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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  June 15, 2021 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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now at 11:00, the new
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concerns about a new covid variant. >> i would be very enthusiastic. >> and a live look at sfo, southwest airlines is playing catch-up after grounding the entire fleet nationwide tonight, what prompted the unusual order? later this week and we are in for a heat wave, at least inland. we will take a look at records in jeopardy, coming up in the forecast. and a plan to prevent sweeping blackouts. >> counting down the minutes until full reopening. in less than one hour, almost all of the coronavirus restrictions we've been living under for more than a year will only be a memory. we are live with team coverage tonight. betty is in san francisco with everything you need to know,
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starting at midnight. >> as you said, most of those restrictions will be lifted when it comes to masks, and general business operations. out here tonight we saw varying degrees of comfort among people when it comes to ditching that mask. tonight we saw a mix of masked and unmasked people, and after midnight, most health orders will be lifted, including masks, social distancing, and capacity limits. businesses, they are eager to open their doors. but it will still be a battle to survive. >> it is a different sort of excitement than any other restaurant opening, those were pure excitement, this is excitement and a little bit of nervousness, a little hesitation. but i think that is going to kind of melt away. >> the financial district
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establishment on samson street has been entirely close since august. tonight, staff members kept for the grand reopening with food and wine tasting. >> we've been living living off our savings. if we have a very, very slow summer and we don't get any funding from revitalization funding, we are not sure what will happen financially. june 15, vaccinated customers can go mask free, but it will mostly be on the honor system, businesses can set their own restrictions, if they choose. >> i am vaccinated, i got both vaccines, so i am okay. >> for those who are not vaccinated, they may be more susceptible, i guess i have to keep it on. >> it would be awesome. i am tired of wearing masks, so i'm looking forward to it. i'm looking forward to more people being around. so this synthesis resident is looking forward to going back to work in the office.
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>> they will still have to carry masks. they will still be required in some places, even if you are vaccinated, right? >> that is correct. we are talking about public transportation, that also means planes and airports. at least through mid-september. cal osha is also planning to vote this week on whether or not all employees will have to wear that mask in the workplace. >> betty, thank you. >> ondrea continues our team coverage, ondrea, with the excitement around all this reopening, there is also some concern over a new variant. >> elizabeth, that is right. it was called the delta variant. more contagious and more transnational than any form of coronavirus we have seen so far. >> we are very enthusiastic about everything we are doing with reopening.
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we are cautiously optimistic about reopening tomorrow. >> delta is more easily spread. it causes more severe disease. most in the bay area should be safe. >> if you are fully vaccinated, your risks are really quite low. >> the delta variant is doubling nationally, every two weeks. the concern is those only vaccinated or only half vaccinated. so you are the one who may wind up in the hospital. you are the one who may die. it is just another very important thing. there are a lot of arguments for getting vaccinated. >> and infectious disease doctor at ucsf says he has every confidence, with the high vaccine levels in the bay area, but he worries about less vaccinated communities, and what happens tomorrow. >> objectively, and uptick in cases. my prediction is that these
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cases will not sustain, because they are not vulnerable enough. >> ondrea, are there any areas of california in particular that doctors are specifically worried about, for the spread of this new variant? >> elizabeth, they are talking about central california and parts of southern california, where the vaccine rates are relatively low at this point. but in those areas, there was a high incidence of disease, there may be some natural immunity in those unvaccinated folks as well. >> it definitely is circulating around. ondrea, thank you. the morning team will show us what it looks like on the reopening, and for a detailed breakdown of all the changes, go to our website. take a live look tonight, problems for lots of people flying southwest this evening. a glitch caused nationwide
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delays. the airline told us that there was a technical issue with the third-party system that transmits the weather reports to pilots. southwest says that several hundred flights had to be grounded, while they worked to resolve it, and those flights have since then resumed. so looking outside tonight, it is cool along the bates now for now, it won't stay that way for long, it is about to get really, really hot and crazy in some areas, actually. paul is breaking down the heat wave that is about to hit the bay area. paul? >> we are talking about triple digit heat further inland, things are in the process of getting lined up, sending that heat our direction. this is what the big weather pattern looks like right now, desert air over the desert, southwest, expanding up and toward us over the next couple days. wednesday, thursday, friday, it's a three day heatwave. the position of that hermas allows that onshore influence to continue. we are not talking about a huge
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warm-up, temptress go up, but not enough to trigger a heat advisory for those locations. all of the orange shaded spots are under a heat advisory in the in the parts of the bay area beginning on wednesday, and thursday, friday, that becomes an excessive heat warning with high train in the north day and most of the inland and east bay, into the diablo range as well. temperatures peek on thursday, with triple digit heat looking likely in those pink shaded counties, then temperatures will start to back off. looking at father's day weekend, we will check those records on thursday and see if any are likely to fall. >> this week that he wave means it is also that time of year for the possibility of rotating outages. maria medina reports a call on californians to start conserving energy, now. >> it was very uncomfortable. it was a heat wave, of course it was very hot. >> reporter: jenny and her husband will never forget the
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power shut offs in 2019. >> he went on a ladder, in the garage, and then he fell. >> he broke his finger his femur. >> that was hard on us. on top of the power outage, he went to the hospital. >> jenny and the rest of california are bracing for more rotating outages, as temperatures soar, straining the power grid, increasing the risk of wildfires. sue huge flames. the kids call 911. >> san jose firefighters are seeing the impact of dry conditions at high heat today, with this 35 acre vegetation fire. >> we are in a drought, everything is dry. we had arcing wires. >> what they can control is conserving energies. preventing sweeping blackouts as the summer heats up. >> we are going to be leaning on california consumers.
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>> for now, the power supply is in good shape. gonzales says longer stretches of heat, and hotter temperatures could mean flex alerts and maybe even rotating outages. >> californians have historically responded very well to our calls for help. >> of course i would be very disappointed. but i think i would have to understand. >> she hopes this year is not as bad what happened to her nd her husband, in 2019. so that is all you can do, hope for the best, that people don't suffer. >> if they call that flex alert, what would that mean for californians who are impacted? >> it is a call to conserve energy between 4:00 p.m., and 8:00 p.m. for updates, you can go to flex
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>> thank you, maria. , midnight, a trip to disneyland will look very different. who is being allowed in for the first time in a very long time? >> a california family outraged, after their cat dies during a flight, and they say it was totally avoidable. >> and the live look from oakland, could pro basketball
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right now, just about 46 minutes until california fully reopens. that means that big changes are coming, to the happiest place on earth. when disneyland opens in the morning, there will be big crowds once again, and something that will look very different. no masks will be required for those who are vaccinated. it will be on an honor system. guests will be asked if they have gotten the shot, but will not have to show proof. cast members will still have to mask up. >> i'm happy i don't have to wear one, but i was reading that cast members will continue to wear them, and if they should have to wear them, we should have to wear them. >> i will continue wearing my mask, just out of respect for them. >> some other big changes include increased capacity and no more physical distancing. for now, online reservations
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and tickets will still be required. tomorrow, there will be 10 lucky winners to each receive $1.5 million as part of the effort to get more people vaccinated. you are eligible to win if you live in california, if you are over the age of 12 years old, and you have received at least one dose of a covid vaccine. those eligible are automatically entered. if vaccinated, you could also win a free vacation. there will be a drawing on july 1 with destinations including san francisco, san diego, los angeles, and the ritz carlton in palm springs. and the california vaccine vaccination rate now top 76% with new cases plummeting 98%, from the january peak. a southern california family is outraged tonight, after their cat died on board
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and airlines flight as they were flying from lax, to jordan. they knew that something was wrong. they say the air-conditioning was not working, they felt sweltering heat in the cabin, even the water in the restrooms was hot. they brought it up to the crewmembers. they were worried about their cat, sam, who was down below in the cargo hold. they were ignored, and when they landed, sam was dead. >> it's really hot, i cannot wash my hands. they said don't worry, everything will be okay. >> they single-handedly killed my cat. so the airline said they transport tens of thousands of animals each year without issue, we are deeply concerned about this tragic loss. the airline has the most stringent procedures in place for the care of the live animals, and maintains a state- of-the-art facility for their
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transportation. a plan for another pro sports team in town is taking shape. a business group wants to buy the coliseum site, and bring the wnba team to the arena. organizers say it would become the first major american pro sports franchise led by black women, and it fits in perfectly with the league's values. wnba players and teams have been at the forefront of many efforts pushing for equality and social justice. the business group is offering to buy oakland oakland's half of the coliseum site for more than $92 million. we are expecting to hear more details at a news conference, on thursday. new video of the final stretch of a 260 miles track from paradise, do san francisco. youth activists demanded limit change accident. the sunrise california group chanted in front of the
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senators home in san francisco. they want lawmakers to support part of the green new deal. we should actually note that is nancy pelosi's home. the march ended at the home of the house speaker, nancy pelosi. the activist painted the message on the street below her mansion. now to the drought emergency in sonoma county. take a look at this. that used to be lake mendocino. i dried up to nearly nothing, as you can see. things are so bad, certain parts of the city are limiting residents to just 74 gallons of water, per person, per day. and as for lake doors, there's not much water left to enjoy boating or fishing. paul has a look at the weather coming up later this week. >> those evaporation rates are
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going to go up more and more. the warming trend starts tomorrow. warm tomorrow, hot wednesday, very hot on thursday. the peak of the heat wave, as this desert air mass builds in from the southeast, it will arrive on thursday. that is when we will be closest to the record high temperatures. let's look at the forecast high temperatures compared to the records, on thursday, the 17th of let's look at the forecast high temperatures compared to the records, on thursday, 17 june it is going to be warmer, but not necessarily hotter in the bay with temperatures in the 70s for san francisco, 80 degrees in oakland. triple digit heat is expected for santa rosa, livermore, concord, and that's the one most likely to set a record, but the climate record only goes back a little more than 20 years. that is not as long as a record as many other locations, either way it is going to be hot in either location with a very warm heat wave as we get into father's day weekend. we have to worry about fire
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danger with hot temperatures, low relative committee, even with the onshore breeze is trying to deliver some moisture. some spots get up to 110 degrees. the humidity is going to crater to less than 10%. it will be wednesday, thursday, and yet again by friday afternoon. we are going to watch for an elevated fire threat even in the absence of the strong offshore wind that we are going to look for when it really goes off the charts. in the short term it is not bad out there this evening, plenty of fog is lurking. 56 degrees downtown, 59 degrees in santa rosa, temperatures in the lower and middle 60s, with the visibility decreasing as we go through the rest of the night, spreading across the bay, into the inland valleys. it is going to back up quickly, the dispute the fog will dissipate by tenneco morning. 20 of sunshine for the rest of the day as temperatures warm up. we start up mostly in the lower and middle 50s. the warmest spots will be short of 60 degrees with the coolest spots dropping into the middle and upper 40s. then temperatures will heat up. but normally warm for this time of year, within five degrees of
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average for this time of june. lower and middle sixes along the coast, 70s on the peninsula and the south end of the bay, right around 80 degrees, for most of the santa clara valley, just short of hitting the 80s in san jose. lower and middle 80s in the hotspots, the usual locations east of moun diablo, the delta, contra costa county, 90 degrees or even a little above 90 degrees. upper 60's in san francisco, lower and middle 70s for the east bay, lower and middle 80s for the north bay, similar temperatures farther north for mendocino and lake counties. a three-day heatwave on wednesday, thursday, friday, and temperatures are to back up for the rest of the weekend, back to normal for monday, but then we await the rest of the way that will not be that far off. andrea, back to you. branded crawford does something
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the giants scored three runs in four games in their series against the nationals, in dc, not a bad time to welcome the diamondbacks, who have not had a win on the road since april. this lady has the cape, beer, and baseball on her birthday, so what about a win? since last tuesday, brandon went super four with a pair of doubles, 250 career doubles, for will clark, time when in the fifth, brandon crawford goes the other way for his 15th of the season, the fastest giants shortstop to reach 15 home run since 1901. alex was winless in his last four starts, but he struck out seven, in six innings, allowing just two runs, and a giants win tonight, what is six doke three on the season. and the angels are back at the coliseum, no problems this time around. sean murphy takes dylan bundy deep, to give the a's a 2-1 lead. that's the seventh of the season. he throws one up and into chad
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pinder. it hits him on the back of the head, very scary. his helmet blew off, but it looks like he will be okay, they will reassess him tomorrow. the a's do will go on to win. mlb plans to suspend them 10 days if they are caught using a foreign substance, pine tar, sunscreen, blue, and a new substance called spider tack will be band starting in the next week. and the cutout still remain in los angeles. it is safe to say that they like what they saw from the clippers. paul george gets into the lane and hammers one home with a 26 point lead over the jazz. that was just a warm-up for this monster jam by kawhi leonard. post-rise, completely, by kawhi leonard, where the couple looks. they combine, 62 points, los angeles wins 118 to 1054 and they even the series at two.
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trae young is icing up for the sixers. atlanta erased an 18 point lead. young hit the go-ahead floater in the final minutes of the game. the sixers were down by three points with a chance to tie at the buzzer, steph curry had 17 points in the game, but he was not the hero tonight. the win the game 103, 25 behind on young, that series is also tied at two games apiece. and in las vegas, a wild scene for game number one of the stanley cup finals, the semifinals, excuse me. this series shifts to montrc and that canadians will only be allowed 2500 fans. it is going to be really different, here, alec martinez makes it 2-0 for the golden nights on a one timer in the second period. vegas beats the canadians, for one. and they are three wins away from their second stanley cup finals appearance, in just their fourth season. it is going to be much different over there in canada, when they play. back to you guys. >> you have to stay healthy, right? >> in less than 10 minutes, the late show will host its first
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live crowd at the ed sullivan
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after more than a year, the wait is finally over. california is reopening.
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and the late show with stephen colbert is returning with a live audience in about five minutes. the excitement was obvious outside the ed sullivan theater, this afternoon. the pandemic force the show to do more than 200 episodes remotely, tonight's guests include his old buddy jon stewart, plus, musical performances by jon batiste, late show bandleader. >> how do you get tickets? >> complete dumb luck, i got the email. i absolutely lost my mind. >> stephen colbert was really dying to have his audience back. i'm glad to be part of that energy, bringing it all back. it is really cool that people are getting
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