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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  April 28, 2021 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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it's wednesday, april 28th, 2021. this is the "cbs morning news." the president's speech. mr. biden will address a joint session of congress for the first time. what to expect and how it will look different in the covid era. civil rights investigation. the fbi is now looking into andrew brown jr.'s death as a private autopsy sheds light on his encounter with sheriff's deputies. vaccine controversy. why one school is telling teachers and staff not to get inoculated. good morning. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. president biden will deliver his first address to a joint session
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of congress tonight. he will push for covid vaccinations and his infrastructure plan. he's also expected to unveil the american families plan which calls for free preschool in the u.s. mr. biden's speech will take place under heavy security. the capitol is still surrounded by a fence, and armed national guard troops are on hand following the deadly siege on the capitol in january. laura podesta is in new york. how will tonight's address look different? >> reporter: good morning, anne-marie. well, there with will be lots of covid restrictions in place including social distancing. only 200 lawmakers are invited and they'll be split seated on the house floor as well as upstairs in the visitors gallery. there certainly won't be any visitors. no guests are allowed. president biden delivers his first address to a joint session of congress tonight. among the priorities -- the 46th
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president is expected to highlight free preschool for 3 and 4-year-olds. the white house says the investment will pave the way for u.s. history. >> he will also use the speech as an opportunity to talk about many of his other priorities including police reform, immigration, gun safety. >> reporter: president biden will likely urge americans to keep up the fight against covid-19 with a focus on july 4th. >> this is our target date to get life in america closer to normal. and begin to celebrate our independence from the virus. >> reporter: political analyst larry sabatow say mr. biden has made some inroads during his first 100 days in office. >> it is important and significant that president biden has been able to get support among independents and even a sliver of republicans. >> reporter: sebato credits the president's political style. >> he doesn't seem to have an ounce of narcissism. he has no need to be center stage all the time. >> reporter: republicans like
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louisiana senator john kennedy are receptive to mr. biden. >> he's a likeable man. he's a modest man. >> reporter: but key policy differences are likely to keep the two sides apart on major legislation. >> he believes that we are one tax increase away from prosperity. >> reporter: south carolina senator tim scott will deliver the gop response following president biden's speech. and for the first time, two women will be behind the president. vice president kamala harris and house speaker nancy pelosi. anne-marie? >> laura podesta in new york. thank you so much. there will be no designated survivor for mr. biden's address to a joint session of congress. that's because most of the cabinet will not be at the u.s. capitol tonight. roughly 200 people instead of the usual 1,600 will be allowed to watch in person because of covid restrictions. so in this case, if there were a catastrophic event, the woulme tempore of the eay
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would be treasury secretary janet yellen who confirmed yesterday that she won't be at the capitol. we will carry president biden's address to congress live tonight. cbs "evening news" anchor norah o'donnell will lead our coverage from washington, d.c., and it starts at 9:00 p.m. eastern right here on cbs. there's a court hearing today on whether to publicly release the body camera footage involving the deputy shooting of andrew brown jr. demonstrators marched yesterday in elizabethy, this comes as the fbi launches a civil rights investigation into the deadly shooting. manuel bojorquez has the latest. >> reporter: new video shows a team of pasquotank sheriff's onchars.
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moments later, witnesses say deputies opened fire as brown tried to drive away. this video shows deputies surrounding brown's bullet-riddled car after it crashed into a tree. demands to know what happened in the roughly 30 seconds between these two videos has elizabeth city on edge. the family's attorneys announced a private autopsy showed brown suffered four gunshot wounds to the right arm and one fatal shot to the back of his head. >> he was trying to get away in a moving vehicle which no doubt is also against police practice to shoot into a moving vehicle. [ chants ] >> reporter: protesters and the brown family continue to demand the release of all police body camera footage. the county showed family members only a 20-second clip with the deputies' faces blurred. >> i said he was executed. this autopsy report shows me that was correct. >> reporter: the city has requested the county file to
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release the footage to help quell tensions here. are you concerned that the longer this video goes unreleased the more restless the protesters might become? >> i am very concerned. mr. brown's family deserves some transparency that they're not receiving. these citizens in elizabeth city deserve it. >> reporter: manuel bojorquez, cbs news, elizabeth city, north carolina. derek chauvin has a new sentencing date. the former minneapolis police officer convicted of murdering george floyd will now learn his fate on june 25th. that's nine days later than initially planned. the judge pushed back the sentencing date due to a scheduling conflict. meantime, one of the prosecutors in the case is reacting to the guilty verdict reached last week. >> i just felt this overwhelming feeling of gratitude and satisfaction. i felt so happy to be able to d. chain fes u 4ars
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president biden nominated texas sheriff ed gonzalez to be the new director of immigration and customs enforcement. gonzalez, who was elected sheriff of harris county in 2016, has a decades' long career in law enforcement. he was a vocal critic of former president trump's immigration policies which included raids by i.c.e. gonzalez will have to be confirmed by the senate. and coming up, anti-vaxxer. why a private school in miami is warning teachers against taking the covid vaccine. and the party is canceled. the burning man festival will will have to wait another year. this is the "cbs morning news." g news." lately, it's been hard to think about the future. but thinking about the future, is human nature. at edward jones, our 19,000 financial advisors create personalized investment strategies to help you get back to your future. edward jones. does your vitamin c last twenty-four hours? only nature's bounty does.
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tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure. sunosi can cause symptoms such as anxiety, problems sleeping, irritability, and agitation. other common side effects include headache, nausea, and decreased appetite. tell your doctor if you develop any of these, as your dose may need to be adjusted or stopped. amazing things happen during the day. sunosi can help you stay awake for whatever amazes you. visit and talk to your doctor about sunosi today. (hamlet) it's beggin'! smoky beggin'... meaty beggin'... tasty beggin'... beggin'!!! oh, i love you! (announcer vo) dogs go bonkers for beggin'! a los angeles judge says it's okay for pop singer britney spears to address the court dealing with her conservatorship that controls her life and finances. it is not known what spears plans to specifically address. the judge set a june hearing date. the singer's father was
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appointed his daughter's conservator in 2008. she no longer wants her father involved in her affairs. also yesterday fans from the free britney movement protested outside the courthouse. one woman shaved her head to show to solidarity with spears. this year's burning man festival has been canceled and a controversial abortion ban was signed. those are some of the headlines on the "morning newsstand". "arizona central" reports republican governor doug doocy signed a sweeping abortion bill into law. it makes it a crime to perform abortions based on conditions such as down syndrome or cystic fibrosis. there is an exception if the condition is considered lethal. the bill also confers civil rights on fetuses except for embryos created through in vitro fertilization. doctors say that the new law is medically unsounds and unconstitutional. "the miami herald" says a private school says it will not employ teachers and staff vaccinated against the coronavirus.
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the centner academy informed parents of its policy this week. the school founded by an anti-vaccination activists asked teachers and staff who want to be inoculated to wait until the end of the school year. anyone who has already received the vaccine was told to continue reporting to school but warned to stay away from students. >> here we have one of the most powerful tools in our arsenal. they are discouraging the use of it. it's tragic. >> the head of the school says that people who are vaccinated may be transmitting something from their bodies that could harm others. and "the reno gazette journal" says organizers have cancelled this year's burning o vadain t d august 26th to september 3rd. it's the second year in a row the festival has been canceled due to the pandemic.
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or iormation about side effects talk to your doctor. ♪ ♪ be in your moment. ask your doctor about ibrance. here's a look at the forecast in some cities around the country. ♪ what is this? ah! i'm a cartoon? >> what's up, doc? >> lebron james hits the big screen this july in the family flick "space jam 2." he's already smashing records. this rookie card of the nba superstar is now the most expensive basketball card ever. an unidentified buyer snatched
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it up for $5.2 million. the sale ties the record for the top-selling mickey mantle rookie baseball card earlier this year. on the cbs "money watch," a deadline to get a real i.d. is extended, and chipotle announced a big giveaway for health care workers. diane king hall is in new york with those stories and much more. good morning, diane. >> reporter: good morning, anne-marie. today wall street will listen closely to remarks from federal reserve chair jerome powell about the central bank's latest policy moves. meantime, stock futures are a mixed open after a choppy d d dor all three major indices. the dow ultimately rose three points. the nasdaq fell 48. the s&p 500 shed nearly one point. the deadline for americans to get the more secure real i.d. needed to board flights has been delayed. people now up have an extra 19 months to genefly.the dertment security extended the real i.d. deadline to may 3rd of 2023 due to the pandemic. people initially had until this october to get it.
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once full enforcement of the real i.d. goes into effect, americans 18 and older will need one to go through security and board a plane. it will also be required to enter many federal buildings. comfort is king and shares of crocs climbed 64% in the first quarter, topping $460 million. the folk clogs saw record demand from shoppers seeking cmfortable footwear during the pandemic. quest love even wore some that had been spray painted gold for the academy awards. our health care heroes are in for a treat. chipotle is giving away 250,000 burritos to nurses, medical providers, and hospital staff. starting tomorrow, health care workers can sign up on the fast food chain's website to get special codes to cash in on th free chipotle's also matching 10% of digital gift card purchase and donated the funds to support health care workers. anne-marie? >> it's a great idea. the other thing that they're
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doing, too, is they're setting up a place where fans can thank medical health care workers. you click on the link and say thank you to all the people that made so many sacrifices over the year plus that we've been dealing with the pandemic. i think it's great reminder. it's been a long time that we've been dealing with this. in the beginning health care workers were getting applause and appreciation, but sometimes that enthusiasm starts to wane. it's great on chipotle to sort of remind us they're still in the trenches working hard. >> we can't forget our health care workers. absolutely, anne-marie. >> indeed. diane king hall in new york, thank you so much. >> you got it. up next, rescue caught on body camera. police break into a burning car to save the driver. o a burning to save the driver. still lots of room. just more to view. still the big move. just more moving. still singing. just more in tune. still hard to find a spot.
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here's a look at the forecast in some cities around the country. ♪ you are looking at atlanta police body camera video as officers rescued a driver from a burning car. the vehicle caught fire at a gas station sunday after the driver suffered a seizure and crashed. when police arrived, he was trapped in the car.
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they had to smash windows to get the man out. the driver and some of the officers were taken to a hospital with minor injuries. queen elizabeth made her first public appearance since the funeral of her husband prince philip earlier this month. the queen who turned 95 last week took part in a video call yesterday to formally accept the credentials of new ambassadors for the ivory coast and latvia. she was at windsor castle while the diplomats were 20 miles away at buckingham palace. the queen ended a two-week period of royal mourning last friday. cleveland is getting ready to rock for tomorrow's nfl held on a huge stage inside a gigantic amphitheater against the backdrop of lake erie. >> it is 95 feet tall, 220 feet wide and 225 feet deep. huge, tremendous structure. really excited about that.
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>> cleveland says it is reinventing the event du t pandemic. fans invited by all 32 nfl teams will be right in front of the main stage while other fans will be spread out to keep people as safe as possible. hundreds of volunteers will assist the crowd. the jacksonville jaguars have the first pick in the draft. and a missouri family's pizza delivery ended up costing a lot more than they intended. they ordered pizzas from domino's last week, and they waited for hours. they called the restaurant several times when the pizza didn't show up. they eventually went to sleep. the next morning they checked surveillance video. they were stunned to see that the delivery driver had simply car i tth sching td. they're working with domino's to repair the damage. coming up only on "cbs this
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our top stories this morning -- president biden tonight will deliver his first address to a joint session of congress. he will push for covid vaccinations and his infrastructure plan. he's expected to unveil the american families plan which calls for free preschool. and there's a court hearing today on whether to publicly release the body camera footage involving the deputy shooting of andrew brown jr. this comes as the fbi launches a civil rights investigation into the deadly shooting. a private autopsy shows brown was shot four times in the arm and once in the back of his
4:26 am
head. lawmakers in california have taken the first step to make amends for a shameful theft nearly one century ago. as carter evans reports, some oceanfront land may finally be returned to black descendants. >> reporter: in manhattan beach, california, a house on the sand can cost up to $20 million. and anthony bruce's family used to own two oceanfront lots. >> i should be a millionaire talking to you today. o, his great, great an 100 years grandparents, willa and charles bruce, bought the land for about $1,200. they built a resort called bruce's lodge, one of the only places black families were at allowed until they were forced to shut down. >> the ku klux klan was involved in harassing them. >> they burned a cross out here. >> when that didn't drive them away, the city government decided to take the property under the guise of eminent domain.
4:27 am
it really was stolen from them. [ chants ] >> reporter: inspired by the black lives matter movement, l.a. supervisor janice hahn is working to return the land, clearing the first legal hurdle. >> it was bittersweet. when we were last in manhattan beach, the bruces, it was a terrible situation for us. >> reporter: you're afraid you may be treated poorly when you go back? >> i hope for the best, but i'll prepare for the worst. >> reporter: less than 1% of manhattan beach residents are black today, and many believe it's a direct result of shutting down bruce's lodge. >> this is like the catalyst to look and see is this how african-american people who have been mistreated can their get land back? >> reporter: righting a wrong from a century ago. carter evans, cbs news, manhattan beach, california. coming up on "cbs this morning," we speak with one of the jurors in the derek chauvin murder trial, brandon mitchell, on the decision to find the former minneapolis police officer guilty of killing george floyd.
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plus, in our "eye on earth" series, we talk with gloria walton and actor mark ruffalo of "the solutions project" about climate justice and solving climate change. and only on "cbs this morning," singer/songwriter john legend tells us why he's encouraging everyone to get the covid vaccine. that's the "cbs morning news" for this wednesday. thanks for watching. i'm anne-marie green. have a great day. ♪
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