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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5am  CBS  March 26, 2021 5:00am-5:58am PDT

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a court request to reopen san francisco's schools just shot down. why the judge says legal action is unnecessary. plus, the bay area banding together to protect our asian- american community. the show of support happening. >> i'm len kiese. >> i'm michelle griego. no jacket necessary. hey, your weekend weather is going to be a good one and mary, this is just the beginning of a warmup. >> yes. get ready for it. we're looking at temperatures on the rise as we head through today, well above average for this time of year and even warmer into our weekend, so happy friday to you. so glad it is friday. here is a live look at san francisco. you can see the temperatures, a chilly start, down to the 30s and 40s so colder compared to yesterday morning. you might need the jacket first thing. not through the afternoon. through the day, upper 60s in
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san francisco. mid-70s for san jose as well as for concord. highs running about 7 to 9 degrees above average for this time of year. sunshine through our day. we'll talk about the weekend forecast coming up. here is anand how are the roads out there? >> i know, just a little bit of slowdown. so far an easy commute for the most part of the major freeways. past that point, things are looking a lot better. that earlier trouble spot eastbound 580 at flynn road has been cleared. the travel times in the green, so good news here. if you're talking the east shore freeway, highway 4 or 101 looking good in both directions and still in the green which is great news. >> kovec thcoans that make
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voting machines is suing fox news, dominion voting company, based in colorado is filing a $1.6 billion news. this is the defamation suit. the associated press got a copy and they did it to boost fall tering ratings as then president trump was fanning the flames of concern over voter fraud in the election. so far no word yet from fox news. back to you. >> we will by my 100th day in office given 200 million shots in people's arms. >> president biden announcing his next vaccine goal. he said yesterday no other country has come close to that number. and here in california, a vaccine is expanding to all a
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ult dinosaur.s. >> in one week eligibility open toss those 50 and up. but the unexpected rush in demand has health officials in the south bay worried. here is more. kit. >> reporter: good morning. you know last week the santa clara county announced they had to cancel 8700 appointments who were supposed to get their doses this week so when you had a not 400,000 people on the eligibility list in five days and another million people on top of that two weeks later, this indeed has them worried. vaccine supply has been a trickle down here with 58,000 doses coming in next week. it has been a frustrating experience for many, but yesterday governor newsom made some bold comments about the supply.
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>> we have confidence now the manufactured supply is becoming available sooner than we anticipated. >> we have the capacity to vaccinate over 200,000 in our country and we're doing a third of that. also, something new from the governor, if you take a family member or someone eligible for the vaccine but you're not eligible, then now you can possibly get the dose if you are not eligible but that is up to the health provider to make that decision. they have the discretion to give you a shot if they have the doses. back to you. >> all right. thank you. >> >> and to find out if you are eligible for a shot and where you can sign up, head to we are learning the first confirmed case of the brazil coronavirus variant has been detected in santa clara county. here is what we know. this is the sixth case reported in the state in the past ten days. the santa clara county case is a person who tested positive in the middle of march after
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traveling outside of california, but within the u.s. of the five other cases, four of those were in southern california. this comes amid a new projection from the university of washington. more than 600,000 people will have died from coronavirus in the u.s. by july 1st. that is nearly 4,000 more deaths than the previous forecast. developing this morning, the school district may be voting today on a reopening plan to bring students back on april 19th . this after the meeting stretched into the next morning without a final decision. many time, in san francisco, the city has been denied any emergency court order to force schools to return to in-person learning by the end of the april. the judge said the request was unnecessary and he cited a plan to bring back lower grades by ao r and repoed tremove
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allison collins from her role as vice president. it also means collins will no longer be on any committee for the gureration of her term after dis parking tweets she made in 2016 about the american asian community recently came to light. nearly 5,000 people signed a petition calling oncology lynns to resign. looking live to the east bay. chinatown chamber of commerce will be hosting a ral loy against aapi hate. the chamber plans to discuss shop oakland and the support aapi business campaign and they will advocate for public safety fund toss better protect the community. >> in san francisco today, youth activists are hosting a rise up with the asian's march. they will meet in union square. that starts at 12:30 this afternoon. and this was the scene at
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last night's rally in albany. roughly 100 people gathered at one of the busiest sections. they felt the need to stand up and denounce asian hate. >> >> san jose this morning, today there will be a meeting o santa clara county hate crimes task force. it will have more about hate incidents and crimes they experienced. that is at noon today on the county youtube channel. police in san jose are looking for a suspect in a triple shooting that happened around 9:00 last night in the willow creek neighborhood. three people were injured. one victim was left with life- threatening injuries. we just learned that victim is stable this morning. the other two are expected to survive. right now, it is not clear what led up to the shooting and there is no description of the person who pulled the trigger. the the time is 5:07. >> the immunity factor.
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>> if we can't maintain these antibodies we will be looking at flare-ups. hear from bay area scientists how to make your vaccine more effective and the critical role stress plays. >> get ready for sunny and warm temperatures for today. happy friday. mid-60s along the coast. low-to-mid 70s inland. even some spots into the upper 70s. and this is just a start, even warmer for the weekend. >> yes. happy friday. the freeways so far are friday light for the most part. i'll have a complete look at traffic coming right up. >> and here is a look outside. a live look for you from our cells first tough camera
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%fo >> it is 5:11. a storm watch update this morning the at least five people are dead after multiple powerful tornadoes tore through alabama yesterday. entire neighborhoods were destroyed. tens of thousands are without power this morning. several small planes were damaged. the tornadoes were so powerful
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the planes were flipped upside down. >> on the road to recovery. almost one in four californians is now partly vaccinated against the >> reporter: in this morning's original report, a lingering questions about the vaccine. how long will it protect you from the virus and what can you do to boost it? a push to find out. >> reporter: experts say vaccine immunity won't last forever. bay area scientists hope to identify way toss boost and keep your immune system juiced. >> more than a year into a terrible pandemic the experience las left many isolated, depressed and anxious. >> it threw a wrench in every one's plans. >> stressful in not le to go out every day. >> now with vaccinations picking up steam, i feel like there is light at the end of the tunnel. >> there is also, a lot of
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unanswered questions after big one. >> do you know how long immunity will last? i don't know. >> some believe it is good for at least six months, probably longer but it is too soon to tell. the virus is changing. >> we're in a race against these variants. >> and not everybody responds equally well to the same vaccine. >> we have learned a lot about how vaccines work, but they don't work the same for everyone. >> and it may depend on your immune system and whether it's has been compromised or weakened. >> those getting insufficient fish sleep exd stressfactors are going to have a real decline in their antibody response. >> they are gathering data on
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the vaccine's durability. their goal, to identify what antibody response to the covid vaccine. >> we're concerned with getting the vaccine and surviving this acute epidemic but if we can't maintain these antibodies we will be looking at flare-ups and needing more booster shots. >> the team is collecting blood from volunteers before and after their first covid shot. >> in the blood, scientists are not just measuring antibodies. they are also looking at immune cells and looking for something called a teal lamere. >> it is the protective tip at the end of the shoelace. >> dr. elizabeth blackburn won the noble price for these. seen here in green, they protect our chromosomes from damage and length matters. >> the length has been related to, you know how well, the immune system is holding up. >> the lodge ger, the better. >> the longer they are, the
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more our immune cells are able to replicate themselves and fight antigins. >> as to what shortens them? >> older age, lack of sleep and chronic we'll find that things like stress, things like positive emotions, things like sleep will all be related to how well people respond to this vaccine. >> it was really very simple. >> she volunteered so they could understand the viruses and ways to bolster our immune response. >> the more we learn about how our bodies can make antibodies and how well they will perform over time is really important to find out. >> as for the teal lameres, you can ling then them. eat healthy, sleep more. >> in the many time, when you're eligible, get vaccinated. >> everyone should get it. >> studies show that negative
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feelings can result in a weaker immune response to other vaccines so before you get a jab against covid, get a good night's sleep and lock in feeling positive. in san francisco, kpix 5. >> the study is called boost. volunteers are still well come especially people 65 and older who have not gotten vaccinated yet. we have more > taking a look at the three dollar per hour hazard pay for grocery workers will go into affect today. the city council approved the premium pay of qualifying grocery stores last month for 12 0 days unless extended by the council. out of san jose this morning, the city could get a new landmark. >> check it out. the design is called the breeze of innovation, the light tower won a global competition put on by a south bay community group. it is expected to costaround
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$1million. organizers plan to bring it for approval on may 4th to city council. >> >> gianna, it is not friday light. we have a traffic alert. what is going on? >> i know. i wish i had better news. that 280-101 split in san frap san francisco is shut down. that northbound 101 connect or will be closed in that area where you're seeing purple. you have options though. take 280 all the way into the city. that will get you around that mess there and that 280 connect tor to 101 is open, just the one from 101 to 280 is shut down. a few brake lights and a little bit crowded. 580 gets slow at that 205
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connector so it stays slow at least to grant line, but once you're past that point, free flowing. and it is a bit gusty and windy there this morning, so be extra careful. 29 minutes to go from 205 to 680. just a head's up if you're taking mass transit this morning. bart is on time. keep in mind, coming up, they are planning extra trains for a's night game. it is starting march 29th we'll have a new schedule in place as more people get out and about 5:18. time to check your forecast. how is the weekend going to look? >> it will look beautiful. sunshine and warm temperatures so definitely get out there and soak up the vitamin d, take a hike around your neighborhood. breezy conditions as we start off the day. this is the camera as we look north. shaking a bit in the wind.
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really in the higher elevations, breezy conditions. and the sales force tower is at an elevation of about 1 ,000 feet. our live camera up ine and 40s. definitely a colder start to the day. you'll notice that when you step outside. might want to put on a jacket first thing this morning. 38 in livermore. san francisco, 48. mid 40s in san jose. and checking the winds. we're looking at breezy conditions in napa at 16 miles per hour. that is a light offshore wind flow. 17miles per hour there. >> high pressure building in for us and with it we're going to see the sunshine and warmer temperatures for today and into the weaker. well above average for this time of year. today 5 to 10 degrees above average. into the afternoon, plenty of sunshine for today. that will continue as we look
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to saturday, as well as for sunday. some clouds possible along the coast and as we go through our day today, breezy in spots. as we head through tomorrow, we'll see the winds ease a little bit, so as we go through the highs for today for the south bay, check it out. 73 campbell. 73 morgan hill. 76 con court and pleasant hill. check out brentwood, 77. fairfield, one of the warmer spots at 78 degrees this afternoon. mid-70s for the try valley. around the bay, upper 60s to close to 70 degrees in the city. and check out the at least for the north bay. mid- to upper 70s. 77 in napa later on today and topping out at 75 in windsor. 77 for cloverdale. there we go. as we continue to warm it up
5:21 am
for saturday and sunday, plenty of sunshine ashes little cooler as a weak cold front a dry front pushes in on monday. then warming back up as we look to the middle part of next week. back to you. >> next on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, a bizarre apology. how a smashed window had them with unexpected dough. that is coming up. >> see what you did there. coming up, more on those deadly tornadoes ripping through the south. plus the latest on the surge at the southern border and the new debate is sparking. and an interview with actor anthony anderson. we will be right back.
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the time 5:24. >> live look outside courtesy of our morning hopkins' camera. all the friday feels out there right now. now to a bizarre crime at a pizza shop. >> they first had a window
5:25 am
smashed. security cameras saw this group of people. he picked up a sewer grate and heaves it into the window before running offment then something unusual happens. someone dropped off an envelope and inside was an anonymous apology. >> they took ownership of what happened. >> at this point, someone apologized and tried to take care of it financially. >> $2,000 was in sigh the letter the the suspect admitted he was drunk the night of the incident and didn't know what he did until a friend had told him. so you know, everyone has a redeeming quality to them that is pretty good that he apologized, right? >> that is the good part. that video isproof of his condition as he was walking. >> in our next half-hour on
5:26 am
kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay areas a new home for some cal students. that is coming up. >> the vaccine supply is opening up in less than three weeks.
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with visible, you get unlimited data for as little as $25 a month. but when you bring a friend, you get a month for $5. so i'm bringing everyone within 12 degrees of me. bam, 12 months of $5 wireless. visible. wireless that gets better with friends. fo right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, california opening up eligibility. but will we get the doses to keep up? >> why santa clara county says don't forget about us. >> why the rush is on to clean up ppe in pa serve ca. the perfect friday forecast only about to get betterment check out the shot of the beach right now. mary has your weekend warm up t
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you. it is friday, march 19th, 2021. i'm len kiese. >> a lot to get to. i'm michelle griego. a traffic alert now in san francisco. what is going on? >> i have been keeping my eye on this and unnote nail unfor the kneel this is a deadly accident. this will be closed until further notice. they completely shut it down for the investigation, not a lot of details yet, but we're seeing quite a backup starting to build along 101. adding to that, a new accident in the backup involving a big rig blocking that number 3 lane from the left. if you're headed into san francisco this morning, stick with 280, possibly even caltrain or bart may be an option because traffic along 101 is backing up it is 101 connecting to 280 in san francisco. >> the weekend is here. time to check your forecast the here is mary. >> a warm one gianna. rise not a ilart,30and s in
5:31 am
with mainly clear skies and breezy in spots especially. north and east bay hills this morning. check out these daytime highs. 60s, close to 70 in san francisco. looking at 76 in concord. 78 in fairfield with plenty of sunshine and you can see all that sun as we head through the day on forecast. it gets even warmer as we look to saturday and sunday. daytime highs well above average for this time of year. good morning, kit. good morning mary. we're live here at levi stadium in santa clara, the largest vaccination site where yesterday governor newsom's announcement should have been good news, but it has folks down here health officials especially worried because governor said he is expecting the supply to come in sooner
5:32 am
than expectnd and he is opening up eligibility for anyone 50 and older starting april 1st . then two weeks later anyone 16 and older can get a shot. >> they even are struggling to keep up with demand and had to cancel appointments when they got fewer doses than expected. >> there are 400,000 and 2 million eligible over the age of 16. >> levi's has the capacity of 15,000 doses a day and we have only had a trickle of that available. >> just a few weeks, there will be no rules, no limitations as it relates to the ability to get a vaccine administered. >> also from governor newsom, good news if you want to troy and drop off and take somebody here to get the vaccine dose. the governor is saying if you're with that person while they are getting a dose, there is a chance to get a dose too
5:33 am
but that's up to the healthcare provider at the time. the pandemic causing another unexpected problem. volunteers in the bay aria are finding an increasing amount of personal protection equipment like mast masks being thrown on the street but the pacifica beach coalition says ppe is piling up on top of the typical amount ash ate beaches. they are seeing 600 pieces per month and the worry is all that trash and plastic will harm the ocean life. >> the masks get caught on the animals. >> and the thing about plastic, it breaks into smaller and smaller pieces and kills, birds, fish and wildlife and then that coming back to us idenof the the coalition is worried it could get worse before it gets better. >> a developing this morning,
5:34 am
the u.s. government is no longer dis biting one of eli lilly's antibody therapies by itself. it might not work well against covid variants but works better when combined with other antibody they're pes. used together, treatment reduced the severe ty of covid- 19 in some patients. other white house. president biden pushing the pace on vaccinations. a new ambitious goal of 200 million shots in arms by mr. biden's 100th day in office. it comes as a new study on the pfizer and moderna vaccines are those who are pregnant and breastfeeding and shows antibodies can be passed on to newborns. there was no indication of more side effects or intense side effects in pregnant and lactating women than the general population. >> i'm anne makovec at the live news desk. we have this the delegation of
5:35 am
went right up to the border this morning. senator ted cruz jo corrin leading and they say they can hear coyotes and members of the drug cartel yelling on the other side of the rio grande. this morning they will tour a customs and border protection facility in donna, texas. later today, the other side of the story. congress woman barbara lee will be part of the senators traveling to the border. they will be touring a facility for unaccompanied children inca resnow springs today. we'll hear more from them thrs at the southern border. here is governor lindsey graham. >> it will lead to a tsunami
5:36 am
this summer. >> yesterday, president biden said crowding at the border was expected as they try today beat the summer heat but they argue it is out of pl the blone administration. right now 17,000 unaccompanied children are in u.s. custody. the president claim he will open new facilities to cut down on overcrowding. >> i can't guarantee we're going to solve everything. i can guarantee we will make everything better. >> president biden said his add flynnvation is taking steps to speed up how quickly children are connected with relatives in the u.s. with the latest on the coronavirus and its affect worldwide, you can download the kpix app by scanning this on your screen right now. we'll have the code again in a few minutes as we go to break. new details out of mills college. the woman's only school agree today be the location for a new program that will allow 200
5:37 am
first year cal students of all genders to live and study on campus. this morning, mill students and alumni say they are determined to get that reversed decision. >> this morning amazon will pay $2 million to settle a lawsuit over misleading prices. amazon typically uses a reference price to show how much a customer is saving but the lawsuit claims they would post higher reference price prices to make the savings look bigger. >> a spokesperson said it is always accurate and they updated those. one airline out with new routes ahead of summer travel. naomi ruckum has more on today's money watch report. good morning. >> michelle, good morning, the federal reserve announced it will lift restrictions on bank restrictions and buy backs this
5:38 am
june assuming they pass the latest stress test. they had put ahold on banks as a safety measure because of the unsafe ty of the coronavirus. >> the te today extend the paycheck protection program to play 31st. that means small business owners still reeling from the pandemic can apply for low interest loans. >> >> united airlines will add 26 new routes from midwestern cities to vacation destinations in the u.s. starting in may. 20 others will resume as the carrier anticipating a busy summer travel season. united said books kings are at the strongest point since the start of the pandemic. >> yes. i think people want to get in a plane and just go somewhere after being home for so long. >> agreed. >> you are looking around your loss and you say, i can do some
5:39 am
home improvement projects but apparently more people are doing it themselves. >> d-i-y. a from harvard finds in 2020 americans shelled out more. spending only home improvements and repairs rose 3% to more than 400 billion at the lars last year. stores like lowes and home depot benefit the from the craze but those games may rmal. n as the world returns to michelle, i'm a big fan of calling a contractor. i don't trust myself or my husband with any of this work. >> i like that, too, but i did send a youtube video to my husband saying this is how i want you to do the fireplace man tell and you can do it. like i hn'done it yet. >> he didn't take you up on it. >> he did not. not yet. >> let us know how it turns out. i want to hear. >> i will for sure.
5:40 am
for sure. we'll check back in at 6:30. we'll see you then. >> the guilt trip on tv so now he is forced to tell. >> for sure. >> well, the happiest place on earth will soon look different and not just because of covid. next, the announcement just made to revamp p disneyland. >> all right. well, we're looking at sunshine and warm temperatures today. after cooler temperatures yesterday, we'll warm up as we head through your friday into the weekend with daytime highs from 7 to 9 degrees above average and it gets even warmer for tomorrow. >> and we are following a deadly crash unfortunately along 101 in san francisco. i'll have details and the latest information coming up.
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%fo a look at 101 and 280. a traffic alert has been issued into san francisco right at the 280 split. this is a deadly accident. one person has died on the scene. a lot of activity and that closure will be in affect for quite some time for the investigation. to georgia.
5:44 am
people are waking up to downed trees, power lines and . >> it did sound like a train coming. >> debris is scattered where homes once stood in hard hit alabama. at least five people were killed in the storms by the state. also people were trapped in flattened homes. >> cal oes has more on the tree prog greg. they say there are still 90,000 hazardous trees that need to be removed in the town of paradise. crews spent almost five months getting rid of dead trees in the area. they should finish by early to midsummer. >> developing this morning, as we inch closer to april, disney ndonng cuts for us to get r reopening day, but they will
5:45 am
likely be hard to find. disney will announce a release date, but not a time creating an online frenzy in till those tickets go live. they have updates to renovate the park and want to squeeze new attractions and shops and eateries into what they are calling underdeveloped areas of the existing resort. they have no plans to ask for public funding for the project and do not envision adding a third theme park to the resort. >> >> a hit series is back for season two. >> we're talking about city on a hill. and tells the stories between an fbi veteran and an assistant district attorney. i spoke with star, kevin bacon, about what it was like to film during this pandemic. >> obviously the crews all in ppe were tested four, five times a week. there is you know shields and
5:46 am
hand-washing stations. lay it's like s sowe're masks but we take -- we wear masks and shields up until the moment when we start. >> and you can watch city on a hill this sunday at 10:00 p.m. on show time. well, the list is out for the state that is best for remote work. career cloud, a career's website looked at factors like broadband access and job growth. utah came out on top followed by colorado. california rounded out in the 8th position overall. and speaking of jobs, this hand written application is now worth more than the position at the time. someone paid more than $222,000 for this piece of paper auctioned ancam clay tors.
5:47 am
kind of an under statement there. a year later he joined atari where he met steve wozniak and the pair founded apple in 1976. wow! history right there. >> let's check with gianna franco this morning on traffic. how is it looking out ner? i know you were watching an alert. >> yes. hey len, good morning, unfortunately a busy ride as you head into san francisco. a closure northbound 101 on that 280 connector. this is a deadly accident. one person did die on scene there. not a lot of details on what happened, but the closure will b there for quite some time. as far as the impact, it is friday. we see less cars on the roadway anyway but with that closure and as the morning commute progress, ks you'll e bit of a artoyostick with being rer
5:48 am
that area. you can use bart, caltrain to get into san francisco. there is a second incident northbound 101 near bay shore blocking that number 3 lane from the left so already causing a bit of a backup on northbound 101 approaching where thcle is. caltras be called out and the corps nor so at least an hour until they get out there, so avoid that area if you can. >> >> traffic elsewhere. you can see on maps it is slow. and it extends to just about north flynn at this point. you look pretty good connecting to the dublin interchange. we're officially seeing yellow here from 205 to 680. give yourself about 34 minutes.
5:49 am
it is 50:48. happy friday. >> happy friday. finally friday. we have that friday feeling. we're looking at sunshine and warm temperatures for today. we need it looks dry over the next several days. here is a live look with our sales force tower camera as we look east. in the 30th and 40s this morning. a chillier start to the day. livermore at 38. mid-40s for san jose. p santa rosa at 42. mainly clear skies. breezy in spots. napa, northerly winds at 16 miles per hour sustained and 17 for fairfield. especially over the north bay and east bay hills, breezy as we start off the day. because of the winds kicking up all that pollen, it does not get any better. into the high category for not
5:50 am
through the weekend and also for monday, as well. high pressure building that hi looking at sunshine and warmer temperatures today through the weekend. a warmup in store for us. in fact daytime highs well above average. 5 to 10 degrees above average for this time of yearment time of year. you will see sunshine for today, saturday and sunday. you could see a few clouds coas looking at breezy conditions in spots as we head through our day today. then easing for your saturday. >> our sunrise at 7:03. sunset at 7:27. daytime highs for the south bay, 74 in santa 73 in campbell hill. for the east bay, concord, 76. 77 for brentwood.
5:51 am
78 fairfield and mid-70s for the tri-valley this afternoon. around the bay, san francisco, close to 70 degrees. 69 in the city. we're looking at 72 in oakland as well as for san leandro. for the north bay, mid- to upper 70s for those daytime highs with plenty of sunshine. here is the extended forecast. we're going to see the temperatures on the rise for tomorrow. still warm and above average for sunday. slightly cooler on monday. just slightly cooler for monday and then warming back up. check out wednesday, some spots at 80 degrees inland by wednesday. back to you. >> i thought wow, i never knew i could do that. >> a california girl scout beating cancer and breaking records. ahead, how she is using her incrediblible achievement to give back this morning.
5:52 am
force >> and coming up today on how do i use better than bouillon? i just add a spoonful to my marinades... stir frys... ...sauces... just whisk it in... ...brush it on ...sauté it. it adds a "cooked all day taste" ...that doesn't take all day. better than bouillon. don't just make it. make it better
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welcome back. the time is now 5:54. you have been looking alt your phone right now, look up. if you're not by the t verse check this out. a live look at the moon. world it is 93% full. a pretty cool shot as we start
5:55 am
this friday together. now to a story of a very special california girl scout. >> she is breaking all sorts of the barriers and ener and has now broken a record. lilly is a girl scout in sa ardi e 8-year-o broke th nationalgirl scout cookies ever sold in one season. the official tally more than 32,000 boxes. her troop held a special celebration when the big number was revealed. >> i thought, wow, i never knew i could do that. and it just meant so much to me to see that huge number, the biggest number i have ever seen. >> oh, yeah. she is so sweet. lilly is a cancer survive ver. she collected reth5,000 boxes to be delivered to other children fighting cancer and he schoep hopes the scouts will donate it to cancer research.
5:56 am
she is amazing. the biggest number she has ever seen. >> go lilly! ever! ever! wow! she is so sweet. the time is 5:56. the effort to recall the governor reaching the gears of a high-powered democrat. next and streaming on cbsn bay area, nancy pelosi's message to other democrats thinking of throwing their name in the hat. >> the vaccine is opening up
5:57 am
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and, had significantly less itch. don't use if you're allergic to dupixent. leic and, had sreactions can occur,ch. including anaphylaxis, which is severe. tell your doctor about new or worsening eye problems, such as eye pain or vision changes, or a parasitic infection. if you take asthma medicines, don't change or stop them without talking to your doctor. so help heal your skin from within, and talk to your eczema specialist about dupixent. if your financial situation has changed, we may be able to help. right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, a highly contagious covid-19 strain in the south bay. what we're learning now about the person infected. >> vaccine eligibility expanding but one county says b
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a rally cry against asian hate all across the bay area. the message of unity and support growing this morning. good morning. it is friday, m i'm len kiese. >> i'm michelle griego. we begin with a traffic alert. gianna is taking a fatal crash in san francisco. >> reporter: yes. unfortunately the investigation is under way and it is one person that died at the scene so it will be there for quite some time, this closure and the investigation will take awhile. this is northbound 101 at the 280 split as you head into san francisco. it is open there connecting to 280 north or southbound where you'll have the closures but adding to that, there is another accident in the backup


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