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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  April 15, 2021 1:37am-2:12am PDT

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the northbay mayor facing sexual assault allegations, band from city hall and facing a vote to resign. tonight he speaks out in his
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own defense. >> i have my head held high, let me continue to do my job. plus, a driver crashes into a chp officer and goes flying into an embankment. the crash that shut down a major connector for hours tonight. the weather is about to get a lot more interesting heading into the weekend. there are 90s possible by sunday. good evening, i'm juliette goodrich, elizabeth has the night off. >> outrage overflowing tonight over the fate of a sonoma county mayor who has been accused of sexual assault. andrea nakano is live in windsor tonight where the city council just voted to demand the resignation of the mayor.
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>> reporter: it was a night of twist and turns as mayor dominic foppoli showed up to share this meetin but after a couple of hours of public comment he signed off so he could respect that it be heard about his opposition. >> there was not a single comment during the emergency meeting in support of mayor dominic foppoli as he sat there listening to calls for his resignation. >> how is this group allowing this to happen, and what kind of narcissistic sociopaths does this quick >> most of the time most evil monsters come in the form of friends or allies.
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you no longer have the confidence and respect to lead this town. >> i've experienced and i've seen some of this behavior first hand. i'd like to say i'm so sorry to all of the women for not speaking out. >> reporter: a councilmember accused herself from the meeting since she was one of the victims. she claims she was drugged and sexually assaulted by the mayor last year. in the remaining two councilmembers were clear about wanting the mayor to step down as well. >> he talks about windsor being the most important town to him, well if it is the most important town then you need to resign. >> may be now since we've lost the trust, let us rebuild it. >> clearly the mayor has dug his heels in. you mentioned the council
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talked about demanding him to resign, what happens next? >> reporter: the only way he could be removed from office since he is an elected official is that he resigns or that recall effort that's going on goes through in windsor. just to add on all of this, there have been no charges filed against the mayor yet. they are investigating the allegations at this time. >> thank you andrea. developing tonight, a driver crashed into a chp officer on the northbond 280 connector to highway 85 in cupertino. video shows the ch p vehicle with minor damage. officers closed the road so caltrans can do some work. that's when the driver tried to swerve around that shut down
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and ended up hitting the chp vehicle. the officer was not seriously injured. in less than an hour, all adults in california will be eligible for a covid vaccine. >> the new guidelines include erneand up. some bay area counties already loosened their rules days in advance. health officials in santa clara county are celebrating some progress tonight they say 50% of those 16 and older have already said received one dose. meanwhile the johnson & johnson vaccine will remain on pause. members of the federal advisory group say they need more time to consider the risk. yesterday the fda and cdc temporary halted use of the single-dose vaccine after six women experienced rear led clots. in sonoma county officials are on the lookout for what they call breakthrough cases of covid-19. that's when people get infected with the virus even after being
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fully vaccinated. so far there are 39 cases in sonoma county like that. doctors say this is not a cause for alarm because pfizer and moderna are 90% to 95% effective and this is likely happening across the state and nationally as well. >> with this vaccine you've got a coat of armor on. we know that armor is not completely protective. and so you've got to consider yourself protected to a large extent but you still could get infected again. so you still want to be careful. >> of those 39 breakthrough cases, only one had to be hospitalized and was released in 48 hours. looking live out at san francisco, the city is less than an hour away from officially allowing indoor events to return. starting tomorrow, concerts, theater performances, sporting events and the like can resume
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at 35% maximum capacity. attendees must show proof of a vaccine or negative covid test, except for events capping at 15%. looking at the bay bridge tonight, it's been a pretty good, warm week and it will only get better. temperatures are heating up again. our meteorologist darren peck is in for paul tonight. so we are hearing that some areas could hit 90 degrees. >> yes, but that is only a few of the extreme spots, and that does not happen until sunday. and that is really what the focus is. the warm-up coming our way as we get into the weekend. the rest of the work week will pretty much be average. is the where were we today? 73. i'm using concord as an example. watch what happens over the
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next few days. that line really takes off. by the time we've got to sunday, concord, you are one of those few spots that could hit 90. most other places for inland parts of the bay area come in at the upper 80s. if we jump ahead to sunday, and it is too early to put an exact number on a daytime high for sunday, it is a little too far out. but this is the possibility, so it's good to start talking about it now. if we hit 90 in concord, what is the record? it's 87. so we will beat that. san jose, 85, 91 is your record. san francisco, you will miss it. 78 degrees on sunday will still be a noticeably warm day in the city. i will have the rest of the forecast in a few minutes. another night of unrest following the fatal police
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shooting of dante right. protesters were still out despite a 10:00 curfew in the city. some people throwing objects at law enforcement. officers were lined up inside of a fence facing those protesters. a former police veteran kim potter, now charged with second- degree manslaughter. they stopped wright on sunday for expired tags and when officers try to cough him, they say wright jumped into his car. potter thought she grabbed her taser when she shot and killed him. police are investigating a shooting. officers blocked off a section of north fourth street. authorities are asking people to avoid the area. gunfire erupted just after 5:00, leaving one man with life- threatening injuries. so far no word on a motive or if any arrest have been made. too high for prep profile
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attacks are targeting asian americans are back in the spotlight. one man came out to support his 84-year-old grandfather who was kicked to the ground last year. 23-year-old eric ramos hernandez has been charged in the attack. in another courtroom, 39-year- old steven jenkins was facing a judge. he's accused of assaulting two elderly asians on market street last month. public outcries surrounding these type of incidents followed them to the courthouse today and dozens of people rallied outside demanding justice. >> if i commit a crime i expected to go to jail, and that's why i don't do it. these people who commit crimes should be held accountable. >> that is all i wanted, for my grandpa to get justice. >> the san francisco security guard who nabbed one of those suspects was honored tonight. he brought steven jenkins to
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the ground moments after hitting an asian grandmother on market street read and today supervisor matt haney and the victim's grandson visited him while he was patrolling the u.n. plaza area they thanked him for intervening, also resenting him with certificates of honor. demonstrators held a march and vigil for a man shot and killed by daly city police. protesters held signs demanding justice for 44-year-old roger allen. he was shot a week ago during a routine traffic stop. police say he picked up what appeared to be a gun and got into a struggle with an officer. they say one officer shot him, fearing for his fellow officers life. the gun ended up being a fake. >> we remain proactive in receiving justice for roger allen.
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>> the d.a.s office is investigating the shooting. still ahead, while wildly popular drink in the bay area could be in trouble. the ingredient that is becoming harder and harder to find. the massive mural breaking records in oakland, how it is shining a light on a problem that is often overlooked. major developments in a disappearance that loomed over california for
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it would be interesting to see how it actually impacted our business. we do have a lot of alternatives to boba. there are days that we do run out, and some people do leave. >> boba drink lovers stopped by tapioca express to get a drink after hearing about the shortage. is boba t boba t without the
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boba quick >> i don't think boba t is complete without the boba. >> if they do happen to run short of the pearls he hopes customers try of boba backup. >> kung fu t told usa today that they predict the boba shortage could continue well into summer. tonight a mural with a powerful message is towering over downtown oakland. the 19 190 foot tall was painted over the marriott on broadway. it features of black girl skipping in a wheat field. it's meant to bring attention to food insecurity around the globe. mayor schaff is expected to hold a special their money to inaugurate the mural. we have an update on a
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disappearance that has haunted california for nearly 25 years. >> the man accused of murdering kristin smart is expected to appear in court tomorrow and prosecutors believe that paul flores killed smart during an attempted rape in 1986. he is now facing a single count of first-degree murder. the suspects 80-year-old father is accused of helping his son hide the body. >> the last place where kristin was seen was close to the dorms. we certainly believe that mr. flores dorm room was the crime scene. >> prosecutors say they now believe that they know where smart's body was buried. i don't know what to make of it, we are taking a look at 90 degrees coming up. and we got snow at the same time in the mountains, and of boba shortage.
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>> i can't speak to the boba shortage, but everything else really does fit in with the spring. this is when you e si today, how is it that you could have snowfall so close to the bay area? there was a subtle sign of what is going on if you looked at the marine layer. you can see the golden gate bridge in the time lapse. the marine layer is coming in kind of high. oftentimes it is coming in so low. but when you have lower pressure, the marine layer is able to go higher. right now, that is what we've got over pretty much the entire west. the big area of low pressure, just centered a little too far east for us to have gone any rain out of it. you can see that counterclockwise flow. now you can really see it. so that area of low pressure
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had bad aim in terms of us experiencing it in any other way besides that subtle higher- l marine level. but the mountains did get close to a foot of snow today. they had to bring out plows at a certain time. but as that starts to leave, things start to get back to normal for us. and by friday the marine layer is back. it will be one of those days where we wake up and it is gray all the way inland. that is the bay bridge out there. so just normal weather for now through friday. you can see it in the numbers here. mid-50s for morning lows, daytime highs tomorrow pretty much exactly what we did today. low 70s inland and mid-60s for much of the bay. this big warm-up doesn't really get going until the weekend.
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for saturday and sunday, look at the daytime highs, mid to upper 80s and i showed you that 90 at the top of the newscast. but only a few spots will make it to 90. in general, mid to upper 80s is still going to be noticeably warm. we will start cooling down by next week. another game, another record for the golden state warriors. we got that, and did we have
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there has not been a perfect game in baseball since 2012. that almost ended tonight. on the south side of chicago. two outs away from perfection for carlos rodon. but he hit the foot of roberto perez. that is how he lost the perfect game. raton in disbelief.
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jordan smashed one to mikado. and joe musgrove had the first. austin slater got a big knock last night, put it in the exact same spot today. johnny cueto was dealing shot out and picked up his fourth shutout. the giants win three minus zero, but there is concern about johnny cueto's today. quite an offensive explosion for golden state. curry still had plenty left in his tank after celebrating his
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record, 42 points to go with eight assists. they scored 50 points in the third quarter alone. curry had 11 of the warriors 24 threes. steve kerr had to restrain him from going back in the grain. great opportunity for a friend of the program, on a ten-day contract opening some eyes with the steel and score. the warriors going away with 147-109. 16 year that brian can slough, 63 career points in his 80th game. the ducks win and the last two
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if spiderwebs are not creepy enough for you, now there is an aries soundtrack to make it even more unsettling. >> m.i.t. scientists turned spiderwebs into music. take a listen. it is an eerie tune enough to send a tingle down your spine. they created the music by scanning spiderwebs and re- creating them in virtual reality. they translated the webs into tones and harmonies and it all came together when the music department created a harp like virtual instrument. >> these haunting harmonies could have a serious use in application and could help scientists understand how spiders make their webs. and even how they communicate. >> haunting. >> to say the least.
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we will be right back.
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