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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  March 28, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. breaking news, a plane crashes near a high school in santa cruz county. we feel like we are in a bubble here in the east bay. but then we are really not. >> young east bay students rally against anti-asian hate crimes. how they want to make a difference. what a glorious day to be outside today, temperatures well above average, though, and it is not stopping today. i will show you how long this goes on, coming up. the effort to move one of the oldest buildings in the bay area. lester that breaking news out of santa cruz county.
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a plane crash in the city of watsonville, it happened after two near a high school on harkin slough and lee road. the single engine aircraft experienced some mechanical issues and was forced to land when it clipped some power lines. the crash ignited a small brush fire. crews were able to quickly put out the flames and luckily two people on board made it out without any major injuries. the cause is under investigation. anti-asian hate rally drew big crowds of supporters today in berkeley, all organized by a seventh grader and her friends. da lin has the story. >> reporter: someone said long ago, hate is more than just a virus. it is a cancer. it may go into remission but it comes back with vengeance. these folks right here are looking for a cure. >> these issues keep getting worse and worse and i hear about kids walking to school with sticks to protect
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themselves and elders who are afraid to leave their homes. >> reporter: she teamed up with her middle school friends to organize this rally. >> i hope that it will definitely spread more awareness and also, helped to raise youth voices. people have to listen more to the youth than those who are there age because it just feels like the same thing that has been happening. >> reporter: they are looking for sustainable change. >> we feel like we're in a bubble here at the east bay, right? but then we are really not. it happens all the time. >> reporter: their life expense may be limited, but these attacks are not new to the community. many speakership stories of being discriminated against, by others. rally participants say by coming together and lessening to each other, it is the first step to solving an old problem. >> my son says love drives out hate because it is based on a
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quote from martin luther king. hate cannot drive out hate. only love can do that. and i'm trying to tell our fellow asian americans that we should not use hate to drive out this hate. >> reporter: in berkeley, i am da lin. kpix5. onto weekend weather, a live look outside san francisco. another sunny, warm day across the bay area and guess what? it is not over yet. >> he's got though latest on a warm outlook. >> most of this will be pretty much like this, in fact a little bit warmer by the time we get into the middle part of next week. if we look at the numbers for daytime highs, we had a lot of low 80s. livermore 81, concord 81, san jose hit 79 but look at san francisco at 66. this was not asked variance evenly across the bay area.
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i 66 were only four degrees above average. but at 81 in livermore you were 15 degrees above average, so this is kind of that, it is a typical pattern that sets up for us when we get into the summer where you get this big exaggeration of this uneven, warming across the bay area and since it is inland locations feeling this the most, let me show you how this will play out for places like concord, livermore, santa rosa. average would be 67 for us this time of year for these locations. we are going to get a bit of a dip tomorrow, down to 73 but then as we get into the middle part of next week, the real warm-up is still to come pick a we talk about that in the seven- day forecast when we look at everybody's numbers. on the road to recovery, alameda county is expected to join the less restrictive orange tier this week. this is a live look at oakland because the policy does not go into effect until april 1st. no fans are being a land yet at the coliseum.
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in addition to sports venues opening soon, moving into the orange tier will also increase indoor capacity at restaurants and wineries and indoor pools and james. bars that do not serve food can also reopen outside. napa county could also join the orange tier on tuesday. wineries and restaurants and other businesses say they are looking forward to welcoming more visitors to the region. hotels are also starting to fill up on weekends. there is of the orange tier will bring more traffic during the week. some berkeley students are set to return to the classroom for the first time in over a year. tomorrow, preschool and kindergarten through second grade will be welcomed back for in person instruction. upper elementary grades and middle school set to return april 12th followed by high school on april 19th. millions more californians will be eligible for the coronavirus vaccine. starting on thursday, people between the ages of 50 and 64 can get their shot.
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two weeks later the vaccine will be open to everybody 16 and older. health officials say with the rollout expanding, they are bracing for a rush of the appointments. and at this hour, they are giving out more than 70 million vaccines, nearly 300,000 doses a day and the seven-day positivity rate has fallen to less than 2%. right now, supporters and family members are calling for justice for a homeless man that was killed in a confrontation with danville police. john burris is suing police department for civil rights violations. in the past hour, the family and their supporters marched for two miles from where tyrell wilson was shot. they are investigating the circumstances surrounding his death. police shot wilson on march 11th. officers were responding to reports of someone throwing rocks off sycamore valley road onto highway 680. they found wilson standing in the street. officers claim when they tried to talk to him, he pulled out a folding knife and advanced toward the officers. however, the family claims the witness accounts disputes the
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officers claims. he died of his injuries one week after the shooting. officer andrew hall is on paid administrative leave. the sheriff's deputy -- department is working with the das office to investigate the shooting. the city of berkeley is considering passing an ordinance to ban less lethal weapons used by police under the proposal devices typically used for crowd control would no longer be used. they include pepper spray, tear gas, and water cannons. the city council will discuss the ordinance at a meeting this tuesday. tomorrow the murder and manslaughter trial of is set to begin. obviously be a high-profile trial. nancy chen has a preview. >> reporter: activists gathered for a rally outside the minneapolis courthouse on the eve of opening arguments in former officer derek chauvin's murder trial. he faces second and third degree murder and manslaughter
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charges in the memorial day killing of george floyd pick a bystander video shows is an a on floyd's next about nine minutes. it sparked outrage, setting off months of protest in a national reckoning on race and social justice. >> there was so much turmoil last summer but it was a long time in the making. we had been letting city officials know that things were reaching a boiling point. >> reporter: they consist of six people who are white, for who are black, and to identify as multiracial. seven are women, five are men. it is allowed to be broadcast and live streamed with public interest high after the death prompted an outcry for police reform. he is collecting petition signatures calling for a charter amendment to replace the minneapolis police department with a new department of public safety. >> we are just one, one armed, you know, that is out here
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trying to create change. and get away from a system that is clearly not working in our best interest. >> reporter: the jury box was removed as a covid-19 precaution. jurors will see that individual socially distance to desks and plexiglass will surround anyone who is speaking. the trial is expected to last about four weeks. the suspect is on the run after breaking into an antioch home and shooting a family dog, after a wild police chase. last night, police officers were chasing a car when the driver let them downtown, crashed into a parked car and jumped out. police arrested the driver but the passenger got away. and jumped into a backyard on west third street. police say he shot the homeowners dog and broke into the home. the homeowner and his 14-year- old son escaped out of the front window. the suspect stole keys and ran away and is still at large. no word yet on the dogs
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condition. please had a very busy night. they responded to a sideshow at the intersection of x is way. that attracted a big crowd. police cited 15 people and towed one car. still ahead on kpix5, and cbsn bay area , a historic move. the incredible effort to save the house and transport it to its new address. masks are saving lives but they are also causing pollution. the volunteers stepping up to clean up bay area beaches. would love this year reunion photos. there -- share them on social media with the hashtag kpix5.
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a century-old apartment in san jose is entering a new chapter in its his three with a new address. it was put on wheels in front of two blocks, to the new location on reed street. it was sitting on land where affordable housing will be billed, but instead of getting demolished, this old house will be transformed into a quadro plex. the units will then be sold by habitat for humanity as affordable condominiums. currently at less than half the current market value. uber is getting ready to open his new san francisco office and welcome back employees starting tomorrow. the right to company will be the first major office employer in the city to return to work.
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they will open its mission bay headquarters at 20% capacity, and on a voluntary basis. parking fees will resume at regional park facilities in san jose. fees were suspended at the start of the pandemic, a year ago. facilities affected include alan rock park, happy hollow park and zoo, and alvin and, almaden, that is, late regional park. >> well, the weather is getting warmer, more heading to the beach and when they are, they want to remind people to keep clean. it was out at the state beach in pacifica for cleanup event. since the start of the pandemic, this will come as no surprise, the group has seen lots of masks and gloves that are polluting local beaches. >> we are finding so much of it that we are really concerned and we are trying to raise awareness that plastic leather not trash, they should not be littered and that they are very damaging and dangerous like all litter to the ocean and
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wildlife. >> so since october, the cleanup crews have been picking up at least 650 masks every month at bay area beaches. new video out of nashville, tennessee, of the damage left behind after a deadly flash flooding. the city has declared a state of emergency. you can see the roads there, parking lots and vehicles submerged in water, nearly 6 inches of rain fell overnight and at least four wewere killed in thehe area. crews haveve rescued more than 100 people trapped in their vehicles and homes. the flooding was so bad it managed to move structures. hundreds of people are also without power. by contrast, over on the left coast, not much to worry about. >> six inches of rain there in 24 hours, and here at home since we started our rainfall back on october 1st, we have got a little over eight inches. that helps drive the point of just how much rain tennessee
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got in one day it also says a lot about how little we got. let's talk about today, look at the view from the top of the sales force tower, looking back toward the golden gate bridge which is right there. and the clouds poring over the marin headlands, beautiful day there but if you get inland, not a cloud in sight. getting into that kind of typical pattern that will be more like may or june we get that beautiful surge near the water. and you don't even know there is anything going on like that, for the majority of the bay area. just sunny and warm. we saw the daytime highs, 79 in concord now but you are at 81 for daytime high. same number in livermore at 81, and tomorrow, everybody cools down a little. a couple of degrees as we get into tomorrow. here is an interesting way to watch this. if you look at a map showing how far above average temperatures are across the bay area today, you can see the color up there, deeper shades of orange and yellow show you are well above average.
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that is sunday. watch what happens when we switch this over to monday. a lot of the colors go away and you will see in the forecast for tomorrow, the daytime highs will come down in many places as much is 10 to 15 degrees which really does get you back down to average. watch what happens on tuesday. we will switchover, deeper shades of yellow come back but it is really on wednesday, when we go orange, for much of the bay area. this is where we are going to be close to the mid-80s, the middle of this coming week, for many locations. as far as tomorrow morning those can we go back down to the upper 30s, it will be a relatively comfortable start to the morning tomorrow, and here are the daytime highs for tomorrow that pretty much come in on the mark for average pick a little about it, actually. 73 for concord. you can see much of the rest of the bay area pretty much doing those same numbers, and the reason why monday cools down a little bit right here, weak little system, you can see it in the clouds coming our way, that is going to fall apart
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before is able to really bring as much in the way of rain, a closer inspection on that shows you the snow and the rain completely disappears by the time he gets here. but we get a little bit of cooldown, as that skirts by to the east, and it will also get a bit breezy. as that system misses us we are going to feel the strong northwind pick up as it exits, that gives us a bit of an offshore wind, so as we look at this for a closer view, as you go into tomorrow afternoon, and then more so monday night into tuesday, the wind is going to pick up mostly in the mountains but we can't rule out the possibility that you will notice a bit of a breeze for your part of the bay area as we get into monday night into tuesday but one of the great things about looking at this forecast with a high resolution that we got, look in the interior of the bay. see how there is no color. you have a 42 mile an hour gusts up in napa, 50 mile an hour gusts announcing helena. it is classic. and the wind is offshore, many of us down to the lower elevations don't even notice a
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thing. you may notice it gets a bit breezy, monday and tuesday, and that is it. tuesday rolls around, like it never happened and that is when the real warm-up kicks in and we will be in the middle part and we cool back down. don't get too excited, but keep it in mind. all right, over to you. remain undefeated and can anybody give the stanford woman a run for their money. tip
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they rain 23 pointers in the first two tournament games, and when you're hot, you're hot. 15 more, against missouri state. he gave viewers a little preview of what is going down and it was going down in san antonio. check out this screen. williams got it right here. one of the 4-3 san antonio native let them with 16. have themselves a block party. get that junk out of here. four, five more blocks today and emmett wilson is a thief when it comes to stealing the basketball. easy money for the senior guard on the other end. she had 13 points, sporting the
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colors, watching her sister. second half, cardinal up 34 points. forcing a turnover. she dunked pregame, not now. sanford blew out missouri state, 89-62, to reach the elite eight. vern glenn, on how stanford's appetite. >> you are so close you can kind of tasted. >> i would not say that just yet, we have a big task at hand, watching this game but we know how good we are, but you know, talent is not going to be good enough. we cannot just show up. >> they could probably just show up with gonzaga printed across their chest. they are that good. greg mcdermott might want to wear that mask after this game. a lot of good guy to leave through timmy all alone in the
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lane. hits him from the easy hoop, you can't leave anybody open on this team. timmy kicks it out. eight point lead, and we are not even, to the first media timeout. they needed the leading scorer, to keep their heads above water. an ankle breaker. damien jefferson falls down, strolling to the rim. the and one. they are up 10 at the break. now, it is time for the pick and roll, they look unstoppable. two guys in blue collapsed, to me, there for a two-handed slam. had 22. gonzaga roles 83-65. michigan, isaiah liver out to the rest of the tournament with a foot injury but florida state had more turnovers than pepperidge farms. 10 in the first half, brandon jones catches it. breakout there. wolverines in transition. feed the beast. for another flush, michigan up
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11 at the break. so can the seminoles shoot their way back into the game? now down just five but put an end to that. the senior guard has gotten to the rack. how about baseball, this family is spending their sunday watching the giants and is, top five. going to hang out of the lounge. he is hitting 3-19, this spring, and six home runs. bottom of the inning, with wilmer florez pulling an interview, his fourth home run in the cactus league. it is like that. they go on to win, though, 9-3. openings day, now just four days away. scheffler facing off of the match play, finals in austin,
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down one, on five, but then, he chips and to tie the match. they had to get some props for that shot. off the dirt. from 350 yards off. 100 yards for the former texas longhorn, got up and down from there to save par. blew past. he was still too up on 16. within inches of the cop. tapped in and clenched the win on 17. the sixth grade victory but first in nearly 3 years. more tonight from the stanford woman, and will be talking to kim about that wild 49er trade. moving up to the
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affairir beating g beaver shshutdown a susubway statation it wasas a big g surprprise dur the thursday rush hour commute. somehow, someway, the beaver wandered away from a martian ended up insi dethe station. as a result, they had garage doors to make sure they were not get t on the tracks. animal services named him nicocole. bebecause the imimage of the be apappears on canadian goals. as rescuers, as you can see, returned him to his native
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habitat. that is it for us tonight at 5:00. we will see you back here at 6:00 for a full hour of news. cs >> duncan: tonight deadly weather on the move. in tennessee record rain sparked flash flooding, trapping people in cars and claiming lives. hail and tornadoes also tearing across the south. the dangerous system now threatening millions in the east. biden's battle. the president targets gop-led voting restrictions while republicans blame him for the migrant surge. >> we are putting in place a plan that i feel very confident about. >> duncan: plus derek chauvin's trial begins in the police killing of george floyd. minneapolis braces


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