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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  March 30, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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openings in santa clara but with those of people using the app you have to move quick to snake the spots. he spends 10 hours a night maintaining the app. >> this helps people in i do not expected returns. i believe that if you do good it will do good to you. >> why is he doing this all his own? should this be the role of government? >> reporter: he asked him early on to include east san jose in the abbot said that the county and state needs to do better. >> this is the time to rewrite the rules and aggressively partner up with people in the private sector to sale they get help, there want you to and willing to pick counties have to open up those stores in order to make this a reality. >> you will not find appointments through kaiser and safeway, they help block it
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from searching the website said he would love it if they would open up and make it easier for him to do so. if you want full instructions got the whole rundown on how to download this you can go to our website. >> thank goodness that he is so generous with his time. four a night work in this app helping people get the appointments, that is incredible. >> that is his passion. that is a good deed for sure. two more counties have reached the orange tear on the road to recovery, alameda and santa cruz county will be able to expand indoor dining, retail and museums up to 50% capacity, people we spoke with our cautiously optimistic. >> people want their lives back. as i like all for opening up again i want us to do it safely. >> napa county was hoping to
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advance to orange but the recent spike in cases is keeping it in the red tier for the time being. another major bay area company planning to bring employees back to the office got wells fargo is setting at site on september, in a memo released by the chief operating officer, there optimistic with a normal return by september 6 but the date is object to change. the final decision will be based on the science, currently 200,000 employees are working from home. knew it looks as more people begin to return to work in san francisco you notice a lot of construction going on in obstruction. john ramis shows us some of the changes since the pandemic. >> what if your boss who probably thinks you have been on vacation for your decides it is time for you to come back into the office at work? here are the shocks and surprises awaiting you as you return to san francisco.
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for many the trip into the city begins here and those returning will be happy that the potholes are being fixed as we speak with major resurfacing project. this view from sky drone 5 it shows that the work is going on but this is when the bus express lane is finished. there are area where the bike lanes have been completely separated from traffic. >> it limits the damage to do when you have cars cycling in and out. i have been on close calls. >> there is less traffic but there is more obstructions. >> they have outdoor dining literally industry by parking meters, be careful and be aware of that. >> still those that have been away may be disturbed by how quiet the streets and sidewalks are right now. >> it feels weird. there are not many people here. >> but so few people many lunch
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spots are no more, on this entire lack of drone street the oasis grill is the only restaurant still open. >> this used to be a very busy street. and it was full of the high tech guys in these buildings and now it is like a ghost town. nobody is here. >> nikki berry returned to work in the city and she does see some of the upside as well. >> i was allowed to make the you tune here legally and not block traffic at 9:00 this morning and that felt good. he does not like it at all he spends his days cruising around with his dog, monster man, putting smiles on the faces of taurus. he said he has gotten pretty lonely lately. >> we normally are used to seeing visitors but we do not have visitors here anymore. chap-et it may be a while until the san francisco returns, other than that the pandemic is letting people appreciate what the pandemic had to offer.
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>> that's peaceful, actually, under the orange tear san francisco offices can reopen at 25% capacity. on the fire watch the gusty wind spike this vegetation fire in fremont and sent the smoke in the air. it was that the durham dumps in the wind carried the smoke and smile across the bay area. the wind is making things as well with people with seasonal allergies, it is kicking up pollen from trees it is so bad that many people are feeling allergy symptoms for the first time ever. and people fear it could be something worse. this is how to spot the difference, doctors say that cough, headache, and tiredness are common symptoms for both but fever, body aches, loss of taste or smell usually only happens with the coronavirus. paul is there relief for allergy sufferers ?
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>> no, not in the near future it will be in the high category for the next several days. we need rain to watch it out of the atmosphere here. it is producing as much pollen as we have seen. friday we started to cool down a little bit but that is the last day in the very highest category for the pollen count we will be in the medium height category and saturday and there is a chance for showers in the forecast by early next week. we will take a look at that in a few minutes the short term the big story is in near record high temperatures 20 degrees above average got across the board on wednesday and the last week of march will feel like the last week of june with temperatures in the 80s and even in the city. san jose has a high of 80 degrees compared to two miles forecast highs with the record to be is coming up in a few minutes. phil had on kpix 5 and
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cbsn bay area anticipating a bad year for wildfires the state is ramping up firepower to get ahead of the flames. a huge loss for the bay area find out what we learned about the man that spearheaded an effort to revolutionize the way that we treat hiv and a.i.d.s. why these outdoor events
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just in to the newsroom governor newsom is setting aside $80 million to prepare for another year of dangerous wildfires, with those funds cal fire can't hire an extra 1400 firefighters in the governor said that the majority of those crews will build field breaks. it this would be before the peak of the fire season later on this year. >> many a blessing a bill that would redefine some robberies in california if passed, this would downgrade many robberies from a felony to a misdemeanor if there are no weapons nor serious injuries involved. >> women, minorities, and senior citizens are the most vulnerable with this has not conceded with the logical impact that it would affect
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victims. >> california lawmakers are set to discuss this bill next week. >> san francisco's arch bishop is calling an end to violence against asians, salvatori court allowed points out that even elders, among the most respected individuals in asian society have been targeted and attacked he goes on to condemn the attacks slickly writing this, this is not seven cisco. the archbishop announced a prayer service for peace and it will be held on april 10th it is at 3:00 at st. mary's cathedral and the rosary begins at 2:00 at the cathedral plaza. the suspects accused of so you just scored amazing savings at ross? mmm-hmm. on brandnds that takake you fm me t time... go time.e... no time.e. hi..
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...andnd you... and you..... with t the best babargains eve. roross. yes fofor less! three suspects have been arrested for a chilling murder in san jose. authorities say that they stalked a random victim, the attack hapten -- have been -- this.>> reporter: the suspect's, they stalked the victim just before 2:00 on february 9th e save that the
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security cameras recorded the victims. the car pulled up and two men jumped out and started to follow him another set of cameras save that the cameras caught him looking nervously and then the men sped up and he made it a total of seven blocks before he was shot in the head and killed. >> i am glad that they cut those responsible. it is a human life. there beauty, respect, san jose police arrested, nathaniel talivaa and jenevee pritchard as well is a 17-year-old minor for the murder, the tech say that the camera video help them zero in on the act who are believed to have belonged to of violent street gang, right now all three of the suspects are
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in police custody and what is likely to be part of the subsequent follow-up investigation we will check to see if anyone else knew about, health, or ordered this brutal myrtle -- murder. right now that is a city council members are discussing archer punishments for people that promote sideshows, they're proposing a crack down the people who post about it on social media. the proposal would also create a task force. that would allow law enforcement agencies across santa clara county to respond to these sideshows no matter where they are. we will let you know what happens with today's meeting. let's take a live look at oracle park in san francisco
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where fans can soon be able to see the giants in action. the giants are awaiting final approval from the city but the team expects it doesn't people in the stands for the home opener against colorado, next week. and fans will be able to support their high school sports team in person, the state guidelines allow high schools to host people at football games and other outdoor sporting events taking affect on thursday. counties in the orange tear could have 33% of their stadium capacity cocke county is in the red tear could have attendance up to 20%. it was a gorgeous clear day across the bay area today. i hope you had a chance to get outside. we shot this drone video over martin's beach. this is the start of our robust warming trend. some areas could hit the 80s, that is crazy. >> near the water we could see the high temperature by two afternoon this is the beginning
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of a warming trend the area of the high-pressure urine atmosphere is building on top of us got that means that there is warmer air and the weight of the air presses the air underneath it down and temperatures will be about 30 degrees above average route and it will be warm out there this evening temperatures in the warmer 70s and upper 60s in san francisco 70 degrees in oakland which is mild for this time of day, we have plenty of sunshine out there this evening and we get to enjoy one hour 50 minutes of sunshine not that we are in daylight time, if you go out for a walk, this is willow. thank you cheryl for sharing this picture it is also cheryl's birthday, happy birthday to cheryl. we have plenty of sunshine until the sun goes down and when the sun goes down the temperatures dropped to the 40s with low 40s along the bay and the coast at this is normal for late march.
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but it is abnormally warm with a high temperature trout got into the neighborhood of 80 degrees and along the coast the upper 70s before the onshore breeze kicks in. we could have upper it is farther in the that puts us up into the record territory. these are the forecast highs to compared to record high temperatures we are looking at new records weekly to be set for downtown san francisco, oakland, san jose just short of record territory and santa rosa. it will be abnormally warm for the last day of march. the warmth will stick around as we head into thursday the opening day for the a's is thursday evening. 70 degrees for the first pitch, the onshore breeze will kick back and at that point that is when the temperatures will drop off for the end of the workweek a clear and mild out there. not feeling like early april. the next maintenance is late easter sunday there is a chance for a couple of showers.
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we leave those ranges is lower than 50-50 there is more uncertainty in the long range data. it is far from a guarantee of much-needed rainfall along the bay area. we are seeing a chance in the long range data along with a chance of below average temperatures for most of next week. enjoy the warmth over the next few days and plenty assented to and again on thursday. we take a look at the long range forecast model coming up side-by-side at 7:00. cbs evening news is coming up. coming up after kpix 5 at 6:00, the nationwide pet food recall what you need to know to keep your dogs and cats save that and more news tonight right here on the cbs evening news. did kyle shanahan find his new quarterback today?
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dennis is here with sports got big changes coming to the nfl this season? >> yes, the nfl owners approved the plan to increase the league schedule 218 games,
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that is the first time since 1978. the preseason will be cut from four gave to free games. kyle shanahan come on out you are the next contestant on who is the next court back? there is a speculation on who the 49ers will pick in the draft and that is in overdrive. one thing that we do know, the forecast is not as serious as a look. >> i was playing for everything. i had all the thought process planned out. >> anyways, there he is. >> certainly. >> hopefully, the 49er banners are happy with those. >> sanford women is looking to go for the fourth team final four. meanwhile arizona advanced for the first ever final for last
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night and the huskies barely survived an intimate there is the coach, she laid all her cards on the table about the virus protocol. >> they need to dump the coronavirus testing wouldn't it be a shame to keep the testing that have kids that test positive for something and they do not get to play in the final four. you need to forget the coronavirus test and that the teams playing in the final forgo battle it out. this just and on the men's side, this could be an updated national champion, they dismantled usc and the elite a, he was hugging over everyone. they went with the wire to where blowout 85-66.
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this is the first since 2017. >> the nba reported the four- game losing streak steph curry had 32 against the bulls. this was in all of two weeks that overshadowed james wiseman's effort. it was then i drilled best game of the season according to cory that was doing much different things at his age. >> 1000%. i was at frat parties for davison, right about now. >> you know what? you know, ken and i didn't have to worry about that there were no frats. >> keep quiet. >> i heard about you at usc. >> i thought you were going to say because the parties came to us. we saw how that worked out. >> dennis, thanks. of the with a taste for italian wine,
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will, at the with an apparent taste for fine italian wine is on the loose today. >> san francisco wind chill , this happened in russian hill the video shows the self trying to break into this wine shop earlier this month but the thief did not make it inside the green street shop. there was a reported break-in here on high street last week, 65 bottles of wine were stolen and they were worth thousands of dollars. >> that is, like you, ken. >> baby has a big party commit this weekend? >> i am sure that they will catch him there is a lot of video. they give for what yes at 6:00. the news keeps streaming on cbsn bay area. the cbs evening news is up
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next. have a good night. captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight, the powerful, emotional testimony in the murder trial of derek chauvin, witnesses as young as nine years old paint a painful picture of what happened to george floyd. witnesses describe what they saw as floyd died, and we hear from the teenager who recorded the video that shocked the world. >> there's been nights i stayed up apologizing to george floyd for not doing more. >> o'donnell: bracing for a fourth wave: cases and hospitalizations on the rise, including among children. plus, the good news: vaccine hesitancy is decreasing with more than 2.4 million shots a day.


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