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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  June 1, 2021 1:37am-2:12am PDT

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ike ththey are.... or y you can chohoose toto dejar huelllla. that? ? it's a cheheetos thin. canoes, a crew is on the scene of a three alarm fire that gutted at least one santa clara county home.
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we have the latest. >> he tackled her. >> tonight we are hearing exclusively from one of the men who jumped in to help, after a sudden attack on a bay area police officer. the south bay commute could get a little dicey, starting tomorrow. >> tonight, a battle has erupted over a bay area homeless encampment, and things are getting ugly. >> we have had a year of abuse. >> we begin with breaking news in san jose. on the scene, there's a three alarm fire on the south side of the city. maria, what can you tell us? >> this happened not long ago. firefighters are still on the scene. you can see behind me,
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extensive damage to this apartment complex. the families who lived here are sadly without a home tonight. san jose fire since this started after 10:00 pm, minutes from oakridge mall. not many details released so far. there will be an investigation for a cause is released, or known. one neighbor heard a loud explosion before seeing the flames. >> it sounded like a car crash. >> was it loud? what did you do? >> i made sure everyone evacuated. i looked for a fire extinguisher. >> the main concern, the trees were starting to pop and burn. i thought it was going to carry over to the second unit. i have doorãto those people. the tragedy is, there are now four big families without houses right now. i'm sure they didn't get a chance to get much out. >> that man works for door¦
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he says he was here minutes after the fire had broken out. again, just a recap, a fire here, not far from oakridge mall. the fire is now out. firefighters are looking through the debris, making sure that all of the hotspots are out. they have told us no injuries have been reported. however, there is no word on how many people were actually evacuated from this area. if you take a look to the side, you can see the row of apartment complexes just across the street. witnesses have told me that they were afraid, firefighters were afraid, that the trees would catch on fire. there is still no idea how many families live in this apartment complex, or who might have been affected. >> the good samaritan rushes to help a female asian police officer being attacked in
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chinatown. betty has more on the concerning comments the suspect made, just the day before. betty? >> law enforcement sources say this not one caller who reported this man as a disturbance, that day, he had also called the day before to say that the same suspect had said i specialize in killing úa >> put your hands to your head. surveillance video shows an asian american female officer ordering the suspect to face away from her and put his hands on his head, which he ignored. this happened around tierney. the suspect is seen attacking the officer, pushing her to the ground before he climbs on top of her. that is when a bystander runs over and tries to yank the man off of her. a handful of people rushed over
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to help. andy was one of them. >> there was a human being being attacked. and then, i don't think there was a weapon. her right control shotgun, or something. i saw it hit the ground. i just felt like something needed to happen. >> a witness had been waiting for a table. >> he tackled her. at that point it was like this is not going right. and i just kind of jumped in. >> officers arrived shortly thereafter. the suspect has been identified. the 33-year-old homeless man
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was known by a community organizer. >> i've seen him in china town, he stays at portsmouth square. in the past, it has been obvious that he has until health issues. >> contrariness is facing charges of assault on a peace officer, false imprisonment, resisting arrest, with a hate crime. the suspect also has a history of arrests for assault and resisting arrest. we should also add that the officer did go to the hospital with minor injuries, but is doing okay. allen, back to you. >> betty, thank you. switching gears, looking outside tonight, cool weather is on the way after temperatures reached triple digits in some areas today. our meteorologist is joining us with a closer look. >> you wanted a break from the heat, i have the best visual of that. the clouds were surging on
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shore through the golden gate. you could almost see the bridge before the clouds overtake it and the sun goes down. if we take a look at what average would be for the daytime high right now, for inland spots, that would be 81. we were in the lower hundreds in many spots today. now watch what happens tomorrow, where we are way down in the middle 80s for about the next six or seven days. when we do this drop tomorrow, for a good part of the forecast, we will be sitting in the middle, to upper 80s. many of us experienced this holiday very differently than 100 degrees. when we check in at the full forecast, we will look at the bay area. i will have that coming up in a few minutes. tomorrow, service will be cut even further as an agency continues to grieve after a mass shooting last week. light rail and bus bridge service alternatives are both
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suspended until further notice. for the time being, it will have to get around by bus, only. fewer buses will be running because of limited staffing. the interim general manager says the well-being of staff has to be the first priority. trains stop running after an employee comes down nine coworkers before then shooting himself. the morning team will keep you up to date on how service reductions are impacting the commute, that's starting tomorrow at 430 o'clock. a homeless in cayman has been in turmoil the past year, and comes under attack once again. this time a flyer is ridiculing the site and suppose it fits. andrea talked with the camp leader about those flyers. >> at camp compassion, he seen
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the fire. he is not surprised at all. he knows some of the residents are not happy about the in cayman. but he is worried about what a new ordinance would do to his home. >> i'm not worried about what people say about us, we've had a year of abuse. >> he is not phased by the flyer that looks at the accused spot. some consider it a nuisance, terrence says he is getting the ability to rebuild his life. >> i was messed up, on drugs, now i am over a year clean. and i wanted to say that stability helped me the most. i am living proof of that.
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>> now he is in jeopardy of losing the place he calls home if the city council votes to approve an ordinance at the june 8 meeting, banning intimates from facilities deemed critical by the city, near streams, and creeks, and camping would only be allowed overnight. >> there is nowhere to sleep. they can probably enforce everything. i imagine we are sleeping at a neighborhood near you, at night. >> some have been vocal about the removal of this can't altogether. and one concern is how this community is environmentally impacting the creek. others are more sympathetic, saying it is complicated as a situation with no easy solutions. >> everybody deserves more than just a homeless camp, housing and roofing over their head. >> he says he wants to use his platform to get the message out about housing equality in marin county.
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>> tonight, president biden is going to meet with survivors of the tulsa race massacre. today marks the anniversary of the attack when a white supremacist mob rated, firebombed, and destroyed several blocks of the greenwood business district. at least 300 african-americans, including children, were murdered. this morning, survivors of the massacre attended a ceremony honoring those who die there. >> for all of it to be gone in the course of a day, it was heartbreaking then, and it is heartbreaking now. so tomorrow, the president will deliver remarks with renewed commitment to racial justice. and, earlier today, resident biden honoring fallen heroes at arlington national cemetery. he laid a wreath and issued a call to preserve democracy. he also invoked the memory of his late son, a veteran of the
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iraq war. as the nation pays tribute to servicemembers who made the ultimate sacrifice, we will show you how the bay area observed memorial day. >> we are minutes from a key deadline for businesses, and some are calling it tonight a thing that is an invasion of privacy. >> and a bay area kayaker has just started a dangerous two month journey, his plan, to
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tonight, santa clara county is well on the road to recovery. only 12 new cases, countywide, and it may be one of the most vaccinated counties of its size. maria medina reports on the progress. >> the countdown is on for business owners who have survived the pandemic. like dave. >> june 15 is going to be one of those double finger crossed moments for the fitness industry. >> the co-owner of a gym, preparing for fully reopening without restrictions, if the governor keeps his word. >> the ability for people to get back indoors and not wear masks, it will be one of the biggest moments we've had in here, in a while. >> 70% of californians received at least one dose of the
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vaccine. so we are reaching herd immunity. >> 76% of residents have received the first dose. 63.5% are fully vaccinated. >> we are going to be in this pandemic, whether there are masks or not, we are going to feel the pain for the next six months, to potentially a couple years. >> many business owners, including the owner of sushi confidential, they are prepared for the county to keep some health mandates, even after june 15. so the county might say we can't control the customers coming in anymore. they don't have to wear masks. employees might still have to wear masks on june 15. >> for dave, he hopes san francisco's county follows the state. >> for the sake of small business, we really hope that they are taking a hard look at
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it. because we are suffering. >> in less than one hour, a big deadline, employers have to report worker vaccination status or face fines. the county says it will help to ensure that copper safety measures are in place. many business owners call it an invasion of privacy, especially since they will have to keep checking with unvaccinated workers every two weeks. >> i personally do not think it is a good idea. none of my staff thinks it is a good idea. they don't want to do it. they really feel it is an invasion of privacy. i shouldn't have to ask them if they got vaccinated or not. >> the county has a form for employers to complete requirements. and employees can choose not to provide their status. special ceremonies were
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held all across the bay area today, to mark memorial day, including this one, at the uss hornet in alameda. hundreds of thousands of military men and women worked on, or flew off the hornet. not all of them made it home. today, veterans and civilians gathered on the retired aircraft carrier, in their honor. and, police joined people in antioch for the memorial near the arena. the event wrapped up with the folding of the flag. many bay area residents spent memorial day at stinson beach today, with tents and towels, and beach chairs newly covering the sand, completely. >> we purposefully came early in the morning and were totally shocked when we turned the corner and it was a complete zoo. >> and beach whether it was, but it won't stay that way very long. >> the beaches are going to go back to being places that are not the most comfortable part of the bay area. daytime high
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temperatures in the upper 50s, and windy. today it was perfect, for memorial day, to give everybody a chance to be out there. you've got to know that you were not the only one with that idea. this is the golden gate bridge before sunset. here is how you cool down from this short-lived heatwave that is mostly over for us. there is still a heat advisory. this is the reason why, for most of us, that we don't have the heat advisory tomorrow. it is still a nice night out there. there really are not many clouds in the bay now. there won't be tomorrow. the marine layer will be built back a bit. let's talk about where there is still a heat advisory. it is no longer in the bay area. but up into mendocino county and lake county, you will see why. we are still going to be in the hundreds of here, tomorrow. ukiah and bear lake are still at 100. but for everyone else, tomorrow
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is noticeably better. watch what happens tomorrow morning. we do pull in a little bit of marine layer. it pretty much just comes into this immediate stretch through the golden gate, toward richmond, and berkeley, and that should be about it. everyone else should have sunshine at 7:00 am. early in the afternoon, we are just going to clear it out. morning low temperatures stay pretty mild. santa rosa is normally the cold spot. you are only going down to 51 degrees. there are a lot of middle 80s in the south bay. this is not that dramatically different from today. if you had access to the bay whether, you had a mild day with temperatures in the 80s. here is where it is going to be really different tomorrow. these numbers were right around the 100s today. we are talking about the tri- valley, san ramon valley, the 680 corridor, this is where numbers come down to 15 degrees tomorrow.
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you look in the bay, similar to today, we already had a nice cool day with the onshore, and the clouds. here is where we still have a heat advisory, we are still in the 100s up around ukiah and clearlake with deep shades of purple in the central valley. that's just what they do for the next several months. and showing you how far above average we were, today, watch what happens as we advance into tuesday. there is so much detail on this map. look at the blue, on the coast. we actually fall back to below average temperatures. today was the day, if you wanted to get out to the beach. there is not a lot of change in the seven day forecast. it's just like what we are about to do tomorrow for the next seven days. next, why one of the best players in tennis has dropped out
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the giants at their longest streak of home runs. and it was lights out today, the high rising heater, followed by the sinking slider. five strikeouts, in seven innings. the giants were down 1-0. evan longoria, way back, way back, way back, goodbye. five home runs in his last 10 games. lamonte wade is going on a trip to levi's landing. his first home run since 2019. he is filling in at first base, batting .350 in five games. they are back at first place. >> this is really important for us, because of the emotion and
2:03 am
energy that we spent to try to win this doctor series. we knew that it was going to be a tough competitor with them as well. there can be an emotional letdown. the angels are a great team. we are not going to let that happen. >> dad was happy when donovan walton turned on something that broke, the fourth career home run. sean murphy says fill it up at the 76 sign. olson with the tying run, the game tied in the 10th inning, and a high-level meeting to get out of the bases-loaded jam. that did not work. tom murphy with a fly ball just deep enough to drive in the game-winner. six doke five is the final. naomi osaka has withdrawn from the french open after receiving backlash for skipping mandatory press compasses
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because they cause her anxiety. she said she did not want to be a distraction to the other players. quin snyder is fired up for game number four against the grizzlies. utah is up by four points. with minutes to play, mike conley knocks down three against the former team. the jazz win and have the series lead of 3-1. toronto hosts against montrc fans in the stands for the first time all season. eric gallagher scores the first goal of the game. montrc a deficit, to win that series. the loss for the maple leafs is another missed opportunity for thorton to win his first stanley cup. joe turns 42 on july 2, so time is running out for joe. tonight, a bay area man is
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