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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  April 15, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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right now on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, we are looking live from our exclusive sales force tower camera as we look down south down the peninsula on this thursday. good morning everyone. it is thursday, april 15. i am michelle griego. >> i am len kiese. good morning to you. first, mary lee with our forecast on this friday eve. happy thursday, almost friday to you. we are looking at very similar weather today, kind of a repeat performance as we look ahead to our thursday afternoon. here is a live look with the sales force tower camera as we look at the trans america pyramid, temperatures in the 40s and 50s. another chilly start, grab that jacket as we head out the door. daytime highs are seasonal if not a little bit above average for this time of year looking at 57, cool on the coast in pacifica, 71 in san jose and 72
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for concord. you see on futurecast all that sunshine as we go through our day today. let's check with gianna for a look at traffic. how are the roadways? they are looking good. a very easy commute on your thursday morning ride out of the east bay into san francisco, no troubles across upper deck as you head into the city. the lower deck looks good as well. san mateo bridge is off to a good start as well. tail lights headed towards 101 heading west drowned, drive off nimitz freeway all clear in both directions through hayward. we are not seeing issues if you are working towards the bay bridge or 101. travel times are looking good. everything is in the green. i am anne makovec at the live news desk. we have our eye on a breaking situation going on in san jose as police search for the
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suspect in a shooting. they have a home surrounded. this is new video in from a couple hours ago showing the n josece armored vehicle at the scene of what is now a standoff with the suspect north 4th street near heading. we heard an officer speaking over a loud speaker asking the person to surrender peacefully. the shooting was last night and then there was a search in the neighborhood. the whole thing was on lock down. the person shot was a man and was taken away with injuries that have been described as life threatening, not sure of his condition this morning. but police are concentrating on this standoff. we have a crew on the way to the scene and we are going to have a live report coming up in about a half an hour. back to you. >> thank you. outrage overflowing after an emergency meeting over the fate of a sonoma mayor accused
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of sexual assault. city council in windsor voted to demand the resignation. he initially showed up to chair the meeting and later logged f opposition to him being present but not before the council voted to demand his resignation. >> to the disgraced mayor, resign you rapist. >> regardless of what you may have done for the town in the past, you no longer have the confidence or respect to act on our behalf, to lead this town. >> council members were clear about wanting the mayor to step down. >> he says he loves windsor, has been saying that over and over. he grew up here. windsor is the most important town. if you don't want to harm it any further, you need to resign. >> it may be that you have lost trust and lotus do our best to
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rebuild it. >> last night's meeting was symbolic. the only way to remove him from office is for him to resign or a recall effort has to be launched. charges have not been ongoing investigation. he denies the accusations. today adults in california are eligible for a covid vaccine. new guidelines include everyone 16 years old and up. some bay area counties loosened their rules days in advance. health officials in santa clara are celebrating progress. they say 50% of those 16 and older have already received at least one dose. the johnson & johnson vaccine will remain on pause during an emergency meeting yesterday, members of a federal advisory group said they need more time to consider the risks. this week the fda and cdc temporarily halted use of the single dose vaccine after six women experienced rare blood clots. in sonoma officials are on the look out for what they call
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break through cases. that's when people are infected with the virus even after being fully vaccinated. so far there are 39 ca sonoma. this is not cause for alarm because pfizer and moderna are 90 to 95% effective. this is likely happening across the state and nation as well. >> with the vaccine you've got a coat of armor on but we know that a armor is not completely protective. you've got to consider yourself protected to a large extent but you still could get infected. you still want to be careful. >> of the 39 break through cases only one was hospitalized and was released in 48 hours. to san francisco, the city is officially allowing indoor events to return. starting today concerts, theater performances, sporting events and the like can resume at 35% maximum capacity. attendees must show proof of
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vaccine or negative covid tests except at events capped at 15% capacity or less. the city is lifting the 11:00 p.m. restaurant curfew. today, the man accused of murdering kristin smart is expected to appear in court. prosecutors believe paul flores killed smart during a rape or attempted rape in 1996. flores attended university with smart and he is facing a single count of first degree murder. the suspect's 80-year-old father is accused of helping his son hide the body. >> the last place kristin was seen was close to the dorms and near mr. flores'. we believe that there flores dorm room was the crime scene. >> they think they now know where the body is buried.
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protesters were out past curfew in the city. the former officer will make her first appearance today. >> reporter: police fired chemical spray at protesters outside brooklyn center police department last night, a 4th straight evening of demonstrations. rallies remained mostly peaceful during the day. about two dozen people were eventually arrested. protesters are demanding justice for daunte wright who was killed during a traffic stop sunday. officeer mistaked her taser. >> at what point did you not feel this is a gun in your hand verses a taser? >> she was released from jail after posting bond and will make her first court appearance. a few miles south in
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minneapolis, the trial of derek chauvin continues. dr. fowler said george floyd's death was not a homicide. >> all his injuries were in areas where the knee was not. >> reporter: prosecution argues floyd died because chauvin's knee was against his neck area for more than nine minutes. they debt get fowler to admit floyd should have been helped. >> there was a time when he may have been revived because he wasn't dead yet. >> immediate medical attention for a person gone into cardiac arrest may well reverse that process, yes. >> reporter: it is unclear whether chauvin will take the stand. judge turned down a defense request to acquit chauvin rejecting claims. daunte wright's death, former officer potter can receive ten years in prison and $20,000
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fine if convicted. two high profile attacks back in the spotlight. suspects were in court yesterday. one man came to support his 84- year-old grandfather who was kicked to the ground last year. hernandez is charged in the attack. in another courtroom, jenkins was facing a judge. he is accused of assaulting two elderly asians on market street last month. the public outcry surrounding these types of incidents followed the suspects to the court house as dozens rallied outside demanding justice. >> if i commit a crime, i expect to go to jail. i know that. that's why i don't do it. all the people who commit crimes should be held accountable for it. >> for my grandpa to get justice. >> the san francisco security guard who fabbed one of the suspects has been honored.
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the supervisor and victim's grandson visited him while he was patrolling un plaza. they thanked him for intervening and presented him with certificates of honor to recognize his service the community. in daly city demonstrators held march and vigil for a man shot and killed by police. protesters demanding justice for roger allen. he was shot a week ago during a traffic stop. he picked up what appeared to be a gun and got into a struggle with an officer. the gun ended up being a fake. >> we remain proactive and receive justice for roger allen. no matter how tired, we will endure. we never asked, needed, or wanted our blood on your hands. >> the district stg the shooting. in santa clara, a driver crashed into a chp officer. it happened on the north bound 280 connector to highway 85 in
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cupertino after 8:00. this video shows chp video with minor damage and a silver hyundai rolled over on its side. officers say they closed the road so cal trans could do work. that's when the driver apparently tried to swerve around the shut down and ended up hitting the vehicle. the driver was taken to the hospital and the officer was not seriously hurt. 4:42. tough times ahead. >> coming up on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, after break, the latest on what's causing a shortage. a live look outside before break from our treasure island camera
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one toy maker joining auto makers in push to go green. diane king hall has the details in today's money watch report. >> reporter: wall street was mixed on wednesday. dow rose 53 points, nasdaq slid 138 and s&p 500 fell 16. coin base jumped in its market debut yesterday. it began trading at $381 a share, well above the $250 reference price. stock closed at $328.
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unlike other start ups that have gone public coin base is already profitable. bernie madoff has died. he was 82 years old. he spent final years behind bars at a north carolina federal prison for his nearly $20 billion swindle out of a $65 billion scheme. he started his investment business with $5,000 savings and set up shop in new york in the 1960s. he served as head of the nasdaq in the '90s and list of clients included celebrities, high society charities, life long friends. >> reporter: many auto makers going green and one toy maker is doing the same. matel unveiled a road map to make cars from environmentally friendly material. first is a tesla roadster which will be available next year.
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for more head to i am diane king hall. 4:46. we hate to burst your bubble. >> we are learning more about the problems surrounding this popular treat. a shipping backlog of u.s. deliveries on the west and east coast started by the global pandemic is expected to cause a shortage. >> enjoy it while you can, i guess. when it does happen be prepared. be prepared to try new things. >> it will affect not just us but the greater industry. >> they recently posted this video inside the factory about the shortage. one supplier told business insider the shortage could last until the end of april. >> other bubble tea chains are
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predicting the problem could stretch into the summer. >> my daughters will be so disappointed. they bought reusable boba straws. that's how much they love boba. >> never had boba tea. >> you better it before it goes away. let's get a check the weather. it's going to be another beautiful day. i have to say i love boba. i am right there with michelle's daughter because it is amazing. let's talk about our weather. many of you will think it is amazing too. we are looking at very similar conditions. i know we need the rain. unfortunately it does not look like that is coming any time soon. of course we are in a drought and need the rainfall. for now we are looking at high pressure in place. a live look with our mark hopkins hotel camera, looking at san francisco, trans america pyramid, partly cloudy skies. we are in the mid to upper 40s
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to low 50s. let's show our winds, calm to light conditions as we start our day. a little breezy in fairfield this morning, 5-mile per hour winds at sfo. current visibility, we have at least that cloud cover along the coast right around the bay in some inland locations as well with patchy fog out there. as we head through the afternoon, we will catch that sunshine. if you are suffering from allergies we have medium high levels not just for today, tomorrow, but it does get worse into the high category, the red, for saturday and sunday. top culprits are mulberry, oak, ash, that tree pollen for sure. we are looking at more sunshine through the day with seasonal daytime highs if not just a little bit above average for this time of year. hour by hour on futurecast you see skies clearing and that sunshine as we go through today. as we look to tomorrow, morning clouds and then afternoon
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sunshine. temperatures will be a bit warmer for your friday. as we look to winds, we are looking at breezy conditions in spots, nothing like we saw a couple days ago but still that spring-like weather pattern for us in the bay area with the on shore wind flow. sunrise at 6:34 and sun set at 7:45. daytime highs today looking at low 70s, 71 santa clara, san jose, 73 morgan hill, los gatos 72, 70 cupertino. 72 concord, pleasant hill, low 70s for the tri valley later today. around the bay 59 in san francisco, 58 daly city, 63 alameda, mid 60s for oakland and san h to upper 60s to low 70s this afternoon. the extended forecast and what you can expect as we will warm it up as we look to friday and especially for the weekend, we are talking 80s inland saturday and especially sunday. highs will top out in the upper
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80s for warmest spots. let's check with gianna for a look at traffic. how are the roadways on this thursday morning? >> getting busy for the ride into the altamont pass. we are starting to track slower speeds for the west bound 580 commute. out of tracy the brake lights are starting around mount house extending to 580 at least to grant line. it's getting crowded as you head through. speeds down to about 22 miles per hour in some spots. no accidents so that's the good news. other than that the bay area is quiet, 30 minute ride. as we look at travel times you see most major freeways are in the green with no delays or issues. that includes 80ho way, h 4, 101 out of san jose. north bound from san jose to sfo, 37 minutes. on surface streets there is police activity, road closures on 4th street both directions and also on younger avenue as
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well, both directions between 5th street and 3rd street. avoid that area if you can. there is police activity in and around there. bay bridge toll plaza is quiet, no metering lights. everything is clear as you head into san francisco. all bay area bridges are looking good. golden gate bridge is clear, easy ride out of marin into san francisco and san mateo bridge is off to a great start. it's 4:51. let's check with dennis. good morning everybody. coming up, another game, another record for golden state warriors. we've got that and baseball's first perfect game in nearly ten years. that's on the other side. let's take a look outside from mark hopkins camera as you look out west. you see the fog on this thursday morning. it's s welcome to jack in the box. hey, jack, i heard your chicken- who told you that? it was jimmy wasn't it? no, i heard your chicken comes with classic and spicy in the same box, so i don't have to choose. ah yes. best of both worlds.
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and spicy for the best of both worlds. only at jack in the box. good morning everybody. there has not been a perfect game in major league baseball since 2012, almost had one last night in the south side of chicago. two outs away from perfection but his pitch hit the foot of perez. perez didn't try to get out of the way. that's how the perfect game ended. he is still in disbelief but still had the no hitter. smashed to third and the play made to preserve history, the second no hitter in less than a week. giants and reds, a big knock last night put exactly
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the same spot yesterday. watch crawford, 1-0 giants. dealing a shut out in the sixth, he picks up a fourth strike out but signals to dug out right away that something wasn't right. he left the game with lat nightness. there is concern this morning. warriors began a five game road trip last night in oklahoma city with quite an offensive e commerce experience motion. these aren't the same thunder in the playoff years, curry still plenty left in his tank after celebrating his record. 42 points for steph to go with eight assists. loving every bit of that jam, scored 50 points in the third quarter alone. curry had 11 of the warriors 24
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threes which equals the franchise record. had to restrain curry from going back in the game, a great opportunity for the friend of the program. on a 10 day contract with golden state, he opens up some. warriors win 147-109. last place ducks came to the tank and pounded the sharks in more ways than one. a 16 year vet got the scoring started in the first period, 63 year points against sharks. in his 80th game ducks win and escort san jose in the last two games. bottom line sharks are four points behind st. louis for the final playoff spot. gotta get moving fast. the season is getting short. that's the latest in bay area sports. i am dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. 4:56. middle seat blockade on planes over but is that the safest
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decision? in our next half hour, the new in flight study from the cdc shedding light on the issue, next. >> reporter: a shooting suspect barricaded inside a home in an otherwise
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majestic mountains... scenic coastal highways... fertile farmlands...
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there's lots to love about california. so put off those chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm when less clean energy is available. because that's power down time. on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, a south bay shooting turns into an overnight standoff. new details we are learning as we arrive on that scene. as vaccine eligibility expands across the state, one county hits a major milestone. how many adults have now been inoculated. getting covid after your shot. the outbreak growing in the north bay. to the disgraced mayor,
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resign you rapist. >> a heated night. a mayor chairing a meeting over his own fate. demands from the community that forced him to log off. good morning. it is thursday, april 15. i am michelle griego. >> i am len kiese. good morning. a lot to get to, but first a serious question. did you like yesterday's weather? we've got good news for you. >> my hand is up. i did. luckily we are seeing a similar weather pattern today. >> we are looking at that repeat performance of yesterday. looking at that sunshine this afternoon and seasonal daytime highs if not just a little bit above average for this time of year. a live look in san francisco, trans america pyramid this morning. we are looking at areas of fog, morning clouds, temperatures in the mid to upper 40s to low 50s at this hour. as we head through afternoon, cool 57 in pacifica, 64 oakland, war


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