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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6am  CBS  June 2, 2021 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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once again. >> yeah. take that dip for today. even cooler compared to yesterday. that stronger ocean breeze kicking in for us. you can see foggy, cloudy and even some patchy drizzle out there. check out the drops on the san francisco camera. this is the mark hopkins hotel camera looking west. little bit of that drizzle action going on. upper 40's to low to mid50's. here is what you can expect. foggy and cloudy this morning with that patchy drizzle. cooler temperatures with that stronger sea breeze kicking in. not much change over the next few days through the week. just changing just a degree, just few degrees or two. much cooler as we look ahead to next week. let's check in with gianna. a foggy start. you have any trouble spots out there >> question are starting to see brake lights. if you are headed out of the east bay into san
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francisco things getting busy for that westbound ride over into the city. be careful as you work through there. be careful as you work. northbound 101. that area heading toward the golden gate. keep that in mind. a little sluggish coming off the east shore. we had the earlier trouble spot at 80 and 580 in the maze. that's been cleared. things improving through that area. your travel time 480. westbound. 15 minutes. busy in the pass. the live news desk. we are watching breaking news in san jose. first a shooting, police found a man who had been shot just before 1:30 this morning. they got a call to come to the area right behind a shop. it's west of 101 and east san jose. the person who was shot was taken to the hospital. at last word his condition was described as life threatening.
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no word on any suspect in that shooting. also investigation into a fire that happened in southwest san joe. this is mainly in a garage. witnesses say they shaw smoke and fire coming out that have building. itdima to the nearby house. a person who lives at the house believes the fire may have start from a vehicle inside of the garage. it people who lived in the house looking for a place to stay this morning. michelle. on the road to recovery. two more bay area counties are getting an upgrade on the state's coronavirus recovery map. solano just entered the orange ti, r and marin is now in the least restrictive, the yellow tier. emily turner is live from larkspur with what the move into yellow means. hi emily. >> nothing but good news. there have been runners. what's the story yellow tier. they were all excited and ready
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to party which by the way you can now do inside of this bar. people have been relegated outside. outdoor dining spots like this one. that's been very popular. one of the first places that i ate when it was finally allowed. its been a rough couple of -- i would say more than a year here. marin finally moving in to the yellow tier. moderate risk now moving in to minimal risk based on the reducing case rates. marin had been in the orange since march 24th and has been flirting the yellow since then. the primary driver of the success is the vaccine rate among local residents. marin is leading the state with the highest rate of vaccinations. as a result they have seen that steady drop in coronavirus cases. at this rate theye looktofour n because know n be
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tier you are in. places of where ship worship and theaters can open up to 50 and even 75% capacity in some cases. all patrons have to show proof of full vaccination or a negative test. now bars n is the big one in yellow that doesn't serve food it. can open inside at 25% capacity or 100 people. museums, they are at full capacity, outdoor seated events like concerts. those can finally happen at 67% and indoors at -- as well at a capacity of about 50%. now all of this will be in efct for most of june. coming up in june 25thful the governor has announced the tier system will go away. you will sit in the tier for 4 more days before you can get the color colors and go
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back to life as normal. fingers crossed. emily turner. kpix5. as for solano here is a run down of what the orange tier means. the county has seen a continued decline in case rates to below 6 per 100,000. restaurants can open with 50% capacity. retailers can operate with changes and gyms can open at 25%. happening today the san jose police chief will provide the update with details on what led up to monday night's officer involved shooting. last night demonstrators took to the street to protest the shoot, even shutting down a freeway. they marched onto northbound 87 and then made their way to taylor street ending up at san jose police headquarters. they identified demetrius stanley as the man who officers shot and killed. police are saying they there is still more to the
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story that justifies the shooting clears the officers. the department said that officers were in the area open monday to conduct an investigation relating to stanley but did not provide details. police also released these images where you can see stanley pointing a gun at an unparked police car which police say promptd that shooting. family members of stanley said that the department is not telling the full story and that stanley had no idea it was a police vehicle. new sleepments in the vta shooting investigation and a warning, this may be disturbing to watch for some of our viewers. the body camera footage shows a firsthand account from deputies entering the railyard one week ago today. it provides a new picture of what was a morning of terror in san jose. justin andrews was on the scene this morning, just hours after the shots rang out. he has been following the investigation. is he live again where it all
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started at the railyard. justin. still somber scene. >> absolutely. nine victims. that's nine lives lost just one week ago today. that pain still very piercing for the vta workers and the family members we are hearing the stories of bravery and selllessness from even the victims who lost their lives. they are were inside that area facing danger and you likely remember the vigil last week honoring the victims and their stories of courage. family members said victims loved going to work every single day here at the vta and said it was like an extended family. assistant superintendent died but he saved a co worker's life by telling her to hide inside of his office. another victim who was a father of two and a husband also saved many of his co workers. >> when he heard the shots, when he saw that everybody's life was in danger, his first reaction
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was to tell other people. >> he was hi workers, telling them to hide. >> first reaction to save other people's lives. certainly, remarkable here. when you think about it you know, these -- the deputies who entered this area also showed their sign of bravery. they were entering this building. we have the video of that in the next 30 minutes. back to you. >> week later still hard to believe it even happened. thank you. for more ways on how to you can help the families of the nine victims we have all the details in the vta stories at a deadly shooting at a fire station in los angeles county. authorities say that one firefighter is dead and another there critical condition after their co worker opened fire. authorities say that the suspect then barricaded himself inside his home before burning and turning the gun on himself. no word yet on a motive.
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the alameda county fire department lowered its flag to half staff in light of the tragedy. today marks the 10th anniversary of san francisco's berkeley way fire that killed two firefighters. the san francisco fire department plans to honor their memory this morning. this all happened in 2011 in the city's diamond heights neighborhood. the lieutenant and paramedic died in the fire. at nine a radio message will be transmitted overall dispatch sfd chan elms with the remembrance message. after that each fire station will ring the bell and observe two minutes of silence for the two. the ceremony will be held at station 26 today for family, department members and close friends. the time is now 6:09. a fireworks show with a bigger meaning. >> still ahead, how one county hopes their light show will help cut the risk of wildfires. >> and we will cool it down a
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bit more for today. low to mid-60s's this afternoon. so, a bit below average for this time of year. inland, there to the low 80's. a bit about three to six degrees above average inland this afternoon. the roadways getting busy if you are going out the east bay into san francisco. live look heattravel times and your drive in to the pass. thank you
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this unplugged device is protecting our beautiful coastlines and more. put off chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm to help keep our state golden.
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. contra costa experiencing firsthand the dangers of fire seasons. crews have battled dozens of vegetation fires. some caused by fireworks. even so pleasant hill is planning a go head with its 4th of july fireworks show. the county fire department said it hopes officially sanctioned shows will deter people from ling d otti itestroy t apartm 40 pe. igaty used a mathrowing
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veryigatures. they a going to a instantly start a fire, guaranteed. >> i know the safe location. there's not a -- no homes in the fire zone. there's not a lot of dry areas or fields. it's parking lots and different things. >> the 4th of july commission is working to make more the fireworks show doesn't pose a fire threat. looking live at oakland right now. the city council has set aside $5 million to help address the homeless epidemic. around 2 million will be spent on site preparation work and up to 1.2 million will go toward operating a recreational vehicle parking site on wood street. the council voted 7-0 in favor. today also in oakland, a pr oducfor affordal housing opposites.
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the mayor and two city councilmembers want to change the planning code to make tiny homes [inaudible]. it'll only affect private property. supporterns hope the city council will pass it this sumern. in east palo alto the city council will use two million dollars to buy hots in the palo -- mobile estates to preserve their long term affordability. the park has a total of 117 rental spaces. it's a city with a history of not meeting its housing goals and now a developer is suing. tomorrow in our original series project home we break down a housing fight at the historic el rancho inn. the yrux is $18 million in development fees. >> they pay the fee in every city they do business. they are trying to pull a fast one and get away with it. that's what the difference is here. >> suzie has a look at what
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portion of the lawsuit taxpayers will cover. that's tomorrow at 11:00. this morning alameda and contra costa is in the orange. ac transit announced it's reducing the distancing requirement on its buses to three feet. that change takes effect on monday. 616 deliberate is the time now. let's check on all things transit and traffic with gianna. good morning. couple things as well. capitol corridor, 521 running behind schedule. martinez there in richmond. keep nah in mind if you are taking capitol corridor. couple things to share about public transit. vta light-rail. their system continues to be canceled. it's still suggestion tend penned. bus bridges no longer available for the light-rail portion of the service. the regular bus service is available for vt with schedule changes to make sure that is out the door. starting on june 7th and service changes starting
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at june 7st the for bart. they are will put in some changes from now through the 15th also. ofok forfor public transit. mopt bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights turned on and we are seeing brake lights out of the maze. across the east shore freeway. starting to get slow as well as that westbound 580 commute as you work toward the bay bridge into san francisco. golden gate bridge pretty quiet. things look good in both directions. foggy on the forth end as you work out of the area. limited visibility. san mateo doing okay as you head westbound. though things getting crowded. 13 minute commute between 880 and 101. westbound bay seems to be the busiest spot. travel times still slow through the pass. 49 minutes now. westbound (580)678-9205, toward 680. dealing fog and drizzle out there this morning. >> i was looking at all of the
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live cameras and when i came across safrancisco, seeing that drizzle this morning. we are looking at that on shore us. with that marine influence we will see cooler temperatures for today. we will continue on that cooldown as we head through the rest of your wednesday. good morning to you. thank you for start off your day with us. let's check out what you can expect with our live camera here. this is our berkeley camera. east bay, good morning to you. we are looking at oakland at 52 this morning. looking at 55. little more sunshine for you. the tri valley starting off the day with that fog at at . suspecta rosa at 49. here is what you can expect as we take you through the day today. at the coast, mid to upper 50's. that ocean breeze kicking in. a breezy day with the clouds around the bay.
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low to mid-60s's with that sea breeze and we will go partly sunny. some clearing afternoon and inland in to the 80's with that sunshine and temperatures warm but definitely not as hot as earlier in the week. the ridge of high pressure continues to weaken. as we take you hour by hour on future cast and you can see in the sunshine inland, and mix of sun and cloud around the bay. the cloud cover along the coast. slightly warmer for your thursday. let's show you what you can expect with our temperatures as we look to next week. the climate prediction center putting out its temperature outlook for next week. it does look cooler. we are looking at daytime highs for next week below average for this time of year. the sunrise at 5:48. daytime highs for the south bay. santa clara,82 san jose. upper 8o's for fairfield,
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antioch and brentwood. the tri valley. you will see highs in the low to mid-80s's. around the bay 60 in san francisco, 59daley city. the east bayshore line. sa north bay mid to upper 70's to low 80's. 80 for a high in napa. we will drop a couple of degrees for lake county. digits the last couple of days. looking at 96 in clear lake this afternoon and 93 for lake port. the extended forecast just slightly warmer for thursday, friday, into the weekend and then much cooler for early next week. back to you. happening today the city of santa clara will celebrate the university of women's soccer team for their outstanding season and college cup championship win. the sermon why i will start late their morning at 11:30 at city hall plaza. no from the stage to the festival grounds. time to mark your calendars. the big announcements for the return
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. new this morning cochella is make age come back. >> it's scheduled for april 15th through the 17thst. its been postponed or canceled several times throughout the pandemic. advance ticket sales for the 2022 festival start june 4th. however the line up of musical announced. t been and more mellow scene. still fun. hamilton in the bay area. set to return to san francisco with 100% capacity, audiences this summer. the block buster musical will reopen with a four 10th to september 5th. it'll be the first major san
6:25 am
francisco theater to operate without capacity restrictions. you got to go see it. >> i will be there. not going to miss my shot. they knew to turn that music off in that video. >> we would start singing. and you don't want to hear that. >> not at all. the giants trading in the orange and black. at least for a little while. >> in the next half hour, how they are celebrating pride month with the color swap. . that deadly shooting rampage just a week ago. we have a timelin of events leading up to that time
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. if you are just waking up with us, here are your morning headlines. police in san jose investigating an overnight shooting. it happened just after one this morning. one person and taken to the hospital. right now we do not know that person's condition. no word on a suspect or motive. today we are expecting an update on a deadly police shooting in the south bay it. happened monday night in san jose. police say there is more to the story that justifies the shooting. new images show the suspect pointing a gun at a unmarked police car. he didn't know it was ve marin in the yellow tier starting today. that means gyms, restaurants,
6:30 am
wineries, breweries, places of worship and movie theaters can open up at 50%. bars that do not serve food may open indoors at 25% or 100 people. museums may operate at full capacity. it's 6:30 on wednesday, june 2nd. good morning to you. that cooldown continues. >> let's get over to cool, mary with your very pleasant week forecast this is looking nice. this is. thanks to you. our cool friends, michelle and lynn. we all love you. >> we are looking at the cooler temperatures. a little too hot for you earlier the week we will cool it down. that on shore flow kicking in. with very that fog. we have seen some patchy drizzle along the coast. taking out to the east bay with the berkeley cam. that fog as we start off the day. temperatures are running in the upper 40's and the low to mid50's. you can see that gray start to the day. along the coast, around the bay
6:31 am
and the inland spots as well. here is what you can expect through the day a. long the coast. mid to upper 50's. lookingat low to mid-60s's and 80's inland. metering lights are on. let's check in with gianna. they were turned on just after six. lots of companies as folks make the ride out. we are seeing brake lights. westbound 580 as you head in to the maze. if are you taking public transit. capitol core gore train 521 delayed about 30 minutes between berkeley and emoryville. keep that in mind. that's due to earlier bridge issues. taking a look at the golden gate bridge. things starting to get busy as you head through san rafael. if are you headed over into san francisco, may be a little slow there and crowded westbound san mateo bridge. and i'm justin andrews live.
6:32 am
one week ago today that bloody rampage took the lives of nine people here and still crime tape still securing the area waving in the wind as the investigation is probably still long from over this morning. we have the official autopsy report for the gunman. it reveal that he died, we are talking about sam cassidy here, died of multiple gun shot wounds to his head. this morning we are seeing the tense moments deputies entered the building as cassidy was still shooting. here is a timeline. last wednesday morning. the sheriff's office was called to the vta railyard just about 6:35. ten minutes went by before deputies were able to find him but they were on scene two minutes after that initial 911 call. it took more than two days for bomb teams to clear the explosives and 25,000 rounds of ammunition at
6:33 am
before leaving to kill nine ofous co workers. sheriff smith said she believes some or all of the victims were targeted. >> we will never forget the innocent victims whose lives were taken by a crazed coward. >> i would believe he either heard us or saw the flashlights through the windows. >> this bloody attack according to investigators appeared to be very well thought out by the gunman. we are talking about cassidy here. keep in mind his home is about 13-mile away. according to investigators it went up in flames two minutes after this deadly shooting happened here at the vta rail site. we are live in san jose this morning. kpix5. for ways you can help the familiesst mine we have all the details in the stories on could the california red flag gun law have prevented last week's mass shooting in san jose.
6:34 am
investigators are not commenting on what co workers at the railyard ney have known about the gunman or how aware they were of potential legal recourse. >> i wanted to have a situation where teachers and co workers could do something to defend themselves. >> the debate over gun violence restraining orders tonight at 11 on kpix5. looking live to the state capitol where later today the california supreme court will we be taking unautopsy issue that could lead to hundreds of reversals of the pending death sentence presidents. court justices have asked both sides of an appeal case to file arguments challenging the application of california's death penalty. the court will hear the arguments later this morning at nine. the ruling due in 90 days and has the potential to shape the future of capitol punishment in the state. the live news desk. we just got the new video of
6:35 am
iran's largest navy ship catching fire in the gulf. the crew was safely rescued but iran isn't giving any explanation in an area where this there have been accusations of attacks all year. about a 5th of the world's oil passes through that area. that ship was on a training mission when this happened. back to you. going live to wall street at 6:35 for a look at the midweek stocks. you can see the dow is down there a bit. about 23 points. this morning meat processing company jbs said it hopes the vast majority of its plants will reopen today after a ransomware attack disrupted production. it's the top beef producer and the number two produce of pork and poultry. they said that a criminal group likely based in russia has responsible. >> new this morning, the vice
6:36 am
president will lead the biden administration's push on voting rights. they say the move is urgent in the face of a barrage of republican led efforts to decrats in the house passed a sweeping voting rights bill. it faces a dim future in the divided senate. major league baseball is being sued over its decision to pull the all-star game out of atlanta out of the new election law. they are claim mlb violated the rights of businesses and argues they were robbed of millions of dollars. the conservative group suing demands the all-star game return to atlanta or they want a pay ou the giants set to deck out their cap was pride color as long with the pride patch on the right sleeve of their uniforms. the giant's manager said very proud that the san francisco giants are taking the step. very proud to be part of it. san francisco is glowing this
6:37 am
morning as pride month kicks off. >> a giant pink trian ge on twin peaks made up of 27led lights lit up last night. this symbol once used by nazis to persecute lgbtq people now a sign of resilence. the house speaker was at the event ailing the equality act. >> remember those who have been victims. we work for those who still can be victims by all of this. we take pride and we will end the discrimination legislation that we e its in ce parts of our own country. >> this is the second year the big parade will be canceled but the spirit of pride can still be seen around the city. time is 6:37. coming up, just how safe
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it's 641 on this wednesday morning. it's a foggy start. we have the low clouds, we have patchy countries this will morning down to about a mile and a half at half moon bay a. long the coast and some drizzle even in san francisco as we start off the day. as we head through the afternoon low to mid-60s around the day. low 80's inland this afternoon. i love all things science. and you ichelle are you have more information on a cool space walk. >> yes in is fascinating. two russian cosomauts carried out a space walk. they prepared a docking part air lock for undocking
6:42 am
late their year. the space walk was the first for the two but it's space walk number 6 this year. pretty cool. >> pretty cool. right after opening bell diane king jenning us live from the cbs broadcast cen new york. diane, good morning. >> good morning. yeah. you nailed that description. you have this -- range bound action happening on wall street. news -- stocks are trading in just a narrow range with in the first 15 minutes of trading. let's get right to the numbers. take a look at the dow. down just three points but its been flip-flopping over the tech sector you see a stronger advance there. the nasdaq up 19 points but again it's pretty quiet day of activity though with regard to the broader benchmarks. wallit's ks remain in on shares up # 2 pounce.
6:43 am
yesterday it rallied 22%. start year along with game stop. the movie theater chain is a social media darling. air travel hit a pandemic high during memorial day weekend as vaccinated meshes just take to the skies. according to the transportation security administration, an average of nearly 1.8 million travelers were screenedder day from friday to monday. the peak was friday with nearly two million traveling. a year ago they were between 360 and 300,000. numbers still not back at 2019 levels but the surge is picking up. >> so are the ticket prices. diane king hall. >> yes they are. >> they are. they know. >> they know. thank you. on the corus vaccine front, pfizer and mode are, na have good news for pregnant and breast feeding moms. new research shows the vaccines are safe, antibody
6:44 am
chris are in infant, cord blood and brea inatedoms. inina the vaccine has been approved by the emy us's thsecond chinese fo produced vaccine to be grant add proval. and canadians can now mix and match their coronavirus shots. health officials changed the guidelines so now anyone who gets a january from one vaccine can follow up with a pfizer or moderna shot. it's still preferred to get the same vaccine brand when possible. vaccinated americans appeared to have a sweet tooth. krispy kreme has given way more than 1.5 million free doughnuts to people with their vaccine. back in march the company said it would give free original glazed doughnuts every day this year to people who t a navirus shot. look at that video. national doughnut day this friday. krispy kreme can will give two doughnuts to vaccinated americans. >> it reteasing us they are
6:45 am
teasing us with that. >> they are. >> there's a krispy kreme cream. maybe later. looking at the -- westbound 580 as you head in to the pass. it's one of our busiest spots. all the brake lights. super commuters out of tracy, heading over toward that dublin interchange. a slow and go ride. we are tracking brake lights. the dublin interchange. give yourself a few extra minutes. if you are taking highway 4 its busy out of pittsburgh into bay point. will see brake points on 242. that morning commute in full swing through there. checking travel times, westbound 580. 47 minutes from tracy. also westbound 4 from antioch to the east shore freeway. that's now at a 42 minute travelaryou taking 80. westbound 4 to the maze.
6:46 am
it's slow along the freeway as well. southbound 880, starting right around where that 238 connector meets 880 south of there. all the way down into union city. that's where we are tracking brake lights in and around that area. sluggish conditions continue there. live look at the bay bridge. metering lights on. just to about the foot of the maze at this point. the golden gate bridge is doing okay. getting -- dealing just a little bit of figure on the north end just as you come through the area. it's 6:46. little drizzle out there. check out the drizzle in san francisco with the mark hopkins hotel camera be log west and that wet camera out there. patchy drizzle along coast and around the bay this morning. fog. inland spots. that flow. it'll cool us down as we look to the afternoon. temperatures are in the upper
6:47 am
40's to low to mid50's as we start off a new day. here is what you can expect. foggy, cloudy and patchy drizzle it morning. cooler temperatures as we head through the afternoon. that stronger sea breeze and not just much change this week. temperatures changing just a few degrees. back and forth. much cooler as we look forward to next week. that ridge of high pressure. it weakens and we have that stronger on shore flow. as with you go hour by hour, you can see the sunshine and parts of the bay, we will go partly sunny around the bay and the clouds stick around the coast. for tomorrow, a little bit warmer. slightly warmer as we look to thursday. let's talk about next week. the climate prediction center releasing its temperature outlook for next week and it does look cooler. we are looking at the temperatures below average as we look to next week. for the south bay, 81 in santa claire a. san jose topping out at 82.
6:48 am
mid-80s's for morgan hill and los gatos. the east bay, we go 83 in concord. pleasant hill. antioch and brentwood. the tri valley. the low to mid-80s's later on today. around the bay, 60 in san francisco, reaching just 59 in daley city. 64 alameda. 56 for oakland and san leandro and the north bay, mid to upper 70's to low 80's. we are be log at the daytime highs around 82. mid-80s's for windsor. you saw triple digit heat over the last couple days. mid-80s's or low to mid-90s. still hot but not hot as earlier in the week. looking at temperatures very similar. into the weekend and cooler for early next week. upper 70's on tuesday. here at kpix5 we are giving
6:49 am
special shout outs to the bay area grads, a big shut out to [inaudible] graduating foothill high school in the fall. he will head to colorado state. congratulations. you can send your grad's photograph to2021 grads at or tag kpix on social immediatey. no professional photographs. include their name, city and a little about them. . one step closer to normal in marin. what's open and at what capacity just ahead. good morning, ahead on cbs this morning the fbi is investigating a major cyber attack on the world's largest meat processing company. why the attacks are becoming
6:50 am
more frequent and how experts warn they are meant to weaken the united states. an american reporter is being held by military rulers after trying to leave the country. we will speak to his family about their fight for his release. and she played a major role in the folk music revival. 60 years on singing activist. streaming today on cbsn bay area, could the state's vaccine lottery be a trigger for recovering gamblers in we hear from keith white, executive director of the national council on what the pandemic has been like for people with a gambling problem. did you watch it at
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-great idea.
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[gasps] look at the little cutie. -he's coming for a visit. -hi. [chuckles] aww! oh! he's leaving! -nice work, guys! -introducing togo's new cheese steak melt, featuroasted red peppers,read,, and smothered with melty american cheese. the new cheese steak melt, now at togo's. how far would you go for a togo? . the live news desk and we just got the update from police on a shooting this morning in san jose. the man who was shot is now expected to live. it happened just before in sjose poce found shotine rking
6:54 am
a op. he was taketo the hospital in very bad shape at that point but now police say his condition is nonlife threatening. they have not given us any information on any suspect, nor what led up to this. justin. and i'm live at the vta railyard. one week ago a gunman violently snatched the lives of nine people. we are talking nine of his co workers after he apparently did that he turned the gun on himself. according to the coroner's office he basically had self inflicted gun shot wounds entered the build that wednesday morning. the sheriff's office was called to the vta railyard about 6:35 that morning. two minutes later deputies were on scene. it took more than two days for bomb teams to clear the huge arsenal much explosives and 25,000 rounds of ammunition at cassidy's east
6:55 am
san jose home. the sheriff said she believes some or all of the victims were targeted. she also said there were more than 100 workers at the railyard one week ago today. in it hadn't fothe bravery and the selflessness of the deputies and victims she said that more lives would have certainly been lost. with relieve in san jose. 6:55. time for a look at the other top stories. we are expecting the shooting in the south bay it. happened monday night in san jose. police say there is more to the story that justifies the shooting. the images show the suspect pointing a gun at an unmarked police car. his family said he didn't know it was a police vehicle. they along with dozens of protesters are demanding answers. police news conference is at 11:00 a.m. we will bring you the update at noon. a garage in san jose went up in flames and forced two people from their home. one resident believes the fire may have started from
6:56 am
his car inside the garage. no word on any injuries. later day the supreme court will hear a case that could lead to hundreds of death penalty sentence reversals. court justices have asked both sides of an appeal case to file arguments. today in oakland a new proposal will be introduced to increase affordable housing options. the mayor and two city councilmembers want to change the planning code to make rv's and tiny homes legal residences. solano finally out of the red tier now joining the orange. it was the last county in the bay area to make the move to the less restrictive tier. the county has seen a continued decline in case rates to below six per 100,000. and in marin. we are moving the orange ti, r to the yellow which is good news for business for example like restaurants and especially bars that have been closed for the majority inside
6:57 am
of the pandemic. m ar identification t the highest in the entire state. now the case rates have dropped significantly. averaging about three or four total new cases interchange. if are you wondering what the yellow means, let me refresh your memory. the gyms, restaurants, wineries, breweries, places of worship and movie theaters all able to open up inside 50% capacity. in some cases this is the interesting thing. it can open up at 75% if the patrons show proof of vaccination as well as -- orrin stead of a negative test. bars have been closed inside that don't serve food. this question open inside at 25%. museums can operate at full capacity, outdoor seated events can operate at 67% and indoor event dear sir operate at 50%. all exciting news moving in the right direction since march. marin has been in the orange
6:58 am
tir flirting the yellow, now finally and it'll be in the yellow until june 25th. that's what the governor has announced that the ti, r system is out the window clothe as we have been to normal in a long time. kpix5. take a look at the roadways. in to the traffic center. two new crashes northbound at winchester boulevard. a vehicle spun out in lanes. it's blocking the left lane with debris reported all over the roadway. i'm getting first reports of a crash westbound 80. just west of 5th street. that's heading in to san francisco blocking at arrest one lane. checking travel times. 44 minutes, westbound 580, 205. westbound 5, the other slow spot. if are you taking the area from antioch to thest shore. give yourself extra time. bay bridge metering lights on. that 880 overpass and westbound. not far from the toll plaza.
6:59 am
the golden gate bridge crowded arting off the day in some spots in the sun where emily is live this morning catching some sun, also for conford. many locations it's a foggy start and also even some patchy drizzle. check out the east bay. berkeley and all of that fog out there. the tomes are in the 50's as we start off the day. we are looking at temperatures just a bit cooler compared to yesterday. mid to upper 50's. cool, cloudy and breezy. around the bay partly sunny in the low to mid-60s's and inland we are looking at temperatures in the 80's this afternoon. very similar. just slightly warmern as we look to the rest of the workweek in to the weekend and much cooler as we look ahead to early next week. with this foggy weather, kind of want to make you -- want to make you feel kind of like cozy with the blanket. snuggle up for sure. think about that. >> not at work. >> not at work. >> not at work.
7:00 am
>> snuggle later. all right. have a good time. >> it's snuggle time. >> have a great day everybody. thank you for watching. ♪ ♪ good morning to you, you on viewers in the west and welcome to "cbs this morning." it's wednesday, june 2, 2021. a cyber attack attacks a meat processor why a cyber attack should be considered a military weapon against the u.s. >> president biden works with a key republican senator as he tries to get a trillion dollar infrastructure deal through congress. why he's also calling out some fellow democrats. >> an american journalist covering the bloody coup in myanmar is detained in one of the world's worst prisons and
7:01 am
we'll hear from his family


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