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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6am  CBS  June 17, 2021 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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could be lifted. good morning. we begin with our big story, those triple digit temperatures. going live to oakland where today we will see the peak of the heat. temperatures are soaring in some parts of the bay area, under excessive heat watch including east bay valleys. we have team coverage. the spare the air alert is now in effect. how high will the temperatures go. we are talking about intense heat, even hotter than yesterday, dangerous hot conditions. as we look to east bay interior, 107 in concord, 110 in fairfield, 109 antioch this afternoon, 106 livermore under excessive heat warnings for east bay interiornorth bay, south bay, heat advisories. 99 in san jose, 103 santa rosa. immediate coastline with the light on shore flow, not as hot for you but warming up to the
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80s to about 90 along the bay. let's go to the watches and warnings. heat advisories in orange for north and south bay but excessive heat warnings in pink. solano county area, sacramento, san joaquin valley under excessive heat warnings today into tomorrow. we'll talk more about this coming up. hot temperatures could strain the power grid and increase risk of wildfires. we saw those inland pink areas will be seeing the highest temperatures today. emily is joining us from a cooling center in the east bay. >> reporter: it is cool for now but not nearly as cool as it normally is at this time of the morning. if this is any indication of what today will be like, it will be so hot which makes this
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one of the most popular spots, cooling center in pleasant hill. today's temperatures will be warmer even than yesterday, ten degrees as mary was saying topping out at 110, 107 in pleasant hill. there is threat of rolling black outs. potential health concerns are an issue and that comes with the heat. already yesterday people were flocking to the coast and water parks just to stay cool. those are great options. today will be much of the same story. thousands yesterday lost power in and around danville and if customers aren't careful that can potentially happen again. >> we are asking people to set their thermostat to 78 degrees or higher if their health permits to avoid using major
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appliances, and to turn off all unnecessary lights. >> reporter: if you needed the excuse not to do laundry, that's it. don't run the washer and dryer especially this afternoon. that wastes energy at that time. instead save it for tomorrow or the weekend. it's your excuse to procrastinate. don't use the big appliances, turn thermostats to 78. hopefully we won't lose power. if yesterday is an indication though there is the possibility this afternoon. that's why there are cooling centers like this one. go to and we have a list of a lot of the cooling centers. there is one in almost every bay area location. on the fire watch, grass fires along 280 in san jose in the middle of the evening commute. fire sparked near meridian avenue. at one point flames were on both sides of an off ramp and
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in another area the flames hopped a wall and spread to a box truck. no homes were threatened. south bay firefighters under wildfire training and making it look pretty easy. if they pass they'll get updated to type one which would grant full fire fighting capabilities. test includes uphill hike under the day sun while carrying a 50- pound pack. it had to be done within 70 minutes. >> it's grueling at times. you've got to move. you definitely have to put a foot in your ear and pick up. >> after this test, after hopefully everybody passes, then the real work starts because now they start going to fires. >> despite heat and fires yesterday, there are no red flag warnings. you can find more on the heat warnings, cooling centers emily was talking about, and power
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updates at 6:04. taking a live look at bay area bridges, hot temperatures and smog prompting a spare the air alert today. officials say santa clara valley may certain smoke drifting from wildfires in arizona and montana. let's turn to gianna for a look at the rest of the roadways. g. it's a good day to skip the roadways because of the spare the air alert. use public transit. bart has 33 trains on time. cal train, no delays. muni, ace rail are on time. if you want to use mass transit, it's a very good day to do that. other things, limit driving, use public transit, share the ride, work from home if that's a possibility. limit your outdoor activities because of the spare the air alert as well as the excessive heat we are expecting. no metering lights yet but it is certainly getting busy at
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the toll plaza. drought emergency. marin residents can see even stricter rules on water use. municipal water district considering plans to allow people to only use sprinklers on one assigne day per week. water board plans to vote on that proposal next month. right now rules allow locals to use sprinklers on any two days of the week. to check restrictions where you live head to today governor newsom will visit with local business owners in alameda to highlight state small business relief program. governor newsom's california come back plan doubles down on support for small businesses impacted by the pandemic. it invests additional 1.5 billion in covid-19 relief grants bringing total to 4 billion. cal osha set to recruit
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revised masking rules. this is days after the reopening and a lot of back and forth. justin andrews is live with what's expected at tonight's meeting. >> reporter: fully vaccinated workers could have same freedoms they do when off the clock. if approved, this will keep cal osha in line with the state's regulations that went into effect on tuesday. so cal osha, we know this is the board that the governor appointed. it would codify, according to the governor, things through this vote tonight. we were told last week cal osha plans these rules allowing vaccinated workers to remove face coverings while unvaccinated continue to wear masks. governor newsom says if the board votes to adopt the guidelines tonight, he will sign executive order to quickly
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clear things up. >> so we are aligning with the cdc. we have some workplace issues as it relates that we have to work through. people we hope will be honest about that and we are consistent with cdc as it relates to a process where people we recommend consistent with cdc. if you haven't been vaccinated and in public or a large indoor setting, we encourage mask wearing. that's on the basis of trust, and that's the system that is in place nationally. it's the system in the state of california. >> reporter: his executive order would side step usual legal review keeping rules from taking place until june 28. we'll have to wait and see what cal osha decides tonight. i am justin andrews, kpix5. today the fire department
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will honor one of its own. he passed away last week after fighting a large fire in a parking garage at sfo. he suffered a medical emergency after returning home from the fire fight. he will be honored today in a series of ceremonies at st. ignatious church. this is followed bisel operation of life tomorrow at 1:00. latest victim of attack against asian community is a 94- year-old woman. anne taylor was stabbed twice and hit in the head in broad daylight. this picture led to the capture of the 35-year-old less than two hours after the attack. he has a long rap sheet that includes murder and burglary charges. taylor is expected to survive her injuries. 6:09. reviving a theater with a bigger goal. >> ahead on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, how new owners of this historic china town stage house hope to bring it and the neighborhood back to
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life. i am tracking extreme heat. today we are warming to 80s to about 90. we have heat advisori
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santa clara county is sweetening the deal to try to get more people vaccinated. it is teaming up to raffle prizes like sports memorabilia and tickets to events like warriors games and concerts. >> unbelievable support from community partners stepping up and saying we understand it. we get it. let's make vaccination the ticket to fun. >> every wednesday, eight to ten winners will be announced. anyone can enter by being vaccinated at a county run
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site. tomorrow an historic theater in china town getting a fresh start. a couple took a ten year lease out at the great star theater hoping to bring life back to the neighborhood. it's going to be another venue for live artists who lost nearly all their revenue during the pandemic. the couple started a nonprofit to fund the project. they sunk $150,000 of their own money into the project along with donations to restore it. >> it's going to bring a few hundred people which will help the restaurants, stores nearby, the bars at night after the show is over. it will help a lot of different kinds of business. >> official launch is tomorrow complete with lion dancers in the street. more on our dangerous heat, hot afternoon at the ballpark yesterday in oakland. fans at the a's game fanning
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themselves to try to cool off, temperatures are in the upper 80s and no shade along the 1st baseline. people showing up at ocean beach in san francisco to try to cool. most walking or biking on the promenade and others splashing in the waves. it's time for another check on the forecast with mary. it is going to be dangerously hot especially inland with excessive heat warnings today at 11:00. we are looking at heat advisories that continue as well. do what you can to stay safe and cool in the heat. the coast is another good place to be with that light on shore flow kicking in. you will see cooler temperatures. a live look with our san francisco cam looking east with our camera, our mark hopkins hotel camera, looking south. as we look to tri valley in dublin with the sunshine with
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excessive heat warning that will be in effect for you today. you will see highs soaring to the triple digits. today, a mild start, mid 50s to mid 60s at this hour. let's get to it with excessive heat warnings in pink. that starts at 11:00 am for east bay hills, east bay interior valleys, solano valley, tri valley north bay mountains under the excessive heat warning. advisories for the north bay and south bay. this continues into tomorrow. we will likely tie records or even break record high temperatures for the day today for many locations. today, the peak of our heat. this is a three day heat event for us. it started yesterday, hotter temperatures expected for today. we are looking at temperatures for tomorrow a little bit cooler but still hot. we will be on the downward progression through the next days and especially looking to next week. our spare the air alert in
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effect, air quality unhealthy for sensitive groups in north bay, east bay, south bay, moderate for the coast and the peninsula. the heat dome building today. that's the reason why we will see those highs even hotter compared to yesterday. and as we head through at least the next several days into our weekend, that gradual cooling thankfully so and even cooler next week. futurecast winds, we will get light on shore flow. that's why immediate coastline won't be quite as hot as inland. sunrise at 5:47 and sun set at 88:34. 98 santa clara, close to triple digit heat for san jose, 100 cupertino as well as for campbell, 106 morgan hill. east bay, you will see the hottest temperatures, 107 concord, pleasant hill, 110 in fairfield an brentwood, triple digit heat for tri valley,
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dublin, a high of 104. 82 in san francisco, east bay shoreline, 84 alameda, close to 90 in oak land. north bay mid to upper 90s to triple digit heat, 103 in santa rosa and topping out at 105 for st. helena. here is the extended forecast. we are looking at hot conditions tomorrow. we will start to cool down as we look to our weekend for father's day and especially into next week down to around where we should be for this time of year next week. let's check with gianna for a look at traffic. how is the bay bridge? no metering lights yet, so that's good news. but we are starting to see volume, things crowded as you approach toll plaza. once you are past that, that's where you will see brake lights, some slow and go conditions near incline and again as you work near that treasure island area and headed into san francisco. we'll let you know when they turn the lights on. things are okay approaching the toll plaza. we have a few brake lights
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building through altamont pass. it is slow, usual stuff out of tracy. we are getting first reports of a broken down vehicle west bound 580 around grant line and a crash west bound 580 at 205. a 42 minute travel time from 205 towards dublin interchange. if you are commuting along 80 out of dixon west bound before mid way road, we've got a crash involving an overturned vehicle. traffic is sluggish as you approach the scene. it's in the clearing stages, so that's good news. a truck was on fire on the shoulder. the fire is out but you have crews on scene dealing with the mess. heads up if you are working towards san mateo bridge, brake lights near the toll plaza. once you are on the span it is moving for the most par at the limit with a 13 minute travel time 880 towards 101.
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if you are headed from foster city over either direction, san mateo, maybe north, traffic is at the limit and right now no troubles on the golden gate bridge. >> thank you. stenson beach visitors might find it more difficult to find a parking spot on busy beach days. marin looking to tighten parking restrictions in the area. board of supervisors voted unanimously this week to advance the rules meant to support public safety. parking will be prohibited at locations on the map. that includes shoreline highway. fines would range from 99 to $163. the board is set to take final vote on the rules at the meeting on july 13. an iconic attraction opening back up to visitors. when you can climb up coit
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welcome back. it's just about 6:24. a live look at coit tower where today visitors are going to be welcomed back. it's another sign of recovery in san francisco, 210-foot beacon normally sees up to 1500 visitors a day. but it's been closed for 15 months. >> tickets are required for observation deck but you can check out murals in the tower's base for free. >> a crazy pandemic. we are so happy to be out here with no masks. >> our first time here. we didn't realize it was the first day. we got directions from a lady. we were getting lost. we made it. >> it's a beautiful day. we are glad to be in san francisco. >> i have yet to tackle those stairs. coit tower is open from 10:00 to 6:00. >> they are the never ending
6:25 am
stairs of death but it's a really good work out. >> sounds like it. 6:24 is the time. >> a prominent civil rights activist packing his bags. why he says san jose doesn't take care of people of color. >> reporter: triple digit heat, possibility of power black outs. i will tell you what you need to know about the heat warning, just ahead. >> reporter: still confused on masking in the workplace or not? you are probably not alone. i am justin andrews looking at what could clear things up tonight. a live look outside before break at the bay bridge toll plaza. you see it backing
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if you are just waking up, here are your morning headlines. peak of the heat settling in today across the bay area. some spots can see temperatures up to 110. a flex alert issued tonight between 5:00 and 10:00. cal iso urging voluntary energy conservation. the governor highlighting california's come back plan, doubles down on support for small businesses impacted on the pandemic. invests $1.5 billion in relief
6:30 am
grants bringing that total to $4 billion. the san francisco fire department will honor one of their crew. he passed away last week after fighting a large fire in the parking lot at sfo. we are told he suffered a medical emergency when he returned home. dangerous hot weather bearing down on parts of the bay area. we have live team coverage all morning ahead of the hottest day of this heat wave. >> emily turner shows us how we can beat the heat. here is mary lee with the excessive heat warning going into effect. excessive heat warnings at 11:00 for east bay hills, east bay interior valleys, solano county, sacramento, san joaquin valley. for the north bay and south bay, you are under heat advisories. that will actually all continue
6:31 am
into tomorrow. let's talk about how hot it will get, 107 concord, 110 in fairfield and also brentwood, 109 antioch, 106 livermore under excessive heat warnings. 99, close to 100 in san jose. heat advisories from north bay from 103 in santa rosa. along immediate coastline with light on shore flow temperatures will be cooler but warming to the 80s to about 90 for the bay. we are looking at a spare the air alert in effect today. let's go live to emily turner in pleasant hill under excessive heat warning. later this afternoon highs in pleasant hill topping out at 107. that is brutal this afternoon. >> reporter: i just realized i am wearing a black shirt. that's not going to be great. i can walk inside here, one of the cooling centers set up not only here but across the bay area for people who need to get
6:32 am
out of the heat and beat it to keep cool. you were saying 107 here, even hotter in some spots. there is threat of rolling black outs and potential health concerns that come with the heat. diablo valley, much of contra costa, they will see the bulk of it. already yesterday people flocking to the beach, to the coast, water parks anywhere they could to stay cool. you will have plenty company. thousands lost power yesterday around danville. if customers aren't careful, don't do what this need to do, that could happen again. >> we were going to half moon bay regardless. it's going to be about 20, 30 degrees cooler in half moon bay but there will probably be everybody in the world on the road on the way to half moon bay. >> reporter: as far as rolling black outs are concerned, at this point cal iso is asking
6:33 am
people to voluntarily conserve energy. a couple ways, turn thermostat up to 78. it will be warm but not too terrible. certainly better than being in the dark. in addition, don't use big appliances. you can save the wash, dry, folding laundry for tomorrow, which i am pretty happy about. those are easy ways you can do this. there are cooling centers all over. if there are black outs or if you are too hot at 78, you can come to places like this behind me to cool off. i am gianna franco with a look at the roadways. you are cranking a/c most likely as you hit the roadways. metering lights were turned on a couple minutes ago and traffic is already backing up. there is a spare the air alert in effect for today due to unhealthy ozone or smog accumulation in the bay area. limit outdoor activities.
6:34 am
use public transit. everything is on time. i checked with bart, 36 trains running with no problems. limiting your driving might be a good idea and also sharing the ride is a possibility and if you've got the option, maybe work from home. >> reporter: good morning. i am justin andrews in downtown san francisco. this tug of war with decision making from cal osha has a lot of people confused. it could clear things after a vote when it comes to workplace masking or not. its decisions went against reopening plans. business owners sounded off about it. tonight cal osha board is set to approve vaccinated workers do not have to wear a mask in the workplace. if you are unvaccinated you will continue to wear a mask. this aligns with state regulations. the governor vowed to sign executive order if the board adopts the guidelines. some say the board planted
6:35 am
confusion and even uncertainty with its flip-flop choices. >> this process does not need to be chaotic. it should be measured, transparent, collaborative. we are disappointed and frustrated with the confusion, process, substance, lack of leadership. >> i am really concerned that we have a regulation that will pit workers against each other, cause workers to resent their employers intruding in some of their private decisions. >> reporter: so if the board approves, this applies to most work places in the state. this includes offices, factories, even retail stores. i am justin andrews, kpix5. >> that is going to be interesting. 6:35. new, jobless claims on the rise after falling for several weeks. new numbers show 412,000 americans filed new unemployment benefits last week. let's get a check on how wall
6:36 am
street is fairing. dow doesn't seem too spooked, up almost 40. federal reserve keeping interest rates near zero but did move up time frame for when it expects to raise rates because of rising inflation. central bank indicated rate hikes could come in 2023. the bank wrote it believes inflation pressure is trans torrey. the fed chairman told investors not to read too much into that. president biden back after spending eight days in europe rekindling relationships with america's allies. it concluded in switzerland with a three and a half hour summit of vladimir putin. he gave him a list that need to be off limits to hackers including healthcare, food, energy. leaders agreed to creation of working groups for arms control
6:37 am
and cyber attacks. today president biden is expected to sign into law a bill making juneteenth also known as freedom day a new federal holiday. legislation passed unanimously in the city. >> bill is passed. >> more than 400 members agreed. 14 republicans did not. june 19 commemorate end of slavery in texas in 1865 when union soldiers brought news of freedom to enslaved black people in galveston. most states observe officially juneteenth. only hawaii, north dakota, south dakota do not. the history of the day though is still not taught in many schools. in san jose a prominent civil rights activist in silicon valley has quietly left town. he is leaving because in his words the city doesn't take care of people of color, after nearly 50 years making an impact, he packed his
6:38 am
belongings and family to move to atlanta. he says not only has he been priced out of the housing market but believes san jose doesn't take care of its minorities. >> i must make sure my kids are secure, education, opportunities and for me as a black man i do not see those opportunities being a focal point for the city of san jose. >> the black population now accounts for 3% of the population in the city compared to nearly 5% 30 years ago. happening today, dennys diners will donate more than $36,000 to families of the san jose vta shooting viims. the restaurants collected donations during a one day fund raiser event committing 50% of dine in proceeds to victims' families. there will be a check presentation this afternoon. we have more information on how to help vta families on the temperature is ungodly
6:39 am
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good thursday morning. 6:42. as we head through today, we are going to heat up. warming up to the 80s to about 90 around the bay. we have heat advisories, excessive heat warnings in effect inland. we'll talk about what you can expect where you live, coming up. stocks open in the green following a disappointing jobless claims report. diane king hall is joining us from the new york stock exchange. good morning. good morning, len. you've got choppy action in early trading with trading underway for a little less than 15 minutes. dow is now under pressure down
6:43 am
44 points. in the tech sector you are seeing some gains there which investors have since early days of the pandemic. nasdaq is better by 25. let's talk about the economic data. a step in the wrong direction, according to the labor department unemployment filings rose to 412,000. that was a surprise. economists were predicting a decline. the increase was concentrated in three states. pennsylvania, california, and kentucky. len. >> thank you. going live to capitol hill, at least 11 republicans senators signed onto bipartisan infrastructure bill enough to override a possible filibuster from gop colleagues. it's a $1 trillion proposal that does not raise taxes on corporations. no word yet if there is enough support for liberal democrats
6:44 am
who want action on income inequality. time for a look at what's coming up on cbs this morning. >> anthony mason joins us from new york. good morning. good morning. ahead on cbs this morning, president biden is back in washington focusing on domestic issues after yesterday's historic summit with president putin. we'll look at what the relationship between u.s. and russia is like now. also only on cbs news, hear from women suing popular website over videos posted without their consent. why they claim the site is run like a criminal enterprise. back to where she grew up for a walk through a neighborhood. >> i told you, i have a girl crush on her. >> you told me that. >> it's a great piece.
6:45 am
>> we look forward to seeing that and you and the rest of the crew at 7:00. thank you. back to the heat wave settling in. >> if you think it is hot in the bay area, be grateful that you don't live in death valley. >> the temperature is ungodly hot. it's going to be 125 or 130 today. it's really hot. >> southern california desert hit 129 degrees yesterday, an almost record breaking temperature. the hottest ever recorded was 134 back in 1913. >> they're getting out of town it looks like. >> it just looks miserable. >> i don't know why that guy was out there. he looks pretty miserable. oppressive heat, that strong ridge of high pressure, heat dome right over them. that ridge spreading into the bay area. that's the reason why we are heating up here as well. not quite as hot as death
6:46 am
valley but we are going to see temperatures climbing to the triple digits. today is the hottest day of the week and peak of our inland heat wave. here is a live look with our san francisco cam, mark hopkins hotel camera. you see all the sunshine shining down on the bay area. temperatures are in the mid 50s to mid 60s. it's a milder start to our day. we are a few degrees above where we were yesterday at this time. now let's get to the heat advisories, excessive heat warnings that kick into effect today. we are looking at heat advisories that continue for the north bay and south bay, excessive heat warnings that go into effect at 11:00 for east bay hills, east bay interior valleys, tri valley, diablo range, as well as for the north bay mountains, solano county areas. the areas in pink, you will see the hottest temperatures across the region. we are looking at tying or breaking record highs for today for many locations.
6:47 am
today we are looking at the peak of our inland heat as we go through the next several days. we will see temperatures on the downward progression thankfully so. we will be back where we should be for this time of year as we look to next week, a lot more comfortable even by inland next week. let's talk about micro climates. it's all about bay area micro climates. immediate coastline with that light on shore flow, temperatures into the 60s and low 70s along the coast. around the bay 80s to about 90. inland we are really watching that intense heat, highs into the 90s to triple digits so even hot erin land compared to yesterday. we have a spare the air alert, air quality unhealthy for sensitive groups. moderate air quality for the coast and peninsula. there we go with the heat dome over desert southwest building into california. as we go through the next several days, we will start to
6:48 am
cool it down gradually. by this weekend, gradual cool down in store for us. futurecast winds, we will see light ocean breeze. that's the reason why along the coast and around the bay you will be cooler compared to inland spots. south bay, heat advisory for you, 99 close to 100 for san jose, 100 in cupertino and campbell. east bay, hottest temperatures across the region. 107 concord, pleasant hill. for the tri valley, triple digits, 106 livermore. around the bay 82 in san francisco, upper 80s close to 90 for east bay shoreline. for the north bay, mid to upper 90s and triple digits. we are topping out at 105 for st. helena, 107 in clover dale. it's a hot day tomorrow, heat advisories, excessive heat warnings continue tomorrow inland and there we go with the
6:49 am
cool down for our weekend for father's day continuing with more comfortable conditions as we look to next week. let's check with gianna for a look at traffic. it's still pretty busy at the bay bridge. >> yes, it is. metering lights were turned on about 15 minutes ago. we have a back up. slow out of emeryville into san francisco. a slow ride for the thursday drive heading into the city. plus you are dealing with hot temperatures so you will probably be cranking that a/c especially for the afternoon commute. west bound 580, altamont pass, try 46 minutes, west bound 80 highway 4 to the maze. checking travel time along highway 4, no crashes but busy, 42 minutes from antioch towards the east shore. 101 is the one freeway looking okay at least out of san jose. headed towards the peninsula.
6:50 am
public transit might be a great choice especially if you want to skip the roads and those delays. also a spare the air alert is in effect. it is recommended to utilize public transit due to unhealthy ozone or smog accumulation for bay area. you really want to limit outdoor activities, driving. even sharing the ride, possibly car pooling with a friend or family member. that's a good idea as well. a trouble spot, hood house drive, east bound lanes are shut down. expect delays there west bound as well. try to avoid the area until they get everything cleared out of lanes. back to you. new, three chinese astronauts have docked at their country's space station. the trip took six hours and 32 minutes. they'll spend three months finishing construction at the station. this is the longest crewed space mission to date and first
6:51 am
in nearly five years. a slice of normalcy finally welcoming back visitors today. that's next on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. the sun is up, shining in my face. and the heat is on. i will tell you what you can do to stay safe. >> reporter: you could ditch your mask in the workplace if cal osha approves. today on cbsn bay area, need for food is as great as ever. we talked to executive director of san francisco marin food bank about how long it can take to get back to
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:54. we have been talking about this inland heat wave. it peaks today. we have excessive heat warnings
6:55 am
for east bay hills and east bay interior valleys with highs of 105 to 110. if you live in places like concord, brentwood, fairfield, please be safe and try to stay cool with this oppressive dangerous heat. heat advisories for north bay and south bay with highs in upper 90s to low 100s. 99 in san jose under heat advisory, 103 santa rosa in are a heat advisory, 110 in fairfield. around the bay, along the coast with light on shore flow, temperatures warming but not as hot, 80s to about 90 along the bay, low 70s on the coast. >> reporter: it is going to be hot in pleasant hill, about 107. that's going to make this cooling center a very popular place. the temperatures are going to be hot, hot, hot, ten degrees warmer than yesterday just to give you an idea. there is the threat as a result of rolling black outs and
6:56 am
potential health concerns that come with that. diablo valley, much of contra costa will see the bulk of it. today will be very much the same story. thousands lost power yesterday in and around danville. customers, if they aren't careful, that can happen again. cal iso is urging people to turn the thermostat to 78 and not use any major appliances. try and conserve energy especially in the bulk hours in the afternoon and to instead lay low, try and cool your house this morning and in the evening hours, late evening hours, not the peak hours and just try and stay cool. if not, you've got cooling centers like the one behind me. emily turner, kpix5. >> reporter: i am justin andrews live in downtown san francisco. tonight's vote by cal osha
6:57 am
could clear the cloud of confusion some of you may have whether to wear your mask in the workplace or not. this comes as the board is expected to approve the decision tonight whether to have vaccinated workers, to have the same freedoms as when they do off the job. adoption of the rules allows vaccinated workers to remove face coverings while unvaccinated, you have to continue wearing masks. all workers must wear masks indoors as of now. if the board votes tonight on the guidelines, he will sign executive order to quickly clear any and all confusion. the maskless rules would apply in almost every workplace. we are talking offices, factories, even retail stores. we'll have to wait and see what the board decides tonight. three minutes before 7:00. time for a look at the other top stories. >> the governor will visit with
6:58 am
local business owners in alameda, will highlight the small business relief program. it invests additional 1.5 billion in covid-19 grants bringing the total to 4 billion. a final look at the big board, stocks have been open just under 30 minutes. the dow is down now more than 100 points. last week 412,000 americans filed for unemployment. today, san francisco fire department will honor a firefighter who passed away last week after fighting a large fire in a parking garage at sfo. we are told he suffered a medical emergency after returning home. president biden expected to sign a new bill into law making juneteenth also known as freedom day a new federal holiday. legislation passed anonymously in the senate. coit tower will welcome back visitors later this morning. it normally sees up to 1500 visitors a day but it's been closed for 15 months. the tower will be open from
6:59 am
10:00 to 6:00 every day. in santa rosa, crews working on a serious crash that's shut down between nova vine lane and hood house drive. one vehicle hit a power pole. try to avoid this. you have delays west bound as well. if you want to use public transit, a great day to do it. avoid delays at the bay bridge. a spare the air alert is in effect today. they recommend limiting driving, using public transit. your travel times if you are headed west bound 580, it's one of our busiest spots. highway 4 is not far behind that, 44 minutes antioch towards the east shore. >> thank you. thanks for watching kpix5 news this morning. the news continues all day on cbsn bay area. try to stay cool out there. cbs this morning is next.
7:00 am
we leave you with another shot of coit tower as it prepares to reopen. beware if you are heading there of good morning to our viewers in the west, and welcome to "cbs this morning." it's thursday, june 17th, 2021. i'm anthony mason with tony dokoupil. gayle king is off, so adriana diaz is with us. president biden's historic summit with vladimir putin ends with promises of cooperation but no breakthroughs. why it could take months for meaningful results to emerge. extreme heat in the west is putting millions in danger and threatening the power supply in several states. the urgent warnings from officials and how climate change is playing a part. first on "cbs this morning," a new lawsuit accuses the website


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