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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  March 30, 2021 1:37am-2:12am PDT

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now at 11:00, breaking news. two people shot in san francisco. what we learned jt minut ago deadly shooting.
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wild sideshows taking over bay area streets. tonight, how far one city may go to punish people. >> they're becoming larger. they're becoming more dangerous. plus, fears of yet another coronavirus surge. this as more bay area counties get ready to ease restrictions. the warning out tonight from the cdc -- should we be worried? breezy conditions on the way tonight and tomorrow i'm tracking when the gustiest winds are going to kick in. it definitely adds a level of stress. makes me not want to get covid. >> plus, how coronavirus could impact your chances of having a baby, and what you can do to protect yourself. i'm elizabeth cook. and i'm ken bastida. now at 11:00, and streaming on cbsn bay area, let's get to that breaking news in san francisco. police confirming for us two people have been shot in the mission. it happened just after 9:00. one of those victims died at the
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scene. we don't yet know from about anr ago. this is 24th and mission outside the b.a.r.t. station. at this time, there's no information about a suspect or a motive. we'll stay on top of this one, bring you any updates. we're also getting word of another shooting in san jose. this one happened on west san carlos street about 45 minutes ago. one person suffered life-threatening injuries. so far no arrests have been made. our other top story this evening, a crackdown after a wild weekend of sideshows. now one local city wants to throw the book at all those involved even before they hit the streets. kpix 5's maria medina is live in san jose with the details of the proposed crackdown, maria? >> reporter: and liz, i'm
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standing in a residential area. not too far from here a recent sideshow attracted 100 spectators. and so now tomorrow, san jose city councilmembers will talk about a possible crackdown on all sideshow participants. >> they're becoming larger. they're becoming more dangerous. >> reporter: from san jose to oakland and san francisco, where just this weekend four bystanders were struck during a sideshow in the mission and another massive sideshow caused major traffic delays. >> i mean, i thought it was armageddon. >> reporter: she lives in san jose where this sideshow last month erupted in gunfire. >> it's just a little ridiculous. it's wrong. it's completely wrong. >> police actually recovered over 100 shell casings from lee and hamilton. given how dangerous these are and the fact that they're attracting people from as far as
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los angeles to come to san jose to race. and so similar to nightclubs, we have a promoter ordinance. >> reporter: now councilmembers maya and dev are proposing a tougher crackdown on participants, including those who promote the illegal activities on social media and using mobile license plate reeders to track down participants who get away from police. >> i think we've been really lucky that no one has been killed or seriously injured so far in the past year especially. >> reporter: anne says it's a proposal she wants to see in drive and hopes will work. >> yes, absolutely, all of that. >> reporter: and also part of that proposal, a countywide task force. and that means a countywide response by local law enforcement agencies, including the chp to all sideshows across the county. so they are really, really cracking down, liz? >> all right, maria, thank you. let's check your weather out now and take a live look outside
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across the bay area. winds are going to pick up later this evening and some areas could see gusts up to 55 miles per hour. chief meteorologist paul heggen is here with more on the wind advisory now in effect, paul? >> the wind advisory went into effect at 8:00 this evening. and you may be wondering what's the fuss when you see the current wind speeds on the map. a lot of locations reporting zero wind, calm conditions entirely. we're mainly talking about the higher elevations where we are seeing gusts around 30, 35 miles per hour atop some of the peaks. those wind speeds are going to increase. that's why we have the wind advisory for the higher elevations of the north bay, east bay and the santa cruz mountains but also along the coast into the strait because the winds are making their way down in elevation. we are going to see winds throughout the day tomorrow in the more densely populated parts of the bay area.
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>> thanks, paul. wake up with our team for the latest on weather and traffic starting at 4:30 tomorrow morning. looking live at oakland as more bay area counties prepare to move into the orange tier. the cdc director fears an impending doom is on the way, but is a fourth surge just around the corner? andrea nakano talked with a local infectious disease doctor for some perspective on all this, andrea? >> reporter: here in the bay area, most counties are seeing a downward trend in covid-19 cases. alameda county is expected to move into the orange tier and infectious disease dr. monica gandhi telling me tonight that downward trend should continue as more people get vaccinated. >> what is really making me optimistic is watching the vaccines playthe world stage. >> reporter: dr. monica gandhi with ucsf sees signs of hope. she says the data shows thevaist
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on lessening the severity of covid-19. >> one death in l.a. county today from covid-19. that is a big deal. zero deaths from covid-19 in the city of london today. that is a big deal. that is how vaccines work. >> reporter: this as swift easing of restrictions and rising cases in some parts of the country have top health officials concerned. >> i'm going to reflect on the recurring feeling i have of impending doom. >> reporter: dr. gandhi, though, says even with spring break around the corner, she's not sensing the same level of concern, especially here in the bay area. >> by easing restrictions off slowly but still giving people the ability to gather more because it is important for us to be around each other, t kind of dance is being correctly executed, i would say. >> reporter: the cdc also released hopeful findings of a study today. out of roughly 4,000 participants, the vaccine reduced the risk of infection by 80% after one shot and 90% after two. plus, with many of those at the highest risk for severe illness
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vaccinated, doctors are not expecting a surge in hospitalizations or deaths. >> and that's the news why this will never look like the terrible times in the past. >> reporter: federal health officials say it's too earl throw relax social distancing guidelines and they urge people to continue wearing masks. andrea nakano, kpix 5. and looking live at san francisco, a sign that we're on the road to recovery. the first in-person conference, business conference, has been booked at the center for september. according to the chronicle, the american society for surgery of the hand will be holding its yearly meeting. up to 1,500 people expected to attend. the ceo says all members are doctors and nearly all of them are vaccinated. coen up coronaviruscosta county vaccinations to everyone this week. right now there are 20,000 50 a,
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don't sign up, residents 16 and older will be able to make an appointment. and we will all get our turn soon. starting wednesday, every californian 50 and older can make an appointment. then by april 15th all californians 16 and older can as well. president biden says 90% of adoesn'ts in the u.s. will be eligible for the coronavirus vaccine three weeks from today, that's on april 19th. still ahead tonight, a surprising new coronavirus side effect. how covid could have an impact on male fertility and what you . >> how else are we going to make babies, you know, without the male donation? well, imagine buying a brand new car and then finding out you were charged twice. why some california tesla owners say they are getting the run
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around. i love to see this kind of thing happening everywhere. and it should be happening everywhere. >> plus, the new heart in chinatown in response to all the recent attacks. and good news if you love getting on roller
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tonight on the road to recovery, a covid infection may
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present a new threat, this time to male fertility. >> kpix 5's juliette goodrich on what we know can the lot of cribs are sitting empty. a year into the pandemic, and we've got a baby bust. now a possible new obstacle to parenthood. that sweet little bundle of joy has been postponed. >> this is a very stressful world in which we are currently living in. stress just is not great for fertility. >> reporter: with lockdown restrictions, unemployment and economic uncertainties, the pandemic has convinced many couples to hit pause on having a baby. >> in an environment in this you're feeling high levels of anxiety, is that really theeeewa suer: coupl he without success. >> it has been an emotionally gruelling and heartbreaking
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experience. >> it's been really, really difficult. it's also been very isolating. >> reporter: kpix 5 spoke to a bay area couple we'll call mary and tom. they've tried to conceive since before the pandemic. >> we still don't know. we have some good hypotheses about what might be going on, but the true reason we know we will never completely know. >> reporter: neither has been infected with covid, but emerging evidence shows the virus seems to pack a punch to sperm. >> there have been a number of studies now that have shown the coronavirus can indeed affect male fertility. >> reporter: dr. james smith is the director of male reproductive health a ucsf. he's reviewed the data and what it suggests about covid and male fertility. >> it's the illness itself, the process of being ill from it that's causing sperm to be affected. >> reporter: the viral infection could cause inflammation of the organs where sperm is made. >> the virus doesn't get
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directly into the testicle, but it can cause inflammation, a lot of sperm cells to die within the testicle. >> reporter: in one study, men who were previously fertile and had lots of kids, nearly 40% had low sperm counts. in addition, more than 60% had increased white blood cell counts in their semen, a sign of inflammation. it may also impact the quality of a man's testosterone. >> it's another reason people should be careful about coronavirus. >> it's very surprising, because i didn't know it could affect the men birth moves, you know what i mean? >> makes me not want to get vi to frolic, the reaction -- >> how else are we going to make
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babies, you know, without the male donations? >> it's quite contagious out there. just have to be safe. >> reporter: there are other viral threats to male fertility, including hiv, zika, ebola and mumps. when it comes to covid, as to how long the problem may persist, no one knows. it could be months. it could be longer. >> this is too new of a problem for us to give definitive answers. >> it adds a level of stress. >> reporter: mary and tom have this advice -- keep in good health and get vaccinated when you're eligible. >> we are so extremely excited to get vaccinated. >> we're going to jump at the opportunity. >> reporter: in the meantime, fertility experts say wear a mask. in alameda county, juliette goodrich, kpix 5. >> as for the covid vaccines now available, the american society of reproductive medicine supports the use of all these vaccines in all eligible individuals. some california tesla owners are dealing with a big shock.
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they say they've been charged for their new cars twice. for this man, that means an additional $70,000 was taken out of his bank account. he ordered a model y and gave his bank details through tesla's automated payment system. last week, he noticed the double charge, and now he says he's having trouble getting a refund. >> the tesla person said, oh no, just call your bank and see if they can stop payment. and i said, no, no, it's a wire transfer. it's already gone. it just seems really strange that it probably took them five minutes to withdraw the funds, but now it seems that it's taking days and days to restore the funds to ourcc. >> he posted his story online, has heard from several other people who are dealing with the same charges. we reached out to tes but have not heard back. new at 11:00, a san francisco artist is showing her support for the asian community after all the recent attacks. kpix 5's betty yu on the message
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behind the new heart in chinatown. >> reporter: there are a lot of heavy hearts right now in the asian american community, but artists are using their talents to send a message of healing. >> so then i like kind of apply like this. >> reporter: with each stroke, artist kate is hoping to uplift the asian community in light of the recent violence. known for her street hearts across the city, her latest work on grant avenue in chinatown spells out a message. >> as an artist, i feel like i'm kind of obligated, you know, to do something, because it feels bad right now to just sit in the studio, you know. and when i have, you know, this paint. >> reporter: though theni heart is universal, k >> i asked lily, one of my friends, to help me with the translation because i didn't want to just put it, you know, in like google translate. >> reporter: the phrase you are loved, for example, is
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translated to mean together we love and help each other or i care about you. in different asian languages. >> growing up, san francisco local here, i grew up with a lot of asian communities and asian friends, but i think part of it is to unite with others who don't look exactly like me. >> reporter: the asian art museum is also making 5 bold statement on its website. when the pandemic kept the museum closed, it also showcased new artwork by asian american female artists on its facade. >> despite these artists who have a very loud voice and we're doing our best to amplify them, but i feel like we're not loud enough. and we need -- we need journalists, we need our critic, we need supporters, we need audience all help us. >> reporter: the museum is planning to launch a series of events to address aapi violence
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and solutions. >> we need to show solidarity and love to them. >> reporter: in san francisco, betty yu, kpix 5. >> love seeing those hearts. they are so beautiful. and i love the message, you are loved. >> i'm sorry, i'm laughing because we have a new set, and there's a lounge area over on one side. dennis is over there singing. and it's kind of like a bad bar scene, if you know what i mean. >> such is the life of the sports director. >> he's talking baseball, though, which is appropriate for the situation because it feels like baseball weather. he gets to lounge for the next minute and 45 seconds. >> hasn't he been home for a while too? >> we've all done our time in the home office. let's take a look at what's happening out there. wind advisory through 10:00 tomorrow morning for the higher elevations and along the coast. it actually goes through 5:00 tomorrow afternoon for solano county, everybody else it expires at 10:00 a.m., even though it's still breezy during the day on tuesday and warming up as well after a one day cooldown today, 80 degrees inland tomorrow and 70s around
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the bay. warm weather sticks around through thursday, and then a big cooldown as we head into easter weekend. let's talk about the wind first. nearly calm wind out there right now, but we are going to see stronger gusts as we head into early tomorrow morning. but the strongest gusts are the he cities are.vation as opposed after the wind advisory expires, which seems odd, but it's because we get 50 plus mile an hour gusts on top of peaks tonight and stronger winds for everybody mixing down to the lower elevations throughout the day tomorrow. they should die down once the sun goes down tomorrow evening. not all that windy by bay area standards, but a noticeable breeze throughout the day. but an offshore breeze, which is going to send pollen across the region. in the high category through the end of the workweek. temperatures right now in the mid to upper 50s and low 60s in livermore. you're outlier on the warm side, down to 50 degrees in santa rosa.
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temperatures will back down to the 40s by early tomorrow morning. 50 degrees around the bay. and then a nice warm-up in store. now, it's not going to be so warm that your dogs are going to melt like this one here. just an optical illusion. that's an a plus dog name. thank you for sharing that picture. low 70s tomorrow afternoon. that's common around the bay. temperatures topping out in the low to mid-70s. a few spots upper 70s, closer to 80 degrees farther inland. some spots into the low 80s and mid to upper 60s along the coast. warmest days will be wednesday and thursday. then we cool off friday. a chance for some rain showers easter sunday into monday. it's only a 30% chance, but we'll keep an eye on it. great weather for a's season opener thursday evening. dennis? when the giants come to town. who broke the news to jimmy g. that he's not the long-term answer for the 49ers? and can steph
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dennis is here now with sports, and the warriors got their star back tonight, and what a difference? >> think elizabeth, get your best player back on the cut chicago tonight. curry missing the last five games with a bruised tailbone. scott leading an all-female crew for the radio broadcast. first quarter against the bulls, curry is back. back big but clearly still in pain. he still scored 18 in the first half. but how about draymond? beats the shot clock, yes. draymond hit three trays tonight. warriors pulled away in the second half. steph had 30 through three corners, finished with 32. warriors won 116-102 to snap their losing streak. to the tournament, those oregon state beavers trying to get to the final four. beavs came from 17 down against
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houston and tied the game. the bank is open. 17-3 run, game's tied. cougars answered back with less than four minutes to go. quentin grimes long ball for the lead. that ended up being the dagger. houston heads to their first final four since 1984. they do it by beating nothing but double dict teams. long night for former warrior coach eric muscleman, his razorbacks got killed. matisse dropping two late threes to ice the game. how about a little show time to celebrate baylor's first final four run since the truman administration. and all it takes is back side of the basket. baylor and houston play each other saturday. for months, the 49ers have been backing jimmy garoppolo, he's our guy, perhaps for the short term, not for the long haul. general manager john lynch and kyle shanahan addressed the huge
2:05 am
trade with the dolphins that got them the third pick in april's draft. yes, they will take a quarterback, but also jimmy garoppolo will likely be on the roster when the season kicks off in the fall. shanahan said he broke the news to jimmy garoppolo. >> i'm sure jimmy was a little ticked off from it, just like i would be too, but knowing jimmy, he'll be fired up and he'll work his butt off. and knowing jimmy, the more mad jimmy gets, usually the better he gets. so jimmy just gets madder and stays healthy, this is going to be a good thing for jimmy too, which could be a great problem for the 49ers. . to the ice. marlowe passing to messier for second on the nfl all-time games played list. carlson from just inside the blue line. the game is tied. minnesota would later tie it. game went to a shootout.
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a popular tourist destination is set to re-open this week. >> the santa cruz beach boardwalk will be back in business thursday at limited capacity. only a few select rides will be
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open, including the
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