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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  March 19, 2021 9:00pm-9:30pm PDT

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another horrifying incident targeting an asian person. a woman dragged on a bay area sidewalk as she is robbed and the search for her attacker. when a majority of californians should be eligible to get their covid vaccine. and, putting the mad in march madness. tonight, why social media posts from some women's teams are sparking outrage. good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> i'm elizabeth cook. we begin with another brazen attack on an elderly asian american woman caught on camera. surveillance video shows the victim being knocked to the ground and robbed in daly city. it happened yesterday
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afternoon. one leader in the bay area law enforcement calling these violent attacks poison in our community. kpix5's andria borba is live in daly city where officers are investigating this latest disturbing incident. >> reporter: well, elizabeth and ken, daly city police are on the hunt for the attack on an elderly asian person knocking her to the ground and robbing her. watch as the 78-year-old asian american woman is walking on the sidewalk only to be rushed, dragged into the street and robbed. after her attacker leaves, she gets up off the asphalt and begins frantically waving her arms for help. it is the latest in a string of violent attacks on asians in america. >> we have to change our hearts. >> reporter: speaking with
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leaders in atlanta today after a shooting that left six asian woman dead, president joe biden and vice president kamala harris addressed the spike in hate. >> everyone has the right to go to work, to go to school, to walk down the street and be safe. >> reporter: as cases of members of the aapi community around the country pile up, including a brazen assault on san francisco's market street, san francisco sheriff paul miyamoto spoke out for the first time today. >> anti-asian sentiment has risen from name calling to harassment to harassment to violent assaults with deadly consequences. >> reporter: he has experienced racism too. >> as the first asian sheriff in san francisco, i have personally observed and experienced injustice borne of
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bigotry. these experiences were the motivation to pursue a career in public safety and public service to help people to give voice to the voiceless. and to stand up for the vulnerable. >> reporter: now, sheriff miyamoto says next month his department is planning several summits with community leader to see what they can do to stem this rising tide of violence. andria borba, kpix5. >> thank you. looking live at oakland tonight. with recent attacks on elderly asians there, growing interests in protecting that community. one new option, volunteer to be a chaperon. and that's what this group is doing. walking the streets in oakland's chinatown. their goal, escort and walk with people from one location to another. making sure that folks get to where ever they need to be safely. >> i'm disgusted by all the hate and violence around the country. especially in the bay area. >> seniors are really
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independent. and they don't want to give that up. and we understand that. that is why i think it is more of like a buddy system. >> the group is called compassion in ocean land. and, it is resonating with seniors. so far, more than 300 people have signed up for the service. kpix5 is focusing on crime against asian americans in a half-hour special this weekend. join kenny choi and myself sunday at 6:30 for asians under attack. the bay area reacts. looking live at the state capitol. for the first time, governor newsom is laying out a time line of all when all californians over 16 could become eligible for a covid-19 vaccine. it would effectively do away with the tier system. but as kpix5's katie nielsen explains, the biggest hurdle is still the number of available doses. katie? >> reporter: liz this was the first week an estimated 46 million californians were
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eligible for a vaccine with underlying health conditions. already, there were supply issues. santa clara county announced they are having to reschedule more than 8,000 second dose appointments at mass vaccine sites like this one at levi stadium simply because they don't have the vaccine. >> everywhere in the state people are demanding more vaccines an our own constraint is manufacture and supply. >> reporter: governor gavin newsom expects within the next five-and-a-half week theres will be enough vaccine supply to open eligibility to every resident over the age of 16, an additional 32 million people statewide. some low cad leaders question whether the supply will keep up with that type of demand. >> we told people that if you are of a certain age, you have a certain job, we will have vaccines available for you. and, we don't. >> reporter: santa clara board of supervisors president cindy
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chavez says they are struggling with supply issues and doing away with the current tier system would open eligibility to a total of 1.6 million santa clara county resident. >> we have the capacity today, just the county, not with our medical partners. we can vaccinate 30,000 people a day. we just need the vaccines. >> reporter: governor newsom said today the supplies should be able to keep up with demand to reach the goal of open eligibility in five-and-a-half weeks mirroring president biden's goal of allows all americans to get a shot by may 1. and using the defense production act to speed up manufacturing of the single dose johnson & johnson vaccine. >> supply will exponentially increase. in a few weeks, these issues will be addressed. >> reporter: representatives with california's department of public health said they could not elaborate any further on the plans outlined by the governor today. live in santa clara, katie nielsen, kpix5. >> thank you. governor newsom also saying today that green will be added
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to the state's tier system. and some counties could move into that least restrictive tier sooner than we think. this is where the bay area stands right now. all of it is red except for san mateo county. they are ahead in the orange tier. some other bay area counties are expected to turn orange as early as next week. let's take a live look at the white house where president biden hid his goal early for getting 100 million vaccine doses into the arms of americans. he wanted to do that within 100 days in office but he announced the milestone today. more than a month ahead of schedule. now, the president is hoping to hit 200 million by his 100th day in office. >> we are not stopping now. the american rescue funds, more vaccines, more vaccination centers and more increases in testing. >> with classrooms reopening across the bay area, tonight, the cdc is relaxing its safety
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guidelines for schools allowing desks to be closer together. under the new rules, students in elementary schools can stay three feet apart in class rather than six feet if they are masked up. same for middle and high schoolers. a bay area lawmaker is urging counties to follow these new guidelines. >> as we said, follow the science, follow the data. the data is showing three feet of distancing is adequate. just as safe. since the key obstacle for getting more students back. >> however, six feet of distance is advised for common areas like lobbies and auditoriums and during activities like band or sports practices. still ahead on kpix5 and cbsn bay area. >> day one of march madness in the books. why major discrepancies have some basketball superstars crying foul.
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this is the season opener for the mount diablo. how the pandemic affected the football program. and, why thousands overmatch lovers are glued to this live cam in big bear right now.
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mount diablo high school in concord opened its football season at home. for many on the team, they doubted this night would ever come. andrea nakano joins us with their story of perseverance and hope. >> reporter: i talked with the coach and he said it is a miracle that the team played football tonight. the pandemic took a real toll on his players and he was left wondering whether his kids would be able to play ball. >> it was pretty hard.
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a lot of kids started deal picking up jobs, dealing with financial problems at home. >> reporter: the pandemic has not been easy for some of the players, especially the seniors with dreams of a better life playing football at the next level. >> my heart goes out to a lot of seniors, a lot of kids don't have scholarships. this is their way out. >> reporter: david clark is a senior and he couldn't be more grateful to be back on the gridiron. >> three months ago, i thought i was never going to play football. >> reporter: clark is the lucky one. the first player from mount diablo to earn a scholarship to play football in college. >> this is big for him. making the dream become a reality. >> senior year, i didn't want to go out without a season. i'm glad we are playing. >> reporter: also a swift reversal from the state to allow cheer leaders on the sideline. california department of public health banned what it called supporters from being on the
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sidelines but today, ruled it is comparable to a moderate contact sport. >> the resilience i have seen in this group of girls has been amazing. i'm so proud to be their coach. >> reporter: the football team had to take a covid test on monday. all of the results came bake negative. in concord, andria borba, kpix5. march madness kicked off today. actually yesterday. with it came a fire storm of criticism against the ncaa. know toes and videos started surfacing showing major differences between the men's and the women's amenities. one picture shows the men's set up. and, the other is the women's. which appears to just have some free weights. the ncaa responded saying there wasn't enough space. that is when one of the oregon ducks players posted a video
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showing the apparent extra space. nba and wnba stars are calling out the issue including the golden state warriors steph curry. he retweeted the viral video and tagged the ncaa adding wow. come on, now. some of the players claim there is a pretty big discrepancy between the quality of the food in the official march madness merchandise between the men and the women. >> a lot of nature lovers are glued to this live camera. it shows the nest of bald eagles living in big bear lake. one of the two eggs belonging to jackie and shadow has officially started hatching. the camera is run by friends of big bear valley. one of the eggs started hatching last night. apparently, the baby eagle was already chirping. the full hatching process could
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take several days. amazing to see that. those birds are so magnificent. >> what do you think that little chick was saying? >> mom! mom! now! hello! i've been waiting! mom! >> if you are waiting for rain, i'm sorry. but i have bad news for you. it's pretty much done. we had decent enough showers. now we have clear skies over much of the bay area. right now, the numbers mostly in the 50s . it will be chilly tonight. the numbers will be in the mid 30s and this is what kept the rain hanging around so long. persistent low pressure. showers, and they are lingering in a few spots in the bay area. it will all be gone. by tomorrow. still, the rain turns to snow in the mountains. they have winter weather advisory posted for as much as oh, another few inches of snow by the time it all heads out of the sierra and into the inner mountain region. by 2:00 in the morning we get a
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few low clouds. popup showers around mount hamilton. but aside from that, pretty much gone. tomorrow looks sunny. a few clouds time to time. no rain headed our way the next seven days. tomorrow is spring. spring comes in at 2:47 tomorrow morning. something like that. if you want to get up to welcome the very moment the sun is directly atop the equator. tomorrow is your time. pollen is up for sunday, monday, tuesday. here is what we are expecting. isolated showers. partly cloudy. numbers hit the low 70s by the time we get to wednesday and thursday. the warming trend does begin on sunday with some pretty gusty winds. a bit of an offshore flow. northeasterly winds and it will be dry. but cool tomorrow. the numbers are about four degrees below average. highs this time of the year. overnight lows are chilly. in santa rosa, it will be 36
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degrees. 45 redwood city. 42 in san jose. daytime highs tomorrow, a nice weekend around the bay area. the rain is gone for now. temperatures upper 50s and low 60s in the south bay. in morgan hill, 61. sunnyvale lives up to its name. in fremont, 59. union city, 59. concord hits 62. pittsburgh, 61. plenty of sunshine. in the north bay. temperature will be in the low 60s . 5959 at rohnert park. in the extended forecast, as far as the eye can see, just a warming trend. tuesday, wednesday will be in the low 70s inland. a bit of a warming trend on the way for the bay area. if you are upset about the fact
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we have no rain in sight, that's not the only upset. here is dennis. a major upset on the first full day of the ncaa tournament. and, could the warriors win in memphis without a trio of players
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warriors did not have steph
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curry tonight in memphis. instead, andrew wiggins carried them. steph out with a bruised tailbone, dubs up two. pool finished with 25 points. now, 15-point lead. minute left in the half. andrew knocked down one of the golden state's 11 first half. wiggins, 27 in the first two quarters. 87-64. third quarter. draymond feeds damian lee. wiggins, nails a tough fade away jump shot. 40-point night for that man. golden state wins without curry. 116-103. ncaa tournament is back after
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being canceled last year. 15 seed taking on two seed ohio state. to overtime. golden eagle kevin o' banner grabs the offensive rebound. scores on the and one put back. 30 points. roberts led 69-64. final seconds. last chance for ohio state. down three, washington misses. no, and the golden eagles pull off the stunner. 754672. they become the ninth 15 seed to upset the two seed. sharks against the blues. san jose, power play leading 1- 0. third period. saint louis, tyler bozac scores shorthanded number to tie the game. we go to a shoot-out.
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kevin lebanc. the blues win 2-1. the sharks have lost three straight games. to golf, stripping at the honda classic is becoming all the rage. yesterday, it was alexander kapalon. today, it is wesley bryan who took his pants off. rolled up his shirt. needed a couple of hacks to get out of trouble. 78 and missed the cut. march madness, dan is here somewhere. march madness is coming up next. >> coach is in the house. >> you know it is real when danny shows up.
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tonight, exciting news for the kids, the most magical places in the bay area back open. >> ah. the sounds of children's fairy
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land in oakland reopening today after being closed for most of the pandemic. families enjoyed a stroll through the whimsical fairy tale themed amusement park. masks are required and capacity is limited. for more information on the park's safety protocols and how to get tickets you can visit our website, thank you for watching. >> we'll be back at 11:00 with more local news for you. until then, have a good night.
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this is game day. >> march madness coverage of day one is not over. hello everybody, i'm joined by kpix5 brackettologist dan who just took off his mask. dan, it's been two years! >> it's been two years. it is great to be here and have the ncaa tournament. >> last sunday, game day, you told me you went through. did you like oral roberts? >> well, i liked orel roberts. by the way. >> oh come on. >> stop. before you get on it. i liked oregon state also. so, the hr


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