk and we just heard from san jose's news police chief taking a live look at the city of san jose right now where anthony mata just held his first news conference after being named top cop. >> as we work toward reimagining public safety, i know that we will come together to find solutions. i will look forward to working with the community to find ways to serve more effectively with a focus on fairness, and compassion. >> he joined the san jose police department as an officer back in 1996 and rose through the ranks serving as a deputy chief for more than four years.
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a former chief stepped down last summer amid allegations his department used excessive force in racial justice protests. mata is already facing some opposition. two of the district's assembly members sent out a statement saying in part that at a time when the department needs bold leadership to move forward, san jose has turned instead to an insider whose own record, killing an unarmed man and allegations of i transphobia should disqualify him. the chief did address all of those, denying all of the allegations. we will have more on that on the news this evening. mata is set to start his job as chief in san jose next monday. today is the deadline to submit the petition to recall
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the governor. organizers need roughly 1.5 million signatures. they say they have more than 2 million. yesterday the governor called the effort an attack by trump supporters. >> the side show. it's unfortunate. i'm a little intense about it. i think it's important people know who they are believes that we should chip immigrants. >> this is the 6th time in two years opponents have tried to oust him from office. on the road to recovery, san mateo now the first bay area county to advance into the state's orange tier. the move means restaurants can serve people inside at 50% capacity and bars will be able to open outside at 25% capacity just in time for saint patrick's day today. marin and san francisco counties are expected to move in to the orange tier next
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week. about 12% of the united states population has now be fully vaccinated against the coronavirus and dr. fauci said he thinks vaccines will be approved for teens younger than 16 by the fall. efforts to get americans vaccinated also got a boost from former president trumpn. a phone interview with fox news he encouraged americans including his supporters to get the shot. >> i would recommend it to a lot of people that don't want to get it and a lot of those people voted for me. you know, i again we have our freedoms and we have to live by that and i agree with that also. it's a great vaccine. it's a safe vaccine and it's something that works. >> the cdc now says two coronavirus strains first found in california are now officially strains of concern. they are more easy to transmit and current treatments may be less effective against them. right now the oxford vaccine not yet authorized in
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united states and is on hold in more than a dozen european countries amid concerns over blood clots. the cbs news medical contributor said that he doesn't believe we should be worried. >> there have been tens of millions of doses of the vaccine given throughout europe and the uk. a total of 37 blood clots in the leg and the lungs. when looking at those cases and i personally reviewed some of them, there's no real evidence that it's connected to the vaccine at all. you expect there in that -- that size of a population to be even more blood clots. again unrelated to the vaccine. i think it's more political than anything. >> the united states did not accept data from other countries for its filing on the vaccine. that information on safety and effectiveness should be out this week. the united states has tens of million of doses ready to be distributed if it's approved. checking in on wall street now. taking a look at the big board. the dow is up about 200 point was in the past hour. the federal reserve announced it expects to keep a key
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interest rate near zero through 2023 even as the economy recovers from the pandemic. still ahead on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, a new inside look in to the nationwide college admissions scheme. how netflix is recreating conversations between the man behind it and his wealthy and famous clients. and why many many hollywood are threatening to boycott the golden globes. one more dry day for the bay area before our next storm system brings return of the rain for tomorrow. i will have the forecast showing you future cast coming up. and a reminder to check out the news app. it gives you 24-7 access to cbsn bay area and kpix newscast and realtime news updates. you can sign up for breaking
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. new the trial of a former ceo elizabeth holmes has been delayed until august 31th following her recent surprise pregnanc announcement. she faces a dozen felony fraud charges and could face 20 years in prison. more than 100pr firms in hollywood are threatening a boycott of the golden globes if the hollywood foreign press doesn't commit to what they call transformation change. the la times reported there was not a single black person among the 87 voting members. a new netflix documentary
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is out on the nationwide college admissions scandal. operation varsity blues features interviews and recorded conversations between admissions consultant rick singer and his wealthy clients. >> that was the most tragic and most devastating phone call of my life. >> in the new film, a former stanford sailing coach details the fall from his involvement in the massive college admissions scandal. he said that rick singer never stated that he would need to road anyone to the roster to get the money for his school's program. >> said he wants to donate $160,000 and would give the rest later. i took it as his deposit was that he would bring in more to consider and we would see how it would go. >> he was the first of nearly 60 people including actresses to face charges in connection
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with the $25 million scheme. wealthy parents paid singer to bribe officials and rig tests to get their kids in to top tier colleges. the film uses actors to recreate the wire tapped conversations which were taken from fbi transcripts. >> we will explain to you the process. >> in this scene he speaks to an eastern who paid to have someone improve his daughter's score. >> mark will look at her answers and then take the test and then ensure that whatever score we decide that we want to get he has it down to a -- it's unbelievable what he can do. >> the film shows how singer coached parents to make up their kid's athletic involvement. > say we have friends who will help him. >> because he is an athlete. >> but i can't say that there front of my son because he knows he isn't. >> and highlights their fears about the possibility of getting caught. >> i'm not worried about the moral issue.
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i'm worried about the -- she gets caught doing that, you know, she is finished. i just. >> never happened before in 20 some road years. >> of the nearly 60 people charged at least four are still fighting the allegations. 42 have already pleaded guilty. their sentences have ranged from one day to nine months. cbs news legal analyst. >> just seems like a slap on the wrist in the scheme of things. >> felicity huffman was sentenced to two weeks. lo ri loughlin and her husband served two months and five months. cbs news. >> singer could have faced 65 years based on the charges but he will likely serve far less than ten because he helped prosecutors. he will be sentenced last. time now for a check of the weather with mary lee. hi. >> the clouds are back and it's a indication of those
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changes. the next weather system will bring the return of the rain as we look to tomorrow. here is a live look at the sales force tower camera looking across the bay to the east bay. you can see the clouds in the sky and our temperatures are in the upper 40's to low to mid50's at this hour. we have those clouds for today. there is that low pressure system that we are tracking and that is going to drop a cold front our way. our rain returns as we look to tomorrow. let's time it out taking you hour by hour. you can see the clouds as we head through the rest of the day and watch as we head through tomorrow. this is tomorrow morning, likely a wet start to the day and as we look to oura found noon, more rain on the way. this is thursday at 4:00 p.m. and looking at rainfall amounts anywhere from a 10th quarter to a half inch of rain for many locations, some spots three quarters of an inch of rain and snow up in the sierra. we do have winter storm watch for the west slopes of the
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sierra for thursday afternoon through friday evening. likely turn into a winter storm warning picking up about a foot of new snow. heavy snow and gusty winds over the mountain passes to get up to tahoe. be prepared and aware about that. our sunset at 7:19. our sunrise tomorrow morning at 7:15. checking daytime highs, cool, below average. about five degrees below average. mid50's along the coast. around 60 around the bay and inland upper 50's to low 60's this afternoon. so for tomorrow it'll be a cooler day. we will have that rain return for us widespread rain for your thursday with some lingering showers possible on friday. at this point it looks dry for our weekend with a mix of sun and clouds and right now next monday and tuesday both of those days look dry but even warmer with the temperatures feeling more like spring by next tuesday. back to you. >> did you say spring? >> yes. >> all right. >> thank you.
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celebrations in dublin, ireland. orchestra of light included 500 light weight drones forming different shapes while alternating colors. 670 landmark across the world will light up in green today. and take a look at this. the fountain on the north lawn of the white house turned green. it is part of the saint patrick's day tradition that started the obama administration. coming up a famous world war ii campaign makes a come back with a new message during the pandemic. and later podcast host and actor lamar morris stops by to chat.
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. coming up at five police in palo alto release video of a dog attacking an innocent man. the case of mistaken identity that is sparking legal action. now let's get another check of weather. >> you can see the clouds in the sky over san francisco. our temperatures right now in the upper 40's to low to mid50's. as we go through the rest of the day we will continue to see the clouds stream in and then here comes the rain for our thursday. so, a wet day ahead. looking at widespread rain for tomorrow and looking at a few lingering showers on friday, dryer as we look to the weekend and for the early part of next week. back to you. >> all right. thank you. finally this afternoon,
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rosy the riveter has a new message, get vaccinated. its being brought back by a handful of advertising and veteran groups to encourage americans to get their shots. a cbs news poll found more than one in five americans say they won't get the coronavirus vaccine. that is going to do it for us here. it's saint patrick's day. get outside because big change is on the way. tomorrow. >> yeah. get that umbrella handy. you will need it tomorrow. >> all right. and drink some green beer. or green lemonade. whatever
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>> steffy: and to think this almost didn't happen. >> finn: which part? the truth about the paternity test or my proposal? >> steffy: both. i was about to head for the airport. what if you had gotten here on time? >> finn: i would've stopped you at lax, told you what vinny did and proposed to you right there on the spot. and if i'd missed you there, i would've cost the next flight to paris, ring in the pocket, and popped the question as soon as i caught up with you. >> steffy: you know you could've just tried calling me. >> finn: oh. now, where's the romance in that? >> steffy: i love you. >> finn: well, you better. you're stuck with me for the next 70 years.


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