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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  March 19, 2021 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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another brazen assault on an elderly air man american woman caught on camera. kpix5's andria borba is live in daly city with the latest disturbing incident. >> the latest attack happened in broad daylight yesterday here in daly city leaving an elderly asian woman dragged onto the street and robbed. watch closely as the 76-year- old asian-american woman is walking on the sidewalk on serra vista and daly city yesterday only to be rushed, dragged into the street and robbed. after her attacker leaves she gets up off the asphalt and begins frantically waving her arms for help. it's the latest in a string of
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violent attacks and even murders on asians in america. >> we have to change our hearts. hate can have no safe harbor in america. >> reporter: speaking with leaders in atlanta today after a shooting that left six asian women dead, president joe biden and vice president kamala harris addressed the spike in hate. >> everyone has the right to go to work, to go to school, to walk down the street and be safe. >> reporter: as cases against members of the aapi community around the country and in the bay area pile up, including a brazen assault on san francisco's market street, san francisco sheriff paul myamoto spoke out on the subject the first time today. >> during the pandemic anti- asian sentiment in san francisco and across the country has risen from name calling to harassment to violent assaults with deadly consequences. these hate crimes threaten all
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asians and poison our to the community. >> reporter: going on to say he's experienced racism, too. >> as the first asian sheriff in san francisco, i've personally observed and experienced injustice born of bigotry. these experiences were the motivation to pursue a career in public safety and public service to help people, to give voice to the voiceless and to stand up for the vulnerable. >> reporter: the sheriff says his agency, the san francisco sheriff's department, will start holding summits next month with leaders to see if they can find a way to stem this tide of violence against asian-americans. live in daly city tonight, andria borba, kpix5. >> thank you. kpix5 is focusing on crimes against asian-americans in a half hour special this weekend. join kenny choi and myself sunday at 6:30 for asians under attack, the bay area reacts. tonight governor newsom is laying out a timeline for when
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all californians over 16 could become eligible for a covid-19 vaccine ending the state's tier system, but as kpix5's katie nielsen explains, the biggest hurdle right now is still the number of available doses. katie? >> reporter: yeah, ken, this was the first week that additional 4 to 6 million californians with underlying health conditions were eligible for a covid vaccine and already we're seeing supply issues. santa clara county was forced to reschedule more than 8000 second dose appointments at mass vaccine sites like this one at levi stadium simply because they didn't have the supply. >> everywhere in the state people are demanding more vaccines and our only constraint is manufactured supply. >> reporter: at a press conference earlier today governor gavin newsom said he expects in the next 5 1/2 weeks there will be enough vaccine supply to open eligibility to any resident over age 16 who wants a shot which is an
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additional 32 million people statewide, but some local leaders question whether california's vaccine supply will be able to keep up with that type of demand. >> we've told people that if you're of a certain age or you have a certain job, we are going to have vaccines available for you and we don't. >> reporter: santa clara board of supervisors president cindy chavez says the county is continuing to struggle with supply issues and effectively doing away with the current tier system based on age, occupation and underlying risk factors would open eligibility to a total of 1.6 million santa clara county residents. >> we have the capacity today, just the county, not with our medical partners, we can vaccinate 30,000 people a day. we just need those vaccines. >> reporter: governor newsom said today the supply should be able to keep up with demand to reach the goal of open eligibility in 5 1/2 weeks mirroring president biden's goal of allowing all americans to get a shot by may 1st and using the defense production act to speed up manufacturing of the single dose johnson &
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johnson vaccine. >> supply will exponentially increase and so in a few weeks these issues will substantively be addressed. >> reporter: representatives with california's department of public health told us they cannot elaborate any further on future vaccine eligibility beyond what the governor said earlier today. live in santa clara, katie nielsen, kpix5. >> thank you. governor newsom also said today green will be added to the state's reopening tier system. e hinted some counties could move into that least restrictive tier sooner than we think. this is where the bay area stands right now. all of it is in red except for san mateo county in the orange tier. several other bay area counties are expected to turn orange as early as next week. as classrooms reopen across the bay area, tonight the cdc is also relaxing its safety guidelines for schools. under the new rules students in elementary school can sit three feet apart in class rather than
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six feet if they are wearing masks. the same goes for middle and high schoolers except in communities where transmission is high. this paves the way to allow for more in-person instruction. six feet of distance, though, is still recommended for common areas like lobbies and auditoriums and during activities like band or sports practices. march madness is here. the tournament kicked off today and with it a firestorm of criticism against the ncaa. one of stanford's coaches posted these two pictures on instagram. one shows the men's weight room, the other the women's which is pretty bare. the ncaa responded saying there wasn't enough space. that's when one of the oregon ducks players posted a video showing what looked like plenty of extra space. a lot of nba and wnba stars are calling out the issue including golden state warrior steph curry. he retweeted the viral video
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and tagged the ncaa by adding, "wow, come on now." tonight mt. diablo high school in concord opens its football season at home. >> for many on the team they doubted this night would ever come. andrea nakano joins us with their story of perseverance and hope. >> reporter: i talked with the coach and he says it's a miracle that the team played football tonight. the pandemic took a real toll on his players and he was left wondering whether his kids would be able to play ball. >> honestly it was pretty hard. it was pretty hard. a lot of kids started picking up jobs. a lot of kids was really dealing with financial problems at home. >> reporter: the pandemic hasn't been easy for some of the players, especially for the seniors with dreams of a better life playing football at the next level. >> my heart goes out to a lot of seniors because i know this year right here a lot of kids don't have scholarships. a lot of kids, this is their way out.
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>> reporter: david clark is a senior and he couldn't be more grateful to be back on the gridiron. >> three months ago i thought i was never going to play football. >> reporter: clark is a lucky one. he is the first player from mt. diablo to earn a scholarship to play football in college. >> now it's big for him. this is big, you know, making a dream come into reality. this is huge for him. >> senior year i didn't want to go out without a season, so i'm glad we're playing now. >> reporter: also tonight a swift reversal from the state to allow cheerleaders on the sidelines. california department of public health banned what it called supporters from being on the sidelines, but today ruled sideline cheer is comparable to a moderate contact sport. >> the resilience that i've seen in this group of girls has been amazing and i am so proud to be their coach. >> reporter: the football team had to take a covid test monday. all results came back negative.
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in concord, andrea nakano, kpix5. still ahead tonight more bad news for millions of unemployed californians, the new delays at the edd. and a beloved bay area amusement park has reopened its doors, tonight the changes you'll see at children's fairyland. and a determined diver saves the day after a wedding in tahoe doesn't quite go as planned. >> honestly i thought this can't be happening like that didn't just happen. emergency planning for kids. we can't predict when an emergency will happen. so that's why it's important to make a plan with your parents. here are a few tips to stay safe. know how to get in touch with your family. write down phone numbers for your parents, siblings and neighbors. pick a place to meet your family if you are not together and can't go home. remind your parents to pack an emergency supply kit. making a plan might feel like homework, but it will help you and your family stay safe during an emergency.
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new at 11:00 federal
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investigators now trying to trace where some fireworks were purchased following that deadly explosion in southern california this week. >> fireworks, fire! >> authorities say that two people were killed when a large cache of fireworks was set off in ontario on tuesday. now two dozen bomb techs from several federal and local agencies are combing through the debris. residents are just returning home tonight. officials estimate that it caused more than $3 million in damage. millions of californians will have to wait weeks to receive extra unemployment benefits. the coronavirus relief plan signed by president biden last week adds $300 a week to labor day. california's edd says about 2.4 million californians will have to wait until at least april 10th to receive that extra cash. the delays will affect self-
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employed people and anyone on a federal extension plan. taking a live look at san jose where tonight the city is facing a lawsuit over its decision to give grocery workers hazard pay. california grocers association filed that federal lawsuit. it includes san jose and daly city. the lawsuit claims that grocers cannot afford the extra pay bump without consequences to their businesses. after more than a year amc, the nation's largest movie theater chain, opened its doors to customers today. the company says 98% of its locations reopened with strict protocols in place, but movie night looks a lot different in 2021. this is the tower theater in sacramento where there are safety protocols like contactless tickets and seat buffering technology for social distancing. those still hesitant can watch their favorite movie in a private screening room for 99
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to $150. >> we didn't want to go in the theater with other people. so we had this unique experience that cinemark lets you come and rent the whole place for yourself so you don't have to worry about taking your mask off with other people you don't know. an unlucky moment caught on camera during one couple's wedding day at lake tahoe, the groom dropped the bride's wedding ring into the lake and the couple launched a mission to get it back. >> reporter: a celebratory moment for this couple on a cold afternoon in lake tahoe, they take their vows, shed some tears seconds before this scenic moment turns surreal. when it came time to exchange rings, the groom fumbled dropping the bride's ring through a gap in the pier. >> honestly i thought this can't be happening like that didn't just happen like --
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>> what are the chances? >> yeah. >> reporter: on their hands and knees a couple in love could see their ring in the clear tahoe water. >> my first thought was like how deep is it? how cold is it? >> reporter: the pastor convinced them not to jump for it. so the couple asked for help through a tahoe scuba diving facebook group, outdoor adventurer phil abernathy answering the call. >> the water was 41 degrees. dry suit was needed. >> reporter: phil took the plunge hoping the current didn't move the ring far. >> then we start to move some of these little rocks out of the way and as we start to move them obviously some silt starts to form. >> reporter: phil found the ring tucked away in some rocks and even had to fight off a crawdad to get it. >> i get the ring on this nail, pull it aside. don't drop the ring. okay. >> reporter: he rises to the surface and the ring is back home with the happy couple.
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>> that's the best feeling in the world. when everyone goes nuts, hooray! >> i'm so thankful to have my ring back, but either way it's a great story to like tell our kids one day. >> now it's a ring and a story. >> yeah. it makes the day more memorable, too. >> i would have gone overboard, fished it out myself. the couple is from vancouver, washington, and say they travel to lake tahoe frequently. they say next time they go out on that pier they'll be wearing their rings. >> keeping them extra secure, making sure there's no karma going on there. >> taped to their fingers. >> i love their attitude. they're like now i have the ring and a good story to tell. >> mr. hackney would have gone o.b. for that one. >> they're from washington. they could have handled the cold. >> they're used to it. we're not. we have gotten very little in the way of rain and it looks pretty much gone the next seven
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days. it will be a dry weekend. we do have the chance for an isolated shower or two tonight, but that will be it as we head into the first official day of spring comes into the west coast at 2:37 a.m. tomorrow morning. right now the numbers are mostly upper 40s, low 50s, a chilly night in the bay area, a look at the salesforce tower cam, low pressure still spinning off the pacific northwest. that means a few more showers tonight. it's mostly at the higher elevation. it's hard to pick them out off the hi-def doppler. winter weather advisories with the rain turning into snow tonight in the sierra. we'll only get a couple more inches between now and sunrise and that will be all she wrote as that low pressure spins, but it doesn't take any moisture our way. you can see late night tonight we might get a shower or two over mt. hamilton, but that's about it. saturday midday looks mostly clear, few low clouds building over the higher elevations. sunday looks pretty good as well, so a mostly sunny weekend
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and temperatures will begin to warm up. sunday looks windy blowing the pollen around sunday, monday and tuesday, pollen levels high for those especially sensitive to mulberry, ash and oak. tis the season. isolated showers tonight, partly cloudy and a little foggy. it looks like a nice but dry weekend. in fact, it will be dry through next week. warming begins on sunday. we'll be in the low 70s by tuesday and wednesday. high temperatures for tomorrow, though, remain below where we usually are for this point in the season, about 4 to 6 degrees below average with san francisco's average at 62, the high only 58, but we'll bump it up from there. overnight lows tonight, santa rosa hits 36 degrees for an overnight low, in fairfield 41 and in san jose 42 degrees, plenty of sun and 59 degrees in mountain view, mostly upper 50s and low 60s, so we aren't too where we should be this time of year, but we'll get there by
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monday or tuesday. 63 at fairfield, in the north bay looking pretty good, highs near 60 degrees and for ukiah and clearlake and lakeport the numbers from the mid-50s to upper 50s, gets windy on sunday, but it stays clear all week. so we get a dry weekend out of it and a dry week ahead as well. look at tuesday and wednesday, the numbers all the way into the low 70s, but if you like talking about rain, you won't have much to talk about in the week ahead. in the sports department that's a different story as dennis is onto the warriors. >> well, we told dennis to go home. this is one the director and i were in sync. straight ahead in sports coming to you in three, two, one. the warriors tonight, no steph curry, no problem. you'll see what i mean in a moment. and a reminder to download the kpix5 app. it gives you 24/7 access to cbsn bay area, kpix5 newscasts and realtime news updates and
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vern is here now with
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sports and the warriors in memphis tonight without three key pieces including steph curry. >> liz, they didn't even need you tonight the way they played. we knew a lot of scoring had to come from somewhere. we just didn't know where from until they rolled the ball out. let's take you to memphis where curry sat this one out, possibly saturday, too. he did wonder probably where the plays would come from. this one certainly worked. give it to jordan poole and let him jam. oh, a second quarter rip. poole scored 25. dubs up 15 and then unleashed andrew wiggins. tally 27 first half points, dubs with 11 three's in the half. draymond green scored a season high 21. draymond dished out 13 assists and 11 rebounds. back to wiggins, though, tough fourth quarter fade-away. wiggins scored a season high 40, most he's scored as a
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warrior. dubs roll 116-103. same two teams again tomorrow night. at long last, the ncaa men's and women's tournament has opened for business. 16 men's games scheduled today and we already have an upset. 15th seed oral roberts here, the tulsa, oklahoma team taking on second seed ohio state. in overtime oral roberts kevin o'baner inside scoring almost half their points 30. last chance for the buckeyes down three. dwayne washington had to go, had to have it, no. had a good look at it, but oral roberts pulled off a stunner, 75-72. they became the ninth 15th seed to upset a two. pivot to hockey, a loose puck on the ice. somebody get a stick on that. sharks hosted the st. louis blues in white. san jose had a man advantage up
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1-0, but st. louis tyler bozag, right place right time tied it up in the third period. game went to a shootout and here's how this ended. vladimir tarasenko got it by martin jones. the blues won it a final 2-1. the sharks have lost three straight. golf at honda classic, wesley bryant today, took the ú hit it out of the mud, need a couple hacks to get it out of trouble. he was trying to save a good score. bryant shot a 6 over 78 and missed the cut. shout out usf women's basketball, they won their nit opener over houston, 71-63. next up the always pesky unbeaten california baptists tomorrow night. go dons. >> thanks, vern. after being shut down for the pandemic the magic is back
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on the road to recovery, tonight some exciting news for kids in the bay area. >> children's fairyland in oakland is now back open. ♪we're waiting just for you. ♪. >> today families enjoyed a stroll through the fairyland -themed amusement park which has been around 70 years. rides and performances are still closed. the park is open friday through sunday with two sessions each day and masks, of course, mandatory. parents say they are happy to get their kids back out in the sun. >> they had a lot of fun, was amazing to come back, something normal after one year. >> it seemed to be working
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well. i felt safe. there's hand washing stations. so we could sit down, have a snack and wash our hands. >> people just happy to be outside again. for more information on fairyland's covid protocols and how to get tickets, you can head to our website, >> little glimpses of normalcy. that just feels so good. neat to see. we'll be right back.
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beautiful view of the city tonight. late show with stephen colbert
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is next. >> oh, the weekend. thanks for watching! news continues streaming on cbsn bay area. u earned it. captioning sponsored by cbs >> covid variant on the move. a new mutation spreading rapidly through new york city. the big question: can the concerning new variant evade the vaccine? ♪ ♪ ♪


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