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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  March 20, 2021 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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now at 11:00, a major recall effort underway. san francisco's mayor is calling on the school board's vice president to resign. the tweets causing outrage tonight. plus -- >> i am hurting. i've had nightmares. >> calls to end hate against asians ring out across the bay area. and getting louder tonight. >> my parents now, they just don't want to go out because they just like fear walking down the street. plus, thousands of vax b seen appointments getting canceled last minute in santa
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clara county. i'm juliette goodrich. >> and i'm brian hackney. we start with several tweets that have the san francisco school board vice president under mounting pressure to resign tonight. kpix's da lin live at city hall with who wants her gone and why she is refusing to step down, da? >> reporter: that's right, brian. from the san francisco mayor to many supervisor, even state lawmakers, they're calling for commissioner alison collins to resign. but collins is saying that her tweets are not racist. san francisco school board vice president alison collins wrote a series of tweets in 2016 in her words to combat anti-black racism in the asian community. she tweeted, many asian americans believe they benefit from the model minority bs. many asian american teacher, students and parents actively promote these myths. they use white supremacist thinking to assimilate and get ahead. talk to many lowell parents, and
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you'll hear praise of tiger moms and disparagement of black/brown culture. where are the vocal asians speaking up against trump? and then she used a racial slur. collins released a statement saying the tweets were taken out of context and apologized. but many people don't buy it, including san francisco supervisor gordon mar. >> i did speak with commissioner collins about this on friday and was disappointed in the statement she released today, which was not what i feel was needed, which is a sincere apology. >> reporter: supervisor mar did not know about the tweets until this week. >> i'm running to make sure that -- >> reporter: he endorsed and voted for collins. now he and many others want her to resign. there are 52,000 students in the district. one-third of them asian americans. >> i think the tweets are very
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racially insensitive and by painting most asian american families, you know, as -- in such a harmful and negative way. and really inaccurate way as well. >> da, what are her colleagues on the school board saying about the calls for her resignation? >> reporter: three have said nothing, two are calling on collins to resign. as for the school board president, she is defending and supporting collins, saying that collins has already apologized. back to you. >> in san francisco, that's da lin. da, thank you. and from san francisco to the peninsula and beyond, people around the bay area came together this weekend to denounce the recent hate crimes against asians. they waved signs reading asian lives matter and stop the hate. members of the community expressed their grief and pain but also showed their strength
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in numbers today. >> my parents now they just don't want to go out, because they just like fear walking down the streets and they will be attacked by random person. >> and we're here to say grandma should not defend herself with a stick. we as a society need to provide safety for all community members. it's clear the current systems are not working. >> some protesters at the rally also shared positive messages of love while others painted hearts on the sidewalk. >> well, tonight cities across the country are also coming together to rally against asian hate. take a look at hundreds gathered in los angeles and sacramento tonight. many criticized authorities for not classifying the atlanta spa shootings as a hate crime. eight people were killed there, including six asian women. >> and it's just not fair. call it for what it is, a hate crime. improve your hate crime laws if it doesn't technically
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constitute as one. >> this kind of behavior, regardless toward any race, is not going to be tolerated. >> kpix is focussing on crime against asian americans in a half hour special tomorrow evening. join kenny choi and elizabeth cook at 6:30 tomorrow night for asians under attack, the bay area reacts. looking live out at san jose, a vaccine bottleneck is creating a domino effect in santa clara county. insufficient supply forced thousands of appointments for kaiser patients to be canceled. and as kpix's wilson walker explains, tonight it's all sparking around a finger pointing over who is responsible. >> basically what happened is i started getting emails from my members on thursday that levi stadium was sending them cancellation notices. >> reporter: kai brown is a science teacher, and his union president, but plans to get his
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members fully vaccinated with their second shots hit an unexpected snag late this week. >> instead of the county doing the second vaccination, it was going to be done through their health care provider. >> reporter: this afternoon kaiser issued a pointed statement on the situation reading in part, santa clara county has created this issue for itself and thousands of its vaccine patients by not accounting for second doses, unquote. basically accuses them of not keeping enough vaccine on hand. well, hours later, the county accused kaiser of mismanaging its supply, saying, quote, by reserving second doses they have built a hoard of vaccine that could be used to fulfill all transferred appointments. the county's assertion here is that the state told them not to verve those second doses because more were coming, only to have deliveries reduced. >> everybody was kept with a baseline. we didn't take the baseline. it's the increment that i know has created a little stress.
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>> reporter: the governor mentioned the situation yesterday just before promising that the bottlenecks would end by late april. >> because supply will exponentially increase. >> reporter: meantime, kaiser has been picking up all of those second dose appointments for kaiser patients that were canceled at county sites like levi's. >> about halfway through friday, kaiser began to actually call people back and start scheduling them. >> reporter: now kaiser, which says it does want to return to a collaborative relationship with the county, also says it will be filing a complaint based on the county's actions with the department of health and human services. in santa clara, wilson walker, kpix 5. >> now, despite the bottleneck, the mercury news reports the county is working to use its limited supply to vaccinate those most in need, like food service workers and farm workers. and a pop-up vaccine clinic was
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held today for eligible seniors and essential workers. the goal was to reach black resident who is face higher than average death rates and low vaccination rates. in district ten, hill is one of the only places without a semipermanent covid vaccine site. >> we do not yet have a site. so moja health has stepped in to fill the gap temporarily while the department of public health puts together the rest of their plan. well, the california teachers association is slamming newly relaxed school guidelines from the cdc and state health department as a, quote, confusing message to students, parents and families. elementary students can sit three feet apart instead of the usual six if they are wearing masks. same goes for older students except in communities where transmission is high. in a statement, the cta president says moving to three feet distance for students in schools and cramming young adults into classrooms will pose myriad challenges for our large
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urban school districts and those that haven't yet implemented the necessary multilayered mitigation measures that the cdc says are essential. six feet of distance is still advised during activities like band or sports practice and in common areas like auditoriums. let's take a live look now outside on this beautiful first official night of spring. it was a little windy today but sunny in san francisco. meteorologist darren peck joins us with more spring-like weather in our forecast, darren? >> and with that setup, julie, the first item to talk about on this first full night of spring -- a frost advisory for tomorrow morning. and particularly, it's for the north bay. it's going to be cold. it'll be very similar to what we did this morning. we got down into the low 30s this morning in many spots. so yeah, it's spring. but we're not done with issues like this yet. everywhere in blue on the map, think of 101, really through marin up into sonoma and then
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even in napa valley up silverado trail until 9:00 tomorrow morning, frost. if you've got plants you care about, delicate ones in the yard, cover them, all that kind of stuff. then we're going to leave the frost issue aside and start talking about a noticeable warm-up. and concord, you're my example. average daytime high is 66. that orange line shows you how daytime highs are about to take off going into this first full week of spring. it is going to start feeling very much like the season. i'll talk to you about that warm-up. and we're not just going to spotlight concord, i'll get a bunch of other locations in here as well. i'll see you with the full forecast coming up a little later. >> all right, darren. still ahead on kpix 5 news at 11:00. >> oh. >> watch out. really, you're not going to believe this. a wildlife selfie back fires for one parent. the ridiculous lengths they went to just to get a photograph.
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plus, royal caribbean cruises are ready to set sail once again. the big changes you can expect on your next vacation. and the bay area congresswoman fighting to keep her alma mater from closing emergency planning for kids. we can't predict when an emergency will happen. so that's why it's important to make a plan with your parents. here are a few tips to stay safe. know how to get in touch with your family. write down phone numbers for your parents, siblings and neighbors. pick a place to meet your family if you are not together and can't go home. remind your parents to pack an emergency supply kit.
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making a plan might feel like homework, but it will help you and your family stay safe during an emergency. well, now the video that is hard to believe, but here is the
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proof. a dad takes his toddler into the elephant enclosure at a southern california zoo only to have the large animal charge at them. >> wait until you see this. reporter heather hope with the consequences and how the zoo is responding. >> reporter: what appeared as a father and daughter posing for a picture from the inside of an elephant enclosure at the san diego zoo quickly turned dangerous. from this cellphone video, the elephant is seen charging toward the father and his 2-year-old daughter. the video taken around 4:00 p.m. friday shows the dad drop his little girl on the ground after he climbs out over the fence and then rushes back to pick her up as the elephant aggressively moves its nearly 8-foot long trunk toward them. >> it's an extremely dangerous situation, and no one in their right mind really should ever do this. >> reporter: katherine doyle, director of science, research and advocacy with paws says the elephant was protecting its space. >> the elephant you saw was
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responding as an elephant would to an intruder. so it looked to me like it was a mock charge, which is really intended to scare off an intruder. however, if she thought her message wasn't getting through, it could have turned into a more serious attack. >> reporter: serious enough for san diego police to arrest the father, 25-year-old jose, and book him into county jail on charges of child neglect, child abuse and trespassing. >> it was incredibly dangerous for the father and child. i think they were both just very, very lucky. >> reporter: zoo guests witnessing the danger unfold could be heard screaming as the father in danger escaped the elephant's path. jose is being held on $100,000 bail for the child cruelty charges according to his jail records. >> if someone thinks they're going to take a chance, you know, for a thrill, try to do something like this, do a selfie with a wild animal, you know, you can end up losing your life. >> wow. heather hope reporting there. the zoo says that guests had to climb through several barriers
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to get to the elephants. san diego zoo security responded quickly, but the guests had already left. they say the guests are unharmed. well, tragedy on the football field. a sacramento high school community is mourning tonight after a player died during a game. kennedy high's manny antweed, number 77, was playing the game he loved last night when he suddenly collapsed. he was given medical attention and also cpr before being taken to the hospital, but it was too late. it's unknown what caused him to suffer a medical emergency and collapse in the first place. >> how do you explain this to your kid? the kid you just talked to five minutes ago is not here anymore. whatever transpired to this kid being on the field, i just hope the family gets some type of closure for that. >> well, the school is now bringing in a mental health crisis team to help teammate, students and staff process this tragedy. east bay congresswoman and
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mills college graduate barbara lee is trying to keep her alma mater from closing. the historic liberal arts school in oakland announced earlier this week it's going to stop admitting new students after this fall. it'll also likely hand out its final degrees in the year 2023. the president said economic burden stemming from the pandemic and declining enrollment are the reasons the college is set to close. representative lee attended mills in the early 1970s as a young single mother and often brought her boys to class when there was nobody to care for them. lee is calling on the board of trustees to reconsider their decision to close. mills is one of 37 remaining women's campuses in the nation. well after a year at anchor, a major cruise liner is planning to set sail from the bahamas just in time for your summer vacation. but there is a catch. royal caribbean is marking its 2021 return to the water with cruises from the bahamas set to
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depart in june. they are available only to adults who have been fully vaccinated against covid-19 and those under age 18 who have tested negative for the virus. nasa's released a spectacular set of images of that planet, saturn. it shows the seasons changing. saturn being the second largest planet in the solar system. photos were captured by the hubble space telescope in 2018, 2019 and 2020. they show saturn's northern hemisphere transitioning from summer to fall. the variations in saturn color bands. fascinating. ly never forget the first time i saw saturn through a telescope. >> rings show up. >> you see the rings and you go wow. a reaction you may not have with the forecast because things are not changing much, darren? >> no, but if you like it warmer, you might have a good reaction to this, because much
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of next week there's a lot of mid-70s coming our way. but before we get there, we've got to deal with tonight's cold. since i gave you an overview, let's give you everybody's morning lows. some stand out more than others. like santa rosa is 31. look at the rest of the bay. if you're in the immediate bay, you're not going to notice any difference tomorrow. low 40s is pretty much what you've been doing. livermore at 36. that'll be cold. 37 in concord and san jose at 37 as well. not cold enough for the frost advisory santa rosa's got, but still cold. so the farther inland you go, the more you're doing to feel that. now, tomorrow's daytime highs are 7 to 8 degrees warmer than today. that's the start of the warm-up, but we're going to keep going from there. i showed you concord's example at the top of the newscast just a few minutes ago. we're going to get rid of all these clouds today. it was really a beautiful show.
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that was the tri-valley earlier today. san jose, 67 would be the average daytime here. let's get your line on there. it was 60 today. or i should say it was you were actually struggling to get to 60 today. you're going to climb up to 73 by the time we get to thursday. oakland, let's use you as an example for a location that's moderated by the bay. 64 would be your average, but even here we're going back up into the low 70s. by wednesday and thursday. so this first week of spring's definitely going to feel like it. and if we look at the other aspect of this change, like is it possible we might be able to talk about rain again any time soon. one look out in the pacific will end that conversation. watch what happens when we switch from just looking at where the satellite is now. put the futurecast in here. see the rain? watch the pattern. the storms that come get pulled up that way. that's a pretty exaggerated pattern. big bullseye of pressure here. that's forcing all the storms to
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go up over that ridge. but watch what this does over the next four days. that's really going to get exaggerated. huge ridge built out into the pacific and all the storms have to go around the long way. so no rain. and that's also how you get the kind of warm-up that we've got. mid-70s by the middle of next week. that's where the forecast end for now. vern, over to you. >> what do we got for two for saturday night this time? not just one sports segment, two. and the warriors, boy, they took it down friday night in memphis. but tonight the grizzlies came back and took it away. where do the dubs go from here?
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nba up top, and the warriors two nights in memphis.
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what's with the warriors this year? they're up, they're down, they're up, they're down, and then boom, curry got hurt. covid protocol took three more. so who's next? how about allen? he got the call tonight. as they resumed in memphis the second straight night, grizzlies up three, third period. 19 points and 15 rebound. wow. three minutes left, warriors down two. jordan poole bucket. golden state up 100-99. poole scored 26. bad time for a turnover. grayson allen, telegraph that one. easy lay-up. how about it coach? uh-huh. final minute. now a five-point game. everything bounced the grizzlies way. john moran did it all on his own. grizzlies finish the game, outscoring the dubs 12-3 to finish it off. they won it 111-103.
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golden state is coming home after a 2-1 road trip. foift the nhl. looks like an artistic movie, but no, it's a sharks hockey game. st. louis blues in white and back pedalling, because hurricane san jose and tomas hurdle right by the goalie and tied the game. four minutes left. the blues led and increased the lead. jordan snuck in and scored his second goal of the night. st. louis came in here and won on back-to-back nights. 5-2 final tonight. it was san jose's fourth straight loss. but wait, there's more. ahead, the best thing i saw today. keep stanford wrestling.
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we made usaa insurance for members like martin. an air force veteran made of doing what's right, not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage. that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way martin's family needs it with hassle-free claims, he got paid before his neighbor even got started. because doing right by our members, that's what's right. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. ♪ usaa ♪ ncaa men's tournament. covid-19 took out virginia commonwealth university. just wiped them out. forced to withdraw its game with oregon after multiple positive tests. the ducks advance to play iowa next. the dream still alive for ucla, the 11 seed. ran with byu tonight. eight minutes left.
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bruins up seven. look out johnny. dropped that one in. he scored 27. the bruins pulled off another 73-62. and get this, all five pac-12 schools are still alive, heading into the round of 32. texas turned it over 23 times. had enough here at the end. andrew jones with 20 seconds left. texas up one. abilene responded. the ref said reggie miller got fouled here. two free throws later, the wildcats led by one. desperation time for the longhorns. this one had no chance. and abilene christian, 150 miles from dallas earned its first division one ncaa tournament win 53-52. and my virginia cavaliers, oh, not the defending champions anymore, but tony bennet's team was smacked with a covid issue. didn't arrive until yesterday and didn't have it against ohio.
11:29 pm
in green, 11 seed ohio with ben roderick here. hit the shot as the clock expired. the bobcats won it 62-58. tears for the cavaliers. i feel for you, little fella. virginia knocked off by a double digit seed for the second time in three years. how about cory crisper and gonzaga? they steam roll along, and tonight norfolk state was in the way. look at this. that is school yard sickness right there. the zags took them down 98-55. the top seed remains unbeaten. and my favorite of the night. ncaa wrestling championships. stanford's shane griffith in the dark black ring let rolled him over and took down jake windsell and the 150-pound weight cross to win the ncaa championship. a bittersweet win because wrestling is one of 11 sports stanford is eliminating at the
11:30 pm
end of the school year. there were chants of save stanford wrestling cascading from the crowd as griffith, an eight seed, beat the number one seed and then took down young jake wentzel tonight to win it all. you would think stanford with that endowment and all that revenue would be able to save 11 sports to keep them going. >> well, what would griffith do next year if wrestling does go away? he's only a sophomore. >> he's only a sophomore. that gives him options. i think something's got to happen at the
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thanks so much for watching. our next local newscast is tomorrow morning from 6:00 to 7:00. >> darren peck will be live on that newscast, and so he's going to go home and get some sleep,
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