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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  June 9, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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suicide every week. in connecticut in 2019 they saw an average of 1 to 2 kids needing behavioral health care per day. in march 2021 that went up to an average of 12 today and a few months later it more than doubled to 26 per day. back here in the bay area at lucile packard children's hospital, the number of kids admitted for eating disorders have skyrocketed. >> working specifically with young people with eating disorders for over 35 years i have never seen this before. >> reporter: there's a temptation by adults to look at kids and told him to suck it up and they need to deal with it and this is how it is. >> this phrase resiliency. everything will be okay, it has been used much to the detriment of what we are thinking about in terms of children. >> reporter: dr. on the has a message to decision makers. put the fear and anxiety behind
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us. >> this is a different situation . when you have such low rates of virus in the community that you are protected by your own vaccination as a teacher and staff and children are protected by the low community prevalence of disease. keep putting that into the equation when we discussed the school openings. it is not like any other time in the pandemic. >> reporter: the thought of not having kids full-time in the fall, how does that sit with you? >> it makes me angry and sad. >> reporter: this parent and her son are done with distance- learning. >> reporter: can they handle another semester of this? >> we can't and they can't. >> reporter: the other thing that she is pushing for is no masks especially for the young kids. they need to see adults speaking when they are learning how to speak and learn english and all of that. she said it is critical for
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their development. >> the fx we will see years down the road i'm sure. facebook said they will let all employees work remotely if their jobs can be done away from the office. the company said it is all about flexibility. if an employee moves to a lower cost area, they may see a pay cut. facebook says employees will be encouraged to come into the office at times to enhance team buildings. they plan to open most of the u.s. offices to at least 50% capacity by september and fully by october. kevin anderson is raking in big money from tech donors as he tries to fight off a recall. the new filing with the secretary of state office shows that the governor recently received $200,000 from the widow of former apple ceo steve jobs. eric schmidt also donated $100,000. last month netflix founder reed hastings donated $3 million.
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the largest sons spent on the recall and other side. the governor's side has raised about 13.5 million to date. recall supporters have raised about $4.7 million. asian american seniors in san francisco say defunding the police put their community at risk. they held a rally today and delivered letters of support for police funding. they say that the money is needed to protect their community. >> we do not want to defund the police. we believe we are not protected and there will be even more trouble than there is already. we are here to let city hall know that we do not want san francisco to defund the police. >> they say that the police are facing staffing shortages in the near future it budget issues are not addressed. the midmarket safety program was reviewed today in an effort to revitalize the tenderloin.
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the mayor announced the plan last month. under the plan, they increased appointments in the area on may 19. >> i see things that make me cringe and let me tell you, i grew up in one of the arguably worst public housing developments in the city. it was not nearly as bad as what i am seeing in 2021 in san francisco tl. >> that says a lot. the program will begin june 15 and will wrap up to full coverage in the summer. they will be station on each block for 10 to 12 hours per day. a rough arrest at a southern california mall. you can see a police officer kick a man in the head as a crowd watches two other men punching while on the ground. we have the very latest on the investigation. >> turnaround on your face. >> reporter: this viral video appears to show four glendale
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police officers, three of whom in plainclothes, repeatedly punching a 17-year-old in the face. [ screaming ] >> that whole thing felt wrong to me, seeing the kids get beat. >> reporter: we spoke to the man who recorded the video where the incident took a saturday at around 7:00 and the evening. >> the worst part of all of that was the officer that was not even there to begin with that ran up on the situation and as soon as he arrived he just decided i am going to kick this kid in the face. >> reporter: this is what he is referring to. according to the team's attorney the attack left him with bruises on his eye and injuries that he is still being treated for. >> my client was already on the ground in the fetal position with three or four adult on him and this officer comes up and takes a clean kick at his face. it is egregious.
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>> reporter: all four police officers on administrative leave as they investigate whether they violated department policy in their use of force. >> what caused them to behave in such a manner that they would attack a child of this age with the amount of force that they used. >> reporter: the officer had received a call about petty theft in another part of the galleria. >> we contacted the suspect inside of the 's sporting goods. >> this is an ongoing investigation. we do not know the identity of the teenager or the officers. still ahead, saving california salmon from extinction. how biologists are getting creative. a heart stopping moment. and elephant charged at a truck. the close call for the driver
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inside. the eve takeoff with thousands of dollars in designer handbags. san francisco could be one of the first major cities to reach herd immunity. what percentage of
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the california drought is not only opposing wildfire danger, it is also threatening the salmon. we see how biologists are working to save the fish population. >> reporter: commercial and recreational salmon fishing generates more than $900 million annually for california. with much of the state in a punishing drought, the fishing industry is feeling the stress. >> we are looking out over 50% reduction of the traditional commercial fishing season. >> reporter: because the state
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experienced one of the driest years on record, waterways that would normally carry the salmon to see our hotbeds of dirt and dust. >> i should be standing 40 feet underwater right here. >> reporter: governor gavin newsom declared a drought emergency in april from a cracked lakebed. iconic chinook salmon need cold running water to survive. they hatch in rivers and migrate to the sea to mature. after a couple years they swim back to where life began to reproduce or spawn. this year, studies show that fish born in the wild will likely die. >> they anticipate pretty low survival for fish released in the river. >> reporter: that is why hatcheries like this one in sacramento are jumping with activity to save the species the california department of fish and wildlife has launched a massive operation. >> this is pretty incredible. what you are looking at is
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nearly 700,000 juvenile salmon being sucked up the tube and put into one of seven tankers. with rivers so low this is what migration looks like and it's just one stop along this very unusual journey. >> reporter: the fish are hitching a ride inside 146 trucks traveling more than 100 miles to the pacific. >> here we go. >> reporter: john mcmahon heads- up an association of fishermen who advocate for salmon and ecosystem protections. >> what does a herculean effort like this mean for the salmon population? >> this gives us hopepe that th are moving the fish. >> reporter: we followed our school of fish as they were taken to a spot. it is estimated about 80% of the young salmon taken for a ride will grow to maturity. jonathan vigliotti, san francisco. new dashcam video shows the moment and elephant in south africa charges at a truck. you can see the driver stop for
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elephants crossing the roadway, and that is when one of them leaves the others and start coming toward the truck. it starts to leave and then turns around and charges at him pushing the truck back and destroying the hurt. luckily the driver was not hurt. >> i guess the insurance company is used to that.'s coming up, how one woman and her four-legged companion are bringing smiles to first responders. we are celebrating the bay area graduates. a shout out to the class graduating from marina tops preschool in san francisco. congratulations to bo, liam, madden, lauren, ashlyn, ila. you can send your photos to 2021 grads at no
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there'e's lots t to love about calilifornia. so put o off those c chores and ususe less enenergy frfrom 4 to 9 9 pm when l less clean n energy is availabable. becacause that''s power r down . from a devastating wildfires to a bad car accident. first responders can encounter some traumatic emergencies on the job. >> we are introduced to this week's bay area jefferson award winner. >> reporter: heidi and carmine
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started traveling around the state bringing comfort, when her canine got a career change. >> it is a great relief. >> reporter: smiles abound when the dog makes the rounds. they visit highway patrol officers. >> she always brightens everybody's day. >> we go to as many places as we can. >> reporter: for the last two years she has brought carmine to places to help alleviate the stress and trauma that first responders six variance on the job. >> if we have a rough day going in, we see her and she is wagging her tail and it is always a good feeling. it takes a little edge off the day. >> reporter: as a puppy she was first trained as a guide dog for the blind. >> she was not the best fit as a working guide dog because he was so firmly with every person that she met. >> reporter: she switched gears
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and became a certified therapy dog. they visited the emergency room in marin county. >> she was giving love and helping the staff and the patients and family members that were there. it was a perfect fit for her. >> reporter: she founded the nonprofit therapy dogs in san rafael. they have made hundreds of visits statewide, many of them documented on instagram. like last fire season, they are ready for their next call to a wildfire base camp. >> she is amazing. >> reporter: the chp lieutenant gloria marvels that her commitment. >> to devote her life to be sure she is able to respond to scenes in the middle of the night or day or whenever they occur and to be there for that first responder in moment of need. it is amazing. >> maybe all of that goodness comes up to me through the
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leash but i walk away feeling just as good as they do. >> reporter: for providing comfort, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to heidi coming. heidi said she is expanding. she now has a team in oregon responding to first responders there and ready to go to wildfire base camps were needed this summer. >> a perfect fit. we can all use that taking the edge off the day. you can nominate your local hero for a jefferson award online at /hero. >> there is something so special about dogs and i know you agree. >> yes. we have a video on twitter about a dog waiting for her neighbor to go by in the wheelchair. just a little something to brighten up the evening. let's take a look at the weather. it is breezy this evening.
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no change there from the last couple of days. once the wind calms down the fog will come around. a gradual warm up will start to kick in tomorrow and it will be more noticeable by the weekend. normal temperatures and then and inland heat wave will be building in. let's take a look at the wind gusts. still 30 mile an hour gusts but those will start to diminish after the sun goes down noticeable by 11:00. the diminishing trend will continue. it will not be as strong tomorrow. most the 10 to 15 miles an hour with 15 to 20 in the afternoon and evening. still an onshore breeze and we will see temperatures spread across the bay area or we can start to warm up just a little bit more. temperatures will he reached up to the low 70s in concorde and fairfield. those were the warm spots.
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san jose was barely above 60 degrees. san francisco in half moon bay did not have much variation. we usually see 35 to 40 degrees difference in those highs, only 11 degrees this afternoon and right now just 10 degrees. it is breezy so a light jacket if you will be heading out to walk your pups. i will have the forecast for dog walking specifically at 7:00. temperatures drop down to around 50 degrees. temperatures tomorrow will try to warm up. they will talk about where we did today. 61 degrees in san francisco with the wind strengthening during the afternoon and temperatures dropping off by late afternoon to the early evening. santa rosa will crack 70 degrees tomorrow. the high today was only 69 degrees. concord will reach up into the mid-70s so slowly building. still below average across the board for high temperatures tomorrow but a little bit of progress close to what is normal for this time of year with highs returning to the low
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70s. temperatures in the 50s along the coast and low to mid 60s around the bay with mostly low 70s inland. the warmer spots reaching into the upper 70s. back to normal temperatures over the weekend which means mid to upper 60s and low 70s around the bay with mostly 80s farther inland. that pattern is temporary. it will stick around monday and tuesday of next week but as we head toward wednesday, thursday, and friday that he will take over. it will be a little different than what we usually see later in the summer. this will be inland which means along the coast you will still feel the onshore influence so temperatures around the bay and along the coast are not going to be exceptionally above normal but it will be hot inland, especially by thursday of next week. we are looking at possible triple digit temperatures but it looks like there should be a brief heat wave and we will keep you updated as we get through the weekend into next week. in the short-term, just a slow
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climb toward the normal temperatures by saturday and sunday and remaining pretty close to average before that warm up begins to accelerate tuesday and wednesday. we will have your dog walking forecast coming up. new at 6:00, this bay area city could be the first in the nation to return immunity. a brazen heist at a bay area shopping center. california firefighters have a new tool to use in their arsenal. the technology that could stop flames from sparking. we will show you how it works. still ahead, they have billions of dollars but they are dodging income ta
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when most of us get paid, so does uncle sam. >> that's the way it is supposed to work. most of us see it right on the paycheck. according to a new report, the wealthiest americans dodging contacts is legally. a journalism organization obtained years of irs information. it found the 25 richest americans sometimes pay little or no federal income tax. that includes one buffet, elon musk, michael bloomberg, jeff bezos, now the richest person in america. according to the report they paid no federal income tax in 2007 and 2011. now comes the debate. should we move away from the traditional income tax.
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>> reporter: most of us live in a world where you get taxed on the amount of money you make. if you make enough money you úg of world. we are getting a glimpse into that kind of world while most of us pay 35%, between 2014 and 2018 warren buffett saw his wealth grow $28 billion but paid a total of 23.7 million, an effective tax rate of 1/10 of 1%. jeff bezos gained $127 billion from 2006 to 2017 but paid just 1.4 billion in taxes only about 1.1%. >> if i do business at one of their companies, i am creating more money for them and they are not being taxed on it.
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>> it stinks. they have billions and they don't pay taxes. >> reporter: they can do it because most of their money is not traditional income. people like elon musk earned billions on the appreciation of stock and other holdings that are not taxed until they are sold. so they never saw them. instead, they live lavish lifestyles. a bill has been introduced that will place an annual 1% tax on the walls of people with at least $50 million in holdings. >> this is only tacking on the assets the fortunes of wealth of people who are mega millionaires and billionaires. it would potentially generate yearly $22 billion for the state. >> while that may sound fair it may not be smart. >> that would be completely out of sorts with any other state. nobody does that, i am certain it would cause and exodus of wealthy people from california
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who already pay a lot of tax. >> reporter: the exposc describes how much the system favors the superrich over everyday citizens there has been class warfare going on for the last 20 years. they may try to qualify as a public generated of initiative . setting the rules on facemasks. the bay area city may have already reached herd immunity. >> we are doing it for the
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greater good. the tactics that thieves used to target a high-end store on the peninsula. would begin with breaking news on roles when it comes to facemasks. cal osha is meeting to consider controversial masking roles for california workers. the old plan required masks until all employees are fully vaccinated. now it seems that regulators may fall in line with new guidelines just released by state health experts. wilson walker breaks it down for us. >> reporter: as we get close to the finish line, or something like the finish line next week, a lot of discussion about the mask rules when masks finally get thrown aside a little bit. california under a little pressure from regular people has decided to soft and it rules a little bit. that goes for everybody, including business owners. >> wearing these masks is not
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solving anything at this point. there is no problem taking them off if everybody is vaccinated. >> reporter: fred is ready to move on from the mask requirement in his jewelry store and next week he will effectively be able to do that when california allows him to let customers sulfur test at they are vaccinated. >> we are not requiring businesses to, for example, have somebody at the door checking for vaccine status as a way to comply with this. >> reporter: today, the statement closer to the less restrictive guidelines set in place several weeks ago. it means that those that are vaccinated can pretty much move about mask free. it will be up to businesses as to whether they want to go by the honor system, do their own checks for vaccination status or have their own mask requirement. >> some business owners very well may decide that the honor system, as you are


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