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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  June 18, 2021 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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new immunene twenty-fofour hours has longnger lastingng vitamin. plusus, herbal and otheher immune s supers. onlyly from natuture's bountn. now at 11:00, the sweltering heat is sticking around as we head into the weekend. when cooler weather will finally arrive. >> triple digit temperatures leaving homes all across the bay
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area in the dark. now a new call for conservation. >> what we're hearing from the brave neighbor who is jumped into action with flames quickly approaching a santa clara county home. >> my eyes were burning. tonight a shocking look at the attack on an elderly asian woman in san francisco as we learn why the suspect was recently released from custody. good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. >> and i'm mart mart. ken has the night off. now at 11:00, streaming on cbsn bay area, a live look outside on our warm night around the bay area after a day of record-breaking heat. >> we are seeing widespread power outages across the bay area tonight with the grid under enormous strain. you can see those dots indicating outages all over the region on pg&e's map, including more than 5,000 without power in the area of dublin and san ramon. we are live with team coverage. meteorologist darren peck in for paul heggen this evening, and darren, will we get any relief heading into the weekend? >> we're going to get about that
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much cooler tomorrow, liz. and it will feel better by the weekend. and by next week, it's like this never happened, but tomorrow is going to be almost as hot as today. so let's review. here's what we did today. we got up to 107, concord. 107, livermore. we saw temperatures at 107 in danville. we made it to 95 in downtown san jose. look at san francisco at 80. and as we go up to the north bay valleys, it was just as hot here. so starting on those north bay valleys. let me spotlight the heat advisory that stays in effect here until 9:00 tomorrow night. but watch what happens when we change the colors and it's a lot more intense for an excessive heat warning. this stays in effect until 9:00 tomorrow as well. those are for the inland valleys of the east bay, and just to give you a quick sneak peek overview, those are the daytime highs tomorrow. they are better. they're not a lot better, but they are at least a move in the right direction. i'll be back with better numbers than those in the seven-day forecast.
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>> we'll take the cooling trend, darren, thanks. andrea nakano continues our team coverage. she's in novato with more on the power concerns, andrea? >> reporter: yeah, the power gritd remained stable tonight sow zo they did not initiate power outages. this is a scene you'll see throughout the bay area tonight where one side has some lights, but if you go up the road here, it is completely pitch dark. you can see somebody walking down this road here with a flashlight, just trying to get to their car. pg&e is saying that these smault pockets of neighborhood that lost their power tonight, these are heat-related outages. >> it's just hot. >> reporter: temperatures soared into the high 90s in novato. the excessive heat forced the california independent system operator to issue a flex alert, asking people to conserve to take the pressure off the grids. >> what we try to do is open up the house early when it is cool and then shut everything down. and we have extra shades that
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kind of block out the heat, which really helps. >> we don't run a lot of power during the summer months, because we're not running air conditioning. >> reporter: michael and his daughter were trying to cool off with ice cream on this day. for many in novato, they've come to expect the potential for power outages. >> now it's a yearly thing that we anticipate. so you know, we'll get prepped and be prepared in case anything, you know, happens. >> reporter: pg&e did notify customers in alameda, contra costa, san francisco, solano, sonoma and marin counties tonight about possible rotating outages. between public safety power shutoffs and flex alert, many people have learned to prepare for days without power. >> we've tried to take some preemptive action so we have a solar system and a battery backup. so you know, we didn't want to go through this. >> we've gone and bought a generator, a couple honda generators. they're portable. we can run the refrigerator and
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dryer and washer off them. >> good to prepare. do we know tomorrow's flex alert, when it's going to begin, how long it will last? >> reporter: that's supposed to happen between 6:00 and 9:00 tomorrow. it is encouraged by people's ability to conserve tonight, but you may see pockets of the bay area without power tomorrow. >> andrea, thanks so much. >> now we turn to kpix 5's juliette goodrich live in pleasanton, one of the hottest spots in the bay area today, juliette? >> reporter: yes, and we're going to switch moods a little bit tonight, because yes, this was the hot spot during the day, and check out what we found -- the hot spot tonight. it was triple digits out here, and we found 70s happening inside. this group happy just to be out and about, no masks. doesn't seem like they care that it's hot outside. >> this pleasanton heat is -- it's tough. >> reporter: once sun set, the night was full of life downtown after a day of trying to stay cool. >> oh, i also jumped in the
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pool. >> pretty much stayed inside today until i knew we could come and sit inside a nice air conditioned restaurant. >> reporter: the evening breeze also helped. >> we actually came from the beach in central coast, and it's hotter there than it is here. >> hotter than they're used to. >> reporter: this group came from a day at the ballpark. >> drank a lot of water. >> yeah, drank a lot of water. >> sat in the shade at the game. >> yeah. >> enjoyed the giants winning. >> reporter: a fresh start to the summer heat wave, the wave in dublin is open. are you nervous to go down this, or it's all good? >> i'm good. >> reporter: all right, go for it. during last summer's heat wave, everything cool was closed. >> we're glad we got to this point where we could open things back up and do this again. >> reporter: and so are those who came here to beat the heat. >> we're actually, i live in manteca. it's 110 there. we took a 45-minute drive to get out of the heat. >> reporter: because it's cooler here? >> definitely. >> reporter: 104 only. >> only 104, and this water park is very nice.
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>> reporter: the heat goes on, or rather up, 104 to 106 by midafternoon in livermore. fans have been necessity and also fuses. back out here live in downtown pleasanton, and just take a look inside real quick, will you? think about this, a year ago things were closed down. people were wearing masks. and look at this. just this week the masks are off, there's no capacity, and well, it looks like people are getting their groove on. we'll send it back to you. >> all right, juliette. everybody's having a good time. well, our morning team will have the up-to-the-minute forecast and the latest on the power outages tomorrow starting at 4:30 a.m. . a small but intense fire in san jose destroyed two cars, left one man with burns, and it happened in just a matter of minutes. firefighters say this may be a sign of the aggressive fire season that could be coming. kpix 5's maria medina's in san jose with tonight's fire fight on the key and highway 101. >> reporter: residents say fires
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happen here every single year, but tonight's fire got dangerously close to this home, and it was also a close call for this entire neighborhood. when chris and brian spotted their neighbor desperately trying to save his home and cars from the flames -- >> i was like let me get you some water. >> reporter: -- they jumped into action. >> he had second-degree burns. it was bad. >> my eyes were burning. but do whatever you can to help i guess. >> reporter: but the fire spread quickly, burning their neighbor's cars and the fence he just built. luckily his home untouched. >> this fire moved very quickly. we were kind of lucky in that we were a few blocks away. >> reporter: san jose fire captain mitch says the drought-driven dry brush, high temperatures and wind intensified the speed of the flames. >> so we are seeing the kinds of fuel moistures right now that we would typically see in september or october. >> it's going to happen again on the other side. they don't do nothing, you know. every year the same thing. >> reporter: tonight residents
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say they've had enough. >> it's pretty frustrating but also kind of scary because, i mean, they have kids right here. i mean, it's every single year. i mean, this is the worst it's been. that's pretty bad. >> reporter: brian and chris, who also ran across the street to an elderly neighbor's home to water her yard, live just a few doors away from the fire. a close call they all say could have been prevented. >> we were able to help somewhat, so i mean that's all we can really be thankful for. >> reporter: the cause of the fire unknown. i also reached out to caltrans to ask if the agency owns the property behind the fence near the freeway. they're looking into it. in san jose, maria medina, kpix 5. taking a live look at san francisco where the suspect accused of stabbing a 94-year-old asian woman is set to be arraigned tomorrow. kpix 5 obtained surveillance video that shows how these sort of attacks are happening to people just going about their business, unprovoked. we want to warn you, it may be difficult to watch. that is ann taylor walking with a cane on post street in the
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tenderloin yesterday morning. in less than five seconds a man goes up to her, stabs her multiple times and then walks away like nothing happened. another woman who witnessed it turns the other way without helping. the victim's niece says she was stabbed straight through the wrist and elsewhere. she is recovering at sf general. the suspect, daniel cauich, has a lengthy criminal record. we asked the d.a. should he have been on the streets. >> we asked the court to detain him. it was our view and our written motion to the court that he should be detained. we made that argument to the court. >> but the judge granted cauich's release anyway. in the most recent charges against him, he's expected to face several charges including attempted homicide and elder abuse. still ahead, california has new rules for vaccinated workers tonight. we'll have a look at the dos and the don'ts. a live look at the white house where president biden has declared tomorrow a new federal
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holiday. plus, the drought is so severe in santa clara county tonight they are saving every drop possible. the strict new regulations.
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[announcement on pa] introducing togo's new cheese steak melt, featuring fresh artisan bread, layered with tender seasoned steak, sautéed mushrooms, roasted red peppers, and smothered with melty american cheese. the new cheese steak melt, now at togo's. [announcement on pa] how far would you go for a togo? looking live at san francisco. tonight all evacuation and shelter in place orders have been lifted after a gas leak.
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this afternoon firefighters responded to fifth avenue. they issued a shelter and place and evacuation orders before pg&e crews shut it off. by 7:30 all the orders were lifted, however, right now fifth avenue between cornwall and clement street is still closed for repairs. tonight it's official, state regulators say fully vaccinated people can soon ditch their masks in the workplace. today cal osha reversed their initial decision, which would have required masks if one person in the workplace was unvaccinated. the new rules are set to go in effect once the secretary of state signs off. here are some of the new guidelines -- employers can check an employee's vaccination status but not keep documentation in their records. the new guidelines also eliminate physical distancing requirements and most disinfecting requirements. happening tomorrow, the state's department of health is set to unveil a new digital covid-19 vaccination verification tool. the governor says it isn't
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exactly a vaccine passport but it will allow californians to show electronic proof that they are protected from the virus. we expect to learn more details tomorrow morning. looking live at the white house, today president biden signed into law a new federal holiday to honor juneteenth. it celebrates june 19, 1865, the day enslaved people in texas learned they were free. 94-year-old civil rights activist opal lee walked from ft. worth, texas, to capitol hill five years ago urging congress to act, and this week lawmakers finally did. >> i'm joyful. i'm humbled. i want to do a holy dance. >> california's recognized juneteenth as a holiday since 2003. now, it is not a paid day off for state workers yet, it will be for federal employees starting tomorrow. tonight one city in contra costa county is confronting a
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racist chapter in its history. antioch forced chinese americans out of the city in the 1870s. today the mayor issued a formal apology. >> whereas the chinese residents were forced out, chinatown was burned to the ground, today we as the city of antioch take a dose of humility by acknowledging our troubled past and seeking forgiveness. >> this is the first apology that's made by any government agency in the country, and i think it's a very courageous move. >> activists say they hope the city's apology will lead to reconciliation and more discussions about the city's past. record hot temperatures are crossing the water -- northern california's lake oroville to drop fast. if the lake dips another 60 feet in the next four months, it'll be forced to close its hydroelectric power plant for the first time in 54 years.
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water pumped from the facility generates enough electricity to power up to 800,000 homes. and the water shortage so bad in the south bay, city leaders in morgan hill plan to restrict water use up to 40%. that would mean no washing cars or driveways. homeowners could only water lawns twice a week. also banned, refilling ornamental fountain, ponds and lakes. and if you'd like a glass of water at a restaurant, you're going have to ask for it. >> tightening the belt every single week to account for this drought, darren. and on that note, how's this for a tie in, it is 11:17 at night, and the temperature in livermore is still 81 degrees. >> wow. >> ouch. >> i think that point probably drives home one of the less often cited concerns when you get into a heat wave. if you don't get a chance to cool off at night, that compounds the potential for
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heat-related stress, heat-related illness. now, thankfully, the morning low tomorrow in livermore, and concord, it's 80. not just livermore, all these places inland, contra costa, inland alameda county, where we saw the worst of the heat, the same places that have the excessive heat warnings, not just the gentler sounding heat advisories but the excessive heat warnings, these are all the places that should be taking that into consideration. good news is morning lows will get down into the low 60s tomorrow there. so you will get at least some relief. but taking a look at the map, that's the reason why these are the areas that are included in the excessive heat warning. those valleys in the north bay through sonoma county, napa county, it's a heat advisory. you should still take that serious, but it's not as intense as what we're seeing for the inland valleys of the east bay. so here are the morning lows. 63, all of a sudden sounds fantastic. a lot of yellow on that map. this could just as easily have been a forecast for daytime highs in winter, and it's the
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morning lows tomorrow. all right, let's get everybody's daytime highs on here for tomorrow. start out in the south bay. it's still hot. it's a couple of degrees cooler than today, but campbell, it's still 98 tomorrow. sunnyvale, 92. san mateo, heyward, mid-80s. you guys were in the 90s today. these numbers are about 5 degrees cooler than yesterday. we had 107 in concord today. 102 tomorrow. san ramon, 97. 103 livermore. numbers in the immediate by a look better because we were well into the 80s in the city. it will be a warm 76 in san francisco tomorrow. that's still warm in the city. 94 in kentfield. you broke a record today. and with 96 in santa rosa, it was 104 in santa rosa today, that shattered a record that stood for almost 100 years. so this has been impressive so far. and in mendocino, no help tomorrow, just about as hot at 104. and an interesting impact from having just a little bit of an onshore flow, a little bit of help from the marine layer.
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look at the daytime high today in half-moon bay, only 64. just two miles away it was 93. it's not the two miles that matters, it's the thousand feet in elevation. in other words, you do not have to go far inland to lose the beneficial effects of that marine layer, that's just that patch of air that sits down close to the very cold sea surface temperatures. water's in the 50s. if you get too high that you get above that marine layer in the air, you lose any benefit from it, and you can really see huge temperature differences just from going above it. in the hills, really make that note. by the way, the center of high pressure responsible for this heat wave, you see it spinning the atmosphere clockwise around it. it's going to try and throw some thunderstorm into the sierra over the next few days. that could lead to some isolated lightning strikes in the southern sierra. that's something to watch. but the other thing is, if you noticed it was hazy in the sky
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today at sunset, it was. we had that orange tinge if you were paying attention. you might subtly believe you might be smelling smoke. you are. a little bit of smoke from the fires in the desert southwest. and that flow has been funneling that smoke our way. we're still under spare the air conditions here. so you've got to go easy on, you know, filling up the gas tank at the appropriate times tomorrow and no burning and all that stuff. okay, where's the good news? early next week daytime highs come back down, believe it or not, below average. but it's going to stay hot until we get there. all right, dennis, over to you. >> darren, don't forget about that coastal fog in san diego. the u.s. open tees off down south, can phil make it two majors in a row? and the playe
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everybody from the top of the lineup on down is joining the giants party. case in point, the six, seven, eight hitters had eight of the giants 15 hits today. and when kevin gausman is
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pitching, who needs 15 hits anyway? two runs, eight innings against arizona. way back. way back. way back. tell it good-bye. his first home run as a giant, and the 100th for the bye-bye, baby bonanza. a fly ball to center field. remember, these are the diamondbacks. brandon bell scored his first career triple. up again in seven. flores, giants hand another beat down on the d-backs, 10-3. arizona set a major league record for their 23rd straight road loss. >> to anybody watching out there, i really appreciate you. it meant the world to me, especially considering how difficult of a season it's been for me personally, but you know, it means a lot.
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i really appreciate it. there are two leaders at the u.s. open, only one of them played 18 holes today in san diego. forcing a 90-minute delay, so some golfers did not finish. phil mickelson got the endorsement. now you see his ball, now you don't. phil shot a 4 over 75. rory mcilroy with a flop shot. must have that four leaf clover in his back pocket. that will roll in for a birdie. rory shot a 1 under 70. he's jacked out of his mind, just three back. defending champ bryson dechambeau, what a hack. a 2 over 73. bryson's bitter rival brooks koepka rolled in a putt on birdie on 17. tied for second at the pga championship, birdie 16.
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he's 4 under with two holes left when play was suspended because of darkness. tide atop the leaderboard with russell hanley. nba, can kd put the knicks on his back to close out milwaukee? follow the bouncing ball. the honest miss down low, but chris middleton grabs a loose ball, scores at the buzzer to end the third. he had 38. in the fourth, off the missed three, giannis says, get out the way. he scored 30, and the bucs won 104-89. they forced a game four saturday in brooklyn. and by the way, guys, they say this game seven in brooklyn will be the biggest game seven in brooklyn since 1956 world series. >> wow. >> even that is before my time. >> yeah. >> which is rare. >> barely. >> oh. >> barely, barely. >> oh, way before your time. >> thanks, dennis. a stray dog barely recognizable after a massive mess of
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finally tonight, a stray dog found in kansas city got an incredible makeover. >> and boy did he need it. take a look. you may not even know what this is at first glance -- >> it was me a week ago. >> dennis on vacation. all this massive matted hair is an 11-year-old shih tzu. it took two hours for staff members at the vet to shave off the little guy's hair. >> it was about 6.5 pounds of hair.
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i mean, just instant relief that he felt to be able to get all of that hair off. >> oh, good for him. >> oh yeah. >> he's so cute. that little face. >> i read that it kind of didn't smell very good either. >> i'm sure it probably wasn't that pleasant. >> how much did it cost? >> less than your haircut, dennis ththings may b be differene, but t at denny's's, one thing willll always reremain the s s. our r dedicationon to safelely serving g guests the foodod they loveve. and d hey... if y you love toto feed peopopl, wewe want you u to join ouour f. apply atat dennys.cocom toda.
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late show with stephen colbert is next. >> it is. thanks for watching us, the news continues, cbsn bay area. have a good night. - hi e everyone anand welcoe to the l legal help p cente. today we h have legall professisionals stananding y to ansnswer your q questions d giveve you a freree consultat.


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