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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  June 2, 2021 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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majestic mountains... scenic coastal highways... fertile farmlands... there's lots to love about california. so put off those chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm when less clean energy is available.
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because that's power down time. now at 11:00, and emotional battle in the raising of the pride flag. one santa clara mayor explains her strong objections. >> i personally don't want to have to see it. >> i was a little saddened and hurt by her comments. a shocking video shows a teen lighting a woman's hair on fire on a bay area bus. tonight, the hunt for the suspect. the town of windsor tries to move forward after sexual assault accusations force the mayor's resignation. tonight, new divide tween public and city leaders.
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could california's red flag law have prevented the mass shooting in san jose? the debate over gun violence restraining orders and the recent changes to the law. good evening, i'm elabeth cook. >>n bast now at 11:00 and streaming on cbsn bay area, gilroy is flying the pride flag outside city hall for the very first time tonight. but, it almost did not happen. tonight, maria medina speaks with the city leaders who didn't want that flag raised. >> reporter: a moment of celebration for the city of gilroy yesterday. marred by controversy. >> i don't think it should be flown at city hall. it can be flown in 1 million other places all over the city. >> reporter: the mayor along with two other council members voted last month against a commemorative flag policy after a proposal to declare june pride month and also fly the
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pride flag outside of city hall. >> we've never had commemorative flags in gilroy. our city hall just has the united states flag and california flag. >> reporter:? leaning on her facebook page "the door has been opened to fly when groups flag, what happens when the council is asked to fly another groups flag, can we be sued by saying no?" >> being an elected official, i think we have a huge responsibility and platform to promote inclusiveness and progress. >> reporter: the city's vice mayor and openly elected official posted his concerns. >> i sit next to the councilwoman the whole time, and i do know there were some people that were very upset by her remarks. >> reporter: the mayor said she wishes they had more time to discuss the flag proposal last month and that during a pandemic in the city's financial struggles. >> my focus has been on getting
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us back on our feet. getting employees back, not to have this on my radar at all. >> i think some people in that lgbtq committee says it is a priority because some of us are being assaulted, attacked, murdered even. so this is a high priority for us. >> by that, it is a high priority for a lot of people. i personally don't want to have two see it, acknowledge it. i know that it's there, but don't show it to me because it's too painful to see. >> had you feel that it is up there now? >> find, it is up there. >> reporter: councilmember marks released a statement saying "i thought the city was opening itself up to anyone who wanted to fly a flag. now that we have a policy in place there should be no problem." tonight oakland's police chief is apologizing for this
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incident one year ago yesterday. officers tear gassing protesters during a demonstration over the murder of george floyd. >> i want to be clear, this was not a policy thing. officers deployed teargas outside of policy. our command staff has to approve the removal of gas, even into the field. >> a report found there was no immediate threat to officers when the teargas was used. more than 30 disciplinary actions have been yowants to know who ordered the use of teargas and why it took a year to acknowledge it should not have happened. she tweeted "will there be accountability for the top officials lied about this? and who pushed to allow tear gassing?" take a live look at san francisco where police are looking for a woman who had a hair set on fire while riding
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on a muni bus. betty yu is live in san francisco with some new surveillance video. >> reporter: police need to find this woman so she can make an official statement so that they can move forward with this aggravated assault case caught on camera. video shows a teen, whose face is blurred because he's a juvenile, using what looks like a lighter to set a woman's hair on fire hurt she doesn't appear to take notice so he tries again. sf pd says this happenmoat ard the bus left the scene before officers arrived. the bus operator met with police near mcallister and leavenworth and reported the aggravated assault. the teen and two acquaintances
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fled the scene. >> why is there so much targeting asian women? >> reporter: the woman is described as filipino or latin descent between 50 and 60 years old. >> i try my best to ride in the back to where nobody is behind me. and i'm seeing everything. >> you just don't feel safe in san francisco as somebody who lives here. this just can't be happening. day in and day out my parents are worrying and i carry pepper spray. >> reporter: we should also say that this case is being investiged as a possib hate crime. the town of windsor working to move forward after making the resignation of disgraced mayor dominic for polio official today. >> andrea nakano is live in
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windsor to explain the situation is far from resolved. >> reporter: the accusations against the town in windsor and the mayor have rocked this community but many save they have lost trust of the town council. they have voted unanimously to accept the resignation but was divided on what to do next. council members gathered in chambers for the first time since the pandemic began and had tough decisions to make. they had to decide whether to appoint or hold the special election for dominic foppoli's vacated seat. >> one of you should be appointed mayor. >> with all due respect i lost my trust, i don't trust who you can appoint. >> i don't think we should go through another special election. >> reporter: while there was some division, the public
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overwhelmingly agreed that rosa reynoso should take over as mayor but two incumbent councilmembers nominated sam salmon. >> i'm sure this is my last term. i've been on the council for many years. and i think it is just a time that possibly brings some stability. >> reporter: salmon will serve the remainder of dominic foppoli's term. the disgraced mayor resigned on may 24th saying it is not and admission of guilt but he didn't want his poor choices to bring undo national attention to the town of windsor. the newly appointed mayor is well aware of the challenge ahead of him. >> i will not be able to fulfill everybody's wishes. it is just not going to happen. but i love to listen and i try to make myself available.
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if we have two, we can agree to disagree. >> who will fill sam salmon succeed now that he's been appointed mayor? >> reporter: the council try to appoint someone to that sepa could not agree on a candidate so they will know accept applications for those interested in joining. still had, california's red flag law under the microscope in the wake of the mass shooting in san jose. and tonight we examine the drastic disparity in the use of gun restraining orders from county to county. amazon is making a major change to its marijuana policy. tonight, a bay area dispensary says it could be a game changer in the nationwide legalization effort. how artificial it's beauty, - [macaw vo] pretty boy. - or the beast.
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tonight a renewed focus on the states so-called red flag law. one week after the mass shooting at the vta railyard. in the original report, ellen martin examines how that law, designed to help prevent such massacres, is working. >> reporter: as the shock wears off in the long road of healing against the victims of the bay area mass shooting, questions arise, were there any signs that vta technician samuel cassidy was planning the at? could have been prevented? so far investigators are not
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commenting but many california workers don't know that there is a law on the books that can help protect them if they do feel threatened. >> it is a sensible tool to really prevent some of these mass incidents from happening. >> reporter: the state assemblyman introduced a bill that became one of the nation's first gun violence restraining order laws in 2016 following a mass shooting and stabbing near santa barbara that left six people dead. california's gun violence restraining law that temporarily takes guns away from dangerous people, at first allow just family and law enforcement to petition. and then came the deadly workplace shooting at a u.p.s. facility in san francisco that left three coworkers and the gun man dead. followed by the school shooting that killed 17 in florida. the massacre pushes for an
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expansion of the law. >> i really wanted to have situation where teachers, employers and workers can really do something to defend themselves. >> reporter: now they can file a gvr row directly in civil court. but data we obtain from the state attorney general's office shows use of the law varies a lot from county to county. here in the bay area marin county issued the fewest in 2020, only five of them. santa clara issued the most, 123. statewide, san diego had the most by far. 483. jeff brooker leads the city's gun violence response unit. >> we've had a situations where people have been in the planning phases of committing shootings and we were able to
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intervene. >> reporter: the process starts with a petition that has to be approved by a judge. then please can proceed to temporarily remove firearms and ammunition. within 21 days there is a court hearing. at which point the judge can either rule to return the guns or extend the restraining order for up to five years. >> it is not the state attorney who decides if they get their guns, it's not the police who decides, it is a judge. >> reporter: booker is now training across the state. lieutenant dan fink admits it's been a slow rollout. >> we've had to kind of muddle through it. >> reporter: this year he says the process has become smooth. >> people are thankful, i mean, put them in your shoes. and the police can come in and not only help with the crisis and get them to the help they need, but we can also remove the gun component, which is
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dangerous. >> i think it probably opens the door to some mischief. >> reporter: a constitutional law professor at lincoln universityã >> a fundamental right is suspended for a period of time. there is serious due process problems. >> reporter: you certainly understand some people's concern that they don't want a violent act to have to happen before somebody steps in and can prevent it. how do you answer those folks? the mac that may be above the pay grade of a constitutional law professor. now you are getting into philosophy. how do we predict human behavior? but, if somebody has led a peaceful law-abiding life and they are in their 40s and 50s and have a bad day and say the wrong thing to a coworker, i don't think that is grounds to deprive them of the fundamental rights. >> taking their guns, a
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constitutional right, second amendment is a big deal. we'll just say we think we have enough, we investigate these very thoroughly and take them very seriously. at the end of the day it is all about public safety read and that is what this law is for, if you see something, say something. >> reporter: california issued more than 1200 gun violence restraining orders last year heard slightly more than the year before that a considerable jump from the 85 issued in 2016. the first year the law went into effect. as to how effective the law will be, awareness and enforcement will be the key to that. in san francisco, allen martin, kpix 5. >> right now only 16 of the states in washington, d.c. have their own red flag laws. new at 11:00, a bay area dispensary says amazon's support for legal marijuana could be a game changer. the company has announced that
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it supports federal legalization and will no longer include marijuana in pre- employment drug tests. the ceo of a dispensary in san jose says this should provide major momentum in the push for legalization and decriminalization. >> it is a watershed moment in that the nation's second- largest employer has chosen not to drug test their 153,000 employees in the state of california. we could not be more pleased to stand with amazon for this progressive stance and social reform for cannabis legalization. turning our attention to the weather tonight. there is enough marine layer out there that it is misting in the bay, in the city or on the coast. that is something that will go on for the rest of the night. we might even get enough to measure. you can see what it's done here from our view of the roof looking over towards the bay
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bridge. the tops of the tower are obscured. and if you look at the marine layer now, it sticks around and gets a little more widespread. but it doesn't really cover the entire bay area. that will be important for temperatures. i will come back to that in a second. first let's take a look at where it will get some missed tonight. over in the east bay hills, just a little bit of elevation in those hills and you will likely have a little bit of light rain as well. barely enough to measure. here is how things played out today. this is actually a high- resolution satellite going back to 9:00 this morning. look at how the clouds perfectly follow the contours they are. and by the time we get to 11:00 in the morning, the clouds cleared out. you didn't get out of the 70s all day in santa rosa. that's like 10 degrees below
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average for this time of the year. here's tomorrow, same play through, this is no forecast imagery. i want to play that forward. look at how much earlier the clouds melt away. that's 8:00, three hours earlier. it will be noticeably warmer tomorrow in sonoma county. and this is not a bay area wide issue, this is strictly for sonoma county. look at the daytime highs, santa rosa at 77. i'm pulling up all the communities down 101. and now look how much warmer you will be tomorrow. this is only happening here, it is just one of those little microclimates. you will get a little more of a northerly flow through that part of sonoma county. everybody else, how did today feel? that is tomorrow as well. daytime highs, low 80s in the south bay, temperatures in the mid-80s in the east bay, no
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difference, temperatures in the bay are also very similar to what they were today. and it will be warm in mendocino county with temperatures climbing back into the 90s. everybody then gets a cooldown by early next week. daytime highs in the upper 70s. but that will not happen until early next week. you want to see the catch of the decade? i've got that. and remember the pink panther wax not that animal, silly, the golfer. we are up next. mill rate is a city with not meeting its housing goals. now a developer is suing. tomorrow at 7:00 we break down the housing fight at the historic el rancho in. $18 million in development fees. the mac i hate to see taxpayer honey go to waste over a lawsuit cyst
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a record-setting 799th wing on tuesday night, why not make it a cool 800 tonight? haven't seen him without that mask in the 15 months. morlan hit this ball so far and so hard that the center fielder never even moved. it was 5-0 a's. the only suspense was if sean minaya could finish with a shutout. his next pitch seal the deal. tie france with a game ending double play. the a's win a 6-0 and take two out of three from seattle. golf, the u.s. open tees off tomorrow. which means a homecoming for pleasanton native paula kramer. >> my first stop was togo's. i went straight there from the airport. >> she was in the gallery when they hosted the 1998 open,
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then, 12 years old, she remembers taking home a souvenir. >> i remember my dad taking me to the merchandise shop saying okay, get whatever you want. i got an umbrella. that's your typical norcal girl right there. everyone loves trae young, they sent the next packing. ound for the finish of the game. and now the wednesday night top- five. calling it quits after five national tiles and more wins than any other men's coach, give yourself a hand. lori belanger hit a grand slam, and they had the most they
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scored in an inning since moving from brooklyn. mark hit him so hard that he had to be structured off. catch of the decade, it's a bird, it's a plane, it's call moore, of dallas baptist. and phil mickelson finally put his new pga championship hardware to the test. >> i know the wine is good, but there is something about the winemaker that gives it that little
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a wine tasting computer, sounds like something out of a science fiction movie. >> that is exactly what one startup in san luis obispo is doing. the company is using artificial intelligence to teach a computer how to taste wine. the technology analyzes tens of thousands of wines a year. >> it compares the flavor, aroma texture and color to different types of wine. the goal is to help winemakers it teaches them how to drink wine.
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you put it in a glass and you
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> more key republicans are speaking out about an effort to create a bipartisan commission to investigate the january attack on the capitol. >> i think it's too early to create a commission, and i believe republicans in the senate will decide that it's too early to create that commission. >> darth vader: it is much too early to form a commission on who created the death star. (breathing) facts are still coming out. let's give it time. >> hannibal lecter: who knows who ate who, but i do know that it's too early to investigate this crime. other cannibalistic murders were investigated much, much later. why would we rush into this? by the way, you look delicious.
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