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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  March 20, 2021 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news.
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another disturbing assault on an asian american woman caught on camera in the bay area. in a rise in hate crimes. the president urges congress to pass the asian hate crimes act. as vaccine demand goes up, the latest prediction on the supply and when all californians could be eligible for a shot. good morning. it's saturday, march 20 and i'm emily turner. let's get a look at the weather with meteorologist, darren peck. happy spring and just in time but the warm up is not until next week. the headline for right now, it's cold enough for parts of the bay area, that there is a frost advisory way up north in lake county. you can see the clouds on tap of the mark hopkins looking north
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with some low and patchy clouds. everybody is relatively warm except the north bay. 33 in santa rosa with a frost advisory north of the sonoma county line until 9:00 this morning. the forecast includes a warm-up when i checked back in a couple of minutes. new this morning, a 7.0 earthquake struck off the coast of japan a few hours ago, just after 6:00 p.m. local time with buildings in tokyo rattled and a tsunami advisory was issued. the usgs said the epicenter was 16 miles off the coast of the northeast part of the country and there are no immediate reports of damage. another disturbing attack on an elderly asian american woman in the bay area with the latest incident caught on camera in daly city. a 76-year-old woman was on a sidewalk and she was rushed and dragged into the street and rob. after the attacker left, she
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waved her arms for help. a few days earlier, a similar assault on market street in san francisco. a san francisco sheriff, one of the few asian americans in the country spoke out. >> during the pandemic, anti- asian sentiment in san francisco and the country has risen from name-calling to harassment, to violent assaults with deadly consequences. these hate crimes threaten all asians in our community. >> the sheriff said he has personally observed and experienced anti-asian rhetoric and that caused him to pursue a career in public safety. president biden met with asian americans in georgia, after the aftermath were eight people were dead. six of them of asian descent. skyler henry has the latest from washington. >> reporter: after meeting with asian american leaders in
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atlanta, president biden urged congress to pass the covid-19 hate crimes act. >> too many asian americans are walking up and down the streets and worying and waking up and worrying. their safety is at stake. >> reporter: the legislation would feed up the federal government's response to the increase in hate crimes directed at asian americans print >> the asian community is scared and we are living in terror and have been for the past year, at least. >> reporter: the president and vice president came to console a grieving community after the rampage that killed eight people at three atlanta area spas. >> each one of them, we mourn. the families are left with broken hearts and unanswered questions. >> reporter: all of the victims, six are women of asian descent, have now been publicly identified. a friend remembers an owner of one of the spas. >> she was a great person and mother. she was loved and will be missed
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terribly. >> reporter: authorities investigating say it's too early to determine whether hate- motivated the suspect, robert aaron long. >> it's deeply disturbing that law enforcement, at this time, is downplaying the fact that it could be racially motivated. >> reporter: a report by the group, stop aapi hate, finds the u.s. has seen nearly 3800 hate incidents targeting a asian americans over the last year. skyler henry, cbs news from washington. >> kpix5 is focusing on crimes against asian americans in a one-half hour special tomorrow. join kenny choi and elizabeth cook sunday at 6:30 for asians under attack, the bay area reacts. governor newsom lays out a timeline for when most californians can get the coronavirus vaccine. would end the current tiered system that determines eligibility based on age, occupation and risk factors. the governor expects that within the next 5.5 weeks,
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there will be enough supply for any resident over 16 who wants to get a vaccination, including an additional 32 million statewide on top of the 4 million to 6 million with underlying health issues who became eligible this week. >> the supply will exponentially increase and these issues will substantively be addressed everywhere in the state. people are demanding more vaccines and our constraint is manufacturing supply. >> some leaders question whether the california supply will actually be able to keep up with the growing demand, as the governor envisions. >> we've told people that if you are of a certain age or have a certain job, we will have vaccines for you and we don't. >> this week, santa clara county had to reschedule more than 8002nd dose is because of those supply shortages. governor newsom said some counties could move into a new green reopening tiers sooner
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than expected and in that least restrictive tier, many rules could be dropped. this is where the bay area stands, all of this except with san mateo county, in the orange tier and several others were expected to turn orange as early as this coming week. as classrooms reopen across the bay area, the cdc's relaxing guidelines for schools and under the new rules, students in elementary schools could sit three feet apart rather than six feet apart if wearing masks. the same for middle and high schoolers, except in communities where there is high transmission and it paves the way for more in-person instruction. six feet is recommended for lobbies and auditoriums and with activities like band or sports practices. mt. diablo high school in concord opened its football season at home last night. they doubted the night would ever, and with the pandemic
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taking a toll ski on the players, the coach wondered how many would be able to play ball. here is their story from andrea nakano. >> it was hard. pretty hard with a lot of kids picking of jobs or dealing with financial problems at home. >> reporter: the pandemic has not been easy for some of the players, especially for seniors with dreams of a better life playing football at the next level. >> my heart goes out to the seniors because this year, kids don't have scholarships. this is their way out. >> reporter: david clark is a senior and couldn't be more grateful to be back on the gridiron. >> three months ago, i thought i would never play football. >> reporter: he is lucky, the first player from mt. diablo to earn a scholarship to play college ball. >> this is big. making a dream into reality, huge. >> my senior year and i didn't want to go out without a season. >> reporter: cheerleaders are
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now allowed on the sidelines. california department of public health band what it called supporters from being on the sidelines. it's comparable to a moderate contact sport to be a cheerleader. >> the resilience i've seen has been amazing and i'm so proud to be their coach. >> reporter: the football team took covid tests on monday and the results came back negative. in concord, andrea nakano, kpix5. march madness kicked off yesterday and with it, a firestorm of criticism against the ncaa. a stanford coach posted these two pictures on instagram and one of them shows the men's weight room and the other is the women's weight room, the picture below that and it is sparse. the ncaa said there wasn't enough space and one of the
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oregon ducks players posted a video that you see showing what looks like plenty of extra space. nba and wnba stars are calling out the issue, including steph curry. he retweeted the viral video and attach the ncaa on edit, quote, wow. come on, now. it's 6:10 and still ahead and streaming on cbsn bay area, an investigation and recall after thousands of reports of pets getting sick and what you need to know if you have had a flea collar on your pet, recently. a wedding day to remember. a nightmare for a couple in tahoe and the amazing plunge one man took. >> honestly, i thought it could not be happening. like, that didn't just happen. here is a live look at outside before we go to break and we will be right
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new this morning, organizes of the upcoming tokyo olympics say that spectators from abroad will not be allowed to attend, due to the pandemic. they've been working to develop safety protocols to protect athletes and local residents for when the games begin in july and the olympics were already delayed last summer. some u.s. lawmakers call for a voluntary recall of a flea and tick collar after thousands of reports that it might have made pets sick. seresto colors contain two pesticides and the retailer said they are safe but since they
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were introduced in 2012, more than 75,000 incidents have been reported to the epa with skin irritations and seizures and include 1700 animal deaths. >> you think you are doing the best thing for your pet to protect them. to see this poor thing passed away, they didn't deserve adpac it's associate that they do a voluntary recall because the situation has to be investigated and we are taking action like this right now. >> the epa said that so far, the agency has not concluded the callers pose a danger. and unlucky moment on camera during a couple's wedding day at lake tahoe. the groom dropped the bride's wedding ring into the lake. the couple then launched a mission impossible to get it back.
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>> reporter: a celebratory moment for this couple on a cold afternoon at lake tahoe. they take their vows, shed some tiers, seconds before this scenic moment turns surreal. when it came time to exchange rings, the groom fumbled, dropping the brides ring through a gap in the pier. >> i thought this can't be happening, that didn't just happen. >> what are the chances? >> reporter: on their hands and knees, the couple in love could see their ring in the clear lake tahoe waters. >> i thought, how deep is it and how cold? >> the pastor convinced us not to jump for it. >> reporter: they asked for help through a face diving group. outdoor adventures answered the call. >> the water was 31 degrees and a dry suit was needed. >> reporter: phil took the plunge, hoping the current hadn't moved the ring very far.
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>> we moved rocks out of the way and we saw some silt farming. >> reporter: he found the ring tucked away in some rocks and had to fight off a crawdad to get it. >> i got the ring and pulled it aside. don't drop the ring! okay. >> reporter: he rises to the surface and the ring is back home with the happy couple. >> reporter: the best feeling in the world. everybody went nuts. >> so thankful to have my ring back but either way, it is a great story to tell our kids one day. >> now, it is a ring and a story and a marriage, too. >> can you imagine? good thing they got it back. they are from vancouver, washington and traveled to lake tahoe frequently and they say the next time they go out on that pier, they will be wearing
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their rings. 42-degree water? i can't imagine scuba diving in that. >> i am not stepping into that. in the north bay valleys, and in lake county, a frost advisory this morning but it's not that way everywhere. it's relatively warm for most of us. that is the view from the camera on top of the mark hopkins hotel looking to the north with clouds showing it will be relatively warm in the immediate bay but it's cold enough in the north bay that there is actually an issue with isolated fog for santa rosa. we are not looking at a frost advisory, but there is patchy fog. keep that in mind if you are about to hit the road in the north bay on 101. 33 in santa rosa and you should be included in the frost advisory. low to mid-40s and 37 in san rafael and 36 in napa. the blue area is the frost advisory until 9:00 this morning. in lake county and ukiah, if
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you are watching, you are included and santa rosa, we saw it is 33 they are. consider that frost advisory even if it's not an official declaration, just yet. for the day, a few high clouds to the middle of the day and they are drifting through the afternoon. by saturday, this is all i ask, a few high clouds pin watch sunday. we take these clouds and clear them out tonight and go to the wide view and play this forward all day sunday with nothing happening. i had to go wide to show the motion. you can see this is actually on. nothing but blue skies on sunday and a real pretty day. for today, we will be right around 60 in the south bay and santa clara goes to 60 and 59 in redwood city and numbers in the east bay, low to mid-60s and 59 in dublin and 61 in pittsburg and we top out at 58 in san leandro and up to 60 in
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san rafael and petaluma, 60. temperatures in the far north co-op, into the low 60s. a big picture view of a warm-up coming our way and we can forget about the hope of any rain. for the next seven days or probably longer. on the wide view, watch the clouds with a lot of energy and nothing going on over here. in fact, by the time we get to late sunday and monday, look what the storms are doing, that big ark where everything goes up and over and you can see a blocking ridge of high pressure developing by the end of the week. it really evolves into wednesday and now, that is just ridiculous. we can forget about rain with a big ridge of high pressure for the seven-day forecast.
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75 by wednesday and low 60s inland and sunday, of the two days, it will be noticeably warmer and to go from 62, almost 60, to 68, which is almost 70, from one day to the next, you can see which of the to days this week and will be the better to get outside. >> i think we had the same math teacher because i agree with you, almost 60. >> rounding to the nearest number getting you to the whole number. that drives the point home that both days are nice this weekend, but you will notice it more tomorrow. movie nights are back. a big theater chain reopening. find out the extreme safety measures in one cinema.
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after more than a year, amc, the largest movie theater chain, opened the doors to customers yesterday. they say 98% of the locations reopened with strict protocols. movie night looks a lot different in 2021. this, as they have safety protocols like contactless tickets, seat buffering technology for social distancing -- in 2020 thing -- and those still hesitant can watch in a private screening room for $99 to $150. >> we had this unique experience to rent the place to ourselves. you don't have to take off your mask with people you don't know. i've got the nba top of
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mind and you can see the warriors and the grizzlies without steph curry. where would the scoring come from? that's what we wanted to know. in memphis, curry set it out, wondering what place would work on this one did. give it to jordan poole and let him jam. a second-quarter rip with the second straight 20-point game and then, unleashing wiggins. 27 first-half points and up 23 in the third. draymond green had day meanly inside with 21. draymond dished out 13 assists and 11 rebounds. back to wiggins with a fourth quarter fade away, scoring a season-high 40. the most he is scored as a warrior and they rolled 116-123 and the same two teams later tonight. at long last, the ncaa tournament opened for business.
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wow. it came at a pretty good time and in fact, we already have a major upset. 15 seat oral roberts said they took on ohio state and in overtime, a rebound with almost half the points being scored. in the final seconds, last chance for the buckeyes, down three points and duane washington, got to have it. no. had a good look, but oral roberts pulled off a stunter, 75-72 yesterday to become the ninth, 15th seed to upset. in hockey, a loose puck on the ice and somebody got a stick on that. the sharks hosted the st. louis blues in white. tyler bo zach plays too tied up in the third period. the game went to a shootout and here is how it ended. tarasenko and then to kevin and
6:26 am
denied. the blues won final 2-1. the sharks have lost three straight. in golf, wesley bryant took his pants off and rolled off his shirt to hit the ball out of the mod. needed a couple of hacks to get out of trouble. i don't know if you weekend hackers have gone through it, but he did it to save a good score and shot a 78. he did miss the cut, but he took a shower and he's nice and clean as he slammed his trunk with his clubs in it to go to the next stop on the pga. that is enough this morning and i will see you later tonight. coming up on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, new signs the bay area has had enough. how young volunteers are working to keep vulnerable asian seniors safe. the latest technology
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like, seeing my mom. it's unthinkable to me that i can't see her and i can't hug her. not being able to hug is just like somebody has to tie me down. touching someone to say i love you, to hug you... those are the things that i miss. ♪ ♪
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live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. welcome back. it's 6:29 and thanks for joining us. i'm emily turner. let's start this half-hour with a quick check of the weather with meteorologist, darren peck. >> the weather is in cruise
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control. we have a frost advisory in the far northern part, north of sonoma county with patchy fog. especially, up around santa rosa. everywhere else, low 40s with a few mid-level clouds and a real pretty view over the tri-valley from dublin. santa rosa is 33. 51 in san francisco and 33 in santa rosa with a frost advisory until 9:00 this morning, not only for mendocino and lake county, but santa rosa and healdsburg, you are close enough that i would say to plan on it being cold with a little bit of fog in santa rosa. i will be back with the rest of the forecast in a few minutes. in the wake of the attack on asians in the bay area, there are signs that communities are coming together. a group offered a chaperone service to seniors in chinatown and said they have seen a big increase in the number of volunteers.
6:31 am
>> i'm disgusted by the hate and violence, especially in the bay area. >> reporter: a diverse group of volunteers. they are walking the streets in oakland chinatown. >> this is happening in my community. i feel like i can help out and see what i can do to prove i could make it safe for everyone. >> reporter: the main goal is to escort and walk with people from point a to point b. >> seniors are really independent and don't want to give that up and we understand that. that is why it is more of a buddy system. >> reporter: katrina and her friends founded compassion when they heard about people targeting asian seniors. >> people are asking to have a
6:32 am
chaperone when they go to their appointments. it is dentist appointments or just down the street at asian services. >> walking to get groceries or to go to the post office. >> 350 people signed up within the last couple of days. there have been more chaperone requests than normal. >> reporter: with more than 1200 volunteers, they would like to expand to other cities in the bay area. in oakland chinatown, i'm da lin, kpix5. >> the volunteers have to provide a recent negative covid test result before they can volunteer for their shift. if you want more information, go to this story on our website at happening today, community groups and daly city will hold for the end to racism acts against asian and pacific islanders. it happens and noon at the rose garden outside city hall. a similar demonstration is
6:33 am
happening in san francisco at noon at portsmouth square. kpix5 is focusing on crime against asian americans in our one half-hour special tomorrow. join kenny choi and elizabeth cook sunday at 6:30, for asians under attack, the bay area reacts. jury selection will continue into next week and the trial of derek chauvin, the former minneapolis police officer accused of killing george floyd. reporter jennifer mayerle has the latest. >> reporter: friday started with 12 jurors seated and one more was added. number 13 is a woman in her 50s who likes animals and worked in customer service and is in between jobs. she has seen some things about the fatal encounter and said she can put aside opinions paid when asked about derek chauvin, she said she felt he took on a different role than the other officers on the scene. >> how do you mean? >> more like the leader.
6:34 am
>> okay. and, do you assign him more blame, as a result of that role? >> i do not. >> reporter: the jury has five men, eight women and six of the 13 are people of color and the ages range from 20s to 60s. the judge ruled on three main motions friday and denied a change of venue and a continuance. judge peter cahill is allowing a limited amount of video from an encounter between floyd and police. >> the may 16, 2019 evidence is only for the purpose of showing what mr. floyd's has as an example of his bodily reaction, his physical symptoms, upon being confronted in almost the exact same situation. >> reporter: the emotional behavior part is out and so is an expert the state wanted to testify. in minneapolis, jennifer mayerle jennifer mayerle, cbs
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news. federal investigators are trying to trace where fireworks were purchased, following a deadly explosion in southern california this week. wow. authorities said two were killed when a large cache of fireworks was set off in ontario on wednesday and now, several agencies are combing through the debris. residents are just returning home and officials estimate it caused more than $3 million in damage. a live look in san jose and the city is facing a lawsuit over its decision to give grocery workers hazard pay. the grocers association filed the federal lawsuit and it includes a san jose and daly city. the lawsuit claims grocers cannot afford the extra pay bump without consequences to their businesses. guests at a hotel in tahoe got an early morning fright by looking out at the three peaks
6:36 am
resort and they saw a man with a gun trying to break in. when police arrived, the man opened fire and was caught on camera. >> reporter: a rapid exchange of gunfire outside the south lake tahoe hotel room early friday where this man, 23-year- old joseph hill, showed up armed to a hotel room. >> the girls in the room, you know -- they found out that it was a guy who has a gun. >> reporter: the general manager of the hotel said the horrified guests quickly called the front desk and the south lake tahoe police. >> very terrifying. my employee was by himself. >> reporter: the man with the gun was trying to break into their room while shouting at the door. >> they overheard him saying, you killed my father. he doesn't know what he was saying. >> reporter: the officers surrounded the room outside and then he'll opened fire with
6:37 am
multiple rounds lighting up the sky on the hotel surveillance video. an officer returned fire hitting hill. he tried to hide behind a stairwell, still armed. after a two hour standoff with crisis negotiators, police said he finally surrendered. a close call on a weekend when more snow is expected and the area surrounded by hotels is busy with people. >> i've been here every year for the past five years and never had anything like that. >> reporter: longtime visitors said no and expected this, turning sleepy south lake tahoe upside down overnight. >> the suspect was taken to the hospital for treatment and the officer has been placed on administrative leave, as is typical. drivers are being caught by camera speeding in school zones. a state senator is introducing that bill and it authorizes local governments to install
6:38 am
cameras that can capture video of speeding drivers, much like the red light cameras. offenders would get a ticket in the mail and the fines won't be a flat rate but would be based on the ability to pay. >> since we've locked down, the streets are becoming more dangerous. kids will be going back to school and it's critically important that we have safety measures in place. >> many parents agree the cameras are a good idea to protect children and pedestrians. >> it will be easier to catch people who are breaking the law and not following the rules of the school zones. i'm all for it. >> you can't get away with it. they have these cameras and they will catch the license plate. if you know you are recorded, you will drive more safe and more cautious. >> since the lockdown began, residents have seen street racers and cars going too fast.
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march is national kidney month in chronic kidney disease affects 37 million people and many adults don't even know they have it. len kiese spoke with a doctor from ucsf about the symptoms and what people should look for. >> the good news about kidney disease is that people are generally asymptomatic until they lose quite a bit of kidney function. there is a lot of redundancy built in to the kidneys and this does mean kidney disease is a silent disease and people don't know until they've lost quite a bit. when people have advanced kidney disease, symptoms like more fatigue or a metallic
6:43 am
taste in their mouth or poor appetite, these symptoms, should prompt a discussion with your provider and nephrologist. >> reporter: what are some of the causes or risk factors? >> yes. in the u.s., the two most common causes of kidney disease are high blood pressure and diabetes. the prevalence of diabetes and high blood pressure in the u.s. has been increasing and leads to the increase of prevalence of chronic kidney disease. those are the two most common and other things are obesity, cardiovascular disease, tobacco smoking and certain medications. it's important to make sure you follow the medications that your physician and clinician prescribe. >> the doctor suggested a
6:44 am
healthy low-salt diet to help with blood pressure and not take too many over-the-counter medications unless prescribed. a species of australian songbird, and a sad story, so endangered that they forget to sing their own song. tina krause shows us. >> reporter: the sweet sounding region honey eater is known for attracting mates with these tones. >> we know that the females prefer to pair up and breed with males that have good songs. >> reporter: the rare songbird that is native to australia started losing its melody. it has lost much of its habitat, too because forests are destroyed to make way for farming. as adults disappear, young birds are struggling to learn their native mating calls. >> this one sounded like another bird. and this one is a fissure
6:45 am
strike. >> reporter: 12% have completely lost their natural song and scientists are trying to create harmony by playing recordings of wild birds to young birds in captivity. >> the hope is that those birds will hear the recordings and learn to replicate the song. >> reporter: it gives songbirds a better chance at finding love as they passed traditional tunes to the next generation. tina krause, cbs news. where just getting to that time of day with the sunlight filling the sky and you may be hearing bird songs in your part of the bay area. a few clouds and this is from the camera on top of hill looking down to the south with just a view from the top of the mark hopkins hotel and this is the view from the salesforce camera. let's check out the tri-valley to get a better view. just a few mid-level clouds and we are not looking at widespread fog, but it's cold
6:46 am
enough that there is a frost advisory for lake county and mendocino county and its 33 in santa rosa. we've gone up to 34 degrees. cold for the sheltered north bay valley but everybody else in the low 40s and 50 in san francisco right now. big differences, temperaturewise, and don't forget if you are up in the north part of mendocino and lake county, temperatures will be in the lower 30s. for daytime highs, into the low 60s in linda and low to mid-50s and hi-def doppler has things to look at with light snow in the sierra. you would never know it, but these are leftovers from the system that came through a couple of days ago. it was on thursday where we are seeing straggling showers and there will be a light dusting of snow at the high elevations of the sierra, less than one inch.
6:47 am
big picture shows the energy going away and it will be done by the time we get into the early evening, even with the sierra. what is next? nothing. playing this forward on futurecast, nothing gets down to northern california and the clouds are showing a big arcing ridge overhead and then the ridge gets exaggerated into wednesday. with that pattern, the storms can't get here. watch the rain from now through the end of the month, basically staying in the pacific northwest and we will miss out. instead, we've got a beautiful looking seven-day forecast with temperatures climbing into the upper 60s by tomorrow and this is the difference in the weekend. a noticeable difference between the two days. the daytime highs, low 60s inland and upper 60s tomorrow. a big jump, six or seven degrees from where you are now and that is enough.
6:48 am
then, we will keep it there early next week with mid-70s. 75 for the daytime high by wednesday and in the bay, low 70s. this is probably the headline in the forecast. a noticeable warm-up for the first half of the week. it will feel like spring around here and considering how cold and windy, that will be a noticeable turn around. there is nothing else here in the way of rain, just sunshine across the whole thing, unfortunately. but, spring sounds nice. children in the tri-valley are having a blast as they learn to code, thanks to a community program started by a dublin mother and's on duo. sharon chin introduces us to the award winners. >> i'm with animation. >> reporter: they've learned enough of these programming languages to create their own
6:49 am
videogame. >> i'm playing my own game and it's very fun. >> reporter: he takes part in a nonprofit that was founded in 2013 to teach kids coding skills. >> then, there weren't many coding schools. >> i wanted to share that. >> reporter: the cofounder and her son, now a college sophomore. but, he was a 13-year-old then who taught himself programming. >> it was about helping other kids learn and seeing them become successful. >> kids can teach kids. >> reporter: the club has served 14,000 kids kindergarten through high school and up to 80 students have met each week at public libraries or conference rooms and dozens of adult volunteers have helped teach and the kids are mentoring each other.
6:50 am
the focuses on independent learning and students explore several topics through cyber security. >> this allows us to customize everything to the individual. >> it's the idea that everyone is here and learning many different things. and, learning what they want to learn however they want to learn it. >> reporter: the club has shifted online during the pandemic to engage 50 plus kids a week and programmers are volunteering as mentors and there is a dad that sees the impact on his son. >> he will gain the knowledge of programming and will have more choices when it comes to what he wants to pursue. >> reporter: that is part of the mission, to equip students with tools for their future. >> i want to empower them to do that and to give them the teamwork and leadership and communication skills to do it. >> reporter: they introduce kids to coding and computer skills and this week's jefferson
6:51 am
award in the bay area goes to them, sharon chin, kpix5. >> some students partner up for contests and alex led a cyber security team that won second place in the innovation competition two years ago.
6:52 am
taking a look at this, it's a lot of nature lovers that are glued to this live cam of that shows the nest of the southern california beloved bald eagles living at big bear lake. they are watching the sun come up and it is purged 145 feet up in a pine tree.
6:53 am
it is home to jackie and shadow. here is video from yesterday. the camera is run by the friends of big bear valley and the eggs are hatching and apparently, the little baby eagle is already chirping. the full process could take several days. exciting news for kids in the bay area with the children's fairy park now open. it will have two sessions each day and kpix5 had don ford at the park for the reopening day. >> reporter: a good day here at oakland fairy land, finally reopened. this time, they hope the magic will stick. the magic is that after 70 years, fairy land is still around after 2020. with 10 acres of land, they can
6:54 am
have 700 people under the current red tier guidelines. tickets are digital. >> have your digital tickets ready. we will check you momentarily. >> reporter: families have had enough of stay at home and are happy to get children back into the sunshine. >> it's a lot of fun and amazing to come back. one year. >> it was great. there weren't too many people and it was fun for the kids. >> reporter: some parents said they are watching to see how the park handles sanitation and families are being careful and seem to be satisfied. >> i felt safe and it seems to be working well. we can sit down and have a snack and it was fun. >> reporter: throughout the park, staff is wiping down surfaces but some things are still not open. moving rides and performance areas are still shut down. and then, there is this. >> the animals are so excited
6:55 am
to have everybody back. can you imagine? it's really where they see that it has been a whole year of just the staff. >> reporter: they must get bored with that? >> yes. they want to see the little faces. >> reporter: sure. everyone is glad fairy land is back open. kpix5 from oakland. >> the park will expand to a five-day schedule on march 31 and 7 days on june 7. for more inform
6:56 am
i'm made to move. but these days, i'm not getting out as much as i'd like to. that's why i take osteo bi-flex. it helps with occasional joint stiffness, while it nourishes and strengthens my joints for the long term. osteo bi-flex. because i'm made to move.
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6:57 and time for a look at the top stories. there has been another attack on an elderly asian american in the bay area on the latest incident targeted a 76-year-old woman in daly city on thursday. the san francisco sheriff said that recent hate crimes, quote, threaten all asians and poison our community. president biden met with asian american leaders in atlanta, yesterday. he and vice president harris consoled the victims of a rampage on thursday that killed eight women women. governor newsom said by the beginning of may california will probably have enough vaccine doses available for everyone over 16. the cdc is easing guidelines for schools and said
6:58 am
kids in elementary school can sit three feet apart in class instead of six feet if they have masks on. no foreign spectators will be allowed inside the athletic events at the upcoming tokyo olympics. organizers say they want to protect athletes during the pandemic. a gorgeous looking start to the day from the camera on top of hill from the mark hopkins hotel. a good overview of much of the bay today with some mid-level clouds and the seven-day forecast has a difference between saturday and sunday with sunday being noticeably warmer.
6:59 am
7:00 am
narrator: today on "lucky dog", a terrier mix is being overlooked in the shelter. rashi: her name is annie. narrator: she might be the perfect match for a couple mourning the loss of their two previous dogs. john: it took cindy two years to get over losing angel and she misses tootsie everyday. narrator: but if annie is gonna fit into a family with a lot of grandkids, she'll have to learn a whole new bag of tricks. eric: she's just flying through this obstacle course and i think they're gonna have a lot of fun with her when she finally gets to go to her forever home. [music] eric: i'm eric wiese and this is my wife rashi.


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