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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  June 9, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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live from the cbs bay studios this is kpix 5 news.
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right now on kpix 5 and streamline cbsn bay area, we are looking live out east at the city of oakland. it is wednesday, june 9. good morning. we have a surprise for you, look who is back, meteorologist mary lee. >> good to be back. we are looking at the ocean breeze kicking in and another cool day across the bay area. 40s and 50s starting off. checking out what you can expect this afternoon. clearing and temperatures below average for this time of year. below to mid 60s around the bay and low 70s inland. specific locations 63 in oakland, 70 at concorde and 68
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for napa. good morning. as we hit the road race a couple of things to look out for, traveling to the east out the door is a crash eastbound 580 at harrison street. the activity has been out there quite some time so hopefully in the clearing stages. things might change when they call a tow truck to the scene. westbound 580, brake lights building onto a five and 580 itself. travel time, -- fire crews are working on a trouble spot, westbound closed 116 from f street to e street. a san jose mother awaiting extradition after she was captured hundreds of miles away from the desert where investigators say she dumped
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the body of her little boy. this started may 24 when las vegas police said the boy's father came home to find him gone. >> fbi agents arrested her at a denver hotel. they say she was with a man who is not a suspect in the murder the boy's body was found dumped in a desert just outside of las vegas late last month. lee say the mother packed up both belongings and left the father a voice message. >> she specifically tells him quote, i am sorry i had to do it like this. she goes on to say i am going to try to get a house for liam and i and we can talk about this in the future. >> the little boy was described as loving and full of energy, a family friend tells kpix, she and a few other friends were the ones who alerted police
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after seeing the sketch of the unidentified boy. the family friend said liam had autism and she was a stay-at- home mom. the mayor of san jose is trying to pass groundbreaking controversial new gun laws after the mass shooting at pta. the mayor says that san jose should be the first city in the country to require every gun owner to have liability insurance and require gun owners to pay a fee to compensate taxpayers for the public cost to respond to gun violence. >> we are cognizant of what the second amendment dictates. we want a fee that will compensate taxpayers for the cost of everything from emergency rooms to police response. >> the gun insurance vote could be at the end of the month. gun rights groups are already talking about a lawsuit.
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we are six days away from california's full reopening. yesterday, two more bay area counties reached the yellow tear. alameda county is moving into the least restrictive, napa county can also loosen restrictions joining san francisco, san mateo, santa clara and santa cruz. contra costa, sonoma and solano remain orange. an iconic space in san francisco, chinatown, is getting an upgrade. once occupied by a banquet hall, impress in china is becoming a revamped upscale restaurant. michelin star chef -- is opening his first solo modern cantonese venture on grant avenue. the destination takes up the top floor of the iconic buildin. >> i hope that this can help
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chinatown to get busy for more tourist to come back. >> it will use organic produce and ingredients grown on its own farm in the roy opening next saturday. so far, nearly 64% of adult have received at least one dose of a vaccine. the effort has led to a steep drop-off in coronavirus cases. deaths and hospitalizations as well. the biden administration is still pushing for more vaccinations. laura podesta has more. >> reporter: last month, president joe biden set a target for coronavirus vaccinations. >> our goal by july 4 is to have 70% of adult americans, at least one shot. >> reporter: with less than four weeks to go, it appears the goal may fall short. >> july 4 is not the end. by the number of vaccinations nationwide is less than 1 million per day, down 77% from
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the peak in april. >> we want to reach 70% of the adult population by july 4. i believe we can, i hope we will and if we do not, we will continue to push. >> reporter: the cdc director, doctor rochelle walensky noted the shots are working. >> the first time the 70 average has been less than 18,000 since march 27th, 2020. >>reporter: as for children, more than a quarter of 12 to 17- year-olds have received at least one dose. >> reporter: these siblings are part of a new pfizer trial for five to 11-year-olds. >> i can go back to play with my cousins, right now we have only been playing video games and calling each other. by pfizer and moderna hope their vaccines will be available for children as young as five the spot. >> -- with over 16,000 hospitalizations and between 300 and 600 deaths.
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>> reporter: both drugmakers plan to have their vaccines available to kids as young as six months old later this year. >> trial results for five to 11- year-olds are expected this september. moderna has started trials on younger kids and pfizer will begin a new survey looking at who has gone vaccinated and who still plans to. nearly 2/3 of adults reported they had received or were definitely get a shot when the good. nearly 70% of pregnant respondents received their vaccine when they could. >> it will be helpful to capitalize on the willingness. it has been demonstrated that mrna vaccines are safe and effective in pregnant people with immune transfer to their offspring. >> kids ages 12 to 15 the latest group eligible for the covid-19 vaccine. the survey shows parents plans mostly matched their own.
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health officials have said rooster shots may be necessary down the line to protect against covid-19. the survey shows most people who already received the vaccine would be willing to get a booster as soon as possible. live to the white house were today, president joe biden and the first lady will depart for their first trip abroad. they will go to the uk for the g7 summit from june 11 through june 13. the uk prime minister expected to urge world leaders to commit to vaccinating the global appellation by the end of 2022. during the trip, president joe biden will meet with boris johnson, queen elizabeth and russian president vladimir putin. today, the house homeland security, mitti will hold a virtual hearing on cyber threats to infra structure. officials want to use lessons learned from the colonial ransomware attack to defend critical sites. also, democrats are meeting thursday to discuss voting
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rights legislation. the for the people act is stalled in the senate after passing the house with republicans and at least one democrat in opposition. this morning, the white house has ended its infra structure negotiations with gop lawmakers. they have objected to the $1.7 trillion cost while complaining parts are unnecessary.
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going live to oakland where we are learning more about a new program having free money to hundreds of families with no strings attached. the guaranteed income pilot program is one of the largest in the company offering people an extra $500 a month for a year and a half. >> they started taking applications yesterday. >> financially, i am struggling. >> reporter: guaranteed income is designed to lift up the dignity of individuals. >> families will randomly select
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300 with a median income of less than $50,000. the program is funded entirely by donations. with the openings and covid-19 cases dropping, food banks are seeing less demand. last year, more than 1100 families picked up food boxes at the second harvest food bank in just two hours. now, a director for catholic charities says the number has dropped to 700. the number of sites has also gone down. >> we had, at one time nine sites. we are now down to six. as we see other organizations able to see more clients and reduce our numbers. >> catholic charities also provides rental assistance for people who need help with their monthly rent. a new tag study shows how america's richest are paying less and how your next burrito
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might be less expensive. here is diane king hall. the dow fell 30 points, the nasdaq rose 33 and the s&p 500 edfrstfris sprea game stop s 7%, reddit and other internet users latched onto clover health sending shares of the company up 85%. wendy's caught tailwinds gaining 25%. the richest 25 americans pay less in tax than millions of ordinary citizens. the nonprofit -- released irs data on people like warren buffett, bill gates and mark zuckerberg. it showed the wealthy take full advantage of legal loopholes to diminish tax bills to next to nothing. the white house remains committed to having the wealthiest americans pay their fair share and will also look
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into how the personal tax information of individuals was made public since doing so is not legal. chipotle is raising menu prices by 4% to cover the cost of higher wages. they are hiring 20,000 new employees this summer and increasing the average pay to $15 an hour. at the new york stock exchange, i am diane king hall. another sign of the bay area drought emergency. the city of sonoma has declared a water shortage. they are asking people and businesses for a voluntary 15% cut. customers in contra costa county and elsewhere are about to pay more. east bay mud voted to raise rates by 8% to help with system improvements. the average bill will go up about $2.50 a month. mary lee has the wednesday forecast. >> good morning, we are looking
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at another cool day across the bay area with the daytime highs anywhere from 6 two 10 degrees below average. a live look at the east bay, good morning, berkeley. partly cloudy skies and temperatures in the 40s and 50s this morning. 53 in concord, oakland at 54. livermore 52, downtown san francisco at 52, san jose at 52. watching the westerly wind aywhere from 12 miles per hour at sfo and livermore, 8 miles per hour in oakland and concord. we have this storm system you can see wi the pacific to the west. that system is keeping us cool and breezy so the ocean breeze continues. on futurecast as we take you hour by hour with the wind, the afternoon sea breeze kicking and and that will be the case again looking to thursday.
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futurecast skies and we should see the skies clear once again as we go through the day catching the sunshine. as we look to thursday, we are looking at sunshine in the afternoon. very similar. sunrise at 5:47 and sunset at 8:33. for the south bay, highs in the upper 60s close to 70 for santa clara as well as san jose. morgan hill 71. to the east bay, 70, concord, pleasant hill, lower 70s for brentwood. mid to upper 60s for the tri- valley. around the bay looking at 60 in san francisco and sausalito. alameda and oakland topping out at 63. the north bay, mid to upper 60s this afternoon 68 in napa and close to 70 for santa rosa. topping out at 68 four windsor.
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here we go with the extended forecast. temperatures a bit warmer for thursday and friday. the warming trend continues into the weekend. today, one of the coolest days of the week. looking at temperatures similar for early next week. let's check in with gianna. good morning. they are getting busy into the past, commuters if you are getting ready to go out the door we have a lot of brake lights from 205 580 out of tracy getting onto 580 into the past, a lot of red and yellow popping up. pretty slow and go with the travel time now at 32 minutes. no accidents so that is good news. westbound 80 clear and right now along highway 4, 26 minutes from antioch toward the east shore. northbound one-on-one out of san jose off to a good start.
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280 at the end the one lane blocked because of a crash that has been out there for quite some time. at least 20 minutes until they get everything out of the way. also, we are getting word of a trouble spot westbound along 116 from f street to e street. shut down for fire crew activity. if you are heading toward the bay bridge, no delays at the toll plaza, everything is quiet and easy into san francisco. yet another water sport athlete is attempting a dangerous journey. >> he wants to surf across the pacific from the bay area to hawaii. surf. he set sail on a hydrofoil boat from half moon bay the other morning. this his his second journey, he paddleboard across the atlantic from morocco to antigua in 2016
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in about 93 days. he hopes this journey only takes two months. only. we will see. the latest of several different attempts to cross the pacific. this solo kayaker had to be rescued by the coast guard over the weekend taking off from the 7 bay on may 31. rough weather forced him to call for help 70 miles west of santa cruz. no run-of-the-mill sportscast to start off the day. i have the bay area big leaguers back in action and they were back big. we have that and the rangers saw for themselves the true power of the san francisco waunl you e what d nigh
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majestic mountains... scenic coastal highways... fertile farmlands... there's lots to love about california. so put off those chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm when less clean energy is available. because that's power down time.
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up top at the 7 giants. best record in the fixed. if the rangers did not believe it last night, ask them nap. -- grabbed the spotlight. no one has played more games at shortstop in that uniform then him. he blasted a solo home run and broke a 1 all tie. giants loaded them up in the eighth inning and this is his first career grant time. giants lead 6-4. then, crawford struck again in the ninth inning. a three run home run giants won
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9-4. they lead the west by 2.5 a giants fan and sing so many great shortstops come through the organization that is not something you really think about. as the years will by and games go by, you inch closer and closer. it is a pretty cool accomplishment. >> his sense of community and philanthropy earned him the lou gehrig award for the two game set with arizona. this hole enough to start a five-run inning. he was three for three for the night. started -- struck out seven eao astros in the west. a pivot to the nba, league mvp,
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denver big fella nikola jokic. last night, karl malone, the utah great got a good look at this, game 1 with the clippers. this huge bucket put the utah jazz up 8. it took a block here at the buzzer before the crowd could exhale. utah came back from a double digit deficit to win 112-109. the aforementioned eastern conference at home, they had an answer for the visiting atlanta hawks quarantine game 2 to end the third quarter. shaikh melton, the series tied
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at a game each. philadelphia, 118-100 to. in thethmpa ba lightning mo tthe and thlast vegas golden knights one win away to move on in the stanley cup playoff series.
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vote today. a woman behind bars accused of killing her own child. what we are hearing this morning about her final message to the child's father. one last jump before the full reopening for california. the two bay area counties finally leaving orange behind. good morning it is wednesday, june 9 i am michelle griego. i am len kiese. there are some spots not getting out of the 60s. >> you will feel the difference today, the coolest day out of the extended forecast. temperatures below average. mainly clear skies this morning and temperatures in the and 50s. through the afternoon sunshine but with the ocean breeze kicking in it will feel chilly. mid 50s around the coast, around the bay low to mid


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