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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  April 21, 2021 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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♪ it's wednesday, april 21st, 2021. this is the "cbs morning news." >> i prayed and i hoped. and i was speaking everything, i said i have faith that he will be convicted. >> this can be a giant step forward in the march toward justice in america. >> this verdict is a step. it's a popping of the lock, to get to the place where we can open the door and really start to do the work to save lives. but this is the start. yes, we're being heard. this is the start. and minnesota knows the truth. >> the nation reacts, former
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minneapolis police officer derek chauvin is found guilty of murdering george floyd. what happens next following the emotionally charged trial that captivated the country. well, good morning. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. nearly a year after the death of george floyd, a former police officer has been found guilty of murdering him in one of the most closely watched trials in the u.s. there's been reaction nationwide. overnight, people gathered for a memorial in front of cup foods in minneapolis. that's where derek chauvin pinned floyd with hisinutes las. following yesterday's announcement of the guilty verdict, chauvin's bail was revoked and the former police officer was led out of the room in handcuffs. he faces 40 years in prison. skyler henry is in minneapolis minneapolis. skyler, when is derek chauvin to
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be expected. >> reporter: well, the judge is expected to sentence derek chauvin within two months. when asked what sentence they want to see for the police officer they simply responded adjustable. >> count one, unintentional murder committing a felony find the defendant guilty. >> reporter: derek chauvin showed no reaction. >> second degree murder, third degree murder and manslaughter in the death of george floyd. chauvin was then led out of the courtroom in handcuffs. >>oyd' famil andws.nt . >>t's b a lg jone day,e are able bathe again. >> reporter: prosecutor jerry blackwell. >> now, no verdict can bring george perry floyd back to us. but this verdict does give a message to his family that he mo that his life mattered. >> reporter: thousands of people
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were here in downtown minneapolis, cheering when that guilty verdict was read. some of the people that we spoke with say that now they hope a better conversation can come about how to better improve the relationship between law enforcement and the community. >> guilty! >> this is a start. definitely, i just thank god and minnesota for the truth. >> reporter: president biden spoke with the floyd family. >> i wish i was there around you. >> reporter: and the nation that change is on the way. >> to the family's pain, they're finding purpose, so george's legacy will not just be about his death, but a w we iismory. >> reporter: the judge is expected to sentencetrial the officers charged in floyd's death is expected in august. they are charged with aiding and abetting murder. anne-marie. >> so, skyler, we saw in the piece, the crowd that had gathered outside of the
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courthouse. how elated people were. you were there. what did they tell you? >> reporter: yeah, it was really surreal, anne-marie. many of the people that we spoke with say that the day was really bittersweet. yes, there was justice, they feel. and, yes, they felt as though law enforcement was being held accountable but at the end of the day, aman's life was lost in all of this. as we said earlier in the piece, they just simply hope that yesterday sparked a conversation between how to better that relationship between law enforcement and the community. >> yeah, indeed. i think there are a lot of conversations about that. skyler henry in minneapolis. skyler, thank you so much. >> president biden and vice president kamala harris areongr. take a listen. >> we can't stop here. in order to deliver real change and reform, we can and must
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reduce the likelihood of something like this will happen again. >> a measure of justice isn't the same as equal justice. this verdict brings us a step closer. and the fact is, we still have work to do. >> they are calling for the passage of the george floyd justice and policing act. the bill includes been neck restraints and no-knock warrant and drug cases at the federal level. it also calls for reforming a doctrine that makes it difficult to sue police officers. the verdict announcement in chauvin's trial had attention from oprah winfrey to lebron james. celebrities, athletes, politicians all weighed in on the guilty verdict with many of them saying it helped bring accountably. here bdanya bacchus. >> reporter: across the country, be expressed relief. >> i've plan pleading for george
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floyd. we're going to jail for george floyd. but at the end of the day i can smile and know that this is a job by and for the people. >> reporter: some think that restrictions will lead to broader restrictions to law enforcement. >> it's sad all the way around. there's those of us that see it as a positive day. hopefully now when we talk about defunding the police, people will take these conversations a lot more seriously. >> reporter: elected officials both past and present weighed in. former president barack obama released a statement calling the chauvin verdict a necessary step on the road to progress. in washington, members of the congressional black caucus gathered to watch together. >> so, now, we have to focus on transforming policing in the united states. since george floyd's murder of a year ago, over 100 people have died at the hands of police. >> reporter: the cdc says it's imperative that the house pass
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the bill in march the bill was named in honor of george floyd. danya bacchus, cbs news. >> there's also reaction from congresswoman maxine waters, she appeared on cbs last night. >> some said i'm relieved. >> waters told protesters in minneapolis to get confrontational if acquitted. the judge criticized her comments but rejected the defense request for a mistrial. ahead on "cbs this morning," minnesota governor tim walz joins us to show his reaction to chauvin's guilty verdict and what he think it mean for police reform. and coming up, johnson & johnson receives shipments of its covid vaccine with a new warning.
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only at panera. > johnson & johnson says it will resume the rollout of the coronavirus vaccine in europe with a safety warning. last week, a safety commission decided to suspend the use of the vaccine when rare blood clots were reported in six woman. the european union leader said the benefits outweigh the risks and recommended a warning on the vaccine. there's a new study on sleep and dementia risks and a police shooting in ohio left a black girl today. those are some of the morning headlines. the columbus dispatch reports police released body cam video of an officer shooting and killing a teenage girl. the video shows an officer proaching the driveway with a group of young people.
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a girl with the maim of ma'khia bryant attempted to stab police before they shoot her. the incident is being investigated. >> the officer took action to protect another young girl in our community. the family is grieving tonight. for this young 15-year-old girl will never be coming home. >> the shooting happened shortly before the verdict was announced in the derek chauvin trial. demonstrators carrying signs marched through the streets of columbus last night to protest the shooting. the associated press says russian opposition leader alexei navalny's doctors were prevented from seeing him at a prison hospital. the 44-year-old critic of vladimir putin is in the third week of a hunger strike.
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he's protesting authorities' refusal to let his doctors visit him since he started having year back pain and a loss of feeling in his legs. navalny was transferred from a penal colonie in moscow. "the new york times" found that sleeping too late in middling a may increase the risk of dementia. the research was published in the journal natural communications. it suggests people who do not get enough sleep in their 50s and 60s are more likely to develop dementia when they're older. scientists found people sleeping six hours or less on an average week night were 30% more likely to be diagnosed with dementia than people who regularly got sleep. still ahead, the iphone 12
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. amazon wants to give you a new 'do. the e-commerce giant is opening its first hair salon in london. the salon will feature new technology including a virtual tool allowing customers to experiment with a different hair color. right now the salon is only open to amazon employees but set to open in coming weeks. some say it's part of amazon's effort to collect consumer data. on the "cbs moneywatch," president biden pledges to cut greenhouse emissions. and apple with a new iphone. good morning, stock futures are dropping after indrop on
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wall street after steadily rolling out this week. the dow skidded 256 points yesterday. the nasdaq fell 128, and the s&p 500 dropped 28. a senior white house official says the president will pledge to cut greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030. the news comes as mr. biden is set to virtually chat with the forward world leaders tomorrow on earth day. in an meeting armed at combatting climate change. it also makes it more likely that america can meet its goal of net zero emissions by 2050. a common refrain by the biden administration. netflix dropped more than 8% in after-hours trading following a slowdown in subscribers. 4 million people around the world signed up for the streaming service from january to march. that may sound like a lot. but that's the smallest gain the company has seen during that three-month period.
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netflix gained more subscribers but now that people are vaccinated they're turning off their tvs and getting outside. and apple at its launch event. the iphone 12 comes in purple. the new color is meant to invoke spring. the imac got a makeover. the computer is slimmer, comes with an apple silicon chip and made in bright new colors. and the bluetooth device can be attached to things like your wallet. if you move it, you can find it in the find my app. maybe you can find it in a parking lot ormall. >> i would be very grateful. i've wasted years of my life, diane. >> where's my car? where's my car? >> yeah, i always seem to have my phone but i just lose everything else. >> right, exactly. >> diane king hall in new york. thank you, diane. >> thank you. up next.
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country.
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so, looking for a brave th anywhere in theobe inr boyl eaastil for an actor to portray him in an upcoming movie about his life. chameleon is set to start filming this summer. the movie will follow his humble beginnings from an irish working class family. a british woman visiting her mom in colorado got an up close look at a mountain lion. >> mountain. >> the woman shot video of the mountain lion outside of a home in boulder on monday. the animal spent more than two minutes near a glass door. at one point, it seemed to look right into the house at the woman and her dog. wildlife officials say that the
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area is mountain lion country. that people should not be surprised if they see one. and designer michael kors paid tribute to his 40th anniversary show. kors hosted a show yesterday. it featured a prerecorded modeling show where models like naomi campbell struts down the runway. people will crave getting dressed up and the pandemic. coming up on "cbs this morning," special coverage from minneapolis on the derek chauvin murder trial verdict. i'm anne-marie green. this is the "cbs morning news."
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our top story this morning, derek chauvin has been convicted of murdering george floyd. the jury yesterday found the former minneapolis police officer guilty on all three counts. he faces up to 40 years behind bars. chauvin will be sentenced in eight weeks. the jury had the final say on the guilt of derek chauvin but it won't be the first time we hear about the police. some t about from that kr cbs news contributor. >> we can see that derek chauvin murdered george floyd. a minneapolis convicted police
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officer who knelt on the neck of a black man in a prone position for nine minutes. chauvin is headed t justice. is justice convicting a police officer, or is justice convicting america. when tens of millions of americans after floyd's murder last year took to the streets of nearly every american town, we were convicting america. since 2013, more than 1,000 people have died at the hands of police. many of them mentally ill. many of them during traffic stops like daunte wright. since the chauvin trial began on march 29th, more than three people per day have been killed by law enforcement. many of them black and lat ino like adam toledo. it isas officers like derek chauvin but the problem is structural. the problem is every single
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american who sees george floyd and breonna taylor as dangerous, rather than the policies that led to health disparities, underresourced schools. disproportionate black poverty and unemployment and few resources to all of us suffering from drug abuse, from mental illnesses, from despair. justice is not closing a case. justice is not closing the cell door on chauvin. justice is closing the door on racist narratives and policies that endangered floyd. that still endangers black people. that endangers america. justice is opening the door to an anti-racist future where american fear is in dangerous, where i no longer live in fear. where americans no longer live in fear of me. justice has acquitted america. now, we must put in the time,
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transforming this nation. >> we will hear more from ibrah kendi on thr"cbs this morning." we will get reaction from charles mcmillian in an interview. and jeff pegues on police reform. and we speak with minnesota governor tim walz about what needs to happen next and the changes he needs to see. that's the "cbs morning news" for this wednesday. thanks for watching. i'm anne-marie green. have a great day.
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