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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  April 17, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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calling for justice. an angry crowds takes over streets of oakland, windows smashes, fires set, all caught on camera. an asian business targeted in san jose. an angry confronttation over an aapi poster. we are live in windsor with behind the scenes preparations and face to face meetings between princes william and harry. good morning. it is saturday april 17. let's get a quick check of our weather. the first thing is it will be noticeably warmer for many of us, 10 to 15 degrees warmer than friday was. before we get to the warm up in the afternoon, look what's hanging around. marine layer. it's pretty low, obscuring tops of the buildings in downtown san francisco. that tells us we've got a healthy marine layer. it will burn to the coast as we go to the late morning. the warm up makes the headline
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today. as noticeable as it is today, the warmest day of this forecast will be tomorrow. i'll be back with more on that in a bit. if you are getting ready to step outside, it's pretty warm, in the low 50s in much of the bay. an angry crowd of at least 250 descended on oak land last night. fires were set, windows smashed as protesters voiced anger over recent deadly shootings by police. video shows the scene outside of of a bank at franklin street and thomas berkeley way. earlier demonstrators gathered and then took to the streets. that was the scene on broadway. you can see people smashing windows of a target store. windows were smashed and fire set at a car dealership on
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broadway. police declared multiple unlawful assemblies and threatened to arrest anybody who didn't leave the area. the crowd did disperse around 11:00 last night. one police officer was hit in the head with a bottle but no arrests were made and no other injuries reported. in san jose investigating three overnight shootings. the first around 11:15 on north sixth street. two men were shot and one has life threatening wounds. a half hour later, gunfire on silver creek road leaving a man there fighting for his life. another shooting around 12:30 a.m. the victim is expected to be . is a new wave of antiasian crimes raising alarms and tensions in south bay. we are learning an asian owned hair salon and asian owned spa were shot at in san jose. >> you really should be ashamed of yourself ripping uphose
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. i saw you. >> reporter: less than two hours before an aapi rally, carol casey says she caught this man removing the posters. >> you should be ashamed of yourself. i saw you rip those posters. >> who are you to tell me? >> you should be ashamed of yourself. >> you should be ashamed of yourself telling other people what to do. >> i heard this rip and looked and saw his hand clinch th gadocumenting what happened. >> the kiosk was full of multiple flyers he could have chosen to take down but those were targeted. >> she was shaking. >> reporter: he was posting his own flyers for an event to raise money in the fight against aapi racism and happened to run into casey. >> you have to look and say that's why we are doing the event. we are literally having this
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event not just to raise money but we are having events to raise awareness so people can see this hatred and racism is out there. it's real. >> reporter: the rally drew an estimated 500 people, was organized by bay area high school students. >> our rally turned out to be way bigger than expected. >> i am really grateful to the woman who took the video of it. i just was very saddened by it. it was pretty evident that if these posters are triggering him, it's likely he is not in support of what we are moving towards and what we are fighting for. >> reporter: kemp says she got involved in the rally in light of the recent rise in attacks against aapi community. several days ago a bullet pierced this asian owned hair salon in san jose overnight and one day apart, the asian owned
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spa next door was also hit. >> you have hate in your heart! >> reporter: the driver tells kpix she had no idea what her passenger had done and he told her he was going for a walk. he's learned his lesson. >> wait until this goes viral. >> reporter: she's glad she caught him. >> i really hope he takes time to look deep inside of himself and think about where he could promote love. taking a live look at the white house where the flag is flying half staff to honor victims of the shootings in indianapolis thursday night. this morning we are learning the 19-year-old who killed eight people at a fed ex facility previously had a gun seized by law enforcement. he was detained about a year ago and had a shotgun taken away. his mother told police she feared he might try to commit suicide by cop. investigators are trying to
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determine how he got the rifle he used at his former workplace last night before shooting himself. four were members of the six community in indianapolis. investigators are still trying to determine a motive. the number of people killed by coronavirus around the world now exceeds 3 million. that is equivalent to populations of philadelphia and dallas combined. a live look at the coronavirus tracker from john hopkins university. more than 560,000 people have died in the u.s., most deaths of any country followed by brazil and mexico. city health officials in san francisco are adopting new guidance from cdc about what fully vaccinated people can do. city health director says those fully vaccinated in san francisco can attend small indoor gatherings with other fully vaccinated friends and loved ones without masks and
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without having to physically distance. leaders hope that the new guidelines will encourage more people to be vaccinated. the time is 6:08. ahead on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, why a california hiker at the center of an incredible rescue story could now be facing charges along with a hefty bill. dr. faucheesi himself. >> what they're hoping to accomplish. we are live in windsor as
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taking a live look at windsor and uk where last minute preparations are underway for the funeral of the duke of edinburgh. prince philip died last week. good morning. it's going to be a very somber day in the uk. what can you tell us about the funeral service today? >> reporter: good morning. this funeral is really going to be a reflection of prince philip. that's because he planned every detail with military precision. it's going to start with this funeral procession led by the band of the guards. you will have top military brass. you will have this specially
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designed land rover that will carry his coffin followed by members of the royal family and then the queen. before the service, there will be a minute of silence across the country and then you are going to have the fue heplanned every song, every bible verse planned. it's going to be about an hour long, a very quick event and low key. that's what prince philip wanted. he didn't want a big fuss. >> princes william and harry will be walking behind the coffin for the procession today. is this the first time they've seen each other face to face since the controversial oprah interview? >> reporter: yeah. this is what a lot of royal watchers are going to be looking at today. because you do have prince harry coming after he told oprah he felt trapped within the royal family. this is the first time they're going to be meeting. they're going to be separated, prince harry and william, by a cousin. a lot of people hope this can
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be a time for healing. there was controversy as well over what they were going to wear. some members of the royal family can wear military uniforms but since prince harry stepped back, he would have to wear a suit. the queen stepped in and said everyone will wear suits just to put this controversy to rest. >> the duke of edinburgh, is he expected to be buried in the royal vault? >> reporter: yes. he is going to be buried in the royal vault at st. george's chapel. but it's not his final resting place. when the queen does eventually die he will be moved so they can be laid together. >> right thank you so much. of course watch a live special report on the funeral hosted by gayle king. that's coming up next right here on kpix5 at 6:30 this morning.> cted in an already wild story. the hiker rescued in southern
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california thanks to a photo of his legs can be facing criminal charges for trespassing. the hiker got lost in the national forest. he sent a photo to friends who reached out to authorities and eventually got help from a satellite, mapping enthusiasts, were able to track him down. it turns out the terrain is off limits because of the burn scar. now he can be slapped with a misdemeanor and possibly a $10,000 fine. >> i didn't even think of that until i started seeing comments in the media or my facebook, the sheriff, saying this guy should be sent the bill. i am thinking what bill? >> he was clearly in an area he shouldn't have been. it expended a lot of resources and a lot of time. his life was truly at risk. another sign that we are in a drought. check out fulsome lake near sacramento. where's all the water? it's very low. the word from rangers is a dry
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winter in less water during summer in fulsome. a woman that has lived in the area for almost a decade says she's never seen it that low. for now boats are only allowed to go five miles per hour. >> when i moved here in 2012, the lake level was practically to this bike path. it's receded over a half mile. it's bad. a little perspective, if you look at the last two years we've had dry years for the last two winters. if you add them up and look at how much we have missed out on, we have missed out on an entire year's worth of rain. it makes sense to see the pictures from fulsome. let's talk t the forecast, these numbers. how much warmer today than yesterday? for santa rosa, 14.
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concord 6. same with livermore. if you look at san francisco that's an 11-degree warm up over yesterday. it will be in the low 80s today for many inland spots. tomorrow is the day when temperatures go up another five or six degrees from that. sunday is the warmest day but we've still got saturday to discuss. that's the day in front of us. down in the south bay, 77 for campbell. we'll top out at 73 in fremont. san mateo, 72. hayward will hit 73. we'll be in the low to mid 80s for much of contra costa, alameda. that will place us at 84 in concord today. that can go close to 90 tomorrow. san ramone will hit 81. we'll see low 70s for much of the east bay. santa rosa is going to 83. the marine layer has a good part of the bay area pretty
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much grayed over noare blocking parts of the tops of the buildings in downtown san francisco. we'll take it from where it is, burn it to the beaches by about 11:00 this morning and keep it there for the rest of saturday. here is what's different about sunday. i will let this play forward to the overnight hours and get us to sunday around this time. we don't see anywhere near as much of the marine layer built over the bay. it will be held off of the coast and stay at the beaches even tomorrow morning at this time. we'll wake up to clear skies. that's a sign of this wa up. that's what's going to allow sunday's temperatures to keep climbing. in the meantime we've got close rain off the coast and a beautiful view of the futurecast shows you one storm getting pulled up and over. everything has to go the long way because there is such a dominant ridge of high pressure over us. as we look at the seven-day forecast, there is our sunday
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peak. generally 82 today inland, 88 tomorrow. then we'll bring the numbers back down, maybe not so much monday. monday is not as warm as sunday but it will be the start of the cool down. it really gets going into over drive by about tuesday and then for much of the rest of the seven-day forecast, we'll keep temperatures back down to where they should be for this time of year. and no rain in this forecast, none coming our way for the next seven days. >> i rely on you because i am going to make an attempt at playing golf today. at least i know what to wear. >> the main take away is it is totally different than what you would have worn yesterday in so many places. it will feel that different. >> i may not have the skills but at least have the appropriate outfit. >> and you've got the heart. get out there and do your best. >> thanks. unusual match up, beast mode and fauci. they share a common goal. how they're teaming up to get
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more people of of color vaccinated. >> lynch played for two seasons here at the raiders finally able to suit up for hometown fans. he is adored and respected in the community. the hope is he is able to educate the public about the vaccine. >> dr. faucheesi himself. what's happening big dog? >> reporter: an introduction and interview unlike any to dr. fauci. >> does that speed up, you know, my life expectancy to come to end quicker? >> let's answer that. they're all really, really good questions. >> reporter: a 30 minute interview that covered topics from scepticism about the vaccine to mistrust of the federal government in the black community. >> how do we get past that? the reason why we've got to get past that is because we don't want african americans in the community to not have the advantage of the protection of
6:20 am
something that really works. >> reporter: dr. fauci adds despite blacks being at higher risk of severe disease from covid-19, the reluctance is here according to the kaiser family foundation. 52% say they are going to take a wait and see approach with 20% saying they'll get it when it is their turn. >> i think it's a personal decision. it's up to each individual. >> for me personally, it was right. i want to protect my family. >> reporter: lynch emphasized he is not here to tell people what to do but he potentially has power to communicate to fellow oaklanders in a way dr. fauci can't. >> if you are not an individual who speaks the language, you are going to get lost in the sauce. >> reporter: at the end of the interview lynch invited dr. fauci to come to oakland not only to talk about the vaccine but disparity in healthcare in black communities. andrea nakano, kpix5. >> if you are interested in the
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full interview go to and check it out there. oakland has officially unveiled the tallest mural in side of the marriott city center on broadway. the message, "end world hunger." it's meant to bring attention to food insecurity. they're ready to take action against hunger. >> this incredible symbol will serve as a daily reminder to us about what our moment is about and what our work is going forward. >> i for one want to tell you loud and clear, count me in. count me in right now. coming up, an astronaut with links to the bay area is back to earth after a successful mission. we'll have more on her big achievement. the warriors have won four
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good morning everybody. ouch! just thought about the oakland a's and i burned myself. they're piping hot. not four, not five, six great n hit in the chest like that. allowed seven in six shut out innings. to chapman, good night, crushed his third homer. a's won 3-on and evened the red to 7-7. they started the season 0 and 6. take a good historic look
6:25 am
at the marlins general manager. at miami giants up 1-0 in the fifth. jazz took this the distance, friendly bounce off the wall, tied the game. still tied in the bottom of the 8th. marte did not miss. 427 feet. marlins won with a final of 4- 1, just giants second loss in the last eight gaves. to soccer, earthquakes. let's go get houston. 55th minute of the opener, tyler, arude, go, 2-nil. how close did san come to tying it? right here. wide open point blank and he is just wide, dynamo hung on and won with a final of 2-1. nhl, san jose sharks, they're going
6:26 am
to open doors to the fans april 26th against phoenix. it is unknown just how many fans will be left in the building at s.a.p. center. this fellow, ne lyar wild scored quickly. off the face off second period. scored the go ahead and goal and minnesota won with a final of 3-2. san jose have lost four straight. remember last week they were red hot. but they lost and the good thing is they have another game. that's enough this morning. i'll see you later. a nasa astronaut with deep ties to the bay area is back on earth after a 185 day flight on the international space station. pretty cool. the nasa astronaut and two russian counterparts left the station after a trip which spanned more than 78 million
6:27 am
mounds. the ms17 spacecraft carrying all three of them undocked from space station yesterday. in fact this video shows the three safety touching down. this was the second flight for rubins which means she has now spent 300 days in space. she was born in napa and earned phd from stanford. coming up on kpix5, after break, gayle king will host a special program on the funeral of the duke of edinburgh. it begins in a few minutes. the popular bay area
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♪ this is a cbs news special report, remembering prince philip, the duke of edinburgh. i'm gayle king in new york. we want to take you live to windsor castle, outside london, where the funeral procession for prince philip is about to begin. queen elizabeth's husband of 73 years died last friday, two months before his 100th birthday. he would have turned 100 years old, by the way. you can see a large number of marchers, mostly service members have gathered. in just a few minutes, they will lead prince philip's coffin in a roughly eiin saint georgchapelhe
6:31 am
groundof winastle. e windr estathill be carried on a specially-modified land rover that he helped design. think about that, designing your own final vehicle that will take you to your resting place. members of the royal family will walk in the procession, but not the queen. she will be driven to the chapel today. prince charles and princess anne, his sister, will walk behind their father. the queen's other sons, prince andrew and prince edward, will be next in line. then we'll see prince william and prince harry. their cousin, peter philips will be walking between them. the queen's oldest grandson, william and harry, no secret about this, have had a strained relationship you could say since prince harry stepped away from his royal duties. princess anne's husband, vice admiral timothy laurence, and the earl of snowdon, the queen's nephew, will also march. the entire procession and funeral will take place on the grounds of windsor castle. and it will be small, in large
6:32 am
part because of covid, but also because that's exactly the way philip wanted it. people who know him say that was the kind of man he was. just 30 mourners from the immediate family will attend plus a few relatives from the duke's extended family. longtime royal watcher tina brown is with me in studio. she literally sat down just two seconds ago. good to see you. she is the author of "the diana chronicles." but first let's go to windsor castle. our charlie d'agata is outside. charlie, we will soon see queen elizabeth, who has called philip "my strength and my stay." she's largely been out of sight since his death. i keep thinking about this woman who is losing her partner of 73 ye >> yle, the queen hee ormingomeim duties, brtaiy for the p it's a sad day for the a solemn family. for all the world's attention, we have been reminded by the palace that this is a family funeral.
6:33 am
just a few moments ago we've seen other members of the family, kate, the duchess of cambridge, camilla, the wife of prince charles, cousins and grandchildren who will make up this very limited congregation of only 30 people, in keeping with covid limitations here. the choir will only consist of four people. everyone in the chapel, everyone else will be masked, in keeping with the current covid restrictions. no members of the royal family will be holding a reading or making an address or a eulogy. now, that is common practice in royal funerals. but in a way, as you noted, it's what prince philip has always wanted, a relatively small affair, and one he has planned appred bqueen.ticularusly, precision, with more than 700 armed forces personnel taking part in one way or the other. none of the family will be in uniform, which is a departure from standard practice on these occasions, and prince harry will be surrounded by the household cavalry, which he used to serve with.
6:34 am
he and his grandfather share a common bond in their pride in their active duty in the military. prince philip served in the royal navy for 13 years, a decorated world war ii hero, and he remained a navy man for life and in death. so this event will include piping the side. that's when a high ranking officer boards a warship. a buglor will blow a naval call to action stais stations toward the end of the journey. and, of course, the last post. the procession is moments away, expected to take eight minutes within the grounds of windsor castle, with guns fired off every minute until they arrive in salute. gayle. >> charlie, it is such a beautiful day in the uk today. i'm so glad that the sun is shining as we all say farewell to prince philip. i know we keep saying this is a scaled back funeral, and it is, but it still seems very large, very official and very grand.
6:35 am
>> it does seem very grand. it's part to do with the involvement of those armed forces. remember, this funeral was supposed to take place with about 800 people involved precovid. prince philip never wanted anything like that. he didn't want to lie in state and he didn't want a state funeral. what he did want, and that's what's represented here at windsor castle is that large military presence. and you're going to see it, not just now what you've seen in the preparations as this procession gets under way, but what you will see as it gets under way and as the funeral itself begins because they're going to be everywhere. and it just shows you how important the military has played a role for him personally. he said he wants to be a career naval man. he essentially was so. in addition to consort to the queen. but that's why you're seeing what you're seeing and why you will see it for the rest of this service. >> all right. thank you. tina, we all know that today really is about burying the duke of edinburgh. but a lot will be paid to his
6:36 am
legacy. what can you tell us about the legacy of prince philip? >> his legacy is multiple. obviously, his role was to serve the queen. and he did that with an extraordinary, devoted, unfailing loyalty for 68 years. which was remarkable. he did over 700 royal engagements a year. and he executed it with a staff of about five because he was such an extraordinarily efficient -- his office ran more efficiently than anybody else's in the palace with that kind of naval, you know, stripped down approach to life. but he had developed an enormous amount of his private achievements. not private, but they were public achievements. he started the duke of edinburgh gold award, which was an award for young people for community service, outward bound expeditions, self-reliance.
6:37 am
and it turned out to be such an amazing success, it's now in 140 countries and has really been a mega presence in the lives of the great many young people. he was very much on the cutting edge in terms of conservation. and that's where prince charles gets his fashion. >> and a lot of people, too, tina, will be thinking about the queen. i keep thinking about losing your partner of 73 years. you know, we showed a picture earlier today that the palace released this morning. they said that it was one of her favorite pictures of the two of them. they're laying on a grassy knoll, they look very relaxed. and she told her dad back in the day that this was the only man she thought she could ever love. she was 21. he was 26. the love between the two of them, too, is something many are fascinated with. >> there's no doubt that she said prince philip is the love of her life. he said he fell in love with her unreservedly. which was a beautiful way to put
6:38 am
it. but his own life, his own childhood had been so chaotic, actually, his father was tossed into exile. his father was the brother of the king of greece and he was sent into exile. and prince philip bounced around in europe being bounced around by recommendivlatives. so when he met the queen, he fell in love with this sparkling, adorable young woman. she also represented an emotional safe place for him. i think there's a little bit of a comparison between how william feels about kate, who is his calm force in his life. the queen is a calming force in philip's life and provided him with that safe space because it was forever. and he had finally got a role. people forget being an exiled european prince bouncing around the world with no money, which he had, suddenly he had this woman who would always be his strength and stay, if you like,
6:39 am
and she was. >> and this, of course, is at the end of the day a family that is grieving, a family that is laying the patriarch to rest, but it's also coming with family drama. everyone is watching to see what's going to happen with william and harry. harry has been there and has been in quarantine and was just released from quarantine yesterday. but a lot of them is being made of them walking behind the casket today, that they're not walk shoulder to shoulder. they didn't stand shoulder to shoulder when their mother was buried. this was by the queen's design. what do you make of that? it seems like there's a lot of focus on what's going to happen between the two brothers. >> i think the queen decided she didn't want any drama and she didn't want the focus on that. i think everybody knew that as the two brothers took together, there would be wild conjecture. i think it was a very smart decision to say, you know, enough of that.
6:40 am
we're going to put phillip in between them. he is so close to them and has always been an enormously -- >> the other cousin. >> yes. >> is very c clever, diatf th queen which is just take the foep focus off and put him in the middle. >> are we reading too much into what to look at the body language since they didn't walk shoulder to shoulder behind their mother's casket, either? >> i think obviously there has been a great deal of tension between them. >> that's no secret, yes. >> whether that will get resolved in this atmosphere of the funeral, i don't know. sometimes funerals are not particularly bonding places, by the way. there's a great assumption that a funeral is where everybody makes up. not necessarily. a lot of funerals, everybody speaks the truth and it all gets difficult. it's a pity because of the covid that they've not been able to meet until now. >> tina, we're seeing the coffin for the very first time. it is being carried now by military paul bearers.
6:41 am
and now the coffin is soon going to be placed into the hearse. it's a custom land rover designed in part by royal himself. it's painted military green on his orders. they keep since prince william had very specific instructions on how he he wanted this day to go. >> no. people thought, oh, phillip wants to remain 100. i think he decided to slip out before that happened. >> do you? >> he was a very simple, direct military precise kind of a man. he didn't have all the military
6:42 am
he would have liked, but i think he would have approved of this service. he did oversee the designing of this. the land rover was particularly philip. he was obsessed with all things mechanical. he loved the land rover. it represented his freedom driving around the estate, which he did until he was 96. he wanted it to go this exact way and this land rover has been his project for the last few years. >> and there you see his military cap on top of his hearse -- on top of his coffin, rather. holly, windsor castle was a very special place for prince philip and his military service meant a great deal to him. >> gayle, i'm just looking at these pictures now and there is a huge amount of symbolism going on here. his pallbearers i believe are drawn from the grenadine guards.
6:43 am
it is one part of the military that prince philip had a long standing relationship with. he was a herof wor ii. on top of his coffin, you can see his sword, his own naval cap, a wreath of flowers selected by the queen and that flag is his personal standard that incorporates images and symbols that recognize his own personal history as a prince of greece and a prince of denmark. as you just said, this is taking place at windsor castle. this is a place that you know very well. you were here for the wedding of harry and meghan which took place just over t that's the church where this funeral will be held. this is an extraordinary complex. it's, i understand, the oldest and biggest continuously inhabited castle in the world. the fortifications were first
6:44 am
built by william the conquerer in the 11th century. the queen is a direct decentant of him. and the procession is going to take place in the quadrangle of the castle. so philip's casket has been lying in a state of rest. through the quadrangle, past the round tower and continue over to st. george's chapel over there. following the funeral service, philip will be laid to rest inside the royal vault in st. george's chapel. kings and queens have been buried in thathapelnturs going henry viii. >> we've heard some mebmbers of his family from germany will be there today, as well. what will that mean to him? >> it's very, very interesting, gayle. there are three members of his family that come from germany.
6:45 am
they are bernhard, his cousin. and the queen is in the state bentley moving towards st. george's chapel. they are relatives of his from germany. what's interesting about this is that four of his sisters married german princes. and all of their husbands had associations with the nazis. and for that reason, his german relatives were not allowed to attend his wedding to the queen in 1947. obviously, this country and europe as a whole has moved forward since then. and so three members of his german family have come to the united kingdom. they did self-quarantine for a few days and they are now part of the guest list of 30 family members that will attend the funeral. >> we're looking now. we just saw the queen as you said leaving in the bentley. i'm told that she's being accompanied by her
6:46 am
lady-in-waiting who has been with her for many, many years. joining us now is royal commentator and historian wesley kerr. i know you knew them for years. what can you tell us about this moment for the queen? >> i think it's a shattering moment for the queen. and this chap was always beside her since 1952 as her consort and as her husband since 1947. there you see the family, the nine in the procession leading off with prince charles and princess anne at the head of the procession, prince avendrew, prince edward, and then william, harry and peter philips, the oldest grandson and viacount snowden -- incess anne is in the
6:47 am
procession. normally it's an all-male procession, i'm told. >> yes. principle sis anne likes to be treated as a male. she's a knight of the gata rather than a lady of the gata. so she would have insisted on breaking with royal tradition that she should be, as the oldest daughter, as the beloved second child of prince philip, of course she would have insisted on being there with her brother, charles. she wouldn't want to be somewheanywhere else. this is so much of their lives have been spent, the upper ward quarters were. we're not far away from where philip died. he died overlooking the gardens that he designed. so during the second world war when elizabeth was here away from the nazi bombs, the gun
6:48 am
salute has just begun. i can hear that in the distance. during the second world war, there were pantomimes at christmas. and philip would come back and see her in the pantomime. that might be where their love blossomed. but so much of their life, so much of britain's life is entwined in this magical place. the queen is the 41st monarch to have windsor castle available to her since it was built in 1070. it's the house of windsor. so this is where he would want this to happen. this is where his own mother was born here in 1885 in the presence of queen victoria. his grandmother was born here in 1863 also in the presence of queen victoria. there you see her majesty's royal standard over the round tower, started in 1770. this was like a normal keep. it was a fortified place. so this is as it were, you know, almost the birthplace of the british monarchy in terms of --
6:49 am
gayle, i hear another of the gun salutes going off. it's such a powerful event, this -- >> wesley, it is such a powerful picture. we have to say that wesley kerr, he has the knowledge of many encyclopedias. so we will go back to wesley kerr a little bit later on. i really appreciate you being here this morning. right now, we're going to go back to charlie d'agata outside windsor castle. for the first time we saw william and harry and their cousin in the middle. for many, this is the first time they've seen harry in over a year. what do you think is the significance of that? a lot is being made about what is going on with william and harry but at the end of the day, this is a family that is grieving. i would suspect all the family differences will be set aside on this particular day. >> the archbishop said funerals have a tendency to pull families
6:50 am
together. but you are right, there's a lot of interest in the united states just as we watch prince william and prince harr nrly sidely side, but certainly in line. and they are joined in unity and grief, in respect for their grandfather and their fondness for their grandfather. and it's worth noting, too, there's already been some level of coordination. they both released statements about the passing of prince philip and they did it within a half hour of each other. prince william first and prince harry after that. both with their own sentiment about what prince hairy meant to the family as a patriarch, what he meant as a grandfather and a great-grandfather to prince williams's children. harry has been in quarantine. so he hasn't really had a lot of time. we don't know if he's had time to confer withncrles oprincelie been in quarantine.
6:51 am
but, yes, as you heard, the guns are ringing out. we can hear that, too. this huge military presence on both sides, royal navy, royal marines, the royal air force, the ceremonial bodyguards, military knights of windsor are all lining this journey, this eight-minute procession to st. george's chapel. >> i was reading that the public was asked to stay away from windsor castle today. not even gather outside the walls. did people show up this morning? did they pay attention? i also heard that the public was told please don't bring flowers and we saw that they ignored that. i think it's people's small way of paying tribute to a man who was greatly respected by the public. >> i think that's right, gayle. certainly by normal standards, i've covered enough of these events that this place would be absolutely heaving. you've been here, too. you know what the streets of windsor can be like. largely, the crowds have stayed away. it hasn't stopped everybody. there is a media circus here.
6:52 am
another gun going off there. we have seen throughout the week, people have been laying flowers and the police haven't been heavy handed about it. what we've seen is small groups arriving. they just stay for a few minutes. they don't congregate. they pay their respects, usually in silence, lay some flowers and walk off. but the police and the mayor have been saying stay away, not just from here, but from buckingham palace. largely, they've been paid attention to. but my own family themselves are saying, we love to come to windsor. we want to show up and pay their respects. so there is that sense. this is a big deal. we was a beloved figure. everybody knows what he meant to the queen. >> charlie, we're looking now at the queen. she has stepped out of the bentley and she's going into st. george's chapel. tina, it's interesting, this is the first time many people are seeing her following the death of her husband. and we know that she will have to sit alone in the chapel. i know it's all part of covid
6:53 am
protocols, but theu're tghe yeag in to pay final respects and she has to sit alone during the service. >> yes. i find it very poignant the way the whole thing has worked out, quite honestly. there's the queen sitting alone mourning this man who has been her strength and stay, her rock all the way through her life. and at the same time, william and harry have to have their cousin between them there, there's animus there. and then there's the embarrassment that none of them can wear a military uniform in the family because of -- >> is it an embarrassment? >> it's an embarrassment in the sense that it's something that philip would have very much wanted. this was, for him, very much a military occasion. and for sure, he would have expected and wanted the men of the family to be in their
6:54 am
military regalia. and it hasn't happened because prince andrew has had all the difficulties and embarrassment and disgrace over the jeffrey fr an wea >> ah hed to w admiral -- >> with typical tone deafness, he wanted to wear an admiral's uniform even though ice not even an admiral by rank. and there's the difficulty of harry who did serve so bravely in afghanistan. >> harry has often said his time in the military was some of the happiest of his life because he was treated like everybody else and he took his serbitime serio. >> that is ironic and sad and, actually, prince philip was enormously proud of harry having served his country as he did.
6:55 am
>> let's bring in holly williams again. can you elaborate on prince harry's service? we know it's very important to him. >> i'm just looking at these pictures, gayle. we're about to see the coffin carried up the steps into st. george's chapel. and we're going to hear from the royal navy piping party who will play "the still" and "the side." they're both closely associated with the royal navy in which prince philip famously served pep he was a war hero. when we think about the younger members of the royal family, we often think about the glamour and their celebrity, more recently in some cases their scandals and their famously fractured relationships. but phillip was really from an older generation. he was famously no fuss. as we've heard time and time again in the british media since his passing. and he really seemed to think that it wasn't really about him as an individual, it was about serving the institution.
6:56 am
and i suppose more broadly serving british society. in his life time, he was associated with more than 900 organizations and charities in this country either as president or patron or honorary member. and i just want to give you a flare of some of those associations because it's pretty extraordinary. yacht clubs, car clubs, camera clubs, flying clubs, hospitals, medical research charities, the all england, lawn tennis and croquet club. he was involved with the anglo finish association, a boxing association, the association of ex jewish service men and women, the even the british dental association. so his interests and duts were very wide. he clearly was a man who wanted to give back to what was, after all, his adopted country. he wasn't born in this country. he wasn't born a british citizen. but he served his country in the armed forces and consort to the
6:57 am
queen for nearly seven decades. he made a joke towards the end of his public life saying he was the world's most famous -- or most experienced unveiler. when you boil it down, that is the job of the royal family in this country, or at least it's the job that the british public wants them to do. they want them to visit schools. they want them to open hospitals. they want them to do those kind of mundane duties that really -- they really are the job of the royal family. >> can you talk to, holly, we're at windsor castle heading into st. george's chapel. and i remember when we were there covering the wedding, how we were told this was always the queen's favorite place, windsor castle. can you talk about the significant of windsor castle and st. george's castle to prince philip? >> it's hugely significant to
6:58 am
prce phi and t que. the queen andil he hes all over this country. this was really the weekend home of the queen and prince philip. when they left behind their duties in london, when they were in residence at buckingham palace, they would come out here and spend part of the year here. i think in spring, i understand, living here. also, it's where they both spent much of the pandemic living under lockdown. >> yes. you know, i think princess anne summed it up best for the fam when she said you know it's going to happen, his death, but you are never really ready when it comes. he died after 99 after being in the hospital and was released from the hospital. but in the end, he died at home surrounded by family members. >> he wanted to get out of that hospital. he was determined to die in his own home. he knew that this is coming and he wanted to do that at home.
6:59 am
and he sat with a rug over his knees in the sunlight when he got home, so grateful to be there. and he and the queen went through memorabilia, talked, laughed. she really sat with him all that time. it's a wonderful thing that she actually got the chance to do that. because the queen is so unbelievably dutiful, that had she had a full calendar, she would have still be following those duties but for covid. but because of the unique situation of lockdown, she was able to be with him until the very end and she was with him when he died. >> and everybody said this is the service he would have wanted. covid or no covid, he would have wanted something very small. it's interesting to call this small, but it is small under the normal circumstances. this was the person he was. speak to why this is the kind of service he would have wanted. >> well, i know for a fact that he never wanted to be eulogized.
7:00 am
he wanted the emphasis not to be on himself, but on god. he was a deeply spiritual man. people don't realize that, but he was. very, very interested in faith. >> the coffin is now making its way into st. george's chapel. we'll begin with a moment of silence.


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