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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  March 31, 2021 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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now at 11:00, stanford women moving on to the final four, the huge comeback victory that secured their spot.
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>> the stanford cardinal are headed to their 14th final four. looking live outside, more warm weather on tap for tomorrow. we are weak could see record- breaking heat. as vaccine eligibility expands to the east bay, summer feeling left out. tonight, health officials address their frustration. a small silver lining to the pandemic. flu season is almost nonexistent. the lessons doctors hope we take with us. now at 11:00 and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> after trailing by 12 at the half, williams put stanford back on top. >> stanford, final four bound after a furious comeback to defeat the louisville cardinals
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tonight. >> dennis o with a look at tonight's huge win. >> stanford was actually dominant all year long. in fact the tournament committee gave stanford their first overall number one seed since 1986. but tonight, about 15 minutes away from blowing it all was stanford. kiana williams and the stanford were down in the third quarter but then stanford outscored louisville by 17 in the fourth quarter to pull away 78-63, they are going to the first final four since 2017 and will play south carolina on friday night in the national semi final. you know, sanford hasn't won the national title in it 29 years. coming up in sports, white stanford had to be evacuated
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from their press conference, that's coming up. take a look at the scene in los angeles tonight. ucla fans are taking to the streets after the bruins clinched a spot in the men's final four. dennis will have the highlights of their showdown against michigan leader in sports. let's take a live look outside right now after an unusually warm day around the bay area, and it's going to get even warmer. >> and we can even break some records tomorrow. >> we are likely to break records across much of the bay area. today, temperatures well into the 70s, even some low 80s on the map, exactly 80 in concord, 82 in santa rosa. other temperatures in the mid to upper 70s, even downtown reached the mid-70s, 75 in san francisco. is a mild evening right now,
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tomorrow our temperatures will really warm up, about 20 degrees above average by tomorrow afternoon. temperatures in the low to mid 80s, san jose in the upper 80s, and wednesday afternoon, record territory, more reminiscent of the last day of june as opposed to the last day of march. we will take a look at a big cooldown in store for easter weekend and maybe some rain chances down the line. police have tracked down the man accused of running over a woman at a santa rosa homeless encampment, killing her. this happened one week ago near roberts avenue and sebastopol road. two men were having an argument, one got into his car, ran over a woman and then crashed into a tent. police say they found the suspect identified as clifford adams, in sacramento. he has been charged with homicide and attempted homicide. also new at 11:00, san jose is moving forward with a plan
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to crackdown on sideshows. tonight, the city council voted to move forward with the proposal to create harsher punishments for people who promote and post about sideshows on social media. the next step will be to the city attorney to draft an ordinance. contra costa county inviting anyone 16 and older to sign up for the covid vaccine. but, for some, it was easier said than done. andrea nakano reports that some people were having trouble just making an appointment. >> reporter: that's right, the contra costa county health services open this vaccination site at the former waterworld in concord today. but, getting an appointment was the hard part as the online system crashed and people were told to try again tomorrow. >> if you are 16 and over it is you're turning contra costa county.
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>> reporter: the call came out for all adults to get vaccinated as contra costa county tries to reach its goal of 1 million vaccinations by the end of may. but those who have tried to get an appointment say it's a frustrating process. >> i'm kind of a little irritated to have such a hard time getting the vaccine through them. even when i'm an essential worker i could not get the vaccine. >> reporter: since december 15th contra costa county has given out within 630,000 shots, which is about 85% of the population. but the demand is still high as the newly opened waterworld vaccination site had a line snaked around the parking lot. the county's health director is pleading with residents to be patient. >> we don't actually give appointments as a first come first serve. we go through the requests and deliver appointments to the hardest hit communities using the healthy places index. >> reporter: but those who received the vaccine say it was
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worth the wait. >> it's nice to see people, and to be out. >> reporter: new appointments to open every day, and they recommend that you check back with their website. meanwhile, a new survey finds that confidence in the covid vaccine keeps rising in the u.s.. according to the kaiser family foundation, 61% of adults have either received their first dose or are eager to get one. that is up from 47% in january. in less than an hour alameda and santa cruz counties will advance to the next year of reopening. napa also hoped to advance to the orange tier but they will remain in the more restrictive right ear. also tonight, a different virus other than covid-19 making headlines, but this time for all the right reasons. maria medina is live in san jose with more on what experts
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say is an almost nonexistent flu season. >> reporter: it is not just santa clara county, cases have dropped nationwide. the big question is, will people continue to wear their masks or take them off after the endemic ends. >> i think i will continue to wear the mask. >> reporter: javier plans to where the mask even after the u.s. reaches herd immunity. he has known far too many people who have become infected with covid-19. >> have my family, i also know someone who had diabetes and got covid and now needs a kidney transplant. >> reporter: and experts say masks, handwashing and social distancing have made a significant impact on flu cases worldwide. >> what this has done is show that we can really cut it down. >> reporter: so far this flu
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season santa clara county has reported 51 influenza cases, zero deaths and icu cases, compare that to 308 cases last year, 50 icu cases and five deaths. nationwide the cdc has reported around 1600 influenza cases since last september. >> there are usually tens of thousands. is a very real for influenza. and i think it has made a huge dent in everything. >> once the pandemic is over, i hope this thing goes. >> reporter: but some say that they can't wait to get rid of their masks. >> i want to be able to hug nieces and nephews, see my parents, and not wear my mask, yes. >> reporter: professor rutherford says the other number to look at is pediatric deaths. we've had one so far in this country this season compared to
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198 last year. >> big change, maria medina reporting live, thanks maria. president biden is expected to unveil his plan to rebuild the nations roads, bridges, road systems and technology. the infrared structure plan will include $3 billion in spending. join our morning team for the very latest development starting at 4:30. still ahead tonight, the bay area house that just sold for $1 million over asking. what is going on? >> a lot of buyers today are really concerned about taking some kind of control in their life. a bay area man who was the victim of a brutal attack it's an unexpected show of support from his favorite team.
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new at 11:00, a jaw dropper from the bay area housing market third one home in alameda county just sold for more than $1 million over the asking price. betty yu is live, and houses are going for over asking, that's nothing new, but seven figures, $1 million over, that is crazy. >> reporter: yeah, if you needed proof that the bay area housing market is red-hot, this could be it. the listing agent said this is the first time she's seen a house over $1 million over asking. this midcentury home at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac or grizzly peak received 29 offers in 11 days. it sold for $2.3 million, double the asking price. >> the views are fabulous. >> location, location, location. i'm not surprised. to make the home features three
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bedrooms and two bathrooms, more than 2400 square feet. >> it is great property, at a great time. people loved it. i mean, that is kind of a general answer. but that is the answer. there wasn't some secret sauce. >> reporter: the realtor said that right now homes at every price point are selling. >> a lot of buyers today are concerned about taking some kind of control in their life. and, do we need more room for the kids, do i need a zoom room, a yard. interest rates are really low but they are starting to creep up. >> reporter: new data from compass shows the median sale price is up 22% this year compared to the same period in 2020. it boils down to supply and demand. >> i can understand why the market is still booming despite
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the pandemic. >> reporter: right now homes in berkeley are staying on the market for less than two weeks. so, it is a tough time right now to be a buyer with so much competition. >> no doubt, amazing to see those views of though, that was a really pretty home. of alejo man who was brutally attacked in san francisco received a care package from his favorite sports team. danny yu chang is shared these photos with us. the 49ers sent him a custom jersey, caps and other team merchandise. they reached out to him after seeing him wearing a niners t- shirt during an intervie danny yu chang was beaten earlier this month and suffered facial injuries and was nearly blinded in one eye. the 49ers also wrote him a letter expressing their outrage at the hate crime and
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condemning the rise in attacks against the aapi community. on the road to recovery, rides at the santa cruz beach work will be up and running starting thursday. only about a dozen as of now, as of april 11th they will be open on the weekends only and before you go you will have to reserve a spot online. and the monterey bay aquarium just announced it will reopen in may, for five days a week and after memorial day weekend it will be open daily. >> it's an exciting time for the animals but definitely more exciting for the staff and volunteers. >> then on friday part of the pacifica municipal peer will open. it closed in january, not due to the pandemic, but because of damage due to high tides.
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the part of the peer that runs perpendicular to the shore will now be accessible. well, get ready, it is only midweek but a lot of people will feel like staying home when it starts hitting the high 70s and 80s around the bay area. >> even around the bay, way out of the ordinary. we will start with this spectacular view, this is the sunset from this evening. you can see that the siegel's were definitely out there enjoying it. not even a hint of fog along the coast. that is a real treat for march. it will be a few days before we see it return to the forecast. another warm forecast for tomorrow and thursday. the cooler weather across the board on friday and rain chances returned to the forecast early next week. right now, clear skies overhead
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with very mild temperatures. 55 downtown, everybody else is in the 60s. exactly 60 in concord and livermore. 68 in santa rosa and it temperatures will back down into the mid to upper 40s by tomorrow morning. this is some pretty normal temperatures for march, but tomorrow's temperature map is more typical of late june. 80s along the coast, that is way above normal. temperatures will drop later in the day but we will still hate 80 degrees by early afternoon. mid to upper 80s for the south bay, upper 80s for the santa clara valley. mid to upper 80s inland and the east bay, not a whole lot of variation. around the bay, 83 in san francisco, 85 in oakland and low to mid 80s for the north bay, 85 for novato and sonoma and mostly in the 80s farther
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north. a little cooler as you make your way into mendocino and lake counties. we will see records falling across the bay area tomorrow. san francisco, oakland, san jose, livermore and concord are all likely to set new records for tomorrow. santa rosa will be close. i mentioned those rain chances, once the warm spell comes to an end we will see a chance for a few showers making their way in late easter sunday. some nudity new data came in, so things are looking up in terms of much-needed rainfall. for pollen we will be in the high category for tomorrow, thursday and friday. still in that medium to high category for saturday and sunday
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is likely as well. cooler conditions at the water and then everybody cools off as we head into easter weekend. and to go along with those rain chances, those temperatures will last for the rest of the week. but the weather looks really good for the season opener on a thursday evening. >> i can't wait for that. the final fours are all set for the men's and women's tournament. and sanford could not miss in the second half. how hot were they? somebody called the fire department, literally. e 2 diabs
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dennis is here now with sports and stanford is in its position to win its first national championship in almost 30 years, that is hard to believe. >> 1992.
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the head coach, tara vanderveer has 1123 career wins. tonight's game might just be in her top five of all time. cutouts had to witness this one, it's a shame, louisville on the road, williams was not going out like this, stanford scored 13 straight points in the third quarter and won it in the fourth. lexi had a team-high 21. back to williams, who wears number 23 on her back, this shop by louisville, then stanford shot 63%, the cardinal went 78 minus 63. just how hot were they?
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>> there is a fire alarm going off right now. >> if we were like in a heavyweight fight, we were on the mat, we were getting pummeled. and i think the team just decided we were going to be throwing the punches instead of our recipient. >> the first final four since 2017. they will play south carolina on friday night. the ucla bruins didn't even make the final four but this man had another huge game. the wolverines had a great look at the last shot, the bruins win 51-49. headed back to their first final four since 2008.
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very scary scene in the gonzaga game. the official collapse, eventually got up and was not even taken to the hospital. but he didn't miss much, it was domination sensation. drew tim a, 23 points, gonzaga wins 85-66. they are off to their second ever final for. and the nfl is expanding the season from 16 to 17 games starting this fall. tonight, a spooky house just
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there is a city in baltimore getting a lot of attention tonight. >> it is decorated more like a haunted house. it has a coffin, a backyard nickname the cemetery, even spiderweb railings upstairs. and it turns out that the seller is a raiders fan. if you are wondering, the one- bedroom home is listed for $225,000. so, it is a bargain in the bay area.
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>> and you do get a crypt with it. >> there you go, a two
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the race that's been designed for you. i can't stop thinking about that creepy house with the crypt in the back. >> it only (inspiring music) - [narrator] the bay area is a golden destination for people who love delicious food, outdoor fun, and healthy living, but are you missing out on life's simple joys, hindered by chronic dental issues?


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