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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  June 25, 2021 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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now at 11:00, breaking news. incredible video showing a major security breach at l.a.x. our driver made it onto the
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runway before leading police on a high-speed chase. we are following that desperate search in miami. nearly 100 people remain missing 24 hours after a condo building collapsed. >> we have a lot of hope that judy is still alive. >> right now we have to focus on violence prevention. the oakland city council votes to divert millions from the police department. how officers in alameda county found more than 100 pounds of fireworks for sale out of the back of a truck. >> there were patrons who actually showed up wanting to buy fireworks. good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. first that breaking news. investigators are looking into what may be the worst security breach at a u.s. airport in a
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decade. this incredible video showing officers chasing a driver around the tarmac. police say around 6:00 that the driver of that car crashed through the security gate at a fedex facility at the airport. sources tell us that the man behind the wheel drove right across two major runways, made a u-turn and then cross them again. >> this is a really crazy one. this is affecting the runways at l.a.x. a vehicle actually breached the airport facilities and got on the runway. >> believes chased the driver to a private terminal where he was taken into custody. investigators are still trying to figure out how he may have done this. in south florida right now and intense and desperate search is underway for victims feared to be dead after their building suddenly collapsed in a matter of seconds.
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maria medina has a closer look at the rescue mission, racing against the clock. >> we've been calling them nonstop with no reply. >> reporter: rescuers are racing against the clock to find survivors in the 12 story beachfront condo building that collapsed without warning at around 1:30 a.m. in surfside florida. >> we are working around the clock to search and rescue people in this rubble. >> the first 24 hours there is about a 90% chance of people you recover that are salvageable and will live. >> reporter: the district chief knows all too well the mission rescuers are on right now. >> by the second day, based upon what happens to the human body after it's been painted a certain area for a certain amount of time, you are looking at 36%. day three, 30%, by day five,
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9%. you have to be very careful with the building where two thirds of it has already collapsed. >> we continue to tunnel and to locate additional survivors. >> reporter: right now it is unknown what caused the 40-year- old building to crumble but researchers found that it had been sinking at a rate of two millimeters a year for the last three decades. it was built on reclaimed wetlands. >> it was noticeable because the rest of the area was pretty stable. the land was moving or the building was moving. >> reporter: the building was in the process of getting its 40 year recertification for electrical and structural safety. >> maria, how are they handling
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confirmed numbers of casualties versus those missing this hour? >> reporter: the numbers have not changed in the last few hours. still 99 missing and one reported dead. they are also not using large equipment because of the concern of the structure. so they are using cameras, dogs and listening devices. they've heard some sounds but no voices. >> our morning team will have the very latest on the search for survivors tomorrow starting at 4:30. defunding the police has become a reality. hours ago the council voted to take more than $18 million away from the police department to invest in violence prevention programs. andrea nakano on the impact of this historical vote. >> reporter: the $80 million is over the course of the next two
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years, it's not the amount some city councilmembers hoped for. but according to the oakland police officers association it is enough to compromise public safety. >> with this particular budget, we are showing that we cannot only reimagine, we can take action. >> reporter: most of the roughly $18 million was diverted from the police and will now go to relatively new city programs. the department of violence prevention and the mobile crisis response team which will handle mental health cases. >> it is scary, i understand that. we are operating in fear, that's what we've been doing for many years. >> reporter: the oakland police officers association says they fully support the programs funded in the new budget but not at the cost of taking officers off the streets. the president estimates about 50 vacant positions will no longer be filled. that will mean slower 911 response times. >> the two no votes are
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councilmembers from districts that are most impacted by violent crime. the message they are saying is that we may support many of your programs but we do not want less public safety at a time of rocketing violent crime. >> reporter: there have been 60 murders already this year with the latest victim shot during juneteenth celebrations. the mayor leased a statement saying "i believe that until we have proven alternatives, we cannot destroy the public safety system at a time when we are losing so many to gun violence." councilmember dan felt that this was the time to take the lead. >> we have to focus on violence prevention, affordable housing. >> nearly half of the entire united states is under drought conditions. paul heggen is draining us with new data showing that it's worse than it's ever been.
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>> things have not changed with the latest update for california or the bay area. the percentage is the same as it was last week. here is a look at the map, it just looks bad. when you dive into the details, the devil is in the details. over 90% of the western u.s. is in moderate drought conditions or worse. that's the highest it's been since the u.s. drought monitor has been monitoring conditions in 2000. over 56% are in extreme drought conditions or worse. and that is the highest that number has been. no changes for the bay area, but it is still bad. extreme drought the further south you go, but this is not as bad as it's been. back in 2014, almost all of the bay area was an exceptional drought. to go along with the drought conditions we always have
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warmer temperatures coming up as well. looking live at oakland tonight. if you have been hearing lots of fireworks lately you are certainly not alone. at least we know this huge cash will be set off in the middle of the night. >> reporter: the fog rolled in aggressively tonight. people in oakland say what's been aggressive have been the fireworks explaining exporting over the city over the last weeks and months. they are urging police to crackdown. one glance at grizzly peak and you will see why officers are cracking down on illegal fireworks. under drought editions these hills are a spark away from a wildfire. >> they can cause a lot of fires and we don't have the resources. people need to wake up. they can set other people's homes on fire and cause
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problems. >> reporter: this week a tip brought investigators to 73rd and garfield and this 165 pound cash fireworks being sold out of the back of a box truck. >> there were patrons who actually showed up trying to buy fireworks. the officers arrested the male adult who was in possession of 165 pounds of illegal fireworks. >> reporter: the suspect in this case had been busted just a month before for the exact same thing. oak lenders say the constant explosion of fireworks lately has become the soundtrack of the night. >> after a while it takes its toll. after midnight and well into the morning. it becomes a big problem. >> way into the wee hours of the morning. it's ridiculous. >> reporter: residents say it is not just the noise that interrupts their sleep now. >> there is a fire danger now.
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we are in a very different space because of the drought. it's probably important to crackdown at this point. >> reporter: their efforts are ongoing and getting rid of illegal fireworks from the streets and the skies. it is not just the bay area having a problem with illegal fireworks. sacramento has a whole task force dedicated to cracking down. tonight was the first night on patrol. happening tomorrow, the ex- minneapolis police officer convicted of killing george floyd will be sentenced. derek chauvin faces up to 40 years in prison. a jury found him guilty of murder and manslaughter in a case that sparked worldwide protests, riots and demands for police reform. we will have coverage of the sentencing tomorrow on kpix 5. still ahead, a vigil for the cows that escaped a slaughterhouse. what animal rights activists
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are demanding. ambulances are taking longer and longer to respond to emergencies in one bay area city. tonight, the divide over what to do about it. how an extremely determined photographer made sure
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visual in california. protesters were holding signs demanding a second transfer cows that escaped a slaughterhouse. but the efforts have resulted in a happy ending for at least one cow tonight. >> reporter: a woman wearing a cow costume holds a sign that reads cows are like big puppies, a burger for our life, we are all animals. just some of the messages these activists are sending out a vigil for the now notorious 40 cows that escaped a slaughterhouse yesterday. >> the rumor is that they have been slaughtered. >> reporter: these protesters remain hopeful that they will have a second chance at life. like this little lady. the last cows standing who was finally found today after making it five miles away from the beef company. >> i'm so glad that at least
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one of them will be able to get to safety. >> reporter: that animal alliance network is one of the groups that help this cow have a happy ending. >> i reached out to diane warren made this happen. >> reporter: diane warren offered to save the cow from slaughter and send her to a local sanctuary. >> we want them to make amends. >> reporter: these activists are asking the owners of the beef company to hand over any other survivors. >> we are also learning that the owner is being recovered tonight as he was trampled by cows. back in the bay area firefighters had to rescue a dog that fell off the side of a cliff in san francisco. authorities say the dog was with his owner at the time but that person did not have to be rescued. they are both okay tonight.
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ambulance response times are getting slower. according to the chronicle that is because medical calls have jumped about 16% since 2017. some supervisors and the firefighters union say the city simply needs to hire more workers. but the mayor and other supervisors think more maneuverable vehicles and moving positions around would be a bigger help. a high school grad from sacramento whose dream of being a firefighter certainly didn't expect his abilities to be tested on the native graduation. jacob peters was driving home after the ceremony when he spotted a house on fire. he quickly got the residents out to safety and asked them for a rake and a shovel so he could start digging a line. after the fire was out there was still one thing that peters was worried about. >> i was wearing my brand-new
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slacks and dress shoes. the nicest clothes i probably ever owned. >> i will get him new shoes. another night of dangerous tides on the coast, some could reach more than seven feet. waves and high tides are attracting big beach crowds and miles of the newport beach crews have been beefing up sand dunes to stop the tides. they deal with that and i guess we will deal with a little bit of fog. >> the june gloom is already back. some changes start to manifest tomorrow, one more day of normal june temperatures and then back to hotter conditions. but only back into the 90s, not the extreme triple digit heat like last week.
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this heat wave will be centered over the pacific northwest. look at all of these advisories in effect. these pink shaded areas, which is almost all of the states of oregon and washington. seattle likely to be its all- time record, some of them will be close to 110 degrees. no advisories in effect in the bay area, we will heat up to the 90s. but that hot weather pattern will trap some pollutants near ground level so the air quality will be in the moderate category for the north bay valleys, and then also for the santa clara and tri-valley beginning saturday early next week. for right now, there was our june gloom spreading out. temperatures in the upper 50s
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to around 60 degrees. those numbers will not drop a whole lot as we head into the rest of the night. the cloud cover and fog will be around for the first couple of hours of daylight. then some sunshine will be peeking through. but not as much to start the day on saturday. tonight, dropping down to the middle portion of the 50s. this is a normal-looking temperature map for late june. and tomorrow's high temperatures will be right around what is normal for this time of the year as well. around 60 at the coast and up to around 80 degrees near the peninsula. mostly 70s around the valley. tri-valley, low to mid 80s with the hottest temperatures further east. mid-60s for san francisco with mid-60s to upper 60s for the
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north bay. you can see how much the temperatures heat up, you will be in the 90s and excessive heat warning. temperatures will reach up to around 100 degrees. for the rest of us, temperatures drop off a little for sunday and monday. then the lower half of the 90s for tuesday and wednesday with 70s by early next week. guess who got no heat tonight? giants fans will be happy. and to the
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how hot are the phoenix suns? their last loss came on may 27, like one month ago. but the sun has to set sometime, right. god chris paul back after testing positive for covid eight days ago. get out the way of the clippers. paul george, check out all the
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orange jerseys. into the third, george throws it up and they outscored phoenix by 16 in the second half. the clippers when 106-92. hoping to win their third straight series after being down two. the a's offense was in the express lane in the first inning. ramon laureano, a run scored, 3- 0 after one. this page was in the wheel house, his sixth of the year. chris bassett got the win in the battle of the bays starts tomorrow. the stanley cup semi's game six, canadians flying the colors and pete deboer trying to get it back to vegas in
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overtime. montreal, going for the win. the puck finds altar he, he shoots and scores and canada goes into a frenzy. they had to their first stanley cup since 1993. vegas, no dice. give me the wednesday night top five, thursday night top five. mark davis got into a fender bender in vegas. he said it was no big deal but social media had of field day with him driving a mini cooper. maybe you should ride a bike. columbia lost the game to brazil. travelers tournament, when phil mickelson talks about hitting bombs, he talks about the driver, not the putter. 63 feet down. phil is back in the lead. ladies and gentlemen, elders has left the building.
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kimbrell got the final out of the combined no-hitter against the dodgers tonight. check it out, the dodgers are 4 1/2 games behind the giants, that is the seventh no-hitter in the major leagues this season. it's june 24th. that ties a major league record. >> all right dennis. a chance
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finally tonight, the power of social media. >> twitter help track down a mystery couple that went viral because of this in san francisco. a photographer was visiting from texas and captured these photos on saturday of the proposal. she didn't want to ruin the special moments of decided to post the photos on twitter and asked the internet to do its magic and it did. it eventually led her to ricky and jasmine who actually live in sacramento. >> i got a text message from my friend that said twitter is looking for you. from el paso to sacramento, you found us. >> the twitter is calling. and we know who they will hire to be there wedding photographer. >> no kidding, pictured, and perfect.
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