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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  June 1, 2021 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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frhly-cracked egg.iscuit bor gried saudwiches. try'em today. only at jack in the box. now at 11:00, breaking news, protesters shut down the santa clara freeway as they voice their anger over a deadly police shooting. also today, body camera footage having us a firsthand look during the tense moments when officers entered the railyard during last week's mass shooting. contra costa county will host at least one fireworks display on the fourth of july very tonight, why that will hopefully reduce the risk firefighters. plus, pride month off to a
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roaring start. tonight, the returning traditions and what is new this time around. we begin with breaking news in san jose. where a protest over a deadly police shooting shut out of freeway today. protesters marched onto northbound 87 and then made their way to taylor street ending up at the san jose police headquarters. demonstrators protesting in honor of the man that was shot and killed last night. officers were in the area near tufts drive to conduct an investigation but did not provide details. police also releasing these images, showing stanley pointing a gun at an unmarked police car.
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the department allegedly is not telling the full story. also newly released body camera video shows the moments that santa clara county deputies in san jose police entered the vta building. just minutes after the first 911 call during last week's mass shooting. maria medina has the video that may be disturbing to some of you. >> reporter: investigators say there were more than 100 people at the vta railyard when last week's mass shooting took place. and that more people would have died if it were not for law enforcement's quick response. just seconds after sheriff's deputies and officers enter this vta building, the gunshot that pierced this window could be heard, possibly directed toward law enforcement according to investigators. it is then followed by two other shots now believed to be the gun man taking his own
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life. >> i believe he either heard us or saw the lush lights through the windows. >> reporter: the law enforcement officers got there just two minutes after the first 911 call as they go up the stairs, a vta worker comes out of the building and hence the deputies and officers his key card, giving them access to the building eight minutes after they arrive. seconds later, that's when gunshots rang out, and the team, part of two agencies that team together discover the suspect, just 10 minutes after being dispatched to what is now known as one of the worst mass shootings in the bay area. >> by the size of this building, the fact that they were able to go into the office area where he was located, is amazing. they did it right. they went to the sound of gunfire. i've trained in these scenarios a number of times.
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it is very, very difficult. >> this protocol, i believe, saved lives. there were over 100 people in the area. he had a lot of additional ammunition. he will never forgive those forget those victims that lives were taken by a crazed coward. and live look across san francisco where the city is kicking off the first night of pride. betty yu is alive at the castro to tell us what is in store for the month. >> reporter: there will not be a big pride parade this year, which would normally end with a huge party here in the castro. but there still will be plenty of in person events and a lot of community energy. tonight, san francisco is glowing with pride. the one acre pink triangle is
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made up of 2700 l.e.d. lights. it was originally used to persecute lgbtq's, but now is a symbol of resilience. the 26 annual ceremony kicked off with music and elected leaders, it including house speaker nancy pelosi. >> we remember those who have been victims. and we still can be victimized by all of this. we take pride and will and the discriminatory legislation that we've seen rearing its head in certain parts of our own country. >> reporter: she also hailed the quality act which she hopes the senate will pass. >> the history is that of negativity. but the hope that it inspires is standing out here in the freezing cold today. nothing is stopping us from lighting up the pink triangle in san francisco tonight. >> reporter: this was the first
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year that a pink tour processional kicked off in san francisco and this is the second year the parade will be canceled. you can still see the spirit of pride around the city. today the trees outside of oracle park got dressed up in rainbow colors. kpix is a proud sponsor of pride movie nights happening june 11th and 12th. >> given that we are still in the pandemic, albeit we are entering the end of it, hopefully, any other new ways that people are celebrating pride month this year? >> reporter: definitely something new from the sf giants, they are debuting new uniforms, showing bright colors, the first team to do so. they will be showing those off at this saturday's game. >> kpix 5 is proud premier partner of the sears pride celebration. cities across the bay area held pride raising flag ceremonies today but this one is slightly
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different. it features black and brown stripes to represent people of color and navy blue, pink and white stripes for transgender people. contra costa county experiencing firsthand the danger of fire season. 35 vegetation fires so far this year. some of them were caused by fireworks. andrea nakano joins us live from pleasant hill to explain why that city is still going ahead with its firework show on the fourth of july. >> reporter: the fireworks will be launched from this site at college park high school. kohn fire telling me tonight that it hopes an officially sanctioned show will actually deter people from lighting illegal fireworks that can be both devastating and deadly. contra costa county fire asesdre foe in
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antioch that destroyed eight apartments and displaced 40 residents. investigators discovered it was caused by a man throwing a firework into a field behind the complex. >> fireworks, regardless of type, burn it very high temperatures. so they will almost instantly start a fire, guaranteed. >> reporter: was dry fuel on almost every hillside, this fire could have been much worse. firefighters only hope people will realize how dangerous it is and stick to the fireworks that have been approved. >> this year of all years, inspectors are really looking doubly hard at the conditions and really any requests for officially sanctioned firework shows suthey are absolutely safe. >> reporter: pleasant hill's fourth of july commission will make re that there firework sho threat. >> it is a safe location. there is no the zone.
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>> reporter: they are currently looking at three applications for fourth of july fireworks. for communities like pleasant hill, there is a lot to celebrate this independence day. >> every week things feel like they are kind of getting back to normal. every day almost. this is another step forward. >> reporter: people will not be able to gather in the area to watch the fireworks because of covid restrictions. but these fireworks should be high enough to be able to watch from different areas in the community. if the weather does not cooperate, the firework show will be canceled and held at a later date. life pictures at the white house where president biden has returned from oklahoma after visiting survivors of the tulsa race massacre. 100 years ago a white mob attacked the upscale african- american community of greenwood known and then as the black wall street. as many as 300 people including
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children were killed. the mob also destroyed hundreds of homes and businesses. president biden is the first sitting president to visit the area and address it's tragic past. >> some injustices are so heinous, so horrific, it can't be buried, no matter how hard people try. at the state capital, california lawmakers have launched the first preparations task force to address injustices against african- americans. governor newsom kicked up the first meeting today. a nine-member panel will be spending the next two years studying california's history of slavery and discrimination. they will also consider remedies from a formal apology to cash payments. the task force will examine health and educational programs as well as the criminal justice system.
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still ahead tonight, a confrontation at a northern california swimming pool sparking accusations of homophobia. tonight we are learning the details of a major cyber attack that could impact your grocery bill. a california teen confronts a backyard bear as she tries
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new video shows a relaxing day at the pool taking an ugly turn. a lesbian couple says they were harassed at a northern california hotel. our reporter has more on the heated encounter. >> reporter: a fiery confrontation at a sacramento
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swimming pool. dominique beasley saying that the yelling started from a show of affection. >> this is not okay. it's 2021. >> reporter: dominique says she came to cool off in the pool but other guests tempered heated up after she and her friend, also a woman, started kissing. that's when she says a group of people asked them to stop because there were kids around. >> my initial reaction for the children was like oh yeah, and then i was like wait, you are asking me to stop being me. >> reporter: this woman in green and another woman coming up to dominique despite other couples showing the same level of affection. the group eventually calling security on the couple. >> it would have been a beautiful moment for her to teach about love of her kids but instead she decided to sexualize two women. to make video was captured of the group who can be heard
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yelling and chanting as the group was eventually escorted out. the hotel confirming the altercation. saying in part that the sawyer does not condone discrimination or verbal assault of any kind. matter has since been resolved. >> there is more acceptance. but at the same time, people, especially those who are marginalized, become targets. >> eventually things will change as long as we keep pushing it. there is no movement without movement. >> dominique says she is grateful to the people who stood up for them and helps the situation will encourage others to become allies. >> reporter: developing tonight, the fbi is investigating a major ransomware attack that could impact your grocery bill. brazils based jbs was forced to
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cease cattle slaughtering operations today at 13 u.s. meat processing plants. that is the top meat producer in the u.s. and the number two producer of pork and poultry. the prices at the grocery store could begin to rise if operations for jbs are off-line for a few more days. the company told the white house that a criminal group likely based in russia was responsible. a lot of people are talking about this next video. a southern california teenager shoves up they are going after her dogs. take a look. that was a mama bear and this was captured in the san gabriel for pills. you can see the bear walking across the fence with her dogs. the dogs come out barking and then the mama bear starts
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swatting at the animals. she got a hold of one of the pups but then his 17-year-old haley shoves the bear off the h the ps d haley made it back ins >> haley is lucky. remake as liz pointed out earlier today, there were two mama bears in that story and the second one is very lucky that the first mama bear didn't go mama bear. it is june 1st today which means for weather geeks, it is the start of amelia article summer. june, july and august are the three months that lineup with the letter whether that aligns with the summer. but look what happened today. june gloom set up big time. but this is getting misted on
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right now. that's the light right there for the hotel huntington signed. the fixtures today from the pride festivities on twin peaks, 40 mile an hour gusts up there. temperatures did not get out of the 50s all day. and boy is there a microclimate as the marine layer starts surging onshore. if we come in for a closer view, it split the city. there is twin peaks. and it was just on the edge of the strong onshore surge. so tomorrow morning we will wake up in the low grade will have taken over most of the bay. but it doesn't last long. it will all melt back to the coast and the overwhelming majority of us would get sunshine. but if you are anywhere near the coast, expected to be gray and windy again, just like today. morning lows tomorrow g.o.a.t.
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down to the low and mid 50s. santa rosa will go to 49, that is the cold spot. daytime hito ar identical to today. it will look the same, plenty of sunshine for most of us. and we will warm back up to just a little above average. that means a lot of these numbers in the south bay, going to the 80s. mountain view will go to 75. over here, you get into inland contra costa valley, only in the low to mid 80s. pretty much where we were today. and it is a huge improvement from where we just were sunday and monday. and in the seven-day forecast you can see we are staying here are pretty much the rest of the week. numbers in the mid 60s for the east bay, watch how we get warmer as we go farther north. at least we are not doing the hundreds to mendocino county. he is a real pretty map, with
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good news if you wanted to get a little cooler. this takes us out to the 60 10- day forecast. the darker the color of blue, the higher the degree of confidence temperatures will be below average for that time period. so this goes out several days past the seven day. and as we can see in the seven- day forecast, watch what happens at the end of it. those daytime highs finally drop down into the upper 70s. and according to that last map, it will just be a one-day thing. we will hold onto it for at least a little bit. and if you are at the bay or the beach, no change. you cooled down below average and you are staying there for a few days. will steph curry's mojo rub off on a golfer? and the giants ran into a brick wall, big time. could california's red flag
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gun law have prevented last week's mass shooting? investigators are not commenting on what coworkers at the vta railyard might have known about the gun man or how aware they were about potential legal recourse. teachers, principals and employers, they need to do something to defend himself themselves. >> t california's choice beauty? pretty boy.
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just 10 days ago alex wood had any array of 1.93 but now it's up to 3.48. coming clean with the mustache now in the books. going t-mobile on taylor wards fly ball. no connection. yes sprained his thumb leaping for that baseball. good news, x-rays are negative. same inning, anthony going to
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clear them all, alex wood gave it up seven rents and the giants lose big time, 8-1. paul bevan entered the history books, matt olson reached out and got the ball to drop. drove in two runs and then holy toledo, a two-run shot, capping off a six-run inning. a career-high five runs batted in. melvin passed tony larusso, most wins by a oakland a's manager with 799. the u.s. opens women tees off thursday. there's nothing like home cooking for one former champ. the 2014 champ lives in san just happens to be the warriors director of basketball operations. naturally michelle has gotten
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an up close look at steph curry both on the court and on the course. >> he is such an elite athlete, he's just in a league of his own. his athleticism, his golf game, you can just really tell him watching him this season, it's been so incredible to watch. it is unbelievable. every game he plays him like what is he going to do now. hopefully i'm observing some of the greatness. >> you want to see greatness, check out that man. damian lillard, against the nuggets, final seconds, the game goes to ot with that shop. 10 seconds left, oops, he did it again. we go to second overtime, but for all alerts and heroics, the nuggets when it 3-2, despite 55
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points. lakers star anthony davis sitting at game five with a groin injury. it looked like they really missed him. torrey craig wide-open for this slam. 115
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on the road to recovery, some new high school grads are getting to celebrate today. >> san francisco unified teamed up to celebrate the ceremonies. >> congratulations class of 2021, we finally did it. >> seniors from burton high school received their diploma today. this is the first group of 4000 san francisco unified grants that will walk across the stage.
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the staggered ceremonies will take place over th
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> nearly 90% of republicans in the house voted against a bipartisan commission on the january 6 insurrection. even mike pence's own brother, congressman greg pence, voted against the measure. >> they wanted to kill his brother. this didn't even just party over country. this is party over family. ♪ ♪ ♪


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