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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  April 25, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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e salon nakeif i'm goi togo to get ni get ni >> bsemake e now at 5:00. the rain returns to the pay area after more than a month. so, are we sent for a last minute comeback for more rain? this is the launch ramp for the lake sanoma arena. there is no water, it is closed. coming up, a look at the lake. the things we believe in are hopes and care and kindness. the powerful mission
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bringing together faith and community leaders in one bay area county. thank you for joining us taking a look at our bay area bridges. some of them are slowly on the slick roads this evening. here is what it looks like. heavy rain, drizzle enough to dampen the road and clear the windshield. we are tracking the rain totals and if the storm made and kind of a difference to the dry spell. >> that quad of all of the bridges showed it to us perfectly. the only one of the four bridges that had rain on it was san mateo. down in the south bay. take a look at the screen where you can pick out the best of the rain right now. the city and thul we are looking at the rain from, say, south bay and over towards the far east bay hills, try valley, you are now getting rain. you have not gotten a lot measurable. look at what happens on the future cast. does a good job of picking up
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on the rain now. same band of rain here centered over in the east bay and the showers down that were on the bridge. now, we are going to take it. go for it for the next couple of hours and it comes to an end. late afternoon and early evening we are going to clear it in hurry and clears out of here fast. is what it looked like, though. most places are looking at 5/100th of an inch of rain. the place that got the most hit the jackpot. more than any other. it was in south marin county. san rafael, all close to half aeufrpb of an inch of rain. back to you. forecast updates in your neighborhood download the kpix5 news app, use the qr code there
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on your screen. new at 5:00, sonoma couldn't selooking sonom county is looking at a drought. lake sonoma never lower this time of the year. their message, don't wait, start conserving now. >> we are looking today at the lowest levels our reservoirs had ever been since they were built. lake sonoma is the primary source for 6,000 people in the county. >> right now we need our residents to conserve water. there is no better to waste. >> reporter: lake sonoma saw the highest levels in 2017. this store was flooded but look
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at it now. the lake has gone down by 100 feet. even the marina launch ramp is closed, no water. >> it is depressing become every weekend and to see this where the water is. >> we have seen levels low like this before but in october. not at the beginning of what should be the time that the lake is at its fullest. >> reporter: conservation tips. >> use a car wash that uses recycled water to wash your car, reduce your outdoor irrigation. not using water to hose down your sidewalk or your driveway. >> we turn off the sprinklers and not wash our cars. >> reporter: water officials say depending on conservation now it lp
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during the summer. >> meanwhile, marin county will impose water restrictions some include watering lawns once a week. no washing cars at home if people don't follow the rules they could face fines starting may 1st. for more on the dry conditions check out it has a link to conditions in your zip code. new at 5:00, a strong show of unity tonight after south bay leaders and pastors came together for a united we stand prayer rally. it was organized in response to racial tension and hate crimes throughout the nation. the pastor from the river of life church in santa clara brought together the mayors of san jose, santa clara and fremont and saratoga and different church leaders to call for unity. >> i think what we do is come together, we show that if it is different faiths or different ethnicities the things we believe in are hope and care and kindness for our communities. >> the thing we are talking about, the reason why we are getting together to pray is not
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just a token thing of getting people of national nationalities together to do some sort of event, we actually believe there is a tremendous power when we get on our faces and humble ourselves before god. >> there was a stop asian hate rally. bay area officials are standing by the cdc's decision to continue using the johnson&johnson 1-dose vaccine. they released a statement after the cdc lifted the pause saying the benefits outweigh the risk. the vaccine was put on hold after serious but rare blood clots. between the three vaccines california has given out more than 28 million doses so far. 11.5 million people are fully vaccinated, and another 6.5 million are halfway there. >> taking a live look at the white house, later this week,
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president biden will reach his 100th day in office. reporter john lawrence on the issues the president to address during a prime time speech to the nation. >> reporter: this week, joe biden will unveil the economic agenda since laying out his proposal last month in pittsburgh. >> even as he is making these final decisions that the american families plan and the speech on wednesday will not represent the totality of every priority item for him and every item on his agenda that he wants to move forward as president. >> reporter: sources say his proposal includes reducing childcare costs, boosting paid family leave. the white house's plan would double the capitol gains tax for those that earn more than $1 million annually. republican lawmakers countered with their own proposal. not raising taxes and would be paid for with off sets like user fees. >> there are few folks that will do you they don't want to see government funds invested well.
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there is one of the reasons why president biden can call anything infrastructure and hope to throw that cloak over it for brood approval. . talking to democrats, an active conversation and i think that it is a good beginning. >> reporter: john lawrence, kpix5. according to cbs news poll, 58% of adults approve of the job that president biden is doing. vise president harris gave a in-depth interview. talked about police reform to being the first woman vp. making clear with gun ban and background checks topping her list. she later expressed her support for the removal of troops from afghanistan. explaining that she was a big player in the final decision. the vice president has been tasked with tackling
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immigration issues including the record number of migrants being detained at the border. >> most people don't want to leave home. when they do it is usually for one of two reasons, they are flee something harm or they can not stay and satisfy the basic necessities of life such as feeding their children and having a roof over their head. >> harris spent significant time talking about the death of george floyd. she urged congress to pass the george floyd justice in policing act. still ahead, the mess left behind after the police break up a frat party in san francisco and why they were at the park to begin with. and in a little over 24 hours fans will be back in the shark tank. you will need more than a ticket to get in the building.
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clouds are breaking up out there speaking of which. the video breaking up a big party for fort mason. frat and sorority students got together for cal day. the event usually gives perspective students an idea of life at cal and it was supposed to be virtual but yesterday some students caimto san francisco instead and they left a big mess behind. we stopped by the park today and it looked all cleaned up. not clear if anyone was cited or arrested. we got in touch with uc berkeley and waiting to hear back. the san jose sharks are on their way to recovery. the team is getting ready to play their first game in more
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than a year in front of fans at the nk will be welcoming back a limited number of fans at tomorrow's match up against the coyotes, proof of vaccination or a negative covid-19 will be required. happening tomorrow, the new hills dale cal station opens up. the new elevated station part of an ongoing project toebgt separate the train tracks from the road at 25th, 28th, 31st avenues, all being done to improve safety and reduce traffic. new station is as we just said, between 28th and 31st, four blocks north of its previous location. a whole lot of shaking going on in lake tahoe today. or under lake tahoe. three small quakes struck in a matter of minutes early this morning along the west tahoe dollar point fault zone. one of three fault lines, running under the lake. and while today's quakes were not strong, ranging from a 3.7.
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they are capable of producing a 7.1 and a 30 foot tsunami. >> yikes. >> after a dry few weeks here is something we have not seen in awhile. fresh, apparently the sound of sleigh bells, a viewer shared video of snowflakes falling in his yard. >> right? this is a look at the sierra at tahoe resort an hour ago. look at that, those are whiteout conditions, not many people hitting the slopes but skiers and snowboarders will take advantage of all of the fresh powder later this week. as you promised there was going to be snow in the mountains and rain in the bay area. >> and a shout out to john for giving us a snow video from his corner of the county. the real action was it is still snowing up there. look at the doplar over my shoulder and you can see where the storm is now.
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it is still fairly active. this storm where the rain is now at home. mainly focused in the east bay now. light showers that are just working their way out through the try valley. let's put it in the future cast just to watch how things play out over the next few hours, going away. once we are passed sunset we will turn the showers off at home. we got rain everywhere in the bay area, they got something. just not a lot. most of it 1/10th of an inch or less, showing you the totals at the top of the newscast. we got rain in marin. fairly widespread area from the water on richardson bay to the valley. most places came away with less than that. the storm is clearing out, the temperatures tonight are going to drop. middle 40s for most of us not
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that bad. the coldest night we have had. look at santa rosa. 36. that is going to be colder than what we have gotten used to. that is what happens next and then over the next few hours as the clouds clear out, the clearer the sky gets the colder it will be tonight. two reasons, a cold front. when you get clear skies you lose your insulation, as pretty as the clouds are now they will not be able to hang on. the temperatures right now, fine, upper 50s, cooler day today than what we had, many of us stayed in the upper 50s. you can see how the set up worked for this storm. look at that huge trough over the west. that is what brought our rain. you look at it on the water vapor, you can not miss it. this is why it is still snowing in the sierra. that storm it is still pulling a lot of moisture, pile driving ight irange. head on. just oriented perfectly for that northwest direction of the mountains and we are still going to put another few inches
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of snow up there at higher elevations, it will still be a difficult drive for the rest of tonight for anybody in the mountains, winter storm warning stays in effect until tomorrow morning at 11:00. okay, day time highs tomorrow. still on the cool side. we are going to begin e rebomorw tomorrow still cool. we wibuild a few more clouds that might for nothing like today. not getting rain out of it. warmer temperatures in the middle 60s. watch what happens over the next few days, the map here, color coded. now, tomorrow, big blue shows us, we are well below average. a big warm spot in the midsection of the country. there is wednesday, there is thursday. there is friday. in other words we are about to do the exact opposite and there is a big jump coming in the
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temperatures as we get into thursday and friday. that gets us into friday there. and you can rn around. so, if you look at it in the seven-day forecast that means middle 80s for many inland spots by the time you get to wednesday and thursday. 64 tomorrow. 83 wednesday. so, big turn around. we will feel it in the bay, too. the temperatures climbing back up in the middle 70s and at the beaches, sunny and in the lower 60s. that is where things stand for now. vern over to you. all right, straight ahead, baseball sunday, the a's, two weeks of winning. on the line. and giants something we have not seen in eight years happened in this paul park. -- ballpark
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baseball up top. the a's, sitting on a bakers dozen of wins in a row. keep it rolling in the get away game in baltimore. not today. get your cotton candy, this young ahead was not sharing. the long ball opened the scoring. you know, in p of the 4th, ramoan got that one back. a solo homer of his own. tied game. so, win number 14 in a row was
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on target. until austin hayes struck again. a 4th inning, 2-run blast this time it was 3-1. baltimore pitching, blocked in. john held oakland to two hits. skwred will tell you, boy, he was tough. it got away from them in the 8th. look at this. oh, man. the a's gave up 5 walks, scoring 5 in the inning, 8-1 final. they are still 1st in the al west. say good-bye to the win streak, oakland and tampa tomorrow. >> we have been playing really good baseball. you know, eventually we were bound to lose a game. we ran into a guy that was throwing well today. they ended up, you know, opening it up out there at the end. i like where we are at and we get to start a new one tomorrow. >> meantime, the second place giants have been putting heat on the dodgers. giants, 8-2 at home.
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today, wet. the umbrellas were up at 3rd and king street. marlins and giants play through this stuff. the grounds crew was extra tired today from keeping the field dry enough. he did not bother the giants starter from swinging in the 2nd inning, look at this. found the gap. legged it out for a 2-run triple. the last giants pitchtory do that in 2013. also, against the marlins, it was 3-0 giants and 4-0 in the 6th. look at the movement. career high 8 strikeouts. just the fill in for johnny? oh, man. 7 shutout innings. look at how close he came to a home run in the 6th. this one, warning track power. to the top of the 7th. whefpb he got into a jam the skipper kept him in to figure it out. we got chad to ground into an inning inning double-play.
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he was tough. the catcher was behind it. that meant shutout, right? getting 5 straight. wrong. agular went for two. they win the series and carry a record of 14-8 when they host the rockies tomorrow. >> now i know why hitters like hitting so much. when you hit it and it just feels good, it feels like nothing. it was a lot of fun doing that. i was definitely a little tired after i got to 3rd. >> we have been waiting for this one. arizona's madison bumgardener throwing 0s in a doubleheader. froze atlanta braves starter, seven strikeouts, no hits, two batters later, a line out to right. it is a no hitter, right? wrong. no nos only count in a 9 inning game. >> i just want to say two
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things then i will celebrate with the guys, i want to thank these shadows in atlanta. they helped me out a good bit and i want to thank making these seven inning games. >> the pga team event. the classic, how is this for a short game. a share of the lead. pleasing the gallery. sudden death playoff is where we went. we found louie. we know he can putt but he missed it. they double bogeyed. so, cameron smith had this and got it. the two split a $2.1 million winners paycheck. on the lpga i tell you brook anderson won in los angeles. the story on her? former hockey goalie. >> really. >> she is tough. >> nice. >> she is tough. and she has her teeth?
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>> all of them. [ laughter ] >> how do
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well, the internet has done it again. what started as a joke online turned into a event.
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>> josh, josh last year he messaged people with his same name on social media and challenged them to a duel. the planning began, he sent out cord nats,ed nats coordinants and told to bring pool noodles and 4-year-old josh got it. >> from colorado to washington people come from all over. i don't know why but it is insane. it is incredible. >> we just wanted to be a part of it. seemed like something big and, yeah, so, i mean, his name is josh. so, i figured we would have double the chance of winning. >> the group created a fund that they will donate the proceeds to children's hospital and a food bank. >> proving it the pandemic gave a lot of people a lot of time.
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>> thank you, josh. >> thanks for joining us, "cbs evening news" is next. news updates are always on captioning sponsored by cbs >> duncan: tonight, america's race to vaccinate hits a speed bump-- millions of people are not getting their second shot of covid-19 vaccine and those numbers are growing. >> there are people who have clearly vaccine hesitant. >> duncan: we'll check in with dr. david agus of the challenges still ahead. also tonight india's covid surge. oxygen runs short as its health. plus president biden's first 100 days. we have new polling on what americans think as mr. biden gets set to address congress. the academy awards return. we speak to the creators of the oscar nominated short film
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inspired by the death of george floyd. >> it was a way for me to communicate not only what i had felt but what i had been expering


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