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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  March 25, 2021 1:37am-2:12am PDT

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now at 11:00, and east bay community reeling after a school board trustee is killed in a freak accident. >> she died giving back to our
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school. new details emerging on a deadly police shooting on and alameda freeway. what should you do if you witness a hate incident? tonight we get some answers amid a disturbing spike in attacks against asian americans. now at 11:00 and streaming on cbsn bay area, the city of dublin grieving tonight over a loss of a beloved member of the community. catherine called died at a tragic accident at phelan middle school. andrea nakano joins us live from dublin tonight. >> reporter: the accident happened just before noon here at the school during a food giveaway. there is a memorial set up, she is a wife, a mother of two and there are no words to express
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the devastating loss this community has suffered. >> she died giving back to our scols,he died vonteeng accit tragic and >> repr: duin policesay the at around 11:45. 48-year-old catherine kuo was handing out food when she was pinned between two cars. parents are in complete shock. >> just an accident that no one wanted to happen. >> reporter: kuo was first elected to the school board in 2019 and just appeared to the first in board meeting in a year on tuesday night. >> this is about protecting our frail elderly and our women. i've never been afraid to walk. >> she found herself on our
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school board because so many people loved her and encouraged her. gofundme account was set up to help pay for funeral expenses but eight is also hope to bring the family some comfort. >> if people can just leave a kind message, so that when he does have the time and the strength to read through the comments. >> reporter: the district says it has set up a memorial and they have set up grief counseling services to help the community deal with this devastating loss. >> truly de the bay area is remembering a star college athlete, and oakland native was killed in a car crash on his way home from that ncaa tournament the 23-
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year-old is shown putting up some points from grand canyon university. past videos show his dedication to this board and his family. his longtime mentor says he will be sorely missed. >> my mother has been my backbone through it all. to make decisions you've got to change. >> i want big stories to be told about the humanness of him, beyond just start him. he was very human in carried himself with the tremendous amount of dignity. nude details emerging in the deadly officer involved shooting in fremont. the suspect was wanted for a robbery and was behind the wheel of a stolen car. maria medina is in fremont where she spoke to a woman who captured the aftermath on camera. >> reporter: highway 84 near ardenwood boulevard shas the li
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opping area. you know, tthe sus shots fired, shots fired. >> reporter: tonight a suspect who investigators say was armed with a gun is dead after a fremont police officer shot and killed him just before 3:00 this afternoon. >> he had fled chp and was on the city streets. and the officer just happened to be there. >> reporter: paula captured the video of the scene right near highway 84. >> the suspect was not responsive. >> reporter: she heard that the suspect was wanted in an armed robbery. >> he stopped at a panda express and played chicken with the officer and then he took off. >> reporter: when you say playing chicken with him, what
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you mean? >> meaning he really did not intend to stop. he stopped enough for the officer to try to get out of the car and then move. >> nothing like that before with so many cops responding. >> reporter: police did not say why the officer felt forced to fire, paula believes the officer had no other choice. >> we are having big trouble hearing fremont. >> reporter: the california highway patrol is now handling the case but did not release any details on the suspect. a live look from capitol hill tonight, and just a few hours chief executives of facebook, twitter and google will all be testifying on hearing in silicon valley's role in promoting extremism and misinformation. they are also expected to weigh in on possible changes to the law should that shields tech companies from liability for content posted by their users. this all comes as a new report
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claims militia groups are thriving on facebook despite vows to crack down after the insurrection at the u.s. capitol. this report from the tech transparency project claims that hundreds of far right militia groups are still organizing and still recruiting through the social media site. we've reached out to facebook for comment but have not heard back. also in washington tomorrow president joe biden will hold his first press conference and is likely to field questions about immigration and gun control. the letter comes after the president called on the senate to move forward with two bills aimed at reducing gun violence following this week's mass shooting in boulder colorado. meanwhile several vigils are happening in boulder tonight to remember the lives lost in that shooting area nancy chan spoke with some friends and family members of the thames. >> reporter: the uncle of 25- year-old rikki olds says there
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is a hole in the family that won't be filled. >> we will try to fill it with memories. >> reporter: olds who was killed with nine others in the nation's second massacre in a week work at the market for more than seven years. another victim's daughter spoke out about the loss. police say the suspect in custody was convicted of his demeanor assault for beating up a fellow student while in high school. he said he'd been bullied by the student for a year because of his background. although dozens of witnesses said the attack was unprovoked, he said he was so angry that he blacked out. he is expected to make his first court appearance on thursday as the nation mourns, there was a procession that made its way to honor the fallen boulder police officer, eric talley who was killed after arriving on the scene.
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>> right now the fbi is coming through the suspects online activity, interviewing people who knew him, in hopes of figuring out why the pet was ta still ahead, amid a troubling rise in hate incidents targeting asian americans, experts explain how you can help without putting yourself in danger. >> you still want to be able to really validate the person who was harassed. pride celebration returning to san francisco. what to expect when the big event takes its long-awaited return. more bay area neighborhoods are being added to the list of potential tsunami
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let's take a live look at san jose where we are hearing from a area man who stop an attack on an asian woman. the attack happened in the tunnel at the diridon train brd
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woman on the ground and some men pulling her by the hair. he rushed over and followed the suspect as he tried to get away. >> the best sound i heard in my life was the clink of the handcuffs. she had told me that the man had come up with a chokehold behind her and brought her down to the ground. that's where i came upon him and he said [ bleep ] asians >> leo: asians. >> he said he acted on your instinct and adrenaline. new at 11:00, betty yu joint is now with a look at how bystanders can help without putting themselves in danger. >> reporter: every situation is different, we have seen so many brazen attacks against asian americans captured on cell phones. and intervention expert says getting involved doesn't always mean having to get in the face of the perpetrator.
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we've seen verbal attacks like this ceo who harassed an asian family having dinner. the waitress intervened. we've also seen physical attacks, a woman dragged by a car during a robbery on sunday afternoon. some bystanders rushed to help her. there are a lot of different scenarios but what do we do is bystanders? >> do something. >> reporter: cat shay is a anti- hate coordinator and started offering intervention courses in the fall. up until january she would normally get up to about 30 people per webinar. now i have a 600 emails in my inbox that i can't even get to. escalated a lot. >> what are some of the
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impacts? this is a sample of an online course where she teaches direct and indirect ways to help including creating any sort of distraction to derail the attacker. call for a person of authority and checking in with the victim. >> you can even console and support somebody after the fact because you still want to be able to really validate and center the person who was harassed. >> shay herself says she was assaulted by a man asking for a dollar. >> i slowly get back up and realize i'm a little bruised and i look around and everyone is still just going about their day. >> it took her several months to even find the courage to report what happened to her. she said creating safe space for victims should be a priority so we could give them an option to leave a dangerous situation. and when we say distract that
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could be as simple as honking your car horn. >> also, open your eyes and your ears, look at the person doing this, get a description and a license number. remember these things, and you can help out. governor newsom has nominated bay area assembly men rob bonta to be the next attorney general. if confirmed he will be the states first filipino ag. >> ensuring that we have the top cop in the state of california as someone of asian pacific islander dissent, especially in this time in which we see an increase in hate crimes. >> one of the most painful things in these hate crimes is that they seem to be swept under the rug. that no one cares, that those lives and those people were not valued. i value them and i see them. i will say it loud and i will say it clear.
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>> bonta has pushed criminal justice reform including ending the cash bail system. he could meet resistance as he creates an office dedicated to police shootings. the cities of pride celebration is on the calendar for june. no parade again this year due to the pandemic, but there will be a few in-person events. a centerpiece typically draws thousands of people to market street. instead, the city is hosting a pride movie night at oracle park. of black liberation event and the pride expo according to the board of directors. the theme this year is all in this together. san francisco desperately needs of visitors. new data shows covid's devastating impacts to tourism in the city. according to the travel association, about 10 million people visited san francisco
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last year, believe it or not, that is a 60% decrease from the 26 million people that visited the city from the year before. spending was also down from $10 million in 2019 to just $2 million in 2020. looking live at sfo, international travel took the biggest hit last year when traffic fell almost 80%. some shaking this afternoon in the south bay, 3.3 magnitude earthquake hit just after 3:00 in the hills east of gilroy. a good reminder to be earthquake ready and tsunami aware. that state is anymore bay area neighborhoods to hazard areas that could be prone to flooding. the green is deemed safe and updated map shows one big change at half moon bay. neighborhoods in alameda, oakland and berkeley could also
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be flooded at up to 18 foot elevation. well it won't happen tonight. that's for sure. no rain on the way. and we are actually going in the other direction. >> we will be dry for a while, there is a hint of moisture futurecast for tomorrow morning and then that is it for the next seven days. some areas of dense fog will be developing as we go through the night. it will be breezy and cooler tomorrow, but even the cold and just opus down to what is normal for late march. then we start warming up on friday and that will continue into the last weekend of march. especially for inland portions of the bay area. the cloud cover is in the process of building, but it won't be completely overcast to start the day but we will see more clouds than sun shine. there is that hint of moisture
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in the santa cruz mountains and diablo range. that's it, blink and you will miss it. the great, indicated by the cloud cover will gradually diminish. we should see a more mix of cotton sunshine by thursday afternoon. the rate at which the sun breaks through the clouds will determine how much we warm-up. there is some fog in the distance just starting to develop, temperatures in the upper 40s and low 50s with not a lot of variation. we will end up in the 40s tomorrow morning. this is a normal looking temperature map for this time of the year. we are forecasting exactly normal high temperatures for san francisco, oakland and concord. san jose, you will be a bit below average because the cloud cover and fog will have a little bit of a tougher time
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clearing out. otherwise, low 60s for the south bay and santa clara valley. so around 67 degrees for concord, approaching 70 in fairfield but everyone stays at least a little below 70 tomorrow. those temperatures, early afternoon, then they will start backing off as the onshore breeze starts to kick in. back into the 70s inland on friday and 70s around the bay, with more warm weather on the way next week, it could approach 80 degrees inland for the last day of march on wednesday. the 49ers lost one of their quarterbacks, and yes, it's heating up with the real deal just around the corner, we are up next.
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tomorrow night on the road to recovery, bay area scientists are taking a deep look into how long covid vaccines will end up protecting you. >> we've learned a lot about how vaccines work. but they don't work the same for everyone. >> our goal is to find the protective factors for people. >> what you can do to try to booster antibodies, and the
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dennis is here now with the sports, and it hasn't been a great year for the sharks except when they play the rivals to the south. >> exactly, it's been a rough go. the sharks have a winning record against the two teams, 4- 0-1 against the ducks and they will go three and one against the canes. now just 13 games away for patrick tying the record. alex then cut the sharks lead in health.
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but then, a second goal of the game and minutes later, a little endurance and the sharks went 4-2. the 49ers are bringing back k'waun williams. he was feared to be headed to the jets but he was one of the reagents they were able to bring back. c.j. beathard is not among them, he signed with the jaguars. gausman will be the giants opening day starter in seattle on1st. meanwhile, anthony piscotty, had a strikeout with an e.r.a.
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of .323. third home run of the spring, the giants had four home runs and beat san diego 7-3. give me a wednesday night top five. angel infielder jose iglesias, from his rear he got the run. over the weekend sean murphy smashed this ball into the stand and knocked over someone's beer. the photographer captured the moment of impact. rory mcelroy found that drink but not the pond. somebody's backyard pool. and jordan spieth had a tee shot ricocheted onto the 15th green. cantley missed the part and it
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did not cost the match. 35 points in the game for jordan nixon and the aggies are headed for their third straight read in the stanford women
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good german man is on a mission to put together the
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world's largest jigsaw puzzle. >> he's been working on this latest project for 4 1/2 months. so far he's put together more than 54,000 pieces. the work measures more than 28 feet long, six feet high but he still has a ways to go before he breaks the world record which was set back in 2011 in vietnam. that puzzle measured a whopping 76 feet long and 48
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