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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  March 24, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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scene with details on how this whole thing unfolded. >> reporter: just a few minutes ago we saw police combing the grass near where we are standing. still a pretty heavy police presence at this hour. this is where the shooting took place, on this on-ramp of highway 84. we will bring you pictures from chopper 5, you can see heavily armored police vehicle surrounding a car and we are learning a few more details. including that this started as a police chase, one fremont officer fired his gun, that officer is okay but it's unclear why the chase began in the first place. we do know by looking at our video, one person is down but police have not identified who that is in relation to the case. if you are thinking about coming here, the eastbound lanes on highway 84 near
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ardenwood boulevard are shut down. and i want to give you the lay of the land over here. if we swing over to my side we can see that this area has a lot of retail and restaurants, and as the photographer swings to the back you can see this is a main intersection and traffic is backing up. very lucky that no one else was hurt, we are working on gathering more details but again, this area is backed up with traffic. >> here's a look at our traffic map, eastbound lanes on highway 84 still shut down, one westbound lane is open, police are urging drivers to avoid the area and take alternate routes. let's take you back out live, the kpix 5 app is your source
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for breaking news. you can use the qr code on your screen to download the app. a star athlete is being remembered tonight, he was killed along with two others in a horrific car crash. kiet do is at monroe high school where oscar went to school. >> reporter: oscar was a star here on the basketball courts that helped launch him to stardom. they declined and on camera interview but said please hold their loved ones in prayer during this difficult time. from his last game at the big dance to his very first at the same beads in hayward, his mentor said with oscar it was never really just about
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basketball. >> i want stories to be told about the humanness of him, beyond just stardom. he carried himself with a tremendous amount of dignity. >> reporter: after his father died in a car crash he was raised by his single mother, he was a gifted athlete but also kind, gentle and beyond the humble. >> he didn't want to shoot the ball and scored 30 points, he always wanted to be a team guy. >> reporter: oscar helped to defeat sacramento high in 2016. listen to how he answers a question about sacramento star solomon young. >> it seems that you were able to stop him. >> he is a monster. all props to him. >> reporter: at grand canyon university he was one of the teams greatest hopes at a run at an ncaa title.
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grand canyon brought him back in his fifth year and he owned up to it. >> my mother has been my back on through it all. you got to make decisions, having the will and the want to be better on the court and off the court. >> we talk about black lives matter, oscar exemplified the depths of what a black man can be through perseverance and resiliency. >> reporter: as you can imagine, a lot of shock and sadness across the ncaa with friends, players and coaches tweeting out that he was an elite player. may he rest in peace. >> the chp adds that the two officers injured in the crash are expected to survive. they both have a long road to recovery that are doing better. some shaking this afternoon
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in the south bay, a 3.3 magnitude earthquake hit just after 3:00 east of gilroy. a good reminder to be earthquake ready. warnings to conserve water following another dry winter. kenny choi shows us what is being done to manage a very tight water supply. >> reporter: pumping water out of phoenix lake is not done very often. >> we are doing everything we can to manage our supply efficiently. >> reporter: last time the water district transferred water was in 2013 afte last significant drought. take a look at where the water level used to be and where itey when it's typically at 90% for this time of the year. the district has been posting signs saying the drought is here, conserve water. >> it unlikely to be able to
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fulfill everyone's needs, so we had to move to drought management. >> reporter: the resources control board sent notices this week to 45 water rights owners urging them to plan for potential shortages by reducing water use. >> drought impacts increase with duration. >> reporter: extremely dry conditions prompted the state water project with users in the east and south bay 2/its projected delivery from 10% to 5%. >> we are tracking right around those 2014 and 2015 levels. the difference between now and then is that the snowpack is much better now. >> drought is one thing that can really impact rates, but we need to be that generally the cost of water
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continues to increase and it could lead to affordability challenges. >> for the record, the u.s. drought monitor estimates 85% of california is in some state of drought right now. 30% is in extreme or exceptional drought. still ahead on kpix 5 and cbsn bay area, we hear from a man who took heroic actions to stop a sexual assault at the south bay train station. plus, what southbay officers are doing to ease fears from an onslaught of attacks on asian americans. later, hotels, flipping the lights back on. why the tourism industry is seeing a boost.
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we are hearing from the men that stopped an attempted sexual assault in san jose that is being described as a hate crime. devin fehely spoke exclusively with the good samaritan. >> reporter: this good samaritan that stepped in to help this woman said it was not heroism, he said it was instinct, adrenaline and quite frankly red-hot anger at what he was witnessing, a woman being assaulted in the tunnel of the train station behind me. the good samaritan said he had just gotten off the train at
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the diridon station , he went down the stairs to the tunnel that connects the platform to the main station and heard a woman screaming. he said fear and terror and desperation was evident in the tone of her voice. he raced to her aid, so the victim flat on her back being tossed side to side like a ragdoll, the attacker pulling her hair and pinning her to the ground. he said he jumped into action and was able to scare the guy off and then followed him as he tried to escape until police arrived. >> i was just so angry at the guy for doing that. i went right to him. i wanted to go forward and let we have your back. this is not all evil that would keep you in your house and shivering and shaking to not go out again. people have your back. >> reporter: san jose police
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arrested the suspect and the district attorney's office has charged him with assault and attempted rape, they also tacked on hate crime because he allegedly yelled anti-asian slurs before, during and after the attack. >> that good samaritan was in the right place at the right time, pretty amazing he was able to act that quickly. in light of these recent attacks, san jose police are putting their feet to the pavement to make the community feel a bit safer. a group of officers walk to the downtown is a area and they say the extra patrols are giving officers a chance to better connect with people. still ahead, hotels flipping the lights on and join customers back in. the northbay tourism industry is getting off the pandemic
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roller coaster. we will be climbing onto the temperature roller coaster over the next couple
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it is a big day for three bay area counties, marin, santa clara and san francisco counties are all officially in
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the orange reopening tear. now they can all boost to capacity in places like places of worship, and jams and restaurants. >> wilson walker talked with some business owners. >> we get a lot of people that are celebrating birthdays that already happened, friends they want to see again, family they have not seen in a year. >> reporter: business has been picking up, and now it stretches out across the calendar. >> people thinking he, i can think about august, september or july. we are before people were really thinking on a week to week basis. >> people who are getting vaccinated are booking travel into the future. >> reporter: it could be a wonderful equation for places like the russian river. all the pent-up travel demand
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plus the complexities of the cost for traveling long distance. >> you don't have to go very far, staying kind of within your bubble. >> reporter: as landmark spots reopen no one is talking about the tourist versus local safety tensions that surfaced when they opened briefly last summer. >> now it's like welcome back, soon enough. >> reporter: and that feeling that the crowds are coming back soon enough is building up a lot of confidence for a strong 2021. >> i think we are feeling cautiously optimistic. >> and practically brings tears to my eyes saying it because it's been such a stressful and hard year, and now, i think, a little bit of optimism is what
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everybody needs. >> reporter: i was up here last summer when they tried to reopen for about a month and then all the circumstances that put the kibosh on that faster than they could get going. it was just another tough time for a community that has seen plenty of it over the last couple of years. it was one of those moments where i thought what will it be like to cover the end of the pandemic. today felt like that a little bit. you can hear people talking about the end, better times ahead. it's nice to be covering that story. >> i guess after a year it is kind of nice to see, more than a big light at the end of the tunnel. wilson, thank you. >> and it could not have been a prettier day. really encouraging people to get outside and see what there is to see. >> especially inland, temperatures got up to the 70s.
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and tomorrow will be a colder day and we will go up and down over the next several days, there is a storm system that will affect our weather but it won't send any rain into the bay area. just breezy conditions, but an onshore breeze, and that means colder conditions along the bay and the coast. but it is a one-day cooldown, temperatures will start warming up on friday was really warm conditions kicking in over the weekend. our wind will be directed directly offshore. and because it will be closer to us, the wind will be a lot lighter. so just put up with the breezy day for tomorrow, along with that cloud and fog cover as well. that will continue tonight, but any hint of moisture, blink and you will miss it. maybe a sprinkle or two in the
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santa cruz mountains and diablo range. as we had farther into the day tomorrow, we will start to see the sunshine breaking through. right now the clouds and fog increasing, 53 degrees downtown, further inland, temperatures mostly still in the 60s, this evening's pup for the dog walking forecast comes from san francisco. temperatures are going to be cool, but not changing a whole lot from here, very gradual cooldown, but the clouds that we are seeing will not drop any rain on us. temperatures will end up in the 40s across the board by early tomorrow morning. more variation to temperatures by tomorrow afternoon. mid to upper 50s along the
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coast, low to mid 60s along the bay, and then farther into the 60s as we go farther inland, back into the 70s inland on friday, 70s around the bay, and really warm conditions sticking around for the weekend with another warm-up by the middle of next week. the cbs evening news is coming up. >> years margaret brennan with a preview. >> good evening, coming up after kpix 5 news at 6:00, our series, women in the pandemic. why it's more important than ever to keep up with routine cancer screenings. i'm dennis o coming up in sports, richard sherman appears to be the odd man out in the secondary. and why steph curry's
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dennis is here now with sports and the latest on the 49ers and free agency. >> yeah, richard sherman was not joking around when he said it would take a miracle to come back to the 49ers. san francisco has signed for cornerbacks, none named richard sherman. but k-1 williams is returning on a one year deal. williams has become a key part
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of the warning under secondary over the last four seasons. the jaguars signed cj battered. he started four games over four seasons, and kevin coleman is signing with the jets. kevin gausman has been named the giants opening starter next thursday. the home opener is on april 9th. steph curry will be out at least another week, he still shooting shots though, on sesame street. steph and aisha curry will be on a new episode tomorrow and show why breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
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(whispering)that's my mom. please, go to right now and give your monthly support. let's repeat history today and in the future lives of children who still need our help. i don't know about you, but i say that's a history that's worth repeating. join with thousands of other caring people who give their monthly support by calling or going online right now. let's get you an update on the breaking news at a fremont. authorities are investigating a deadly officer involved shooting. the chp saying it began as a police chase just before 3:00 in fremont and ended in the eastbound lanes of highway 84 near ardenwood historic farm. one person in an suv was shot and killed by an officer. >> only one westbound lane is open, we will bring you the
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very latest updates coming up on the kpix 5 news at 7:00 . thank you for watching at 6:00, ♪ ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> brennan: tonight, the search for a motive in that colorado massacre, hours before the alleged killer appears in court. sources tell cbs news, investigators are narrowing in on possible mental illness as they dig into the 21-year-old shooter's bizarre behavior and his past. what he asked police when blacke attacking a classmate. plus, remembering the fallen. hee beloved supermarkeve taking point: the biden administration allows in a television camera for the first time to get a look in a holding facility for migrant children, as president biden puts his vice president in charge of the


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