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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  April 24, 2021 2:07am-2:43am PDT

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overall. a night at the opera like never before. the bay area performance that took more than a year to pull off. now at 11:00 and streaming on cbsn bay area . >> it is the end of an era in san francisco. the cardboard cutout era for the first time in a long time the giants and warriors both played home games tonight in front of the home crowd. andria borba is at chase center where fans actually needed two tickets to get in. >> reporter: that's right, not only your ticket for your seat but also and either vaccine card or negative covid test to get inside. the city and county of san francisco has allowed the chase center to reopen at 35% capacity, that equated to about 2000 fans in the stands
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actuallyly cheering g for the wawarriors in person and d non theieir sofa tonight. to the tune of don't stop believing, the first warriors fan in 409 days walked into the chase center for a game. but getting courtside is no longer as easy as getting a ticket. >> there are covid test kits right here. >> reporter: you either need a completed vaccine card. >> i have my card in my fanny pack. >> reporter: or a negative covid test that the warriors accompany through an online test or rapid test. this father and son duo from fairfield to the at-home test kit that the warriors provided for free. >> he did not like it one bit, but it was his ninth birthday and he wanted to be here to see his favorite player, steph
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curry, play. >> reporter: the fence like the cobra testing just as much as a steph curry three. >> i think it shows how much value we have as fans. >> reporter: and they are thrilled to get off the sofa. >> this is good for our mental health to be able to be out here and have fun. >> we understand the arena also has new rules regarding refreshments. >> reporter: there is no milling about the concourse you have to order your food from that chase center app. that tells you where to go to pick up your food. you can't move from location to location. but after beating the nuggets i don't think anybody really cared how they got there beers or hotdogs. >> i'm sure the players loved hearing from the fans. it's been way too many days.
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and by the way vern will have all the highlights from tonight's game coming up in sports. our other big story, the weather. take a look at these ominous waves of fog rolling into the bay this evening. and we've got some big changes coming our way. chief meteorologist paul heggen is in the weather center with a first look at the wet forecast. >> is seeing rain and the first time for over five weeks. very late saturday night into the first half of the day and really peaking at around 8:00 in the morning. it doesn't look like an all-day washout on sunday, the rain chances will dwindle as we head into the afternoon. still a few hit or miss showers possible in that timeframe. but as we head toward late afternoon we will see some brakes in the cloud cover and even a little sunshine peeking through. how much rain can we expect? it depends on where you are. inland in the east bay and santa clara valley about a 10th of an inch to a quarter inch of rainfall. closer to half an inch for san
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francisco with some of the higher terrain spots picking up closer to three quarters of an inch of total rain. we will track it with a look at the future cast coming up in a few minutes. you can also get up-to-the- minute forecast and when it will track the rain in your area by downloading the kpix 5 app. within the past few hours we learned that santa clara county is getting 100,000 more doses of the coronavirus vaccine next week the news comes on the same day the county announced it has administered 1 million doses so far. but now there is a new challenge in reaching herd immunity. maria medina is live in san jose with the hesitancy to get the vaccine to some. >> reporter: we are seeing that hesitation nationwide. here in santa clara county our hesitancy rate is at 10%. health officials are trying to
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figure out why. at the roots committed health center in san jose there is a mission to go into the south base most vulnerable communities to vaccinate as many people as possible. >> no appointment needed no i.d. needed. >> reporter: tomorrow a nurse practitioner with roots will be at the zion church with more than 1500 doses. >> we don't care about your immigration status read you can say your name is homer simpson and you will get a vaccine. we just need people to come and get the vaccine. >> reporter: roots will vaccinate everyone but focuses on the black communication community. >> they have been working all throughout the pandemic, and kids are back in school. >> reporter: county leaders no plan to adjust hours at vaccination sites to include nights and weekends. and they are trying to get the word out that supply is not
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readily available. kpix learned today that the county is expected to receive 100,000 doses from the feds next week . in addition to its state supply. >> it will be at places where people shop and also working with employers as well to ensure we can meet everyone's needs. >> if we don't get everyone vaccinated, this little bug will be able to mutate. >> reporter: but hesitancy is a concern. and she hopes it won't stop us from reaching herd immunity. >> last wednesday we were there and i had 1000 vaccines and i came back to the office with 600 vaccines because not enough people showed up. i have high hopes people will be there tomorrow to get vaccinated. >> reporter: and there is some good news in all of this. 63% of our eligible off population has received at least their first dose. so we are creeping toward herd
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immunity. >> that is good news, 1 million people in santa clara county. tonight, for bay area counties tell kpix 5 that they will start using the johnson & johnson vaccine again. san francisco, marin, san mateo and alameda counties are making the move after the federal government lifted its paws. they say the benefits outweigh the risk of rare blood clots. and as more people get vaccinated, what activities are safe to do again? we have a list on our website at . still ahead on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area . >> performers have ripped off their masks and live theater is back on stage. i was different during the pandemic. and famed olympian reality tv star transgender activist and now aspiring politician.
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borders feel about her
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16 months ago the san francisco opera close their curtains, and the stage has been empty until tonight. the show is back on and andrea nakano was there to see the stage come back to life in marin county. >> reporter: this is the first live performance in front of a crowd since december of 2019. yes, the audience is in a car, but live theater is finally back. [ music ] this performance is months in the making, the barber surveil at marin center. >> we've been going around backstage saying happy opening to people. >> reporter: with strict testing protocols, performers
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were able to rip off their masks and have their voices heard loud and clear with some pandemic restrictions. >> if they are singing at each other they have to be further apart. if they are away from each other they can be a little closer together. >> reporter: the vibrant songs are being heard through the radio of each car. instead of the pit, the orchestra is in a tent with socially distanced and masked musicians. one lot has direct view of the stage and another has access to a big screen. a night at the opera has never felt so different. >> this is the way to do it come in the car, i can lean back my seat, relax, i'm not stuffed in or dressed up. it's good. >> reporter: the san francisco opera estimates that 45% is the
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first time being at the opera. for others, it reminds them of what life was like before the pandemic. to make it's the first time we've heard people sing live for more than a year. >> it almost feels like a healing. like the world is getting better. >> reporter: just a side note about the lead female performer, she is actually nine months pregnant and her understudy is watching her closely just in case she has to step in. at the san francisco opera, andrea nakano, kpix 5. >> the upper will be running through may 15th. the effort to recall, the mayor of windsor could officially begin on monday. the press democrat is reporting that is when the chair of the recall campaign will file a notice of intent. he has refused to resign after six people have accused him of
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sexual assault. the 38-year-old denies the allegations. caitlyn jenner is officially in the running to replace governor newsom and a potential recall race. the olympic gold medalist and transgender activist has never held public office before. the 71-year-old republicans website currently lists no policy positions. but there is a store where you can buy merchandise. we asked bay area voters, is she a serious contender or a celebrity distraction? >> if she is running for it, i imagine she's done her research and that she has a plan. >> i'm voting for gavin newsom. he hasn't been perfect and he's trying to do the right thing. >> so far the former san diego mayor and former representative doug oc have thrown their hats at the republican recall ring. to come in from governor newsom tonight. earlier he was celebrating their early reopening of highway 1 near big sur.
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the stretch of 20 miles south of big sur have been closed since january when a mudslide washed out a large section of the road. bruce had to fill in the road below, the canyon below before rebuilding the roadway. but the lack of rain actually help them get the job done in 8060s. >> the vast majority of the money we spent here was not just to get this big section backup and operational but to invest in the future by making sure we are more prepared to make sure it doesn't occur in other parts of this freeway. >> caltrans will be working on drainage and guardrails early summer. a major blow to california fighting agencies, just as we were approaching the fire season, the world's largest tanker of its kind is permanently grounded now, so
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what happened? >> reporter: when you see that massive aircraft in the sky, you know it means business. the 747 global supertanker, the largest of its kind in the world. but a spokesperson confirmed to me that firefighting beast is grounded. is that a concern for us in california? >> it certainly is unfortunate. we'd rather have that asset available to us. >> reporter: the news comes following the worst wildfire season in state history. with more than 4.3 million acres burned. the supertanker was used 119 times last year alone. i reached out to the u.s. forest service and they wouldn't answer my questions but that me the statement. "the usda forest service is aware of the decision. the global supertanker is currently on a call when needed contract for fire suppression.
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in the meantime, firefighters continue seeing more mega fires." climate change is not going away anytime soon. >> should the residents be concerned? >> yes, we are concerned. >> reporter: even without the supertanker, cal fire always prepares for the worst. >> i believe the residence in the state of california can take comfort in knowing that cal fire is prepared. and we will aggressively attack every vegetation fire. >> cal fire still has up to two dozen of its own tinkers plus helicopter fleet. we are looking at a bunch of fog out there right now with low cloud cover as we look out from the top of the mark hopkins hotel. and in the other direction, we will see some mist and drizzle
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accumulating on the camera lens. so there is some moisture out there already. temperatures at the moment, not a whole lot of variation. by tomorrow morning we will be dropping down to the mid to upper 40s. this is a normal-looking temperature map for an april morning. but tomorrow's temperatures will be below average with a lot of cloud cover throughout the day. a decent onshore wind, which means temperatures will not warm up a whole lot. and i think that tofu has made her peace with that. it will still be dry tomorrow, get your firm friends out for a good walk before the rain. high temperatures only in the mid-50s around the coast, upper 50s and low 60s around the bay with mostly 60s further inland. the warm spots are likely to be below 70 degrees.
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so let's talk about the rain, we could see a few sprinkles in the north bay, but late tomorrow morning into the afternoon, they will be few and far between. a few light showers more likely with some patches of mist and drizzle. the rain will begin to settle in as we head into the post midnight hours before sunday morning. one bout of heavy rain will move through and then pushes off to the east. then another round of heavy rain will move in by late morning, this book kind of squeegee its way through the bay area and move off to the east quickly. we will even see breaks in the cloud cover as we head into sunday afternoon and evening. so not a complete washout but be very flexible with outdoor plans. all of this in the sierra will be falling as snow. they are talking about six inches to 12 inches of snow in the communities in the higher elevation. travel conditions will be less than ideal along 50 and i 80.
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then we will dry out next week, still cool on monday, and we start to warm up on tuesday with inland temperatures near 80 degrees for tuesday, wednesday, thursday and friday. straight ahead, the oakland a's, wow, welcome back, that is the message to dove nation as the warriors were finally able to get home crowd and give them
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nba up top, the warriors, everything was jumping tonight worried the team, the energy and the players. the first home crowd in 409 days. it was electric tonight. 1700 in the house, third quarter, kelly oubre, get out of his way. scored 23 off the bench. man, the energy. final seconds, a buzzer beater. will he hit this?
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up 12, a little high five but we will let that go. they will not giving up the fourth quarter lead. not today. draymond green lit it up, with 19 assists. three minutes left, the defender all over him and he hit it anyway. look at the reaction. curry scored 32, what a team performance in front of the home crowd, 118 have 97. >> the fans back in the arena, we want to give them a win on the first time back, 409 days, that's a long time. it sounded like way more than 1900 people. >> when you were in the second half and trying to close the game, it was meaningful. baseball, the grade for oakland, all a's, again.
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12 straight wins. look at the skipper, picking it up at the top of the second. stephen piscotty, big enough to score sean murphy a little ball, and laureano, with a long ball. the a's won again, the third longest win streak in oakland a's history. give me some fans, young and seasoned ones, the marlins and giants, the giants trail at the bottom of the third but not after mike yastrzemski swings. the giants have won five out of six, they are hot. he allowed one hit in seven innings, the giants win 5-3. they trail the first place dodgers by only one game. they didn't even need alex the
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therapy bunny tonight. he wasn't even there, a no- show. but what this really means is that close of business on sunday the a's and the giants can be top dog in the respective divisions. chew on that. >> i wish we had the therapy bunny. speaking of animals, a tall tale at the oakland zoo, but jack, , toss me ththe frisbee. i i can do youou one betteter. wiwith cheddarar. everythingng's betterr with c cheddar. like m my new chededdar bisct breaeakfast sandndwiches with cheheddar bakeded right inin. onlyly at jack i in the box.
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makeke breakfastst better with cheheddar. my n new cheddarar biscuit breakfasast sandwichches. withth cheese babaked righght into thehe biscuit,, hickory-smsmoked baconon or gririlled sausasage, and a frfreshly-cracacked eg. try'em today.. only a at jack in n the box. tonight, how do the giraffes get to the zoo? >> is this a riddle? check out this special delivery. two new giraffes made it to the oakland zoo in a very tall delivery truck. one of the giraffes is a three- year-old from fresno. the other is a 10-month-old from san diego. the oakland zoo says the two boys will help the other
2:31 am
giraffes socialize. and you can help name the baby. the zoo is hosting an online auction. the highest hitter gets to name the youngest and meet both giraffes in person. >> i wonder if the back of the truck has a little sign saying careful, giraffe on board. >> could be. there might be a little skylight out there to see what's going on. >> people driving by saying what is in there, oh, it is a giraffe. >> we will be
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the late show with stephen colbert is next. >> is it friday night? >> oh yes. >> thanks (trurumpet musicic starts)
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- - [maria] teterry first t to act t with king/g/jack off-s-. - - [terry] twtwelve is t the big blilind. - [jeff] t twelve is t the blinind, 6,000, , 12,000.. she willll make the e call. susurrinder wawas playingg a lot t of hands e earlier. doeses fold the e king/ten t . a little d disappointiting surrrrinder foldlding the kiki. thatat's a famouous hand in n h. he's frorom houstoton. itit's called d the taxix. - [mariaia] frank wiwith ace/e/eight of s spades comes in f from the bubutto. dan withth nine, eigight off-t fromom the smallll blind cala. ed c checks his s big blini. and the flflop is ace, eightht, eight. so frarank has flolopped a bt but bad d news for dan he's's got trips. - [jeff] y yeah, thiss could d get ugly f for dan dependining on how i it plays . he could b be at risk k her. the chececks around d on the p - [mariaia] frank being veryry cagey.. the e turn is ththe six of s s
2:42 am
dan's s reaching f for chips d you u really canan't blame h . - [ dan] t twelve. - - [maria] flflop gets checked d around.. you haveve trips.. you're jusust going toto bet twtwelve thoususand hoping somomebody willll cal. - [j[jeff] it's a four card rainbow, no possible flush draw. yoyou have tririps checkedd aroundnd the flolop. you u got to feeeel good.. and d frank goining to jusust call here keepep his oppononent on thehe. - - [dan] twelelve. - [maria] ] and the ririvers ththe deuce ofof clubs and dan n still betttting twtwelve thoususand. anand this is s when frankns finanally going to pounce. - [jeff] depending how much he raises. we may get a call or a re-raise from dan pretty smamall size inin her, maria, foror a 32 k raraise. - [danan] holy.. - [j[jeff] oh.h. - [m[maria] dan n quickly moves all l in for 12020,50. - [frarank] callll. - [dan] hehe called.d. - [franknk] i callll. - [mararia] he hasas frank cov. and d of course,e, frank is going t to call.. - [jeff] b bandana danan sees t the bad news. (bleeps)s)


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