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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6am  CBS  April 15, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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the heated meeting forcing him to log off. >> getting inside and staying out late. new rules for any event in san francisco starting in just two hours. thousands of young students in south bay headed back to campus. what their schools are hoping the kids won't see when they show up. good morning. it is thursday, april 15. i am michelle griego. >> i am len kiese. good morning. we'll be waking up to another day of sunshine. mary lee is joining us with your friday eve forecast. >> i love it. almost thursday. we are looking at beautiful weather ahead, similar to yesterday with that sunshine this afternoon. a pleasant spring day across the bay area. a live look at san francisco at the hill area with those morning clouds as we start the day. get that jacket as you are heading out for work or school or maybe taking the dog out for
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a walk this morning. seasonal daytime highs with 64 in oak land, low 70s concord and livermore as well as for san jose. seeing that sunshine as we go through our day. let's check with gianna. it is getting slow at the bay bridge this morning. >> it sure is. check our live shot. hello brake lights and a lot of them out of the east bay into san francisco. that morning commute is busy through here. metering lights were turned on a few minutes ago, sluggish from the 880 over pass. if you are working into altamont pass, things are busy out of tracy on 205 getting onto 580. 39 minutes from 205 towards 680. reports of a crash at the connector road on 580 and 205. another nimitz freeway south bound 880 near a street, there is a crash and traffic is a little slow as you approach the scene. >> thank you. a neighborhood on lock down in san jose where police have
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been in a standoff for hours. we are told it may be connected to yesterday's shooting near the city's japan town. let's go to devin feeley who is live on the scene now with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. i am live along 4th street north of downtown san jose. within the last 15 minutes we heard eight or nine loud booms in this area. it sounded like what we presume to be perhaps flash bang grenades. sometimes those are used to startle or disorient someone before they go into a home. we don't have a clear view down the block to see if they've tried to make entry into that house but it is our understanding this happened around 5:15 wednesday evening with the report of a shooting in the area. we don't have a lot of details about the shooting. we don't know who triggered it, who were the two people involved. police have described the injuries as potentially life threatening. san jose police were able to
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identify the suspect. the alleged shooter has been able to barricade themselves inside a home. we actually spoke to neighbors in the area would say they heard gunfire. >> i am hoping whoever got shot is okay and that they catch the shooter, man. you don't want people running around like that, you know, especially not in my neighborhood or any neighborhood. >> reporter: as we mentioned within the last about 15 minutes, we heard eight or nine loud booms, sounded very much like flash bang grenades often used before police will try and enter a residence when someone is barricaded inside. police are trying to convince the suspect to come out peacefully and surrender but we don't have any evidence that that's happened just yet. i am anne makovec at the live news desk.
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we have breaking economic news, job less claim numbers coming out about a half hour ago shows a significant improvement. 576,000 people applied for new unemployment benefits. that's down about 200,000 over just the prior weeks' total of 769,000 but still a far cry from where we were last year. this is the best number though we have gotten since mid march 2020 when the numbers were just 256,000 people applying for new unemployment benefits. it's interesting how we've become accustomed to the new normal of the very large numbers. we'll see what the stock market has to say when the opening bell rings in less than a half hour. >> thank you. today governor newsom will be in alameda county as the state expands vaccine eligibility to everyone 16 and older. some bay area counties already loosened their rules days in advance. health officials in santa clara
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are celebrating progress. they say 50% of those 16 and older have received at least one dose. the johnson & johnson vaccine will remain on pause. during emergency meeting yesterday, members of a federal advisory group said they need more time to consider the risks. the fda and cdc temporarily halted use of the single dose vaccine after six women experienced rare blood clots. looking live at san francisco now, today mayor london breed will launch the fourth neighborhood vaccination site, this one in the mission district. the site is at the local 261 union building on 18th street in shot well. it's planned to be open thursday through saturday from 11:00 to 6:00. the site will serve residents 16 and older and will have initial capacity of 200 doses per day. for now, the site is by appointment only. in san francisco, the city is now officially allowing
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indoor events to return. starting today, concerts, theater performances, sporting events and the like can resume at 35% maximum capacity. attendees must show proof of vaccine or negative covid test except events which are capped at 15% capacity or less. the city is also lifting the 11:00 p.m. restaurant curfew. this morning, california's attorney general is taking over the investigation into sexual assault accusations against the windsor mayor. >> i have my head held high. let me continue to do my job. >> the mayor initially showed up to chair the meeting and later logged off after many people voiced their opposition to him being present. the council eventually voted to demand his resignation. council members at the meeting were clear about wanting the
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mayor to step down as well. >> he says he loves windsor. he has been saying that over and over. he grew up here. windsor is the most important town to him. if it's the most important town and you don't want to harm it any further, you need to resign. >> now it may be that you have lost trust, you know, and will you let us do our best to rebuild it. >> last night's meeting was largely symbolic. the only way to remove him from office is for him to resign or by recall. charges have not been filed against the mayor yet. he denies the accusations. today, the man accused in a nearly 25-year-old cold case is due in court. prosecutors believe paul flores killed kristin smart during a rape or attempted rape in erore smart. he is now facing a single count of first degree murdaccused of
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his son hide the body. >> the last place where kristin was seen was close to the dorms and near mr. flores' dorm. we certainly believe mr. flores' dorm room was the crime scene. >> prosecutors say they now believe they know where smart's body was buried. in alameda, arson investigation at a liquor store. it happened shortly after 11:00 last night on 90th street in oakland's webster named. a fire investigator confirmed the fire would be investigated as arson and noted two points of origin on the roof top as key indicator. last saturday night a 25-year- old oakland resident was found fatally shot inside the store. a critical new vaccine trial for children right here in the bay area. how much of the pfizer dose they're getting, next on kpix5
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and streaming on cbsn bay area. a chilly start with temperatures in the 40s and 50s. through the afternoon, sunshine and seasonal daytime highs. mid to upper 50s along the coast. around the bay, upper 50s to low to mid 60s and warming up to the upper 60s, low to mid 70s this afternoon. the metering lights are on. we'll check your travel times coming up. another look outside before break looking out
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included for free. click, call, or visit a store today. welcome back on this thursday morning. 6:12. if you are suffering from allergies, the top culprits, mulberry, oak, ash. tree pollen. medium high levels for today and tomorrow and it gets worse into the high category, the red, for the weekend. >> thank you. airports are starting to
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get busier even though cdc says you shouldn't travel unless it is essential. after blocking middle seats at the start of the pandemic most airlines are booking them up. a new study is warning airlines to keep the middle seat free. open middle seats could reduce covid-19 exposure for passengers by 23 to 57%. the study carried out in the fall did not take masks into consideration. >> before boarding the plane, everybody is standing this close together. as we are walking on, everyone is this close together. it's a matter if you catch it in this five minutes or the next five minutes. >> cdc recommends you do not travel if you are not vaccinated. a critical new coronavirus trial underway on the peninsula. stanford started testing pfizer vaccine on kids five and under. we were there as a group of kids rolled up their s
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get their shot. the study enrolled a total of 150 children. the goal, to determine what dose works best. >> children will be given very low doses of the pfizer vaccine. >> kids getting infected just as much as others. >> once a safe tolerable vaccine is established, a larger study will be launched. south bay students heading back to the classroom. allen rock union district is reopening with new safety measures. grades three to five will return part time. the district has 28 public schools and serves more than 11,000 students. as they return, they may notice more homeless camps around some campuses. allen rock school board says many camps popped up during the pandemic while campuses were closed. >> at some of the sites, we had been receiving reports in the past by people in the neighborhood as well as pictures and stuff of that sort
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that there were individuals lkound with rifles. there were drug sales going on as well as prostitution taking place, human trafficking. >> the take action by drafting a plan to clean them out in the next couple weeks. today, a ribbon cutting to celebrate new affordable apartments for families in the heart of san francisco's mission district. of the 157 new homes, all but two will be for residents at 45 to 60% of the area's median income. 40 apartments will be set aside for formerly homeless families. mayor london breed will be there along with the supervisor. sfmta will be debuting street traffic safety improvements in the tender loin starting with the neighborhood's first 20-mile per hour speed limit sign on eddie street. there will be new "no turn on red" signs. gianna has a look on other seho
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shaping up. bumper to bueris a busy rid no accidents or incidents but definitely slow. pack your patience. it will take an extra 10 to 15 minutes to get through this mess. metering lights were turned on around 5:53, so seeing it earlier now, the traffic patterns are changing a bit as more and more people head to school, head back to work. west bound 580 at 205, a crash to the shoulder adding to an already busy ride for commuters out of tracy into the altamont pass area. traffic is slow to north flynn with a 46 minute travel time 205 towards 680. west bound 80, no issues. highway 4 to the maze, about 15 minutes. first reports of a crash east bound 80 west of air base and that is blocking lanes. west bound a street connector
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to north 880, that is blocked, on ramp to the nimitz freeway. things are getting a little bit crowded as you head through. keep that in mind if you are headed towards the san mateo no bke lights approaching toll plaza but it is getting crowded. you can see that in our live shot west bound. if you are getting onto 101 and headed north bound there is a crash on the right shoulder, not blocking lanes. but it may cause a distraction for commuters. closures continue in san jose due to police activity on fourth street both directions from heading to younger avenue. it's time to check your forecast. it's going to be another nice day. a very pleasant day across the bay area with that sunshine this afternoon. we are catching clouds this morning. a live look with our sales force tower camera as we look southeast across the bay. it's a great start, a chilly
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one in the s. concord yo51at 50, san jose 47, santa rosa at 46. calm to light conditions as we start our dainairfield with 16- hour winds. you can see the clouds, current visibility especially along the coast and around the bay and inland locations as well. a quiet spring weather pattern continues for us today. we are looking at temperatures a bit warmer for tomorrow and highs soaring this weekend into the 80s inland saturday and for sunday. the satellite and radar view, we are looking at more sunshine as we go through today with seasonal daytime highs, around where we should be for this time of year. hour by hour on futurecast, we are looking at that sun just to show you that. tomorrow, very similar. morning clouds and afternoon sunshine with temperatures slightly warmer for your friday. we are going to keep this
6:19 am
weather pattern going over the next several days. as we look to winds, breezy westerly winds as we head through today, nothing like we saw a couple the days ago but still that spring weather pattern of on shore flow and westerly winds, ocean breeze still kicking in for us. as we look to sunrise at 6:34 and sun set at 7:45. daytime highs for the south bay, 71 santa clara, san jose, 73 morgan hill, 70 cupertino and sunnyvale. east bay, 72 in concord as well as for pleasant hill, mid 70s for antioch as well as for brentwood, tri valley in the low 70s this afternoon. as we look around the bay, 59 in san francisco, 58 daly city, 63 alameda, mid 60s in oakland and san leandro. north bay, mid to upper 60s to low 70s this afternoon, 68 in windsor and 72 for st. helena.
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there we go with a bump in temps warming up a bit friday and really warming up saturday and especially on sunday with highs into upper 80s even close to 90 inland sunday afternoon, 70s around the bay and mid 60s sunday along the coast. back to you. >> thank you. looking live at dublin where the city's high school will hold a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate opening of the new $31.5 million engineering science building. it adds close to 50,000 square feet of engineering and science facilities to the campus and includes 13 new classrooms, shop space, academic support space, break out spaces. ribbon cutting starts at 9:00. i will remember this moment for the rest of my life. >> a shiny wedding ring found at the bottom of a river. next on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, how this lost ccircle with its
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owner. it's 6:20. we'll be right back.
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newduring a routine swim in the american river, one expert diver caught an extra shiny glimpse of a gold ring. >> days later he was able to track down the husband desperate to find it. he capture the discovery on the go pro video. he does searches all the time. when he came across something gold, shiny, round he knew it had to be special. he posted the find on social media and facebook got to work. they tracked down the owner and
6:25 am
he set up the return not far from where he found it. >> it still fights! >> that's me. you are my hero, thank you. >> right on. i will remember this moment for the rest of my life. >> adam says his ring slipped off during a casual swim over a week ago. it probably would have taken me two weeks to even admit to my boo that i lost it. >> you would hide that, wouldn't you? >> i would be there every day looking. >> adam is out of the dog house. 6:25. deeply regretting dining and dashing. next on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, the group of girls expressing their guilt
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if you are just waking up, here are your morning headlines. at 6:30, a neighborhood on lock down in san jose where police have been in a standoff for hours. several homes evacuated overnight. we have learned this may be connected to a shooting that happened yesterday near the city's japan town. we are live at the scene where we are seeing police activity picking up. california's attorney general taking over the sexual assault investigation against the windsor mayor dominic foppoli. the city held an emergency
6:30 am
meeting and the mayor initially showed up but logged off after people voiced opposition. the council eventually voted to demand his resignation. san francisco allowing indoor events to return. concerts, theater performances, sporting events, and the like can resume at 35% maximum capacity. attendees must show proof of vaccination or negative covid test. good morning. it is thursday april 15. i am len kiese. >> i am michelle griego. first things first, we need to talk weather with mary. people are heading out and need to know what to wear. definitely don't forget that jacket if you are heading out for work or school or walking the dog this morning. we are looking at temperatures in the 40s and 50s. it's a chilly start to our day. we have clouds and areas of fog along the coast, around the bay, inland locations. a live look at hill in san francisco. you see those chilly temps. through the afternoon, sunshine
6:31 am
and seasonal daytime highs around where we should be. 57 in pacifica, 64 oakland, warming up ipo land to the upper 60s to low to mid 70s this afternoon. it is slow going at the bay bridge. let's check with gianna for the latest on that. lots of company as you make that ride out of the east bay into san francisco. metering lights were turned on before 6:00 and traffic is backed up well beyond the 880 over pass. you've got brake lights across the upper deck into san francisco. it is still slow into the altamont pass with a crash, activity to the right shoulder. your travel time is 45 minutes from 205 towards 680. 101 out of the south bay is therare surface street closures due tivity let's go to san jose where
6:32 am
devin feeley has more details. >> reporter: i am live on 4th street north of downtown san jose. in the last minutes there has been development in the tense standoff with police. i am wearing these goggles and mask because police shot tear gas into the home where the person has barricaded themselves. in the last minutes we have begun to feel it. it's made it difficult to breathe and our eyes are stinging even though this house is nearly a block away. all this began hours ago about 5:15 wednesday. there was a shooting in the area. police were able to identify a suspect who barricaded themselves inside of the home down the block here. within the last 10 or 15 minutes we have heard several loud bangs, sounded like perhaps gunfire, perhaps flash bang grenades, may have signaled police were trying to get inside the residence or ordering someone out. they have also ne a pa
6:33 am
system and ordered somebody by name, a suspect, to come out of the house. earlier we were able to speak to neighbors in the area who say they heard gun shots last night. >> before i could even think to call the police really, they were already here. they're right up the block so it was fairly quick. something major happened that involved gun shots. >> the police department is still trying to convince the suspect to come out. they're trying to get this to end peacefully. as i mentioned they were over a bull horn ordering the suspect by name to come out of the house. they have used a number of methods to perhaps try and convince them to do so. we heard what we believe were flash bang grenades and in the last minutes we know they've used tear gas because we can feel it even a block away from the scene where the suspect is. the situation is ongoing and we will bring the latest information as we get it. devin feeley, kpix5. >> thank you for that update.
6:34 am
the coronavirus pandemic now, an update on the johnson & johnson vaccine. the cdc met yesterday to discuss when shots can be given again but the meeting ended without a decision. it means distribution pause of the single dose vaccine will likely last another week. advisers put off making a decision on recommendations for j&j's vaccine because they need more information about the rare blood clots possibly linked to the shot. >> i just don't feel that we have enough information to make an evidence based decision. >> we are in a situation where not making a decision is tant amount to making a decision. the most at risk will remain at risk. >> health experts are worried hesitancy surrounding all vaccines will increase. today the california attorney general nominee will receive the coronavirus vaccine here in the bay area. he will get his shot at the asian health services pop up vaccination site in oakland's
6:35 am
china town. the clinic currently administers 2,000 shots every week. today vaccine eligibility is officially expanded to all adults statewide. new guidelines include everyone 16 and up. some bay area counties already loosened their rules days in advance. as u.s. vaccination effort progresses countrying worldwide are feeling pressure to up distribution. many have stopped doling out astrazeneca and johnson & johnson doses due to supply and safety concerns. this morning the world health organization announced europe has just surpassed 1 million deaths linked to covid-19. we've got you covered on all the coronavirus developments. download the kpix app by scanning the qr code on your screen. we'll have that code for you again in just a few minutes as we go to break. 6:35 as we go live to wall street, stocks finishing mixed yesterday. here is where we are this morning. dow is up in the green more
6:36 am
than 200 points. numbers come amid massive improvement in the job market. more on that with diane king hall in about ten minutes. i am anne makovec at the live news desk. we got new video of secretary of state blinken arriving in kabul afghanistan in an unannounced visit. this is 24 hours after united states and nato coalition announced they will withdraw troops from the country after nearly 20 years. he met with the afghan president saying he wanted to demonstrate ongoing commitment of the u.s. to his country and its people saying the partnership is changing but endure. blinken acknowledged the difficulties our troops have gone through to get to this point. >> i am in constant awe of what you have achieved, what you are doing, and i know this is a moment for many of mixed
6:37 am
emotions. these are hard choices, hard decisions. >> he did acknowledge concerns about civil war in afghanistan. he said that the best policy, the best path to peace is some sort of political settlement and said u.s. will help negotiate that. back to you. some veterans are expressing mixed feels about the withdrawal plan. >> i have mixed feelings about it of course. we've sacrificed so much as a nation, it is hard to keep engaged in a war when american public don't even realize what our mission is. >> this morning, australia announced it is joining u.s. and nato in withdrawing troops from afghanistan by september. also new, president biden is expected to sign a series of executive orders to expel ten russian diplomats from u.s. and put sanctions on the kremlin
6:38 am
for recent cyber attacks and election interference. happening today, the former police officer who killed daunte wright will make her first court appearance in brooklyn center, minnesota of the officer potter said she mistook her firearm for her taser and so the wright by accident. she was released from jail after posting bond. if convicted potter could receive ten years in prison and $20,000 fine. a few miles south in minneapolis, the derek chauvin trial continues. a retired pathologist took the stand yesterday for defense and said george floyd's death was not a homicide. >> all his injuries were in areas where the knee was not. >> the prosecution argues floyd died because chauvin's knee was against his neck for more than nine minutes. they did get him to admit he should have been helped when he went into cardiac arrest. the judge turned down defense request to acquit chauvin
6:39 am
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a sigh of relief for the job market. diane king hall is joining us live with a new report this morning. good morning. trading has been underway for a little less than 15 minutes and you have stocks soaring out the gate. a massive improvement in the job market. according to the labor market 576,000 filed for unemployment benefits last week. that was much better than expected and follows a week
6:43 am
where there was a surprise it marks lowest level since march 14, 2020, which was the very beginning of the pandemic. continues. that's good news. >> indeed, fingers crossed. absolutely. >> thanks so much. today, local restaurant owners in palo alto will get help to get hands on some of a $29 billion restaurant fund. the program is part of the american rescue plan. funds will provide economic relief to establishments such as restaurants, food trucks, bars, lounges to name a few. a congress woman will hold the webinar at 10:00. time for a look at what's coming up later. gayle king is joining us from new york. good morning. good morning. i heard michelle my bell
6:44 am
talking about palo alto. i went to high school near palo alto so i know that area very well. a little bit trivia. >> gayle trivia. love it. >> there you go. you're welcome. ahead on cbs this morning we start in minnesota. we've got the latest from sunday's deadly shooting plus an update on the derek chauvin trial. we'll hear from a former police officer fired after stopping another officer's choke hold on a suspect. she's finally vindicated after nearly 15 years of fighting this. in school matters series find out how the pandemic has changed college application process. what parents need to know. we remember those days. my favorite story mickey guyton, love her, talks about being a black woman in country music, overcoming doubt. this sunday she's cohosting acm
6:45 am
awards with keith urban. she's a very, very big deal. she's knock out good. back to you in san francisco. we'll see you in about 15 minutes. >> if i am ever on jeopardy and they ask me a gayle question, i now know several answers. we are good to go. >> again, i say you're welcome. bye. >> thank you again. we'll see you at 7:00. >> one of those questions who is the coolest on cbs this morning? gayle king. new, a group of young women who skipped out on paying a $100 tab are apologizing to the restaurant. >> the owners say three young women finished a nearly $100 meal and skipped out on the bill. they were caught smiling on security wham are a video as they ran down the sidewalk. according to the women when they got the bill, they did not have enough money to pay. they sent this apology letter which said once again we are and feel extremely guilty about
6:46 am
what we did. our act was not malicious or ill intended towards your business. it was a mistake and lack of judgment which we all deeply regret. signed, the three girls. let's go to traffic now with gianna. how is it looking? i say before you go to a restaurant, know if you have enough money before you place your order. >> if you don't, at least leave what you have. something is better than nothing. but okay. taking a look at the roadways it is busy, west bound 80. starting to see a lot of brake lights, lots of cars this morning as you head through that area. we've got metering lights on and a slow and go ride. there is a crash west bound 80, 580 into the maze. it's blocking at least one lane with some sort of debris in the road way. it looks like a vehicle may have hit an animal. a tough situation. if you are headed towards bay
6:47 am
bridge, you have this slow ride. look at our travel times. it looks like things are getting back to normal. west bound east shore freeway highway 4 to the maze, 20 minutes. we've got brake lights across highway 4 west bound from antioch 280, no accidents along highway 4, just lots of folks headed west bound. west bound 580 at the 205 connector into the altamont pass, there is a crash. it's not blocking lanes but things are already busy. you will have brake lights as you approach dublin interchange. you get a break there and you will see slow and go speeds west bound 580 near 238 to the castro y valley connector. that seems to be one of our slower spots now. if you are headed across the san mateo bridge, 16 minutes 880 towards 101. 880 north of there headed
6:48 am
through oakland, it looks good. north of hayward, not seeing issues. it's 6:47. time to check your forecast and see how your thursday is going to be. good morning. it's going to be another beautiful spring day across the bay area. here is a live look with our sales force tower camera as you look across the bay. those golden colors in the sky and clouds breaking up this morning. we will see plenty sunshine as we head through our afternoon. temperatures right now, mid to upper 40s to low 50s. grab that jacket if you are heading out the door. concord 49, oakland 51, 45 livermore, downtown san francisco at 49, san jose 47, 46 santa rosa. checking winds, calm to light conditions as we start our day though breezy in fairfield at 16 miles per hour. we do have morning clouds and areas of fog as we start along the coast around the bay in some inland locations. but again catching that sunshine later today. a quiet spring weather pattern
6:49 am
continues for us for your sds t a bit warmer tomorrow and heating up for the weekend with highs inland into the 80s saturday and sunday. the satellite and radar view, more sunshine coming our way today with seasonal daytime highs around where we should be for this time of year. you see all the sunshine, clearing as we go through our afternoon and as we look to tomorrow, clouds and afternoon sunshine. we are really keeping this weather pattern going as we head through the next several days. as we look to winds, looking at the westerly winds, breezy in spots, just that spring on shore flow for us in the bay area with the westerly winds. sunrise is at 6:34 and sun eight at 7:45. daytime highs for south bay, 71 in santa clara, morgan hill 70 sunnyvale as well as for
6:50 am
cupertino, mid 70s for antioch and brentwood, tri valley in the low 70s. around the bay, 59 in san francisco, 58 daly city. alameda you are 63 this afternoon and 64 in oakland, 66 san leandro. north bay mid to upper 60s to low 70s, 70 in napa for our thursday afternoon. there we go with the extended forecast, a little bit warmer for your friday and then really warming up for the weekend saturday and especially on sunday. inland we are talking upper 80s close to 90 inland sunday afternoon, into 70s around the bay and mid 60s along the coast to end our weekend. >> thank you. it's been a warm april but it did not stop sierra from getting a dustfres powder. this was the view last night from the sierra at tahoe ski resort. up to a foot of snow has fallen since tuesday night. thousands of south bay kids head back to the classroom in a
6:51 am
few hours. next on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, who school officials hope will be staying away. flash bang grenades and tear gas, a tense standoff between san jose police and a suspect in a shooting. i am devin feeley and i will have all the details. a look outside from our sales force tower camera looking east. look at this beautiful shot of the sunrising up and reflecting off that water. i love living here in the bay area
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come experience the grand opening of floor and decor's newest location in pleasant hill! our expansive store is fully equipped with safe distancing guides, so you can browse our wide aisles and be amazed with our even wider selection.
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or easily order online, and pick up all the products you need for your flooring project curbside! so come discover the perfect floor at the perfect price in whatever way is perfect for you. floor and decor, now open in pleasant hill for safe in-store shopping and curbside pickup. also open in milpitas, burlingame and san leandro. >> reporter: i am devin feeley. in the last hour a standoff between san jose police and a shooting suspect has intensified. police are trying to get the suspect to come out of a house that is near the intersection of of 4th street and younger. within the last hourwe have
6:55 am
heard several loud explosive type sounds that we believe were flash bang green aids in the last 20 minute. we also know police used tear gas to try and flush the suspect out. we know that because the tear gas cloud came down in our direction and made it very difficult to breathe for a short time. all this began on wednesday evening about 5:15 with a shooting. police say after they identified the alleged shooter in the incident that he barricaded himself inside the house. they have been trying since, now more than 12 hours, to wi have used flash bang grenades and tear gas in an effort to flush the suspect out of their location. devin feeley, kpix5. i am anne makovec at the live news desk. let's take a live look at the
6:56 am
city of san francisco this morning where more restrictions are lifting in just over an hour at 8:00. big indoor events are allowed. the city is in the orange tier but there were tougher rules. we are talking concerts, theater performances, sporting events. they can resume at 35% capacity. people who attend must show proof of vaccine or negative covid test. the city is also lifting curfew on restaurants of 11:00 p.m. so feel free to order that dessert or a night cap. party on. back to you. time for a look at the morning's other top stories. all adults are eligible for a covid vaccine. the guidelines include everyone 16 and up. governor newsom will be in alameda today as bay area counties have loosened rules
6:57 am
days in advance. a fourth vaccination site is opening in san francisco in the mission district on 18th street and shot well. it will operate thursday through saturday from 11:00 to 6:00 and for now by appointment only. san jose's allen rock union school district is reopening today with new covid-19 safety measures in place. the allen rock school board says students may notice more thatpopped up the r uses pandemice bonts the to clear them out. california's ag taking over sexual assault investigation into the windsor mayor dominic foppoli. the city had a meeting and the mayor showed up but logged off after people voiced their opposition. you see the dow is up more than 200. according to the labor department, unemployment benefits last week, much better than expected. streaming today, weight gain
6:58 am
during the pandemic. we talk to a doctor from ucsf about the impact and what can play a significant role. before the final season of "younger" tonight on paramount plus, more from our interview. you can watch at or the kpix app. there is trouble on the e e 8580 from macarthur boulevard. west bound 80 is busy through berkeley into emory ville. morning commute in full swing towards the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights are on. it's a little slow up the incline and gets better across the rest of the way into san francisco on the bay bridge. a slow ride on highway 4, west bound 40 minutes from antioch to the east shore. here is a beautiful view with our mark hopkins hotel camera looking at hill in san francisco. you see sunshine out there and
6:59 am
clouds as well. temperatures are in the mid to upper 40s to low 50s. a chilly start. through the afternoon we'll catch sunshine again and daytime highs around where we should be for this time of fran 72 concord, livermore, 71 for san jose. a little bit warmer friday and there we go heating up for the weekend into the 80s inland saturday and especially sunday and slowly cooling down a little bit as we look to next week. happy thursday. i am excited to get our walk on, getting our steps in, our morning walk. >> get that work out in since we'll be rocking the shorts sunday it looks like. >> i need a few more months for that one. thanks for watching kpix5 news this morning. don't forget, news continues all day on cbsn bay area. >> cbs this morning is next. have a great day, everyone.
7:00 am
good morning to you and welcome to "cbs this morning." it's thursday, april 15th, 2021. i'm gayle king. that's anthony mason. that is tony dokoupil. we're ready to go i'm gayle king, that's tony mason and and tony dokoupil. vessel capsizes.o. why the families of the 12 missing crew members are not giving up hope. >> a new report on the capitol riot will reveal shocking information about what wasn't done to stop him. cbs news has obtained details of the intelligence and law


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