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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  March 22, 2021 9:00pm-9:30pm PDT

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breaking news now on this 9 edition of kpix5 news, at least ten dead including a police officer when shots rang out in a colorado grocery store. >> active shooter, get away! >> bang, bang, bang and i immediately sprinted over to her, we got to get out of here. plus another attack on an asian-american in san francisco, this time a veteran of the u.s. army. >> when he noticed me, he got aggressive and charged across the street. go back where you came from. tonight more people eligible to get a vaccine in one bay area county as others struggle with supply shortages. and moving into the orange
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tier, the bay area counties that could be easing health restrictions in less than 48 hours. we begin tonight with that breaking news out of boulder, colorado, police confirming a man opened fire inside this grocery store killing at least ten people including the first police officer on the scene. good evening. i'm ken bastida. >> i'm elizabeth cook. reporter chris martinez has the latest on this horrific crime. >> could be in the store. >> he went in there. >> he went in the store? >> he went right down there. >> oh, my god. guys, we got people down inside king soopers. >> reporter: dean schiller live streamed this video on youtube. >> there's a shooter, active shooter. get away! >> reporter: after arriving at a king soopers grocery store in boulder. shoppers inside heard multiple gunshots including newlyweds never in and quinnlan sloan who prayed after they escaped. >> we started hearing more like
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bang, bang, bang, bang and i like sprinted over, just like told her hey, we need to get out of here and i pushed open the emergency door and i think we were the first to be out because we like triggered the alarm in the store. >> reporter: police say ten people were killed including 51- year-old boulder police officer eric talley who served on the force since 2010 called a hero after people reported a man firing a patrol rifle. >> officer talley responded to the scene, was the first on the scene and he was fatally shot. >> reporter: police led a man in handcuffs whose leg was bloodied out of the store and into an ambulance. they say he's the only suspect. >> there is no ongoing public threat, that we do have a person of interest in custody. that person was injured during the incident and is being treated for the injuries. >> reporter: the shooting prompted a massive response from local police departments. >> without that quick response we don't know if there would
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have been more loss of life. >> reporter: officers led those inside the store to safety. ryan borowski got out uninjured. >> somebody had their hand on my back. i had my hand on somebody's back and we were just saying go, go, go, run! >> reporter: police say they don't know if the suspect has any connection to the store. chris martinez, cbs news. >> white house press secretary jen tweeting that president biden had been briefed on the developments. a live look at san francisco tonight, now we are learning of another disturbing attack against a member of the asian community, this time it's a military veteran who was assaulted. kpix5's betty yu spoke to the 56-year-old victim tonight. betty. >> ken, we're learning about violence against asian- americans here in the bay area daily perform tonight a long
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time san francisco resident talks about getting verbally and physically assaulted for wearing a veteran's hat. ron twasan shared these photos with kpix5 after he said a man yelled racial insults and punched him multiple times knocking him to the ground march 13th at ocean and plymouth avenues. he was wearing this veteran's hat at the time. >> and when he noticed me, he got aggressive and charged across the street, go back where you came from. you caused this problem referring to covid and do you want to get hurt? you're not a veteran. i'm a veteran. >> reporter: twasan who is of filipino, chinese and spanish descent said he'd been waiting at the bus stop carrying grocery and was using a cane. police said he tried to deescalate the situation. it didn't work. >> i had one arm out, my left arm, but he sidestepped that and came in from the outside
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and he way laid me and he laid me out right here and it was very swollen. there was a chain link fence and i hit the steel post. >> reporter: twasan is a proud veteran who was a combat engineer in louisiana and germany in the 1980s. >> because of the color of my skin and because i like to wear a hat that says, "i served," that people who already minorities that are often neglected, overlooked, invisible, we served. >> reporter: sfpd said they have arrested 53-year-old victor brown for assault and battery with a hate crime enhancement. he had three prior arrest warrants. coming up at 11 p.m. i asked sfpd chief scott and the district attorney about how they're responding to this rise in crime against asians in san francisco. >> you can watch our kpix5 special "asians under attack, the bay area reacts" in full on our website, you'll also find a list of
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resources where you can go for information or donate to help the aapi community. now to the fight against the coronavirus, while
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vaccinations at times, it doesn't anticipate having to cancel any appointments as it opens up eligibility to the next tier residents.
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last week contra costa county opened up its eligibility to anyone 16 and older with an underlying medical condition and that still stands here in contra costa. >> thank you. to find out if you are eligible for a shot, head to our website to check out our resource guide. taking a live look at san jose tonight, santa clara county one of three bay area counties expected to enter the less restrictive orange tier this week clearing the way for more reopenings. kpix5's maria medina is live in santa clara county with more on the expected announcement. maria? >> reporter: well, it's not just santa clara county, but also marin and san francisco counties that could enter the orange tier this week. we'll know more from the governor tomorrow. meanwhile business owners are
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already preparing. yoga six co-owner's tony king is pumped her mountain view studio may soon be allowed to run at 25% capacity for the first time since opening their doors several months ago. >> i kept thinking certainly this isn't going to happen, but each day gets closer. i'm so excited. >> reporter: under the state's restrictions tony says they've lost money each month. >> i feel like this is the path where we might actually get to a point where we could be profitable. >> it's been very difficult. it's been very difficult with all these changes like they close and they reopen. >> reporter: if the county enters the orange tier, restaurants like left bank brass and santana row will be able to operate indoors at 50% capacity up from the current 25%. gabriel lopez says if they can fill tables in and outdoors, it would essentially be like filling the restaurant. this would allow them to bring back workers they were forced
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to lay off and even hire some people. >> it's very difficult for all the employees that when we shut down, we need to lay them off. >> reporter: at least one sector will be operate to operate the first time since the pandemic began if we do, in fact, enter the orange tier this week. we'll have more of that at 11:00. >> maria medina reporting live from santa clara county, thank you. a lot of students in alameda county returned to the classroom today. the livermore valley joint unified district welcomed students back. elementary students returning four mornings per week for now, middle and high schoolers having the option to go in two mornings per week in rotating groups. all the students will have the option to continue remote learning. >> everybody feels really good that we have a handle at least locally. we're in the red tier. all indications are we're going to be in the orange tier. so i feel like we have a lot of
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hope. we're pretty optimistic we're through the worst of things. >> and more than 80% of the teachers there in the district have had at least one co coronavirus shot. still ahead the group hoping to add an extra sense of safety to san jose's town. plus it will be windy enough to fire an iron kite in the bay area the next 24 hours, the details on the forecast and a warm-up especially this weekend as we look live over san francisco. we'll be back with the forecast when we come back.
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a live look at san jose where a new community group began patrolling in japan town today. a retired police officer is leading the effort to protect the asian community after
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recent violent attacks. volunteers will keep an eye out for potential trouble. if they see any, they'll record it for the police department. the group will also urge elderly people to be on alert and more aware of their surroundings. meanwhile san mateo county could become a zero tolerance hate zone. supervisors are introducing a bill that would essentially unify the d.a.'s office, police departments and surrounding cities behind a single clear stance against hate crimes. the county board of supervisors is expected to vote on the bill in two weeks. expanding its service after seeing an uptick in ridership, 52,000 people a day now riding b.a.r.t. again and while that's down from prepandemic numbers, 400,000, the agency says it is progress. and beginning today trains began arriving and departing from platform 3 at the millbrae station. weekday richmond riders will have a one-seat ride to sfo
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instead of having to transfer at macarthur station. agents are added at the antioch station and saturday service will match sunday service. >> we don't want to put out too much service because we have to be really, really wise with our money and we really have to operate as lean as possible because we're very concerned about ridership over the next few years. >> there are also some changes on caltrain. services will increase from 68 to 70 trains. it will be operating weekday first morning trains as local trains. beginning this weekend it will provide service to and from the tamian station. four young ladies from marin are honored this evening. they're among the first women in the country to achieve the rank of eagle scout, the highest honor of the boy scouts
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of america. at a ceremony today representative jared huffman awarded the girls a congressional award for being youth trail blazers. it typically takes four to five years to get the eagle scout honor, but these ladies wasted no time and got it done in less than two years. >> wow, wow, wow. brian hackney standing by to talk about a little breeze that will be blowing through. >> yeah. it's already begun tonight and will continue tomorrow especially. it's the offshore pattern we get during the fall that's visiting us in the spring. right now we've got partly cloudy skies in the south bay. the numbers are mostly in the 50s and the low pressure sliding east of the bay area is close enough to this high that the gradients tighten up. we get pretty good winds. right now they're up to 20 miles an hour around parts of the bay area and as the night goes on, the winds pick up. tomorrow they'll be 15 to 30- mile an hour wind advisory posted. tuesday and wednesday things finally begin to relax.
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tomorrow we've got wind advisories posted, always the potential for power outages because of downed trees and power lines. tomorrow clear for the bay area with plenty of sunshine. numbers are warming up, too. we'll building in the low 70s by the time we get to tuesday and wednesday we cloud it up again, but tomorrow's clear, wednesday increasing clouds. pollen is up with the sunshine popping everything around the bay area. if you're allergic to mulberry and oak, it's going to be a problem. so partly cloudy and breezy tonight. tomorrow will be breezy as well, but increasing sunshine and doesn't look like there's any rain in sight all the way through the weekend. forecast highs are now 7 to 8 degrees above average, so numbers really take a bump tuesday. it will be a great beach day if you can swing it. overnight lows tonight, we'll be down to 38 degrees in santa rosa, down in the south bay low 40s, daytime highs tomorrow coming up to 71 in santa clara, 70 at campbell, 71 in san jose, 70 at milpitas. in the east bay plenty of sunshine, but windier with
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gusts up to 25 miles an hour north-northeasterly, in the north bay as well with rohnert park 68 degrees, around ukiah 68 and the extended forecast windy tomorrow, wednesday warmest day of the week. we get more clouds coming in thursday and friday, but look at the weekend. by the time we get to saturday, sunday and monday we will be in the mid-70s, the warmest readings of the new year so far. so a warm weekend on tap which makes some of your dreams come true. in fact, it's making a lot of people's dreams come troupe. true. steve kerr calls
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the day can wait. enter the golden state with real california dairy.
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everybody, the warriors host the sixers tomorrow at chase center. they'll be without steph curry, going to miss his third straight game with a introduced tailbone. steve kerr is upset about how he was portrayed on a recent podcast during which he compared last year's 50-loss team to the 2019 team which lost in the nba finals. it was also kevin durant's final year in golden state. so kerr said a member of the media took his statements out of context. >> that is the furthest thing from the truth. it was a terribly unfair shot,
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completely taking something out of context to the point where people are going to read it and think that that was my quote, but to take that comment and put it into a tweet and send it out into the universe was so irresponsible and damaging and i'm angry. sad news from the nba. hall of fame basketball player elgin baylor passed away monday. he played 14 seasons with the lakers averaging 27 points and 13 rebounds per game for his career. after his playing days were over baylor served as general manager for the clippers for over two decades. elgin baylor was 86 years old. 49er news, safety tart is coming back on a one year deal. he was a starter since 2016 but struggled to stay healthy. he's missed 30 games in the last four seasons. >> for me it was like i haven't been the most available player, so maybe they don't want me of
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back. so i mean i'm glad i'm here. the giants lost to the white sox in the cactus lead today. big day yesterday for yaz who homered, tripled against the dodgers and finished eighth in the mvp voting in 2020, still have to pinch himself that all this success has come so late in his career. he was my guest last night on gameday. >> it's surreal. it's what i always dreamed of and really the only way that i kind of keep perspective on it is that i just wanted one day in the big leagues and every day after that is a bonus and so i'm still playing with house money right now and so it's really fun to show up to the ballpark every day and i'm really trying to enjoy every second of it because you never know what will happen or when the game will be taken away from you. all the march madness highlights coming up after
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...and you... and you... with the best bargains ever... ross. yes for less! this is the northern honda california gameday. >> i'm extremely happy for the pac-12 conference. maybe now we'll get some respect. >> respect, coverage of march madness continues right now. hey, everybody, i'm dennis o'donnell joined by kpix5 basketball analyst and we've heard the no respect complaint now from wayne tinkle and mick cronin of ucla. they're proving it not with their mouths, but with their teams. >> the pac-12's played great. you cannot deny what they've been able to do and i think there's more to come.


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