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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  June 25, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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next thursday, july 1, san jose police are set to get there second payraise of the year, boosting salaries price (evan percent for 20 -- 7.7%. >> reporter: city hall employees are angry at the city because they have given raises, healthy raises to the police officers as well as other úpubl they are not giving those the same conversations to the city hall workers who they say have already put their lives on the line during this past 15 months. workers like -- to help keep the functioning state on-the-job. >> those working for staff doing health screening to people to get into the king library, staff number succumb in on a daily basis. >> reporter: he kept of code enforcement duties going into businesses making sure they
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were following covid rules. that is why both workers and thousands of others were angered by the city user to offer pay raises in line with recent police pay hikes. officers will get a 3.85 raise in july, but city hall workers say the city won't budge past the percent for them. >> it felt a little like we didn't matter. >> reporter: they say front- line civilian workers should be invested in as much as sworn officers. >> we think they should be given the same level of respect that please officers have been given in the contract. >> reporter: they declined to comment citing ongoing negotiations but the police union had strong words for the city hall unions, being a police officer and protecting the public is dangerous work and we are compensated accordingly. it is silly and misguided for some to equate deskbound work
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with what police officers do for compensation purposes. the city hall unions called the statement inaccurate and disrespectful and are pressing on. >> we are all in it together but we do believe the council and the mayor should take the initiative to pay us to say they are paying the police department. >> contract talks between the city of san jose and the city hall unions look like they are heading toward mediation. meantime there will be a rally here at city hall next week but the city hall unions, they will also point out that there is a staffing crisis in san jose right now with 700 positions open for the city of san jose. reporting live in san jose, len ramirez, kpix5. looking live at oakland, where three hours ago the city recorded its 62nd homicide of the year. a man shot and killed on chestnut street in w. grand ave., no word yet automotive. this latest homicide comes after a vote by the city council last night to cut the mayor's proposed police budget
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by $18.4 million. the mayor says that is going to result in the loss of 50 police officer jobs at a time when violent crime is way up. was back in the cuts say the money is better spent on violence prevention programs. da lin is live in oakland with more reaction. >> reporter: we heard a lot of recent things from elected leaders on their take related to the police funding issue so we decided to talk to your everyday people to get their thoughts, more police? or most social services? >> conflicted, in the middle, and if it does go to the programs, that would be fantastic. but on the other side, in oakland, there is never a cop around when you need one. >> the police are an enormous part of the budget already and i don't think we want, as a city, for the police to overwhelm the budget
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completely. >> i'm going to take a chance and maybe even put some more money into some of those other programs. >> don't really want to see the police defunding because the police are beyond busy. >> reporter: the farther east you go especially in oakland, where most of the homicides and shootings have taken place, many people complain that there are not enough officers. >> we need more police in oakland. >> so often, people broke into the car, homes, so no, i disagree with defunding the police. >> at the square shopping center many people say they are fed up with the gun violence. >> i understand why people want to defund the police. they think the police are violent. who is going to save us. >> a lot of people don't feel safe because we need police in the community, we need to work with the police, you know, to help curb some of this
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violence. >> up in prevention is the key instead of more police. >> maybe we give it a chance. it could do something right. if we do see that it is not helping us then we should not fund it anymore. >> as of today the police department has 700 >> as of today the police department has 714 police officers, a lot of people believe with this latest cut, they will go below that 700 mark, a lot of people tell me today in the perfect world, there will be enough police or money for the police department and more than enough money for all of these programs, obviously we don't live in a perfect world. life in oakland, i am kpix5 -- da lin, kpix5. we are going to definitely feel the heat starting this weekend.
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paul heggen is here to show is which area will get a little toasty. >> i think that is the right phrase, a little toasty. it will not be stupid hot like it was late last week when we have spots approaching 110 degrees. we had below average temperatures again today around the bay and the santa clara valley. tomorrow those temperatures return to close to normal. the inland heat will build up into the low 90s in concord and the hottest spots fairfield, antioch and brentwood we would be into the upper half of the 90s but that is not enough to trigger a heat advisory or an excessive heat warning for the bay area. using the heat advisory committee we have in effect a part of mendocino county with excessive heat warning is in the ping shading the triple digit temperatures likely to the north and this heat don't is really going to have in effect over the pacific northwest but it will influence the air quality as well. we talk about that coming up in just a few minutes. chapter 5 flying over oracle park this afternoon, where right now we are just minutes away from the first pitch of the bay bridge series. the a's in town to play the giants. vern glenn outside the ballpark, is going to pakistan's tonight. >> not outside the ballpark.
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they kicked me off the field last hour. not out of the stadium of the concourse level, the fans there. is are getting ready to get the most bay bridge series. they started playing these a's back in 1997. he's a look at local kid, pleasanton. field encounters. he later took some batting practice. followed by group of a's pictures, stretching in the outfield, just a little while ago. full capacity tonight to see it. the first full house at oracle park, this is his farewell game in 2019. check it out, he has his first ever press conference and a face-to-face setting with the media. >> i think we are all excited.
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you can feel the energygy on th field right now and obviously just being out here with you guys face-to-face, represents a prettyty exciting moment. >> it makes it more fun. we are ready to kind of embrace everything that is going on. >> we can expect a full house tonight, tomorrow, and sunday. 6:45 first pitch, this one is a giants, it is a's, it is you, it is me, it is kpix5 , tossing back to you in studio. it is everybody. >> taught me some cracker jacks. we are ready to go. >> it looks so good. still ahead, kpix5, cbsn bay area, with time running out, a break for bay area renters. we have seen a lot of illegal fireworks lately but this one takes the cake. where police found nearly 8
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tons of pyrotechnics. >> there will be plenty of rainbows in san francisco for anybody who would like to find them. >> after a year off pride weekend kicking off in san
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what if f you could d push a bun anand less cararbon would de put t into the a air. if there w were a butttton tht would helplp you use l less ene, breathe cleaner air, and eveven take onon climatate change..... would yoyou press itit?
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was to give live look to the state capital. the governor, lawmakers we often more relief for
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struggling renters. with just days to spare, it is going to extend the eviction moratorium. the governor made the announcement that one of his project home key sites in mountain view today the program is turning the old hotels and departments into shelter housing. the extension will been evictions for unpaid rent through the end of september. the state will also allocate enteral funds to pay off the tenants debt. we have been digging in on the story earlier this week. we told you about tony rodriguez, she struggling to, she has struggled to get approval for the state rental assistance program and she is not alone. we found one of the $5.2 billion set aside for rental payments people have applied for 600 and people have applied for $680 million and help them only 60 million has been paid out. the governor was asked about that today. >> reporter: it has been slow. the money has been slow to distribute and that is been replicated all across the country many people are struggling getting the money out. they acknowledge that, they're looking to change some of the federal rules, federal dollars. that are being administered at
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the state level. >> the governor is waiving the requirement that the landlords must agree to the rental assistance. >> there's been another massive illegal fireworks bust just days before the fourth of july. this one across bay area county lines involving 15,000 pounds of illegal fireworks. detectives also found about $1 million in cash. they say the case is linked the san mateo county, oakland, san jose and san francisco. most of the merchandise came from china. >> we believe that there may be more on the way and that ultimately, some of the shipping delays that we have seen recently actually prevented even more tonnage of illegal fireworks from being seized. >> detectives arrested this man, sam's man, of san francisco. they are working on charges for an associate who is that there
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is a. >> i'm live taking a closerer
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new at 6 :00, pride kicks off in san francisco this weekend with a traditional big parade down market street. that doesn't mean this year's celebration will be as muted as the last years. andria borba is live in the city to show us how those in the lgbtq community are showcasing their pride this
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weekend. >> reporter: well, here in the castro there are people out and about and having a really good time right now. party lit a pink triangle earlier this month, up on twin peaks, and we have had new traditions like pride movie night at oracle park, but there are still some more festivities to pack in this weekend. eyes and ears are not deceiving you. that is dance music and the transfer happening outside dolores park. of the big parade down market street is not happening for the second year, the pride director has this to say. >> there will be plenty of rainbows in san francisco for anybody who would like to find them. >> reporter: that includes a reopening of the castro theater for the first time since the pandemic and tomorrow morning's brunch with gary virginia and -- is still on, just virtually this year. the second annual people's march will happen sunday in the tenderloin and had to city
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hall. dolores park, it was smiles all around as the community came back together. >> this is absolutely phenomenal. this is, this is family reunion. >> we are here, we are happy. the main goal is come you know, get out and say no to everybody that we are trans and proud to be trans. >> on castro street, table space and parkland is already becoming a hot commodity. >> everybody has had a really hard year and a few dollars can go a long way in making sure that we all return better than ever for next year's pride. >> as the pie 2022, the party preparations are already on. >> it is going to be absolutely live. >> better make those hotel reservations right now for next year. as for other events, there are a lot of underground pop up events that will happen all
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weekend. not a lot set in stone, people still rolling back into this. role relatively cautiously as we still have quite not reach the pandemic at. >> but we like live here. >> yes, we do. remindnder, bringiging you the of ststanford's go pride, joi tomomorrow right after our newscast and again on sunday at seven as we celebrate 51 years of pride. we will also be streaming it on cbsn bay area. >> it sounds like this week it will be pretty pleasant for folks looking to celebrate pride. temperatures around the bay, you will not notice a huge difference in the city, even for the east bay. the heat will build inland at
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the worst of the heat is going to stay to the north. we have been talking about this through the week. record chattering, just unprecedented heat over the pacific northwest. that will affect our weather especially on saturday but this little area of disturbed weather off the coast will get closer to the coast and that will help to crack the worst of the heat around the bay area the second half of the weekend, we just continue to build over the pacific northwest. one that he don't even if we don't get the worst of the heat, it is going to trap some ground level pollutants or air quality will deteriorate slightly as we head into the first half of the weekend but only to the moderate category for the north bay valleys, inland in the east bay and santa clara valley and then entre wind picked up as the coastal low gets closer, air quality should improve a little bit sunday and monday before it deteriorates slightly again estimate is heat up on tuesday. outside right now, the june gloom is taking over downtown san francisco. the temperature only 59 degrees, 65 in oakland, still 84 degrees in concord. one of the warmest lots. other temperatures are mostly in the 70s. cool temperatures element -- alameda, as soon as she gets up from her nap, no idea what
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she's dreaming about, if she's anything like my dogs she streaming about her next nap. temperatures stay pleasantly cool, steadily dropping down to the 60s on the east side of the bay and all of us will end up in the 50s by early tomorrow morning with some of that low cloud cover and fog building back across the bay into the inland valleys but it will not be quite as deep. the building he don't even far to the north will squash the marine layer over the bay area and that means it will dissipate just a little faster as we head into the late morning and early afternoon hours on saturday so temperatures will warm up from the 50s to start the day, not a whole lot of variation that in the afternoon, a whole lot of variation. low 60s along the coast, around the bay, almost exactly normal for late june. if you spot the mid-80s, also normal for june but inland in the east bay and the north bay, temperatures several degrees above average, even mid-upper average. not hot enough to revere the heat advisory is in our neck of the woods.
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back at third and can you streets, giants, 80s, first page about 20 minutes away. both teams to the field a short while ago, each of them took in field, each of them took batting practice. they will play three this weekend that oracle and three more at the coliseum in august
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and the season were to end today, who knows? you might see them raise each other in the postseason. oh, yeah, they come in 36 and 31. good for second in the american league west. the giants, 48 and 26 and are 4 1/2 games up on the dodgers and the national league west. matt holsen leads them with 20 homeruns, brandon crawford, the pleasanton native leads them with 16, aberration for each one goes both ways. >> this is how we hope to draw it up. these are the games that you want to be playing and and you want to be in the games ththat matter and the onones that are imimportant and d that is kind heightens the intensity. >> give them credit, they've had a terrific season to this point and it is not a fluke. they have a lot of guys that contribute. >> we know they will come in prepared and that the series means a lot to them, it means a lot to us and i and that makes baseball fun in san francisco
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tonight. >> reporter: it is a perfect game for the giants to allow not 80, not 90, 100% capacity here at oracle park. it will be the largest crowd since september 2019 and even if they don't reach 40,000, no restrictions, no masks. >> i'm feeling fantastic. about time. we have been locked up for the last year and a half, so finally, just, you know, everybody come out here, let their hair down and root for the giants. >> before it happened i bought tickets and i was like for you to get vaccinated so i did right away and i was like now i don't even need to be vaccinated. >> that is the good news. >> reporter: he to be that guy, here comes the bad news. the 80s placed mark on the disabled list with a hip strain. and the giants? brandon bell, yeah, he's and did as well. in fact, in a bad way. he is also placed on the injured list. the giants first baseman heard himself running the bases. they are calling it the
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information and he says surgery hasn't been ruled out. so that is the story here at third and king. giants, a's and as i always say going back to the studio, moving pictures on the late show. let's go. >> bring back some garlic fries. >> get them hot. up next, a bay area museum perk for those who
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>> finally tonight, good news for those have been craving art, culture and a night at the museum. beginning next week, they will offer free admission to bay area residents on the first thursday of the month. tickets must be reserved online and will be available 2 to 3 weeks in advance. they will run every first thursday from 4 to 8 pm.
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thank you for watching and at 6 :00. the news continues streaming on cbsn bay area and you can find it on the kpix5 news at and the cbs evening news is coming up next. we will be ck ♪ ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> garrett: tonight, breaking news on two major stories. the frantic search for survivors of the building collapse in surfside, florida, as the list of the missing gets longer. and in minneapolis, a judge sends former police officer to prison for the murder of george floyd. of george horror and hope-- more bodies pulled from the ruins of that destroyed condo complex as the number of people still unaccounted for grows. tonight, the race against time underneath the rubble, crews tunneling below, stopping to listen for signs of life. why the next 24 hours are crucial. >> for at least the first 72 hours, there is a high likelihood of people that can be alive in there.


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