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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  June 17, 2021 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, looking live from exclusive mark hopkins camera over the city of san francisco. you can see the trans america pyramid. good morning. it's thursday june 17. i am len kiese. >> i am anne makovec live for michelle griego. looking live across the bay area where it is going to get really hot again especially inland. there is a spare the air today again because of the heat and smog. smoke from fires in california may drift into santa clara today. let's go to mary lee for all the details. good morning. yes, the worse for inland intense heat today. excessive heat warnings for the east bay, interior valleys, east bay hills. you can see that in pink in effects for today and for the
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north bay mountains. heat advisories continue for the north bay and south bay today because we are talking about temperatures even hotter compared to yesterday. we are looking at 99 in san jose, close to triple digit heat, 107 in concord, 109 in antioch, 110 degrees in fairfield. we are talking about dangerously hot conditions. as we look around the bay, 80s, close to 90. along the coast, low 70s. a little bit of the ocean breeze at least along the coast so temperatures are a little bit more comfortable compared to the dangerous hot conditions inland. we are looking at likely record breaking highs for santa rosa, livermore, concord. we'll talk more about this coming up. how are the roadways this morning? good morning. they're off to a good start overall. looking at our maps, altamont pass, a little bit crowding as
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you work onto 580. a broken down vehicle at greenville. other than that it's an okay ride. it is a spare the air alert so avoid or limit your driving as much as possible. headed towards 880 north bound, we have reports of a trouble spot. apparently fire crews are working on a tree that caught fire over to the right shoulder. it is not really causing a lot of brake lights or delays. >> thank you. keeping power on during this hot weather is another big concern. cal iso issued flex alert ton ate between 5:00 and 10:00 calling for voluntary energy conservation to relieve stress on the grid. that includes setting thermostats to 78 or higher, cooling with fans and closing curtains and avoiding using large appliances. california workers can be allowed to go fully maskless
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pending a vote from cal osha. the governor will sign executive order to make things more clear and make the rules effective faster. it's happened again. an asian attacked in broad daylight. police say this was an unprovoked attack. she was stabbed twice and hit in the head. this photo of the suspect led to capture of the 35-year-old. this was less than two hours after the attack. >> i visit with her once or twice a week. we hang out. it's just sad that someone would be such a monster and so cruel. she just goes for walks with her cane, doesn't bother anybody. >> he has a long rap sheet that includes murder and burglary charges. san francisco police officer's association tweeted about his criminal history saying in part what do you have to do to actually go to jail in san
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francisco. her niece said some people did not stop to help her aunt after it happened. a prominent activist has quietly left town. he is leaving because in his words "the city doesn't take care of people of color." after nearly 50 years the second president of the san jose silicon valley naacp packed his belongings and his family and moved to atlanta. he says he has been priced out of housing market but he believes san jose does not take care of its minorities. >> we do not capture essence of the black, brown, people of color culture here so it is almost saying they don't want us here. let's make sure my kids are secured, education and opportunities and for me as a black man, i don't see those as a focal point for the city of san jose. >> black population accounts for 3% of the population
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compared to nearly 5% 30 years ago. for the first time in 40 years we are on track for a new federal holiday. >> juneteenth is set to get recognition. but not all lawmakers support the change. >> reporter: june 19, the day in 1865 that marked emancipation of all enslaved americans is becoming a federal holiday. legislation passed unanimously in the senate. >> the bill is passed. >> reporter: 415 members of the house agreed but 14 republicans did not. their objections included claims from the holiday would further divide americans to those saying they don't agree with the name of the bill. it will be sent to president biden's desk to be signed into law. >> i couldn't be happier that there is finally a focus on the truth. >> reporter: in an interview on cbs this morning the mother of
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beyonce spoke about the significance. it came two and a half year after abraham lincoln signed emancipation proclamation, when union troops advanced to the most far reaching slave town and could enforce the law. she's from galveston. >> this is not the only history that's either been over looked or changed and rewritten. >> reporter: most states already officially observe juneteenth. only hawaii, north dakota do not. >> days like this remind the world that black history is truly american history. >> reporter: it will be the first new federal holiday since martin luther king was created in 1983. >> it is expected the president will sign the bill into law today. after spending most of it rekindling relationships with allies president biden's first overseas trip is over. he participated with a highly
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anticipated sit down with the russian president on the last day. details on the u.s. russia summit. >> reporter: president biden is back on u.s. soil after an eight day european trip. >> i did what i came to do. >> reporter: he ended his tour itzerland with a three and a half hour summit with vladimir putin. >> i told president putin we need basic rules of the road that we can all abide by. >> reporter: in wake of high profile ransomware attacks mr. biden gave putin a list of sectors that need to have off limits to healthcare limits. >> i told him we have significant capability. he doesn't know what it is but knows it is significant. >> reporter: each ambassador will return to their post and leaders agree to creation of working groups for arms control and cyber attacks. >> i think both sides showed
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willingness to understand one another. >> reporter: during his post summit news conference putin seemed to brush off other issues like rights and americans imprisoned in russia. >> i am not confident in anything. >> reporter: hill, who attended president trump's summit, said putin acted differently. >> was almost cavalier and did seem he was genuinely trying to move the dial forward. >> reporter: president biden said it will take a few months to see if putin commits to change. 4:39. coming up on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, what happened to the woman who mistook gorilla glue for hair spray? remember that chick? find out what she is up to now. a live look outside at the city of san francisco. this is from our treasure
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what if f you could d push a bun anand less cararbon would de put t into the a air. if there w was a buttoton that d helplp you use l less energy, breaththe cleaner air, and eveven take onon climatate change..... would yoyou press itit?
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a battle in walnut creek over outdoor dining, park lets have been a life line to struggling restaurants during the pandemic. not everyone is a fan. some business owners want them gone. neighboring retailers say structures block store fronts from street view and that's been bad for business. the city is considering whether to allow park receipts to
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remain as permanent fixtures or take them down. >> we are interserening based on what was assumed to be fair use of the space. >> a small speciality boutique on the main street, i don't have my front anymore. my front is everything. when should you expect interest rate hikes to hit and current on bipartisan infrastructure bill. diane king hall has those stories and more in today's money watch report. stocks were lower wednesday. dow dropped 265 points. nasdaq fell 33 and s&p 500 lost 22. fed really reserve is keeping interest rates near zero but did move up time frame for when it expects to raise them due to rising inflation. central bank indicated rate hikes could come in 2023. in a statement it said it
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believes inflation pressure is trans torrey. powell told investors not to read too much into this. signed on enough to override a possible filibuster from gop colleagues. it's a $1 trillion proposal that does not raise taxes on corporations or healthy individuals. it is unclear if there is support for more liberal democrats who want action on clean energy, income inequality. the woman who uses gorilla glue on her head has her own hair caroline. she went viral after she used gorilla glue spray after running out of her usual spray. it left her hair stuck for several weeks before getting medical intervention. brown says her products have helped her hair recover. the company has clothing for sale with images from the original video. that's your cbs money watch
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report. for more head to on the fire watch, temperatures spiked and multiple grass fires broke out along 280 in san jose in the middle of the evening commute yesterday. at one point flames burned on both sides of an off ramp and in another area the flames hopped a wall and spread to a box truck. no homes were threatened. research about what is fueling climate warming. nasa says the earth is trapping unprecedented amount of heat. the figure has doubled since 2005 contributing to rapidly warming oceans, air, land. the biggest question is what is causing it. experts say it is difficult to tell if it is human caused or driven by cyclical changes in the climate. let's get a check on today's hot weather in the meantime with meteorologist mary lee. we are looking at temperatures even hotter compared to yesterday, dangerous heat expected, the worst of our intense heat wave
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today. here is a live look with sales force tower camera as we look east with mainly clear skies. across the bay, a live look with our sutro cam. it's a mild start in concord coming in at 67 now, oakland 64, 65 livermore, 59 downtown san francisco, 56 santa rosa. the 24 hour temperature change, we are from a degree to seven degrees warmer compared to yesterday at this time. let's talk about the heat advisories, excessive heat warnings that will in effect today. east bay hills, east bay interior valleys under that excessive heat warning. tri valley, solano county, sacramento, san joaquin valleys. also the north bay mountains.
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heat advisoris in the north bay in orange and for the south bay today. today the peak of our heat wave as we are looking at highs soaring to the triple digits inland and still hot friday but we will start that cool down through the next several days and by next week, we'll be back to where we should be thankfully for this time of year. as we look to air quality, we have a spare the air alert that will be in effect today. we are looking at unhealthy for sensitive groups. moderate for the coast and peninsula. that heat dome building into california. it's over the desert southwest and moving into our area and with it, temperatures are going to soar. likely record tying heat from oakland, san jose and record breaking for santa rosa, livermore, concord as we go through our afternoon. to show you the sunshine helping to heat us through today and that will be the case as we look to tomorrow. let's show you what you can
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expect, sunrise at 5:47 and sun set at 83:34. daytime highs for south bay under the heat advisory we are talking 100 degrees for cupertino, campbell, 103 los gatos, 99 san jose, 98 santa clara. east bay 107 in concord, pleasant hill, 109 antioch and 110 degrees for fairfield as well as for brentwood, so especially if you live inland, please take care of yourself. stay safe and cool in these dangerous hot temperatures. 105 danville, 104 dublin, tri valley 106 for pleasanton and livermore. around the bay comfortable but warming up, 82 san francisco, 89, close to 90 in oakland this afternoon for east bay shoreline. north bay, mid to upper 90s to
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triple digits, 103 santa rosa this afternoon and 105 for st. helena. the extended forecast, first, father's day it is a little bit cooler but still looking at 60s, along the coast, around the bay, upper 60s to low 70s and upper 80s to low 90s inland for father's day. today is the hottest day of the week. a little bit cooler friday but still hot for friday. there we go with the cool down into the weekend and especially by next week. let's check with gianna for a look at traffic. how are the roadways on this thursday? good morning. already busy into the altamont pass. you have brake lights away from the 580, 205 connector but it is the usual stuff. there is a broken down vehicle west bound 580 at greenville but it doesn't look leak it is blocking lanes. if you are headed towards that
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680 connector, getting on 680 shouldn't be an issue. road closure on 80 both directions, completely shut down, so a heads up there. that is for overnight construction. it should be clear in the next 10 to 12 minutes. they have been doing a great job getting wrapped up by 5:00. hopefully that will be the case this morning. things are low towards the sunol grade. there is one lane blocked on an exit ramp because of fire crew activity. main lines of 880 are not affected. east bay travel times are clear. we are seeing green on our censors. if you are headed from walnut creek to oakland give yourself only a ten minute ride, easy commute for that portion of the road way and it looks like
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things are clear west bound 580, castro valley to the maze. i am excited about this next story, revival of historic, catchy san francisco theater in china town. >> a couple took on a ten year lease hoping it would bring back life to the neighborhood. it will be another venue in the city for live artists who lost nearly all their revenue during the pandemic. the couple started a nonprofit to fund the project calling it the great start theater. they put $150,000 of their money along with donations into restoring it. >> it shows that will bring a few hundred people to the theater which will help the restaurants or stores nearby and even all the bars at nighttime after the show is over. so it's going to help a lot of kinds of business. >> the official launch is tomorrow complete with lion dancers in the street. i am dennis o'donnell. coming up, can clippers win without leonard?
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power hour at third and king where the beat goes on. great news for the local, coming up. taking a look outside before break at the city of san jose before it starts to heat
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good morning. lucky 13 was the number at oracle last night as in 13 runs for giants and 13 straight losses now by arizona. game winning slam two nights ago, giants, five heroes. last night arizona up 2-0 but in a span of three batters san francisco had the lead. buster, three run shot, his
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12th. 8-2. 5th inning. pinch hitter, way to tell it good-bye. four batters later, the fifth long ball of the night. most home runs san francisco had in a home game since 2003. giants won 13-7 handing arizona their 22nd straight road loss. a win for a's would give them their best 70 game starts. the w was in the oval office. back and he is hungry, oak land trailing angels 4-0 in the fourth but then canning on a curve ball, solo shot, must have been something in those noodles. a's tied it in the sixth and when tony can't drop one into center field, a's have the lead. smelling the curve ball, that's money ball. oakland sends 11 guys to the
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plate. they win 8-4, oakland has six wins, 16 games over 500. next, pregames at yankee stadium. dr. jay in the house, rally the troops. curry scored a playoff career high 36, philly led by 26. atlanta roared back. young got the floater to make it a two point game, young scored 39, doc screaming go adrienne! final minute, turn around jump shot over curry, hawks finish on a 15-2 run and stun philly 109-106 and lead the series three games to two. fourth quarter, all net, clippers up 13. bomber acting like he won the covid lottery. four point game, for foul, hit
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jump shot, p.j. scored 37 l.a. wins without leonard and they lead three games to two. second period, byron off third turn over, easy money. 3-0 canadians. they hung onto win 3-2. it now heads north on the border. u.s. open is underway in san diego. i am going with phil mickelson. can he make it two majors in a row? highlights tonight at 6:00. i am dennis o'donnell. that is the latest in bay area sports. 4:56. next on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, north bay county hit hard with water restrictions could soon have to follow more rules. the vote to cut back once again, coming up. it is going to be hot, hot,
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hot. i say it three times for the triple digits we are going to hit. what to do to keep your power on in your cool house. >> reporter: after back and forth decisions on masking in the workplace
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ monitor,r, check andnd lock dowown you moneney with secucurity from m chase. contntrol feels s good. chase. make m more of whahat's yoyo. majeststic mountaiains... scenicic coastal h highways..
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fertile e farmlands.s... there'e's lots t to love about calilifornia. so put o off those c chores and ususe less enenergy frfrom 4 to 9 9 pm when l less clean n energy is availabable. becacause that''s power r down . on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, bay area heat wave at its worse. just about every county hit with scorching hot weather. wearing a mask may be a thing of the past for bay area office workers. we are live with the big vote to scrap one of the final covid restrictions. san francisco's fire department honoring one of its own today. the ceremonies in place for a
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fallen firefighter. good morning. it is thursday june 17. i am len kiese. >> i am anne makovec in for michelle. cool off today whenever you can. we are waking up to one of the hottest days of the heat wave. we will be cooler on the coast. in concord, good luck. >> we have live team coverage from where you can cool off to the spare the air alert in effect now. first we begin with mary lee. when will we see relief? it's coming but it will take time. you will notice the difference by the weekend and next week. we have to get through today. places like concord, fairfield, antioch, brentwood, liver more, be safe. we are talking about triple digit heat for you. in fact excessive heat warning in effect today for east bay hills, east bay interior, solano, north bay mountains, areas in pink under


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