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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  June 21, 2021 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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>> you can hear confusion and warnings to hide from the gunman. at the time they had no idea cassidy was committing what would be the bay area's deadliest mass shooting. >> michelle, we have shots fired in building b at guadelupe. >> yelled from building b to call the police. >> 85. someone shooting outside the door. >> santa clara sheriffs deputies and san jose police entered a vta building about five minutes after cassidy opened fire and found him dead. he had turned a gun on himself. it is unclear why cassidy carried out the attack. the long time vta employee had been investigated by the agency for insubordination and verbal
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altercation with a co-worker. we are learning about details about a deadly shooting that left hundreds running for cover at lake merit. roughly 5,000 people were on lakeshore avenue when gunfire erupted. surveillance captured the moment the sounds of gunfire sent a huge crowd into a panic. some people jumped or were pushed into the lake to avoid gun shots. officers are searching for motives saying it is unclear if they were shooting at each other or at another group. >> gun shots, pop, pop, pop. bullets hit the ground five feet away from me. >> i didn't want to be trampled so i ducked behind the port o potty over there. it was the crowd that was more dangerous. it was a stampede so to speak. >> the shooting injured six people. police will be giving an update on the investigation sometime
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later this morning. on the fire watch, in the past hour, we learned the wildfire burning near big sir has grown to nearly 2400 acres. containment stands at 0%. afternoon winds fueled the flames. the fire is burning uphill in very rugged dry terrain making it a very challenging fire fight. fire crews are attacking flames with drops from planes and helicopters. they've been strategizing on forming containment lines. no structures have burned. power restored in danville after another pge outage left residents in the dark for hours. it was first reported around 8:00 p.m. affecting 3500 customers. no word yet on the cause. more than 50,000 customers were without power saturday night in alameda county as well. coronavirus has been slowed but not stopped. vaccination rate declined in u.s. prompting fears of a fall
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resurgence of covid-19. laura podesta has the latest on the pandemic. >> reporter: summer is officially underway and coronavirus restrictions have been eased in much of the u.s. >> as weather warms, people may be going to air conditioning. that's why everybody needs to be vaccinated. >> reporter: more than 65 of the country's adults have received at least one dose, that's shy of the july 4th goal of 70% and experts say it might not be enough to prevent resurgence in the fall. >> the variant could win this race if we do not increase the proportion of people in the state who are fully vaccinated. >> reporter: demand for vaccines has fallen in recent weeks. in some places in new york, that's because most people have their shots. other states are lagging behind putting folks at risk. >> mississippi, alabama,
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arkansas, missouri show up surges. >> reporter: scott gottlieb says the delta variant is driving current spread. >> it doesn't appear more pathogenic but it is infecting people more easily. >> reporter: he suggested new strategies are needed to get people vaccinated including offering shots at schools, work places, doctors' offices. >> the worrisome delta variant of the virus first detected in india has been found in 42 states so far. police are looking for two suspects in yet another walgreens robbery. it happened at 7:00 last night in the west portal area in san francisco. employees say the armed men were in the store ten minutes and wearing masks. walgreens says the stores average four times more thefts than any other store in the country. this is after san francisco police busted another suspect tied to a string of brazen drug
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store thefts. the latest happened at hate and webster street saturday morning. police found a 40-year-old allegedly trying to clear shelves of cosmetics into a duffle bag. the contra costa county board of supervisors set to consider a plan to extend eviction moratorium to september 30. the clock is ticking for thousands of bay area residents as current eviction moratorium is set to expire in less than two weeks. live at oakland where there is a new survival plan for a college facing closure. mills college could merge with northeastern university in boston to keep the campus open. it had previously planned to close by 2023 due to financial woes and falling enrollment. the plan would end the tradition of only enrolling women in undergraduate programs. the deal is still in the works.
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4:39. >> coming up on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, a former kpix anchor creates a display at the site where a former slave owner was once celebrated. where you can find it, next.
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what if f you could d push a bun anand less cararbon would de put t into the a air. if there w was a buttoton that d helplp you use l less energy, breaththe cleaner air, and eveven take onon climatate change..... would yoyou press itit?
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a powerful art display at golden gate park near a monument that honored francis scott key. he authorized star spangled banner but also owned slaves. historians are questioning and whether it truly reflects our diverse population. >> in the framework of the 21st century and even 20th century, post civil rights movement, absolutely not. >> a former kpix anchor and sculpt i created an installation that surrounds the former monument. each figure is representing a captive on board the ship to arrive in our country more than 400 years ago. wood prices are falling fast but are higher than before
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the pandemic. american airlines will have to cancel many flights in the coming weeks. wall street futures navigating choppy waters after the dow's worst week since october. friday the dow sank 533. nasdaq fell nearly 131 and s&p 500 dropped 55. american airlines appears has been caught off guard by sudden resurgence of air travel. the carrier canceled hundreds of flights siting staffing and maintenance issues. daily cancellations are likely to continue through july. it will try to notify passengers as far in advance as possible. wood prices are falling faster than you can say timber. the cost has dropped more than 40% since peaking at $1,700 per thousand board feet in may. the cost has been hovering around $900 which is still more than double prepandemic price.
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that's your cbs money watch report. for more head to a new financial strategy by disneyland could soon price out thousands of loyal fans. a study finds the happiest place on earth is way too expensive for families earning incomes of less than $75,000. park tickets are $200 per person and a hotel stay hovers 400 to $800 a night. >> we usually stay closer to the entrance but this time we booked a little bit farther because the prices have gone up. >> since disneyland reopened in april, some visitors say they feel short changed since price of admission has excluded big attractions like fireworks, parades, and shows. mary lee has that monday forecast for us. >> good morning. if it was too hot yesterday
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when we had all that heat, we will cool it down this week with that ocean breeze that we know and love kicking back in for us. here is a live look. you see the clouds in the sky, areas of fog along the coast and around the bay. we are in the mid to upper 50s at this hour. as we head through our afternoon, we will catch clearing for most of us. you can see light conditions as we start our day with current wind speeds. the delta breeze is in effect in fairfield at 28 miles per hour. here is what you can expect. daytime highs near average for this time of year, 63 in pacifica, 67 in san francisco, 71 in oakland later today, a daytime high of 81 in the south bay for you in san jose, 83 concord, 86 livermore. for the north bay, topping out at 80 for santa rosa.
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upper level low offshore ushering in that stronger sea breeze. ocean breeze returns and that's why we are talking about cooler temperatures. hour by hour on futurecast, you see clouds pulling back for the coast, clouds in the afternoon along the coast but sunshine for most of the bay area. as we look to tomorrow morning, we could see a little bit drizzle as that low pressure system pushes inland. we are looking at the chance for morning drizzle to start our day. temperatures will be a bit cooler as we look to your tuesday and for your wednesday. i am tracking futurecast winds and you can see that westerly flow as we go through today with that sea breeze. our sunrise is at 5:48 and sun set at 8:35. daytime highs taking you hour by hour with our temperature forecast and again where we should be for this time of year. as we look to tomorrow morning, looking at temperatures in the mid to upper 50s to low 60s and in the afternoon, a little bit cooler. you will notice that difference inland for tomorrow afternoon.
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here is the extended forecast and what you can expect. we are looking at the morning drizzle especially along the coast for tomorrow and for wednesday with that low pressure system. as we look to the rest of the week, we will start to warm things up by the end of our work week and especially looking ahead to our weekend, highs back into the 90s inland by saturday and sunday. let's check with gianna. how are the roadways on this monday morning? good morning. they're a little bit busy as you head towards altamont pass but that is our slowest spot. no accidents. that's good news if you are taking west bound 580 and you are a super commuter. usual stuff out of tracy getting onto 580. you will get a break after north flynn and no delays towards the dublin interchange. checking travel times west bound 580, 205 towards dublin interchange, a 32 minute community.
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west bound 80 from hercules, that will take you 13 minutes. san jose to sfo36 minutes for your travel time. it's been quiet out of the east bay as you head west into san francisco across the upper deck. things are moving at the limit. same for the golden gate bridge, pretty easy ride from the richmond san rafael bridge to san francisco. that will take you about 15 minutes. if you are up early making the ride out of hayward, 13 minutes 880 towards 101. nice speeds north bound 101 out of san jose. >> thank you. the oldest music festival in san francisco bay area is back. >> the 84th annual festival kicked off yesterday. they sound good.
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stern grove festival brings the city ten free concerts featuring a mix of popular headliners, rock-n-roll hall of famers, grammy award winners and rising new stars. after a virtual season this year returns with a full slate of in person events and it kicked off with a headline performer from the 2021-grammy award winner. >> nothing but blessings. we are healthy. we have a happy little baby. we are with our family and everybody is enjoying the reopening. >> looks like so much fun. yesterday was the first day and the event was sold out. doing a little salsa dancing. >> a little shimy action. still ahead, why one article is calling san francisco giants the best team in baseball and the close call for oakland a's against the yankees. dennis has the baseball break
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down after the break. a live look outside before break at the
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now at togo's. [announcement on pa] how far would you go for a togo? welcome back on this monday morning. it's 4:52. as we head through the day with the pacific ocean breeze, we will cool it down. we are looking at daytime highs back to where we should be, 80s this afternoon, 83 concord and around the bay 71 for oakland. here is dennis with sports. good morning. giants haven't lost a series in over a month. it seems like everybody is in a good mood, even the umpire.
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what's up? good. happy father's day if you are a dad. happy father's day. i know you got kids. two run shot, a batter later, flores goes national back to back jacks, giants up 3- 0 just like that. philly got two back but giants kept hitting. going to the garden, team leading 16th of the season, 5-2 giants. sixth multi home run game, 6-2 giants, all the runs in the world for that man. he struck out six including bruce harper in his first career start. the sacramento kid allowed two runs and got first major league win 11-2 giants. they're in anaheim for two
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games starting tuesday. that is great stuff. oracle will be at full capacity next weekend for the battle of the bay. listen fans, if we are being honest who would have thought that battle would have involved two of the best teams in baseball. >> san francisco giants fans make our baseball games better. >> fans have had plenty to clear about 72 games into the season. did anybody see this coming? espn, an article entitled how did san francisco giants become the best team in baseball? >> surprise, surprise, surprise. >> no bigger surprise than crawford, posey, bell have 39 of the team's league leading 107 home runs. all three are expected to be free agents next season. look, they found the fountain of youth. >> it's really been a fun year, you know. obviously winning helps but even without that, i think we just have a great club house.
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>> a's looking to take the series in the bronx. a solo shot to dead center field, not even judge could get that on olson with 20 home runs this season. shut down yankees for first two times through the line up. judge can't catch up, career high 11 strike out. he ran out of gas in the sixth, a pair of walks. two run double, this ended his day. a long ball to left hit off the ball away from wade. he is into third for his third triple of the year. a's had tying run 90 feet away with only one out. but they could not bring him
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on. to the ninth the yankees closer walked the first two batters faced on nine pitches. so a's had two on, nobody out for murphy. >> this could be one, two, and to first, it's a triple play! they've done it again! >> can you believe that? that's how the game ends. yankees turn their third triple play of the season, second this week, and they hang onto beat a's 2-1. won u.s. open two weeks after testing positive for covid-19. it's his first major title. that's the latest in bay area sports. i am dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. still ahead, a pesky problem. >> next on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, if you are seeing an increase in bugs inside your home, you are not alone. why the summer heat could be
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the blame. >> reporter: a deadly overnight shooting in the east bay. i am justin andrews live on scene with the very latest. a live look outside before we head to break from our mark if therere was a bututton that d hehelp you usese less enerer, breathe clcleaner air,r, and even take on climate change... would you press it?
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breaking overnight on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, east bay celebration interrupted by gunfire. we are live with new information just coming in. bullets flying sending hundreds running for cover. the ongoing search for a motive and the update we are expecting. tornadoes, flooding, high wind, first storm of the atlantic hurricane season packing a punch. the damage, coming up. good morning. it's monday already, june 21. i am michelle griego. >> it came fast. i am len kiese.
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good morning. a little bit cooler to start the work week. we are welcoming this cool down after last week's hot temperatures. i think a lot of people are thankful of this cooler weather as we had all that intense heat last week. now we are looking at the pacific ocean breeze kicking back in, ocean breeze bringing temperatures back to where we should be. a live look at san francisco, you can see the clouds in the sky, areas of fog along the coast and around the bay. temperatures are in the mid to upper 50s at this hour, a few clouds inland this morning. as we head through today, highs inland will be in the 80s compared to the triple digit heat that we had last week. 81 san jose, 83 concord, 79 in napa and around the bay mid to upper 60s to low 70s. 71 for oakland later today. we'll talk about the rest of the week coming up. how are the roadways on this monday morning? so far, so good on bay ar


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