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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6am  CBS  April 2, 2021 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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right now on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, a suspect shot and killed near a fremont hotel. moments leading to the gunfire. the newly released vaccine appointments in santa clara county. we checked how many
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appointments are available. new details about the deadly mass shooting in orange county. could they lead police to a motive. good morning. thanks for starting your friday with us. it is april 2. i am anne makovec in for len kiese. >> i am michelle griego. mary lee joins us with today's forecast, cooler but nice. are you ready? how do you feel about it? >> i like warm temps. >> do we have a choice? >> sorry about that. yeah, we are looking for that cool down today and into the weekend. we are looking at the on shore flow kicking back in. that's why you see the fog, really indicating changes with the marine influence for us. we are talking five to ten degrees cooler compared to yesterday and the day before. we are in the 40s and 50s as we start the day. as we head through afternoon, we are looking at mid 60s in san francisco, 70 oakland, upper 70s for san jose as well as concord with partly sunny skies. a mild day and a little bit above average for this time of
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year but you will notice that difference today with even cooler temperatures expected for our weekend. let's check with gianna, still tracking that crash on 80 this morning. a traffic alert in effect 80 east bound through dixon at a street where several vehicles got tangled up. one overturned and it is still stuck on its side. tow crews are headed to the scene trying to get everything off the freeway. tracking a few brake lights, you can squeeze by in the right lanes. traffic isn't too bad plus it's the noncommute direction. another accident east bound 80 from highway 12 east bound. we have a lane blocked due to a trouble spot, chp on scene. tracking a few brake lights into the altamont pass but it is friday light as you head towards the dublin interchange. >> thank you. developing in fremont, a
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suspect shot and killed by police in the parking lot of a hotel. it unfolded around 6:30 last night at the hyatt place right off 880. >> shots fired at hyatt place. >> fremont police say detectives were at the hotel following a suspect they believe has been involved in recent gun violence. he was wanted on several outstanding felony warrants. when officers moved in to arrest him they say he refused to comply so they sent a police dog. >> the suspect presented a firearm. during the confrontation, two fremont police detectives fired service weapons at the suspect. >> the suspect and officers who shot him have yet to be identified. this is the third shooting involving fremont police so far this year. new this morning, a pedestrian hit and killed in
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san jose. it happened overnight at monterey highway and curtner road just after 11:30 p.m. at this point investigators haven't said yet whether or not the driver remained on scene nor what caused the crash. south bay, open slots for first doses of the vaccine had all but dried up. health officials did not book any first shot appointments for nearly a month but now santa clara has released a large block of appointments and more coming. let's go to kiet do who joins us live from vietnamese american cultural center in east san jose with more. >> reporter: good morning. large block indeed. we are talking about tens of thousands of doses. a while ago we checked the county website and it looks like they've all been snatched up. goes to show that you have to be quick. in all the county released 32,000 first appointment doses yesterday. if you missed out then next week they're going to release
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along 48,500. to book, go to this is the same day the state opened eligibility to 50 or older. the case count is the lowest it's been in five months. after the lock down and weather getting warmer health officials know people are itching to get out. there are increasing numbers of the variants of covid so dr. cody is urging caution. >> right now we are in a race between the variants and the vaccine. we have some data regarding variants and how effective the vaccine is, some but not all. but the top line message is you are far more protected if you are vaccinated than if you are not. and the more people that are vaccinated in our county and our community, the safer we all are. >> reporter: back live at the
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vietnamese american cultural center in east san jose, later this morning, we are expecting a vaccine event with vips and elected officials. this is appointment only, not open for walk ups. that is happening later today around 11:00 or so. kiet do, kpix5. with another holiday weekend upon us, cdc urging those celebrating easter and pass over to limit interactions with others even though millions of have ak seen doses have been administered. some health experts fear a possible fourth surge. cases are rising in at least 26 states. today san francisco's mobile vaccination clinic will kick off event in china town's largest senior living facility. the two day event will be on pacific avenue. officials say up to 1,000 seniors will be getting their shots between today and next friday. more than 30 mobile vaccination events are planned in the next three weeks within the city.
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encouraging development in the vaccine roll out this morning, fda says it is safe to squeeze an extra dose out of moderna's 10 dose vaccine vials. california will need the extra doses. anybody 15 or older can get a shot as of yesterday in santa clara. some residents jumped at the first opportunity to get the vaccine. today everyone 18 and older can get vaccinated in east palo alto. a new clinic is opening at the cesar chavez ravenswood middle school. it will be open today and tomorrow from 11:00 until 7:00. the city plans to host the clinic on ongoing basis. both appointments and walk ins are welcome. for more news on where you can get a vaccine download the kpix app by scanning the qr code on your screen. we'll have that code for you again in a few minutes as we go
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to break. 6:08. a portion of the pacifica municipal pier will reopen today. that runs perpendicular to the shoreline. high tides damaged a 40-foot part of the pier in january. the section where a railing was broken from the pier deck will remain fenced off, no word on when that will fully reopen. today is grand opening of a new set of tiny homes in oak land. tiny house empowerment village includes more than two dozen homes. it is geared to providing housing and job training for young people. the project is two years in the making but by youth spirit art works an east bay nonprofit. children's discovery museum of san jose is reopening today. the interior of the museum's purple building will be open for the first time in more than a year. they're starting at 25% capacity and all ticket sales are being done online. anybody age two or older who goes to the museum must wear a
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mask. nine minutes after 6:00. ahead on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> details of a police crackdown this weekend. what the police will be keeping an eye out for. here we go with our temperatures. we are talking about cooler temps as we end our work week. more marine influence kicking in. even though we will be cooler, still above average and mild. 70 oakland, upper 70s in san jose and concord. we will continue to cool it down into the weekend. we are tracking a trouble spot along 80. i'll have the latest on this traffic alert in dixon, coming up. before break, a live look outside at nine minutes after 6:00. this is a view of the city and the beautiful bay bridge on the left from our camera on treasure island. we'll be right back.
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we are learning more about the suspect in the orange county shooting. investigators say the suspect knew and targeted all the victims. authorities say he entered a real estate agency, locked the gates, and started shooting. four people died including a 9- year-old boy. the co-owner of the targeted business says he has no idea what motivated the deadly rampage. >> he was not an employee. he had no sales, nothing to do with the company. he was the husband of an ex employee. there was never bad blood. he just was a very quiet person. it does not make sense. it's like wake me up from this nightmare. >> the suspect, a 44 years old man from fullerton, is in custody in critical condition. los gatos police
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investigating a possible hate crime after a filipino woman was shoved in an unprovoked attack. the police chief who is also asian is calling for the community to come together. >> i know many asian americans and especially seniors are reluctant to report crimes. we are committed to keeping our community safe but also to ensuring it remains a haven for tolerance, accept, respect. >> police describe the victim as one of our medical heroes, was pushed to the ground tuesday evening on los gatos boulevard. the suspect reportedly told her to go back to china. the suspect took off on a bike, was wearing a black t-shirt and dark neck gator. oak land city leaders promising police presence and traffic enforcement around lake merit. residents complain about traffic jams and trash. officers will enforce traffic measures and assist in enforcement of vending and
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parking regulations. the city plans to move vendors away from lakeshore avenue and other areas where vending is not allowed. regular season baseball back in action and so are the fans. for the first time in over a year giants and a's hitting the field. for the a's it was the ifist time they got to play in front of the home fans since wild card playoff against tampa bay a year and a half ago. people who came were clearly excited to be back, some lining up waiting for the parking lot to open. those accustomed to early arrival, tail gate, had to change their routine since the lot only opened an hour and a half before game time. inside some seats still had cobwebs as people arrived. 10,436 people were in attendance. as for the game, not so good. a's lost to the astros 8-1.
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let's go to gianna. she has a traffic alert for our friday morning commute. g. >> i am seeing better speeds in this area so that indicates things are likely in the clearing stages. traffic alert is east bound 80 at a street dixon, noncommute direction. it was involving several vehicles and one did overturn and got stuck on its side. there are tow crews on scene as well as chp. it is looking better as you travel through. i will keep you updated. they have not canceled the alert but it is looking better. west bound, no troubles. that is commute direction. traffic is moving at the limit through there. east bound 80 ramp from 12 east bound blocked due to a crash. you've got brake lights but not really affecting main lines of 80. traffic through altamont pass, a pocket of slowing around as you approach grant line or around north flynn, looks like
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it on our maps. slow and go conditions there but overall it is safe to say that the altamont pass commute is friday light. super commuters you should be good to go, no troubles towards dublin interchange. look at our travel times in the green. great news, 28 minutes 205 towards 680. east shore freeway is clear, 15 minutes highway 4 to the maze. no troubles on highway 4. that will take about 27 minutes out of antioch to connect toward 80. if you are headed west bound 80 towards bay bridge, no metering lights. things are quiet for the ride out of the east bay into san francisco. most bay area bridges are looking good. dublin interchange, clear north bound through san ramone. it's 6:17. let's check that weekend forecast. so glad it's friday. >> so glad. really happy we made it to the end of our work week. we are looking at cooler temperatures as we head through
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our friday and for the weekend. a live look with our sales force tower camera with the blanket of fog. that really indicates changes with the marine influence kicking in and on shore flow helping cool us down. we are looking at temperatures in the 40s and 50s. concord you are coming in at 50. 54 oakland, livermore 47, 49 downtown san francisco. san jose, you are 51 and 40 degrees with fog in santa rosa. checking visibility, we have that fog along the coast, around the bay. for the north bay dealing with dense fog in santa rosa down to about a quarter mile. do you want to talk about sierra snowpack? we had our last is you are via of the season and it does not look that good. 66% of average for sierra snowpack for the north sierra, 63% central and just 41% for
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the south sierra. all in all, about 59% of what we should be expecting for this time of year, sierra snowpack making up about a third of california's water splay. we are in a drought across the bay area. 39% to 41% of average of what we should be seeing for our water year. we are looking at dry conditions that will continue over the next several days, not seeing big storms coming our way unfortunately. big changes in terms of cooler temperatures. today, about five to ten degrees cooler compared to yesterday and the day before. partly sunny for friday and we will cool down more for your saturday and easter sunday as well with the stronger on shore flow kicking in. daytime highs will be down to near normal for this time of year as we look to our weekend. let's show you our sunrise at 6:52 sun set at 733. daytime highs for inland locations, south bay. you will warm up to about 77
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santa clara, 78 san jose. as we look to east bay, 79 concord, pleasant hill. around the bay mid 60s in san francisco, 70 oakland, low to mid 70s for the north bay. cooling it down for our weekend and into early next week. right now there is a slight chance of a shower as we look to next thursday. michelle. check out this easter egg hunt in the florida keys. this is to help children in need. you see the divers swimming around trying told the eggs and the easter bunny taking a dive. who knew the easter bunny knew how to swim? pretty good. >> i had no idea. do you have a hunt brewing? >> we do. we will dye some eggs on
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saturday. the hunt is on sunday. >> sounds fun. still ahead on kpix5 and streaming. >> didn't get to have a birthday party last year, will i miss it this year? >> depends on when your birthday is. >> coming up, how dr. fauci is helping children understand the coronavirus.
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welcome back. it is 6:24. taking a live look outside from our sales force camera looking south down the peninsula this friday morning. this weekend dr. fauci is going to be answering questions from
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some of the country's most inquisitive minds. >> yes, it is part of effort by viacom, cbs' nickelodeon to help with concerns kids have about covid-19. dr. fauci's answers will be in a series of nick news breaks an ongoing nickelodeon segment that covers major news topics. >> when will i have play dates again? >> i didn't have a birthday party last year. will i miss it this year? >> natalie, it depends when your birthday is. >> they're asking good questions. kids can tune in this weekend to hear dr. fauci's responses. can you imagine if sierra was talking to dr. anthony fauci? she would have a lot to say. >> michelle's daughter, she is the best. it is 6:25. coming up in our next half hour
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on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, the latest jobs report just came in. the numbers are just into our newsroom, after break. >> reporter: a large batch of vaccine doses has dropped in the south bay. but you gotta be quick. i'm kiet do. we've got a live report from east san jose. here is a live look outside at the bay bridge toll plaza on this friday morning. it is 6:26.
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on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, day five of the derek chauvin trial is about to get underway. the testimony from a retired police sergeant. a close ally of former president trump under investigation, the allegations against this florida congressman. good morning. it is friday, april 2. thanks for starting with us. i am anne makovec in for len kiese. >> i am michelle griego. it's friday. we have been waiting for this all week. not bad today either. we are looking at cooler temperatures but still mild for this time of year with temperatures a bit above average for this time of year, just not as warm as the record breaking highs yesterday and the day before. we will start the cool down today and that continues into the weekend. a live look at san francisco, look at the fog rolling in.
6:31 am
that indicates the changes with the marine influence kicking in helping cool us. temperatures are in the 40s and 50s with areas of fog. through the afternoon, mid 60s in san francisco, 70 oakland, upper 70s in san jose as well as concord with partly sunny skies. it gets even cooler as we look to our weekend. let's check with gianna. how is the bay bridge? it is friday light. if you are up early hitting the roads, a pretty easy ride out of the east bay into san francisco. a few cars on the road way but overall pretty seamless heading into the city. a trouble spot on 80 east bound, connector from east bound highway 12. there are slow and go conditions on 12, not affecting 80 but a crash is blocking those east bound lanes. they have a traffic alert in effect on 80 east bound near a street, dixon avenue, lanes
6:32 am
look open though. likely the activity is to the shoulder and things are moving pretty nicely in both directions. anne. new, he can run but he couldn't hide. a suspect linked to a deadly shooting at a wells fargo parking lot is arrested in oklahoma. the shooting happened in december. the investigation began in san mateo. detectives had leads in southern california eventually tracking down the suspect and arresting him in oklahoma. officials say they have begun extradition process back to the bay area and they have not yet released his name. some news on wall street, markets just opening up a couple minutes ago. the market coming offer the back of the monthly jobs report just released this morning and we're going to take a look at the big board in a few minutes. employment rose by 916,000 in march and unemployment rate edged down to 6%.
6:33 am
these improvements respect the current up tick in economic activity as states close to reopen. >> reporter: i am kiet do live from east san jose from the vietnamese american cultural center keeping an eye on the vaccine situation in the south bay. santa clara county actually released a large batch of covid vaccines yesterday but they had to go very quickly. so yesterday we learned that santa clara county released 32,000 doses. if you did not get a dose yesterday, you can wait until next week. that's 48,500 doses they will open up. book at this is on the same day that the state is opening eligibility to everyone 50 and older. the case count is the lowest in five months.
6:34 am
however variants are still lurking out there. dr. cody gets it, knows people are getting tired. it is a beautiful day. we all have cabin fever. we all want to get out. we all want to get back to our lives, but we can't do that quite yet. i am calling on every one of us to continue to wear our masks whenever with anyone outside of our household. that includes people who are vaccinated. >> reporter: coming back to you live at the vietnamese american cultural center in east san jose where later kaiser is having a vaccine event. it is appointment only. we are expecting vips and elected officials to talk about focus on the need in this particular zip code 95122. that is happening just before
6:35 am
lunchtime. kiet do, kpix5. >> for more updates on vaccines in your area download the kpix app by scanning the qr code on your screen. we will have it for you again in just a few minutes as we go to break. developing news out of taiwan, dozens killed when a train derailed this morning. the wreckage is partially inside a tunnel and rescue efforts are continuing as we speak. the crash happened in eastern taiwan when a passenger train collided with an unmanned vehicle that rolled down a hill. national fire service says at least 48 people died and more than 100 are injured. some survivors had to climb out of windows and along the train's roof in order to evacuate. minneapolis police chief is expected to testify at the murder trial of derek chauvin. thursday a retired police sergeant said chauvin restrained flood longer than necessary. the sergeant said he called
6:36 am
chauvin after a 911 dispatcher reported what looked like an unusual arrest. yesterday the jury heard a recording of the call. the sergeant said chauvin did not initially tell him he had been kneeling on floyd's neck. >> when mr. floyd was no longer offering up any resistance to the officers, they could have ended the restraint. >> prosecutors called to the stand george floyd's long time girlfriend. she said he was hospitalized after overdosing on opioids two months before his death. under questioning by defense she insisted he had made a full recovery. autopsy found fentanyl and meth in floyd's system. developing news, a close ally of former president trump now under federal investigation this morning for sex trafficking accusations. the florida congressman matt gates is denying the allegations against him. "new york times" reports that the investigation focuses on payments congressman gates allegedly made to women for
6:37 am
sex. according to the times, meet ups happened in 2019 and 2020 and he paid the women via mobile apps and sometimes cash. >> it is a horrible allegation and it is a lie. >> the republican lawmaker says allegations of impro priority were attempt to criminalize his generosity to ex girlfriends. he claims accusations are part of a multi million dollar extortion scheme. political leadership on both sides says they are waiting to see what the investigation turns up. >> i haven't heard anything from the doj but i will deal with it if any comes to be true. >> if in fact these are true of course being removed from the judiciary committee is the least that can be done. >> former justice department official confirming to cbs news that the probe began at least last summer and bill barr was aware of it. as brazil hits record numbers for covid cases and deaths, some pandemic problems
6:38 am
may be spilling over to neighboring countries. in the border town of rivera, stores, schools, most government services are shut down. in chile, all borders will be closed for entire month of april for citizens and residents. this is after the country reached 1 million coronavirus cases yesterday. still ahead on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, toilet paper drama 2.0. why you might have to pay more for your toilet paper once again.
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welcome back. 6:41. taking a live look outside, this is the view looking east from our camera on the sales force tower.
6:42 am
it is a gorgeous morning around the bay area. you see the fog mary has been talking about. the idea of creating a so called vaccine passport is running into resistance. yesterday a congressman introduced legislation that would ban the type of passport. under the bill people who travel by plane or train could not be denied entry based on vaccination status. it would block any funding for a database containing proof of the shot. the congressman says activities like travel, shopping, going to work should not be dependent on whether you get vaccinated. >> getting an injection is a very personal invasive thing. people should not be forced into having a passport saying yes or no you may not travel. it puts certain people on the outs that can't take it. >> you need vaccinations to go to school. you need vaccinations to go to college. you need vaccinations to travel to certain places. >> some backers of temporary
6:43 am
vaccine requirements say they could help the nation reestablish a sense of normalcy. new, prepare to pay more for toilet paper. kimberly clark makes scott, cottonelle and viva and announced it will hike prices. baby products will be affected too. partially blame the log jam in the suez canal that caused a backlog in raw materials. newest jobs report came out about an hour ago. it's looking good. elise preston is joining us live from new york with the new numbers. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. wall street is closed today in observance of good friday but markets surged to record levels at the start of the second quarter yesterday with the s&p 500 closing above 4,000 points for the first time. employers went on a hiring spree last month. according to labor department the u.s. added 916,000 jobs in
6:44 am
march, the highest jump since last summer fueled by another round of economic stimulus and aggressive vaccination effort. the nation's unemployment rate fell to 6%. anne. >> elise preston of cbs money watch, thanks for that. new, a robot armed with virus killing ultraviolet light is being tested on airplanes in switzerland. the lights cast everything in a soft blue glow as it slowly moves up the isle of the the swiss start up that created the robot says one robot can disinfect a single isle plane in 13 minutes start to finish though larger planes take longer. >> at the moment it is really important that we can restore confidence in air travel. if passengers, if our crew know our aircraft is safe, no viruses, no bacteria, it can help to fly again and to have a good feeling to fly again.
6:45 am
>> aircraft makers must certify the devices and are studying impact uv light may have on leather seats. 6:44. let's get another check on the roads with gianna. good morning. a little bit busy off the 80 freeway if you are taking highway 12. we have a crash on the connector road from east bound 12 and it is blocking lanes. they did call cal trans. a lot of debris in the road way. we are seeing red and yellow in the area as you connect to 80. 80 east bound is moving nice without issues. west bound as well. east bound towards dixon, things are moving nicely from an earlier traffic alert. everything is cleared out of lanes. an easy ride out of the east bay into san francisco. i would say it is definitely friday light. that is good news if you are up early on the roadways. we are still in the green from
6:46 am
205 towards 680. the only place you might see a few brake lights is west bound 205 onto 580 and a little bit slow as you approach the north flynn exit. other than that, no troubles to report. golden gate bridge is clear. traffic is light as you work out of marin county, about a 16 minute drive south bound 101 from richmond san rafael bridge to the golden gate bridge. you can see extra volume south bound but it is moving at nice speeds, no troubles. things have been quiet. san mateo bridge is a little bit crowded on the west bound side. travel time is only 14 minutes 880 towards 101. an easy commute if you are headed across the bay into foster city. if you are connecting on the peninsula, traffic is quiet in both directions. south bay is checking in problem free. we haven't had issues as you work through the south bay this morning at least on 101. a live look at the nimitz
6:47 am
freeway, so far so good. traffic is at the limit. south bay travel times, you see everything is in the green. if you are up early it's a good time to be roadways. it is 6:46. i am see ago little bit cloud and fog in some of my cameras. this is just the start of a cool down, really indicating those changes with that marine influence kicking back in and the fog rolling back in across the bay area, especially along the coast, around the bay, some inland spots. this is a beautiful view of the marine influence for us with that fog as we look to san francisco and trans america pyramid. temperatures are in the 40s and 50s to start our day. concord you are 50, 54 oakland, livermore 47, 49 downtown san francisco. san jose you are 51 and a foggy start in santa rosa down to 40. checking visibility down to a quarter mile, dense fog in santa rosa and other locations especially along the coast and around the bay dealing with areas of fog.
6:48 am
we are looking at those big changes on the way in store for us as we head through the rest of today and into the weekend with cooler temperatures. of course we need the rain and at this point, it does not look like we will see rain any time soon. as we take you hour by hour on futurecast, you can see we are looking at partly sunny skies for today and we'll continue with partly sunny skies as we look to your saturday and sunday with temperatures even cooler still as we look to our weekend down to near normal for this time of year compared to the record breaking highs we had yesterday and the day before. now let's show you what to expect if you are suffering from allergies. unfortunately the pollen count is sky high again today through the weekend and early next week. not a lot of relief for allergy sufferers. it is so dry we had breezy offshore winds earlier in the week helping to kick up the pollen. as we go through the day with the south bay looking at temperatures at 77 in santa
6:49 am
clara, 78 san jose, still above average, just not as warm as the warm temperatures yesterday and the day before. as we look to east bay 79 in concord as well as for pleasant hill, low 80s antioch and brentwood, mid to upper 70s for tri valley. around the bay, cooler. 67 in alameda, upper 60s, close to 70 for san leandro, oakland 70, low to mid 70s for the north bay, mid 70s in windsor. here we go for our easter sunday forecast, 50s and 60s, so near normal for this time of year with partly sunny skies. there we go with the cool down as we head through the weekend. that continues into early next week. earlier in the week we thought we could have a chance to see showers monday. not the case anymore. dry conditions continue monday, tuesday, wednesday. the models show a slight chance to see a shower on thursday. back to you. it is about ten minutes
6:50 am
before 7:00. it is baby season for wildlife. some advice this morning from bay area animal experts. >> if you are thinking of trimming your trees this spring, it's best to wait until fall or early winter. this is to protect nesting baby birds and other young wildlife. peninsula humane society recommends you double check there are no bird or squirrel nests before trimming. another tip, look for rabbit holes or bird nests before mowing the lawn. ten minutes before 7:00. still ahead on kpix5 and streaming cbsn bay area. a suspect shot and killed by police near a fremont hotel. the moments leading up to the gunfire. >> reporter: tens of thousands of vaccine doses have dropped in the south bay, but we are learning that you have to be fast. we've got a live report from east san jose. good morning. on cbs this morning day four of
6:51 am
derek chauvin's murder trial saw explosive testimony from a former supervising police officer and two paramedics. only on cbs this morning we'll talk to a minneapolis city counselor whose father, state attorney general, is the lead prosecutor in the case. also breaking a devastating train crash in taiwan called the worst there in decades. we'll have the latest on what we know about what caused it. we visit jerusalem to show off one of the holiest sites in christianity and how it is being affected by the pandemic. all of that and more at 7:00. we are taking a quick live look outside. this is from our sales force camera looking at mount diablo as the sunrises. coming up later on drew barrymore, bull star chris jackson will sit with drew to talk about his show. also ali wentworth
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i am kiet do live from east san jose at the vietnamese american cultural center talking about vaccine, the situation down here in the south bay. they'll drop the large batch of doses from santa clara yesterday and we learned that they all got snatched up quickly. so we learned that 32,000 doses were released yesterday and if you missed that, another 48,500 will be released next week. this batch comes on the same day the state is opening eligibility to anyone 50 and older. the case count in the south bay is the lowest it's been in five months. uk and west coast variants are lurking out there so case counts in those variants are trending upward. health officials are urging people to wear masks and stay
6:56 am
vigilant. back live, in a couple hours we are expecting vips and kaiser officials to talk about a vaccine event that's happening today where they're trying to focus on folks in the 95122 zip code to be sure they get their doses. that is appointment only, no walk ups available. four minutes before 7:00. police in fremont shot and killed a man in a hotel parking lot. detectives were at the hotel tracking a suspect wanted on several felony warrants. as they moved in they sent a police dog. they say the suspect pulled out a gun and two detectives opened fire. the man who died has not been publicly identified. investigators say suspect in a mass shooting in orange county knew all the victims. four people were killed. the coener of the real estate agency where it happened says the suspect's wife used to work there.
6:57 am
minneapolis police chief expected to testify at the murder trial of derek chauvin, the former officer accused of killing george floyd. yesterday a retired police sergeant said chauvin restrained floyd for longer than necessary. a new jobs report says employment rose by 916,000 in march and unemployment rate edged down to 6%. these improvements reflecting current up tick in economic activity as states start to reopen. today is grand opening of a new set of more than two dozen tiny homes in oakland. tiny house empowerment village is geared to providing housing and job training for young people. streaming today on cbsn bay area, a preview of a new season of all american. we are going to talk to an actress about her role. watch on or the kpix app. taking a look at the roadways, we are monitoring a few brake lights for the ride as you work your way on highway
6:58 am
12 near 80. cal trans are on scene cleaning debris. there is at least a lane blocked and traffic is slow in the area. not affecting 80 itself. traffic along highway 4, things are getting busier. we are seeing red and yellow on censors west bound 4 out of bay point. you have brake lights connecting to 242. if you are headed south of there, things are slow and go also through pleasant hill and concord. 80 east bound near gill man, a report of a crash to the right shoulder, noncommute direction. west bound is light. if you are headed towards the bay bridge, metering lights are off, a little slow across the upper deck. happy friday. here is a beautiful view with our sutro cam. you see the blanket of fog, sales force tower peeking through the clouds there. you see as we look to our mark hopkins hotel camera in san francisco that fog as well. temperatures are running in the 40s and 50s. through the day, about five to
6:59 am
ten degrees cooler compared to yesterday. we had the on shore flow, marine influence for us cooling us down. today is the start of a cool down into our holiday weekend. mid 60s san francisco, 70 oakland, upper 70s warming up in san jose and concord. just not as warm as record breaking highs yesterday and the day before. near normal temperatures, partly sunny as we look to our weekend and early next week, several days of dry conditions as we look to next week. there is a slight chance to see a shower thursday. we'll have a better idea as we get closer. we need the rain, we are in a drought ross the area. we had the snow survey yesterday looking at least below what we should be seeing for this time of year for our snow. in the meantime for your easter sunday, near normal daytime highs. back to you. >> good news for the easter bunny hopping around the bay area. his fur will stay dry this
7:00 am
weekend. thanks mary and gianna. thank you for joining us for the kpix5 news. >> the news continues all day on cbsn bay area and cbs this morning is coming up next. we'll see you back >> good morning to you, and welcome to "cbs morning news" on this good good morning mow to you and welcome to "cbs this morning" on this good friday, april 2, 2021. i'm gayle king with anthony dokoupil. we will resume the trial of derek chauvin and review the testimony from yesterday. and in taiwan, one of the country's deadliest rail accidents ever. we will show you the attempt to rescue survivors. and hunter biden speaks out about the laptop


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