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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5am  CBS  June 18, 2021 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> the east bay has been hit especially hard. >> a good place to be in dublin with that heat looking at another day at the tr-valley. a triple digit heat. that is the reason why excessive heat warnings remain in effect for east bay hills. tr-valley. the north bay mountains. heat advisories for the north bay or the south bay. you really have one more day of this dangerous heat inland. so the last day of our heat
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wave today. looking at cooler conditions in the upper 60s along the coast. we have unhealthy air quality for the east bay and the south bay. we'll talk more about the weekend forecast coming up and back to you. happening today from a statewide flex alert from 6:00 until 9:00 p.m. encouraging all of us to conserve power. sit the second one in two days. temperatures soaring in the triple digits. get spite the excessive heat, the power grid did remain stable. this is something. this weather and they are learning how to deal with it. >> now, it is yearly thing. we'll get prepped and be prepared in case anything happens. >> what we try to do is open up
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the house early. >> a live look now at the bay bridge. that spare the air alert still in effect this morning. let's get right to giana with your goal around. >> yeah, you're best bet is to use public transit. most agencies are getting rolling. limit your driving. use public transit and share rides. if you have an opportunity to carpool, that is a great idea. limit your outdoor u. use an alternate or lever a little bit
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later. and walnut creek police are investigating a shooting at a target store late last night. this video from that scene shows a car parked on and the driver's side covered. no word on whether whether a suspect has been caught. we'll bring you more updates as we get them. the board of directors will hold a special meeting and it could mean. the board of directors will seek to declare an emergency. with the future of that site still up in the air, the declaration could clear the way for the general manager to possibly lease temporary space or quickly get repairs done without the board's approval. the virtual meeting is scheduled to begin at 11:30 a.m. going to face a judge. police say he is a repeat criminal. the question this morning. why was he out of jail?
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kpix 5 is joining us live with san francisco with some of those answers. emily. certainly folks were frustrated. they know this man. why was he not still in jail. this is from when the stabbing happened. we edited it so the worst isn't showing out of consideration for you and also for consideration for the woman herself. now, a 35-year-old suspect is accused of stabbing ann taylor in an unprovoked attack yesterday. the man you see has been in and out of jail for years. he was arrested last month for burglary. so why was he still on that street? >> we asked the court to detain them. it is our view and our written motion that he should be detained. we did not think he was safely released. we made that argument to the
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court. >>ty judge did grant release any way. as for the 94-year-old victim, she is recovering at this moment. now t suspect is in jail. he is set to be arraigned at 9:00 this morning. we'll bring you the latest with regards to that and see exactly what happened. reporting live from san francisco, emily turner, kpix5. to the coronavirus now. a an emergency meeting of vaccine at visors and the cdc has been rescheduled because of the juneen whyteenth holiday. it has set off a scramble as states close their government offices. today's meeting wants to discuss possible side effects of the pfizer and moderna vaccines of people 30 and younger. santa clara will celebrate the first juneteenth. the county was the first in the state to pass a resolution for the holiday commemorating the emancipation of slaves in the u. s. and in san francisco, mayor london breed will open
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the monumental reckoning art installation in golden gate park today in honor of juneteenth. on the road to recovery, the state's department of health is set to unvail a new digital covid-19 vaccination verification tool today. the governor says it isn't exactly a vaccine passport. it will allow californians to show electronic proof they are protected from the virus. we'll learn more details. it is official state regulators say fully vaccinated people can ditch masks in the workplace. cal osha reversed its initial decision which would have required masks if one person once the secretary of state signs off. here are some guiden why lines employees can check a vaccination status but not keep documentation in their records. new guidelines eliminate physical distancing requirements and most
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disinfecting requirements as well. this weekend, the longest- running music festival in the bay area is making a big comeback. the kick-off concert is this sunday night. our justin andrews joins us live from the festival grounds with what we can expect to see this sunday and throughout the summer. justin, good morning. god morning. i am standing on the stage where these performers will be. people are excited. stern grover, it has been on a brief pause because of the pandemic. this morning, joining the marketing director, audrey. you have to brighten early this morning. darken early. how are you feeling this morning? >> well, you know, i couldn't sleep anyway. i was so excited to be here and so excited to open this weekend. we are beyond thrilled to finally come back and to have san francisco reopen and have these amazing artists on our stage. and we just couldn't be happier. i am here, i am good. >> we love music. we love the outdoors. talk to us about the season.
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very exciting; right? >> our headliners -- we have grammy award-winners. we have platinum of selling artists. we have global headliners. rock and roll hall of famer. we are jampacked with amazing talent. starting off this weekend, you're going to be with us juneteenth, father's day. we have to have a bay area line- up, and it is going to be just topnotch all across the board. >> so we know there are a lot of changes. we'll get into that later in the newscast. you said you all spent a lot of hard work in making sure this coming to life really in a short amount of time. >> we just got approval about a month ago. that is a short runway to pull this off. we knew that could happen. we did everything we could do. when they said go, we started running. we are here. >> there is one big change. i know you are going to talk about that later. you have to reserve a spot this year. how can people do that? >> so you go to our website. sterngrove. org and every concert page has a preservation button and
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preservations open 12 days before each show auto2:00 p.m. we already have the first two shows up that we have the sap francisco symphony going up on tuesday at 2:00 p.m >> audrey is excited. make sure you reserve that ticket online. it is free. free music. free outdoors. i'll send it back to you guys. justin andrews, kpix5. >> love that sense of normality. it is going to be a fun weekend. >> it is. >> looking forward to hearing more details. justin, thank you much. flames burn along a bay area freeway. next on kpix five and streaming on cbsn. the quick-thinking mayor with who jumped into action to protect his home. and excessive heat warnings and heat advisories inland. i'll let you know when we
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finally cool things down coming up. and it is a slow-ride along 880 as you work your way into freemont. a traffic alert has lanes blocked. we'll have details. and we will take a live look outside. a view from our salesforce camera looking south this friday morning. yes,s, it is
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welcome back on this friday morning. we are looking at another hot day inland with heat advisories. excessive heat warnings. highs into the 90s with triple digits. around the bay in the mid to upper 70s to low 80s. cooler along the coast in the upper 60s. a slight cool-down as we look to our weekend. much cooler and relief in sight as we look to next week. lynn? >> mary, thank you. a small but intense fire in san jose left one man with burns and destroyed two cars yesterday in just a matter of minutes. that fire began near the offramp coming close to a couple of homes. winds fanned the flames as it spread. two brothers saw a neighbor. >> let me get you some water. he had second degree burns. it was pretty bad. >> you couldn't see anything. my eyes were burning.
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do whatever you can to help, i guess. >> this fire moved very quickly. we were kind of lucky in that we were a few blocks away. neighbors every year. whoever owns the property doesn't maintain the brush. we called cal trans to see whether they own the land. they say they are looking into it. the cause of the fire is still unknown. despite the heat and fires this week, there are no red flag warnings in the bay area. however, they are in effect along parts of the sierra and further north. remember, you can find more on the heat warnings. all of the cooling centers and power updates online at turning now to our drought coverage. record hot temperatures in butte county causing the water level to lake watervill text drop quickly. if the lake dips another 60 feet over the next few months, it will be forced to close its hydroelectric power plant for the first time in 54 years. water generates enough
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electricity. the drought is also enforcing tough new water restrictions and parts of the south bay. morgan hill city leaders declared a level two water supply shortage last night. the mandatory cutback of up to 40% means no washing cars or driveways or refilling ordinary reason mental fountains, ponds, and lakes. homeowners can only water their lawns two days a week and only in the morning or late at night. and restaurant patrons will only be served water if they specifically ask for it. lawns will get brown and some plants won't die but they'll get brown as well. they won't look as nice as they would otherwise. >> people in nevado meantime will see their water rates increase by 6% beginning july 1s. the north marin water district board voted unanimously to hike prices affecting around 19,000 homes and 1200 businesses. to check conditions and restrictions in your areas, using your zip code just head to our special drought section on all right. let's take another check on our weather forecast with mary
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because we finally have some relief on the way. >> it is coming. we are looking at temperatures by next week back to down where we should be for this time of year. we're going to start that downward progression with our temperatures as we look to our weekend. i want to get to the latest drought information. we have been talking about just how bad it is. we have an exceptional drought. the very worst drought category for the north bay. the east bay. the tri valley as well as for san francisco county and an extreme drought for the peninsula as well as for the south bay. that is the second worst drought. category. and it is only going to get worst as we look to the rest of our summer. into the early fall. here is a look with our san francisco camera. you can see golden colors in the sky. you can see plenty of sunshine. and temperatures in the mid 50s to mid 60s. it is a warm start to our day. let's get right to our heat advisories. excessive heat warnings for today. looking at heat advisories in orange. still for the north bay and for
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the south bay, excessive heat warnings for the east bay hills, east bay interior valleys as well as for the north bay mountains. all the under excessive heat warnings due to dangerously hot temperatures. looking at 93 for a high in the south bay and san jose. 103 in concord. 100 in fairfield. fairfield, you topped out 110 degrees yesterday. still looking at triple digit heat for many locations inland. 99 close to 100 in santa rosa. now, around the bay, mid to upper 70s to low 80s, and along the coast in the upper 60s. so cooler along the coast. and spare the air alert has been extended with unhealthy air quality for sensitive groups for the east bay and the south bay. moderate for the north bay, the coast, and for the peninsula. that heat wave continues.
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another hot day inland. a will usher in that you stronger ocean breeze. that means much cooler temperatures by next week right around where we should be. and as we take our hour. by-hour. you see mostly sunny skies as we head throughout the day. we will see that sunshine as we head through our weekend. now, let's show you what to expect with our hour-by-hour temperature forecast. another hot day inland as we look to tomorrow morning. starting off our day with temperatures in the 50s to low 60s. and as we head through the day, for your saturday afternoon, looking at temperatures just a bit cooler. it is still going to be hot inland in the upper 80s to low to mid 90s inland around the bay. upper 60s and the 70s. and cooler along the coast in the low ever 0s. as we look to father's day on sunday, for the coast, mid ever 0s there. looking at right around the bay in the 70s. low 70s and inland into the low 90s for those high temperatures inland. so there we go, as we cool it down for a weekend, but
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especially into next week. it is going to be feeling so much nicer. a lot more comfortable for next week with these temperatures near normal. all right. let's check in with giana for the latest on the traffic alert this morning. yeah, we're monitoring this trouble spot, mary, along 880 as you work your way around union city. an update. only the left lane is open. everything is shut down except for one lane. traffic is very slow. we are seeing speeds dipping down 15 miles through there. still no word as when lanes will open. you have the tow truck stuck in that as well. give yourself some extra minutes. we are tracking brake lights. it is getting busy. if you are coming from the 580
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to 205 connector. it is good news. friday. a little lighter. you still have a few breaklights heading towards that exit. once you are past that point, everything is clear. if you are getting on to 680. 680 is clear in both directions. i want to update you to a surface street drawing. there is a broken down rv stuck near that intersection, and it is causing a bit of a back-up there on surface streets as you head through there. if you are headed towards 880, and you take experion, you might see some breaklights. not affecting 880 itself. seeing a lot of green as far as travel times. if you are heading out the door and taking 80, westbound from highway 4 only 13 minutes for your compute commute. no delays on the bridge. things are pretty quiet over towards the peninsula. and there is another spare the air alert. keep that in mind and take public transit if you can. alaska airlines going to extra air mile. the airline has decked out one of its air buss in rainbow
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colors. the carrier is featuring special pride month movie selections including milk and cabaret. i'm kidding. see if you are paying attention on this friday. >> i was about to correct you. thank you for keeping us on our toes. live cabaret. still ahead on kpix5 and streaming. off to the races, a tradition returning to the fairgrounds with the new covid twist. and coming up at 7:00 on cbs this morning, how long the sweltering conditions will last statewide. plus a push for more leave. and emotional interview with legendary drummer. we'll be right back. meanwhile, scary ws for peloton users. some peloton machines have a dangerous flaw that could enable hackers to invisibly and remotely gain control of the bikes. this could be bad. all right, you guys. let's take the resistance up to
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35 and just for kicks, everybody shout out their social security numbers. you are lacking. better give me your
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5:35. obamacare. the supreme court decision straight ahead. and stern grover festival
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this is kpix 5 news. bay area. scorching heat sticking around this morning. but what about through the weekend? your forecast in just a moment. >> plus waking up to the newest federal holiday. what president biden just signed into law from the white house. and a summertime favorite returns to san francisco. we are live with everything you need to know about the free stern grove festival. good morning, it is friday, june 18th. i'm lynn keys. >> i'm in for michelle.
5:30 am
a statewide flex alert has been issued and a spare the air alert has been extended. the good news? no red flag warning. even better news. relief the on the way. how soon until that cool-down. >> it is coming eventually. a hot day today. slightly cooler for our weekend. next week, we have that to look forward to. much cooler air with that ocean breeze kicking in for us. now, for today, sit going to be another hot one inland. we are talking excessive heat warnings. heat advisories inland once again as we head through our day and checking out just how hot it will get. concord, another day of triple digit heat. 103 in concord. 103 in livemoore. 99. close to triple digit heat in santa rosa. around the bay, mid to upper 70s and low 80s and cooler along the coast in the upper 60s along the coast. speaking of the spare the air alert that has been extended into today looking at the east
5:31 am
day bay and the south bay. air quality unhealthy for sensitive groups. moderate air quality for the north bay, the coast, and for the peninsula. we'll talk about our weekend forecast and how cool it will get into next week coming up. let's get the latest on the traffic alert this morning. good morning. southbound 880. we are seeing you extra slow as you shed through there there. if you are planning on taking mass transsit, probably a good idea. right now. if possible, share the ride.
5:32 am
carpool with a friend or family member. if you are heading on the passage area toward westbound 580. we have those break lights building out of tracey. the man accused of stabbing an asian woman is set to be arraigned on a list of charges including attempted murder. 35 yearly is ayou caused of stabbing ann taylor. he has been out of jail for years. last month, he was arrested for burglary. a lot of people are questioning why was he still out on the street. we asked the da (we asked the court to detain him. it was our view that he should be detained. we did not think he was safe to be relossed. we made that argument to the court. >> but a judge granted his release in the most recent charges against him. as for the 94-year-old victim, family members say she is recovering this morning. the scott peterson case back in court. late they are morning, there is
5:33 am
going to be a hearing in san matteo superior court for a motion to appoint council. last month, he is suffering from extreme moverlity and ask that he be appointed by an attorney. state prosecutors say they will not speak the death penalty a second time. and has seen a dramatic spike in cases of covid-19. in the week leading up to the summit, cases increased tenfold. the spike came after an influx of visitors to the area with tourists flocking to beaches and those involved in g-7 preparations. today, vice president kamala harris is set to wrap up her countrywide vaccination tour. it comes to a close as the biden administration tries to hit its goal of partially vaccinating 70% of u.s. adults by the 4th of july. meantime, back here in the bay area, up marin county just closed its last mass
5:34 am
vaccination site. the site opened up in february and administered 60,000 doses. and san francisco summer concert series at stern grove is returning this weekend. >> and this year, the festival is welcoming one of the its biggest and most musically diverse line-ups to date. our justin andrews is live from the festival grounds. it looks like a lot of these employees have bay area ties. tell us who is kicking things off on sunday? >> oh, yeah, they really are. they are kicking things off and i'll be kicking things off because i am going to be cohosting on sunday. let us see as a big headliner this weekend. this is really a big weekend. it is juneteent h weekend. we have problem joining me. first of all, a huge line-up. a huge variety of artists. let's talk about these headlines that are making their way. after a year of isolation, we are so excited to be back. we have our most star-studded
5:35 am
line-up. let's talk about this has headliners. we have some big names here. >> it is crazy. we have 20201 gloomy winners. we have thundercat. we have tower of power. fits in the tantrums and joan jet and the black hearts. we end the season with oakland too short. we start with grammy legacy. we are talking about a lot of bay area artists who are either born here or raised here. let's talk about the importance of having these local artists here to perform to the locals. that is a really important part of our mission. ever since we started stern grove festival, we have had local artists and musicians. it is really important for us to get those folks back up and working again. 84 years stern grove has been here. after this brief pause on last year because of the pan chemic. let's talk about how exciting you are as the executive
5:36 am
director to have this come back for live music performances. >> i couldn't be more excited. it is just such an honor to serve this and bring the music back to the people. and i think that we need this. i think gathering people together is healing for san francisco and people of the bay area. and it is just part of the reopening. it is thrilling. >> thrilling. it is very hilling. and a lot of us are stuck inside. we couldn't have enjoyed live performances. this is really exciting for a lot of people to enjoy these live performances. be sure we make that reservation online. bealso -- there are also some changes because of the pandemic. we'll talk about that in the next half hour. i'll send it back to you all inside the studio. >> and you left off that part as he kicked off the festival sunday. >> i think he signed up to do so. the time is now 5:36.
5:37 am
and coming up next. juneteenth officially signed into law. >> all americans can feel the power of this day and learn from our history. >> how you can celebrate right here in the bay area today. and we aring looing at another hot day inland. 90s to triple digit heat. heat warnings and heat advisories still in effect today inland. and for around the bay, in the mid to upper 70s to low 80s. cooler along the coast in the upper 60s. we'll talk about when we get some big relief from this heat. and chp is working to clear a traffic alert. looks like lanes are opening up. still pretty busy on 880. details coming right up. lest give you a live look before we head to break. this morning, a beauty shop for you. we are just waking up. it is 5:37. we'll be right back.
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with s sleep 3 only from m nature's bountyy the time is now 5:40. a popular auto show is returning in person. the change is taking place so you can attend. plus, why this is the best time to buy some gold. preston has more in today's money watch report live from the new york stock exchange. good mornings to you. and good morning, lynn. obama care has survived another legal major legal challenge. dismissed a third effort to dismantle the act. the court ruled 7-2 that texas along with other republican-
5:41 am
lead states and two individuals have no right to bring their lawsuit in federal court. the state centered around the law's individual handdate to buy health insurance or pay a fine. gold is down sharply despite widespread concerns about inflation. the price per ounce fell blow $1,800 yesterday. gold is headed for its worst week since march, 2020. precious metals are commonly sense seen as a hedge against rising prices. experts say inflation needs to be above 4% for the effect to be noticeable. the auto show will return to the detroit area next year. there will be few changes including stronger displays and more infamous on experiencing vehicles and technology outside. this year's event is taking place in a racetrack in pontiac. it was canceled last year due to the coronavirus. >> there is an extra reason to
5:42 am
stay on the couch this father's day. why is that? 78% of women and 68% of men accept dad board of directors. those numbers are up. the study spearheaded by planet fitness found it goes beyond physical traits. more in three in five americans agree that men with dad board of directors have happier marriages. lynn, i saw on instagram a picture of a man kin with a dad board of directors circulating on social immediate -- dad bod circulating. >> i saw the same thing. he had a little belly which ily the is pretty accurate for a lot of us these days. i am rocking the dad bod proudly. >> especially during covid. >> yes. >> it is acceptable; right? >> all right. thank you so much. we'll we'll see you at 6:30 when the stock market opens up. a live look at the white
5:43 am
house. and it is the day that commemorating the end of slavery in the u. s. by making juneteenth a federal holiday. >> all americans can feel the power of this day and learn from our history. >> celebrated on june 19th. it marks the day in 1865 when enslaved. and juneteenth is the first new federal established since martin luther king jr., day back in 1983. a more complete picture of our past. there is a possibility for us to ask new questions. to raise new issues, and to move in new directions as a nation. >> and to celebrate juneteenth, amc is hosting the first ever black picture showcase starting today through june 24th. four bay area theaters will be
5:44 am
featuring a selection black- lead films. they include amceast gentlemen of the jury ridge. and 20 in santa clara. and pay street 16 in emoryville. tickets are only $5. taking a live look right now from our exclusive sales force tower camera. the cargo volume at the port of oakland is at an all-time high for this time high. and more than a million 20-foot containers from january through may. if it continues at that pace, its annual cargo volume could surpass 2.6 million boxes for the first time ever. all right. back to the heat wave. we have been saying it since wednesday, and we are saying it again. be glad you are not in socal. palm springs. almost broke a record. the national weather service reported is 24 degrees. which would have been the hottest day ever recorded. shortly after it scaled back that report by one degree. and back here in the bay
5:45 am
area, folks in the north bay won't have to question the temperature. santa rosa is handing out free weather radios at santa rosa high. and fe manyaa is covering the cost. and it is now 5:45. mary lee has check of the forecast. some relief is coming, but not quite yet. >> yeah. i just got to wait a bit here. we are looking at another hot day today. we going to see those cooler temperatures back down to where we should be. we'll talk about this in just a moment. here is a live look from our mark hopkins hotel camera. we look to san francisco and across the bay. those golden colors in the sky with our sunrise this morning. temperatures in the mid 50s to mid 60s at this hour. so concord after topping into the triple digits yesterday. you're looking at a warm start. 67 degrees right now in concord. oakland at 59. 67 for you in livemoore.
5:46 am
you hit the triple digits yesterday as well. looking at 57 in downtown san francisco. and san jose. let's get right to the heat advisory. excessive heat warnings in effect once again for today. east bay hills. the east bay spear interior valleys. all under excessive heat warnings. looking for heat advisories for the north bay and the south bay. and 93 in san jose this afternoon. and looking at 103 in concord. and fairfield yesterday. 110 degrees. brutal heat. in livemoore. another day of triple digit heat for you at 102. around the bay. mid to upper 70s and low 80s. cooler along the coast in the upper ever 0s. that spare the air has been
5:47 am
extended for today. and moderate air quality for the rest of the bay area. and for today, the rest day for our heat wave. you have to get through today. you can see temperatures still hot as we look for our weekend. that downrd what progression for the next several days. by next week, we are going to see highs near normal back to where we should be for this time of year. that heat wave continues today with those hot temperatures inland all because of that strong ridge of high pressure over the desert southwest. that ridge of high pressure moves a little bit further away from us and a low pressure system sets up offshore. next week, we're going to see cooler temperatures. soa lo more. a lot more comfortable for us. relief is in sight. you can see mostly sunny skies today. and we looking at sunshine for our week ahead. now, let's show you what to expect with the sunrise at
5:48 am
55:47 and sunrise at 8:04. another. temperatures in the 50s and low 60s. just a little bit cooler. now, still hot in the upper 80s to low to mid 90s inland. around the bay, upper 60s and into the 70s. and low to mid 70s along the coast. so for father's day on sunday, a good reminder for you along the coast looking at mid 60s cool with that fog and the low to mid 70s around the bay and mid to upper 80s to low 90s inland on sunday as we celebrate our dads. okay, so that cool-down for the weekend, and especially looking ahead to next week. and let's check in with gianna for the latest on that traffic alert. yeah, it is turning out to be a busy friday drive. if you are headed along 1:01, we are getting word of a second traffic alert at southbound 101 around redwood city as you work your way around marsh. a pick-up truck and a vehicle in crash. one did hit the center divide. injuries reported in this
5:49 am
incident. they only have two lanes open through there. those three left lanes are shut down until further notice. seeing traffic starting to back up in that area as you let o on that southbound side. use el camino real. that early traffic alert has been completely cleared off the throeway. we're still seeing some slower speeds as you come away from 92. the san mateo bridge exit toward that area. looking a little bit better. just a little bit busy and crowded. very break lights in the pass as you head out of tracey. it looks like they start right at that 580, 205 connector. not as far back. that is good news. you'll get just a bit of a break. no crashes. pretty much from northland towards the dublin interchange. look at the travel times still in the green. only 30 minutes to go from 205 towards 680. our major freeways such as highway 4 and 80 all looking
5:50 am
good. if you are headed on 80 westbound. give yourself 14 minutes. if you are headed towards the bay bridge. things are very quiet. no delays or issues as you work your way to the east bay. there is the spare the air alert in effect once again today. skip the roadways. use public transit. 31 trains right now on time for bart. back to you. >> oh my gosh. >> that was a fairly calm reaction considering. the teenager has seen so many sharks in santa barbara county. he knows them individually by tags and markings. the sharks are teenagers as well. the area is known as a nursery habitat for them. young preditors are much more interested in fish and stingrays than they are in us. >> but do you trust them to keep their interest in fish and stingrays. >> i would not. because i don't know them that we element but apparently he says he does. so there you government. >> have to stay on land next
5:51 am
time you hit the beach. >> 5:50 is the time. coming up next and streaming on cbsn bay area. this might put a bit of a dent in your summer plans. what is leading to a bike shortage nationwide. here is a live look outside of the richmond bridge. pretty quiet on this friday. coming up today, all the drew barrymoore show actress. and an olympic snow border jamie anderson. join. that is all today
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temperatures as we head through the day to the 90s and triple digits inland !err! the bay. the mid to upper 70s. cooler in the coast in the upper 60s. we'll let you know when the inland locations will get that much-needed relief from the heat coming up in a few minutes. caltrans wants to hear from you if you have used the bike and pedestrian path. and the e provements finished over the last few years. it is removed. >> and the recycling boom sparked. it isn't slowing down. research firm found sales between december of 2020 and
5:55 am
february grow 55% compared to the same time during the prior year. local shop owners say the cost of raw materials along with the price to ship bikes are driving the increase. electric bikes are seeing a major spike in sales. >> there is craigslist. >> or groupon; right? >> yeah. the time is now 5:55. a fire sparks just off the freeway. >> people that live around that area say they are not surprised in our next hour on kpix5. and fires on this specific patch of land have become a yearly occurrence. . and a man with a wrap sheet a mile long has been accused of stabbing a 94-year-old woman. how did this happen and what will happen to him now?
5:56 am
that story just ahead. and i might be a couple of days early, but i am hanging on stage waiting for the crowd to arrive for the stern grove festival to kick off this weekend. we have everything you need to know coming up next. and here say live lock outside before we head to break. and we have a treat for you. come look at the screen if you are not. a beautiful sunrise on this friday. you can see the pyra
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right now on kpox, streaming on cbsn bay area another day of excessive heat. relief sawn the way. when the cool-down will begin. a stabbing suspect going back to court. this is not his first run-in with the law. the question this morning. why wasn't he already in jail?
6:00 am
live with an exclusive first look. good morning. it is friday, june 18th. >> it is friday. >> take a live look in oakland. and that dangerous heat continuing into the third day. and once again issue a statewide flex alert from 6:00 to 9:00 tonight. encouraging all of us to conserve power. in the north bay, many have come to expect this kind of weather and are learning how to deal with it. >> and anything happens. >> the spare the air alert has been extended through today. computers are encouraged to car pool, take public transit or work from home if possible. let's get right to mary lee with the cool-down coming. >> it is coming eventually for


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