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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  April 2, 2021 3:42am-4:01am PDT

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having a cut in their salaries of 10%. so there's a lot of credibility for the church because of the sexual abuse crisis and now the pandemic. it's like being in a boxing ring and not knowing where the next punch is coming from. >> reporter: the pandemic did not stop francis from going to iraq, the first of ever time for a pope. praying in churches once ransacked by isis. and gathering with thousands of people like we have not seen in a year. only possible by the covid vaccine. for him, and his entourage, the vatican is paying it forward, vaccinating homeless many around st. peter's square, the rare few that can be here in holy week. >> he understands this not being
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a able to on go to his flock is going to have long-term consequences. will they come back? that's the big challenge. >> reporter: one more victim of covid, the pope's washing of the feet. which would traditionally take place today, he did it with the poor and deficit stitute, and w he is desperate to get out among the people and vat can watchers say we may be in for a surprise. closer to home, the first woman to be confirmed as departmentsy secretary of defense has her work cut out for her. she sat down to discuss the big changes under way at the pentagon. if you look at textures on the wall, did you ever think that you would be sitting in the
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press briefing room. >> i would be lying-- >> it's for us to make sure that women in uniform are well represented, for those of us on the civilian side to make sure that women are represented throughout the highest ranks in the career and -- >> she was sworn in making the first black defense secretary in american history. >> representation matters, it demonstrates the capacity that the united states has. the incredible talent pool that no nation, whether it's china or russia or any other could match. >> is china out pacing the u.s.?
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>> the chinese are demonstrating in some areas a high degree of proficiency in investment. >> no question in your mind that china is the single greatest national security threat to the u.s.? >> over the long-termity. absolutely. >> we have seen four years where the russians have messed with our system. what is it going to take to make the russian president back off. >> very little price paid for the russians. there should be a price to be paid and we should anticipate that the president will be coming out with it in the several weeks. >> the deputies workforce councilly to tackle issues rangingfrom diversity and sexual assault, after the capitol riots did rooting on out extremism take on new urgency. >> it highlighted the degree to which we are seeing the term
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extremism expand. and encompass a wider range of approaches that are really challenge the u.s. mill tear to ensure that its forces are living by the oath that we all take to the on constitution. >> at least 37 of those arrested are current or former military members. in february, secretary austin ordered a force-wide review to on address extremism. >> that 60 day review continues through sunday. so we are just finishing up, we are going capture the lessons learned after that. i think what we are understanding first is that, the idea that it's really about what we commit to within the, those that take the oath of office, right? so the question is, whether or not we are all living up to those ideals that we set for ourselves to be focused and coherent. to be ready as a force and not to let divisions among us become sources of strain to our readiness. >> what's the next step. >> next step is looking at our insider threat program, more system attically do we have the
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right program in pace. looking at data sharing across the investigative services so for instance with the fbi and others, we are going to look at our recruiting processes. >> what will the biden administration do to end sexual assault and sexual harassment in the military. >> we started an independent review commission, generally independent of the department. comprised of experts in the field and they are taking a hard look right now at issues of accountability and issues of prevention. >> the deputies workforce council is an effort to bring about meaningful change. how do you do it without leaving the force beaten down? >> management change is difficult. for this reason. the first thing is to affirm we have an amazing workforce and with all the challenges we face, they are committed to making sure that this u.s.s military is the finest in the world. >> these reviews and the push
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it will 2021 millajor league baseball season is under way and they are planning to play a full 162 game season. the fans in the stands again, but most teams are selling a fraction of the available seats. if you get a ticket, you may find yourself carrying away a lot of memorabilia that the teams could not give away last year. >> reporter: a year ago, pitcher trevor williams thought one of his baseball dreams was about to come true. his own bobblehead night. >> i think it's something that every player wants secretly. it's something that is one of those career things on their check list that they want to hit. >> reporter: but about come last august, there were no pirates fans at the game to on give his bobblehead to. now 10s of thousands are sitting in boxes in pittsburgh while trevor is pitching in chicago for the cubs. what do you think should happen to the bobbleheads?
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>> thankfully i don't have to make that decision. thankfully that is above my pay grade. >> reporter: and now one seattle area company is dealing with the bobbling back up. was there a boint that the room was over flowing in bobbleheads? >> over flowing is a understatement. >> reporter: they make all the cool things that sports teams give away. like all these bobbleheads. the giants resurrected the craze with a give away back in 1999. and soon, these limited run items became a hot ticket for collectors, some selling for hundreds, even thousands of dollars. >> at least 2/3 of the bobblehead productions are in production or on their way to the stadiums by march. >> reporter: are we talking about millions bobbleheads. >> we are talking millions bobbleheads. yes. so then we had to go in to action saying are we staging for the first month, or three months had that we are not going have fans but it will turn back on,
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verses the final decision of no fans,, now where do you store themem for use next year. >> reporter: bobblehead-s take months to design and make. each one is even handd painted.. teams o order the dolls at up t 50,000 at a time because the give aways drive attendance, so ahead is a terrible thing to waste. but what to do with last year's manny ramirez hall of fame bobble is up to the red sox adam grossman. >> bobbleheads are the top things that fans want. >> reporter: we got special access to those bobbleheads labeled 2020. they feature all-time greats and current players likely to be given away this year, even if the packaging is dated. do you lean toward giving them out even if the guy is not on your team right now? >> it's case by case, and we fortunate that we did not have that challenge this year. but there are times where you know, there's, they don't see
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the light of day. >> i can just imagine the bobblehead collectors salivating to get ahold of the bobblehead calls that no one have seen or may never see. >> reporter: this bobblehead backlog could mean a massive memorabilia home run. >> getting your hands on the bobblehead that was never distributed is the holy grail, that's the crown jewel of the collection. >> reporter: the pirates sent boxes of his bobblehead so he did his own give away. sending 50 to fans that donated to his project 34-charity supporting those with spinal chord injuries, they went quicker than his fastball, gone in under an hour. trevor is still waiting to hear what will happen to the other 10,000 of his bobbleheads, but give aways are back. baseball is going to give away $1.5 million worth of tickets to front line and essential works and teams are going to start giving things away. the red sox will wait until they
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have 7500er or more in the stands and others may do a give away over the course of two or three days. that's what the seattle mariners are doing.
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the new normal of working from home has millions americans spending hours in zoom meetings every day. and with people trying to look their best on camera, the
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make-up industry is taking aim at a new target customer. men. >> reporter: between zoom meetings and home showings, real estate broker ben dixon gets a lot of face time these days. >> i think being on the zoom calls is essentially being in front of a mirror for a couple of hours aday, so we are going to focus on what we look like more than we normally would. >> reporter: so after seeing ads on instagram, he decided to try out make-up for men. >> don't want to look like i am wearing a lot off make up. >> reporter: wherere do you use the concealer? >> under the eyes or if i have redness, on the top of my cheeks. >> reporter: we are not talking eye liner, mascara? >> no. make up for men jumped 80% last year compared to 2019. had that helpeped new male cosmetics cocompanies that has thousands of products i in cvs
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ststores. >> we are where we are today, in what it would have are taken five years. we have accelerated the trend. >> reporter: for men learning to apply make-up may feel daunting. but there's thousands of tutorials available online and women with years off experiencn may a also b be a good resource. >> the manliest men on earth are all wearing make-up foror t tv apappearances,s, movies, to fixa blemish before the red carpet, whatever it is. show me a manly man and i will show you a guy that wore make up. >> reporter: for ben, it's a quick athe edition to his daily routine. >> try it and see how you feel. if it makes you feel better, why no if it's not for you, you can just wash it off. and that's the overnight news for this friday. and follow us online any time at cb
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reporting from the nation's capitol, i'm jan crawford. it's friday, april 2nd, 2021. this is the "cbs morning news." >> he said, "can i pray with you?" >> powerful testimony. the girlfriend of george floyd takes the stand, and jurors hear audio of former cop derek chauvin defending his actions. sex, money, and politics. a new report details bombshell allegations against congressman matt gaetz. nationwide spike. covid cases are up in more than half the country. the cdc's message as families the cdc's message as families get ready for easter. captioning funded by cbs


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