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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  June 28, 2021 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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now on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, financial support to victims' families and vta one month after mass shooting at a san jose rail yard. what state leaders are considering today. good afternoon. i am len kiese. >> i am michelle griego. state leaders are meeting trying to allocate millions of dollars to help vta and families repair wounds both physically and mentally. >> justin andrews is at the rail yard. of course we know no amount of money can replace lives lost. >> reporter: state leaders are trying to get $20 million to help heal. it was a month ago when a gunman opened fire killing nine of his co-workers. survivors and family members are trying to deal. images and crime tape are raw
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reminders of the awful morning just over a month ago. >> nearly 100 workers witnessed this tragedy going down first hand. longterm mental health impacts of experiencing something like that is truly unknown to most of us, but something that professional assistance and resources can help deal with. >> reporter: that is why state leaders and others are working to get a $20 million budget modification voted on by both houses today and signed by governor newsom before july 1. >> making sure that location is hardened and protected longterm is going to be very, very important and also so that employees feel safe going back to work. >> reporter: during a zoom call a few hours ago, local and state leaders said funds will help in addressing mental health needs of workers, their
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families, along with repairs and safety upgrades. they help it prevents future workplace violence. >> we know how important it is to keep our community running. we know that as we come out of shelter in place and covid restrictions containment, now more than ever, those trains need to continue to connect people across the valley and beyond. >> reporter: state leaders say if everything passes through, the 20 million will be available immediately after july 1st with a few weeks of lag time. families can look for resources very soon. there is still no word on exactly when trains will be back up and running. we know vta leaders will be meeting today to discuss that. ahead of the fourth of july holiday, the park department of public safety is providing a new tool to help residents report illegal fireworks. the nail em app. people can upload videos or photos of someone using or
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selling illegal fireworks. officials in marin want to get the word out that this year all fireworks are banned including the kind called safe and sane. violators can face fines up to sisix months inin jail. a dangerous unprecedented heat wave is baking pacific northwest. nearly 20 million are under an excess civ heat warning. darren peck is here. a little perspective on bad this is. 114 today in portland, 107 in seattle. those will break records for hottest it's been in either of the cities and that record was just set yesterday. this is not for this particular day. this is the hottest it's been in the cities ever, since we have been keeping records. i want to bring you back nine days ago because there is a local connection to the heat wave. in the long range forecast going back nine days ago, this map looks weird, but this is one of the high resolution
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forecasts we would look at to get an idea on what's coming down the road. as of nine days ago the forecasts were spitting out absurd numbers. they're small here so i will write them on the side. we were supposed to get up to 109 in concord today if you believed this, 126 in redding if you believed this. numbers seemed so absurd we didn't believe it and said let's give this time. there is probably a kink in the model. it never changed on the intensity. what happened was it shifted focus to the north and instead of the intensity of the heat wave over us which is what it looked like it was going to be nine days ago, thankfully the center of high pressure shifted to the north, not thankfully for them because in the pacific northwest they are 30 degrees above average. if you look at the comparison, here is the last seven days. the areas in red are experiencing hottest temperatures on record for this time of year. that's the last seven days. here is what we have to
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remember. if you go back to the middle of june, you remember we had a heat wave? that was a heat wave in the middle of june centered to our east. we didn't get the worst but we had a tough time about a week and a half ago. that was centered over here and salt lake city two weeks ago recorded its hottest temperature ever on record. we have been surrounded. we have had two heat waves in two weeks. both were unprecedented and record setting. it is only a matter of time until this gets its aim right and we will be dealing with a situation similar to what seattle's got today. not in this seven days. i have better news than that for the next seven days. >> cal iso has not issue add flex alert but is urging people to conserve energy. california's attorney general just made an announcement adding five new
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states to the list of states where state funded travel from california is banned because of policies that limit the opportunities of people who identify as lgbtq. taking a live look at the state capitol, today's announcement pushed a california law that prohibits funds from going to a state that's enacted a law allowing discrimination on basis of sexual orientation, gentler identity, gender expression. the most high profile new state added is florida which just banned transgender women and girls from school sports. other new ones montana, north dakota, west virginia, arkansas. >> it's because we value all of our communities that we thrive and make no mistake we are in the midst of an unprecedented wave of bigotry and discrimination in the country and the state of california will have no part of it. >> there are already 12 states
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on the banned list. alabama, idaho, iowa, kansas, kentucky, mississippi, north carolina, oklahoma, south carolina, south dakota, tennessee, as well as texas. the attorney general couldn't give us any dollar figure on how much of an economic impact this ban will have but says bottom line california is aligning dollars with its values. back to you. >> thank you. we brought you the attorney general's announcement live on cbsn bay area. watch 24/7 streaming on and the kpix5 news app. update out of south florida, another body has been recovered from the site of last thursday's building collapse. there are now ten confirmed dead and search continues for the 151 still unaccounted for. dozens of rescuers are breaching collapsed walls and tunneling underneath. florida's governor says they are not giving up. >> the search continues and it
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will not stop until there is a resolution. we pledge at the state if they need support from engineers, experts, whatever we need whether it is surfside, miami dade, we are here to help. people of florida want to understand how this can happen and then what can we do to make sure it does ain't happen again? fire rescue official says they've found voids in rubble where someone might have survived the collapse. we learned today oakland fire is deploying two members to support the fema response in florida. check that out, video of a large fire that ripped through a train station in london. you see a fire ball and plumes of black smoke billowing into the sky. officials say it broke out at a major rail hub. 100 firefighters are on the scene. there is no word yet on a cause. puerto rico will get nearly $4 billion in federal education
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pandemic relief fund. the u.s. education secretary just made the announcement while on his three day trip there. for more than a year many teachers and students have struggled with ongoing power outages and unreliable or not existent internet connections amid personal learning. president biden walked back a veto threat that threw a bill into danger of not passing. details from the white house. >> reporter: white house says the bipartisan infrastructure deal announced is still on track to pass. >> republicans are standing by the deal. the president will honor his word and we will hope they will honor their word. >> reporter: he threw a passage into doubt when he said unless the senate also passes his plan. it will fund democratic like childcare, free community college, green energy. >> we were assured the two would not be linked. human infrastructure if you will as they call it would be
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pursued but will not be linked. republicans think that is bad for our country. >> reporter: the president reversed his comments saying i gave my word to support the plan and that's what i intend to do. >> the president's promise to deal with it separately is nice but isn't determined unless majority leader and speaker agree. >> reporter: democratic leaders say they can't get votes for infrastructure bill if they also can't get the approach for the american families plan. >> if the senate is going to move forward with bipartisan infrastructure bill we must also move forward on budget resolution as well. >> reporter: democrats have to come together on the size and scope. >> if they think in reconciliation i will throw caution to the wind and go to 5 or $6 trillion when we can only afford 1, one and a half, maybe two, and what we can pay for then i can't be there. >> reporter: democratic leaders say they want to vote on both
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bills in july. to the coronavirus, infectious disease experts are weighing whether a booster shot is needed for the johnson & johnson vaccine. they're concerned over the more contagious delta variant. last week a cdc working group said there is no evidence yet to show a booster shot is needed for any of the vaccines. still ahead, setting sail on the road to recovery. >> the first big cruise ship leaves from the u.s. since before the pandemic. what's different on board? ready to reach for the gold,
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japan's prime minister is promising to strengthen health checks at airports after an olympics team member tested positive for covid-19. the person was quarantined at the airport but the rest of the team was allowed to travel to preolympics camp. three days later another person tested positive. team usa athletes are geared up for gold with less than a month to go for the summer games in tokyo. tina krause has more. >> reporter: mclaughlin flew past the competition on the olympic trials in oregon sunday running fastest ever 400-meter hurdles. the 21-year-old from new jersey is primed for gold ahead of the 2020 games next month in tokyo.
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so is virginia native grant holloway who nearly broke a record missing by a hundredth of a second. team u.s.a. showcased star powered olympic line up at qualifying competitions over the weekend. simone biles secured her spot despite a fall from the beam. 18-year-old suni lee from minnesota locked up a place. serena williams says she's not on the list and won't say why. >> in the past it's been a wonderful place for me. but i really haven't thought about it and so i am going to keep not thinking about it. >> the 23 times grand slam singles champion said earlier this year tokyo may not be in the cards as covid restrictions wouldn't allow her to bring her 3-year-old daughter. despite growing concerns, olympic torch is getting closer
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to tokyo with a few weeks before the games begin. >> one of the alternates for team usa gymnastics is an 18- year-old milpitas native. the nasdaq is seeing gains this afternoon lifted by big tech like apple and microsoft. first cruise ship to set sail from the u.s. since the pandemic began is on its way to new mexico. it left fort lauderdale florida saturday filled to about 40% capacity. 99% of the passengers are vaccinated. every adult has had a shot and covid tests were required for kids. crew members mask up and company has increased cleaning and updated ventilation. >> what would you say to
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americans thinking not worth risking my health. >> this is the place to come. our objective is to be safer here than anywhere else on land. >> the three largest cruise companies have lost about $25 billion since the start of the pandemic but the industry is optimistic returning to high seas will eventually lead to big profits. as americans plan post pandemic travel, there is a new trend. people loading up rvs for summer vacations. >> with family and health issues, we decided to get something that's self contained so we would be in our own bubble and can travel safely. >> so many people have the same idea they're running into an unexpected roadblock. we'll show you what's going on in our road to recovery tonight at 7:00. let's get a check of our weather. we got everybody in the sunshine in the last few hours. san jose you did it first. it was sunny here by 6:30.
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we have seen it clear out for much of the rest of the bay area with exception of just the immediate bay. the city is still looking a little gray and so is part of the east bay. i will show you the high resolution view in a second. current numbers, near 80 for concord. that's a big part of this forecast today. we are going to have to warm up a little bit for those inland east bay valleys. you will see concord, you will go to the mid to upper 80s today. you were in the low 80s yesterday. oak land is still 62, look at the clouds, same for san francisco and santa rosa, a comfortable 73. these numbers are pretty much on the mark for average for where we should be. that means low to mid 80s for most locations in the south bay, 80 in red wood city. inland valleys of the east bay, this is our warm spot or at least one of them. 81 dublin, 85 danville, much
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cooler here, east bay low 70s, you start to go to the low 80s by novado, lake, mendocino county, there is still a heat advisory until tuesday. they're not getting the benefit of the on shore flow and they're far enough north, they're close enough to the center of the heat dome that they are feeling more influence. we are getting help from something you would never see from looking at the regular satellite. if you look at the water vapor, there it is. look at the counter clockwise spin. each day we are getting strong on shore flow. you see the clouds are still coming in through immediate part of the golden gate. that's what's been sparing the bay area. it's like we are insulated in ignorant bliss of the intensity of the heat we have been surrounded by. this is one of those prime examples where micro climates of bay area out shine so many
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other places thankfully for the on shore flow. it gets warmer tomorrow, low to mid 90s inland. that doesn't last long. we'll cool to the mid 80s by the time we get back to the rest of the seven-day forecast. back to you. >> thanks so much. still ahead, we scroll online looking for deals to
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could a four day work week be the key to work life balance? japan is testing this theory. its government is urging companies to allow staff to opt for reduced work week. japan is hoping management will see flex work hours and remote work can be helpful even without a health crisis. it is hoping an extra day off will boost the economy. >> not a bad idea. >> not a bad idea. >> if anybody is listening. >> like our boss? >> yeah, just in case. >> okay. a survey looks at how much time americans spend scrolling online for deals. slick deals s found it amounts 83 hours a year. 65% people do this for retail therapy. more than half said they would take an online survey or sign up for a news letter just to
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get a deal. >> i like a good deal. >> i know you do. i like this too, chocolate. chocolate for
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could psychedelics become the next cannabis? new push to legalize magic mushrooms in california. some argue it could save lives. that story and more at 5:00. today a food study many of us can be on board with. harvard researchers found
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starting the day with chocolate can help some people's bodies burn fat and decrease blood sugar levels. the study found stress levels were lower when chomping on chocolate in the morning. before we stock up we should know this was only tested on postmenopausal women. len and i have put this to the test. >> yes, we have. >> we think it works across the board. >> i think so. it reduces the stress level. >> right? >> i will disregard any chemistry that could be involved in post, pre, and just eat chocolate. >> all that. i
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>> thomas: listen, you talk about how disrespectful and how selfish bill is, how bad of a person he is, but in the same breath you say you've learned from the best? you're not bill, all right? and you don't wanna be. so listen to me, liam is innocent. liam should be a free man. vinny? vinny died by suicide. he was trying to set liam up and i have proof. i have texts. i have videos. the truth has to be told. >> justin: i'm not gonna tell anyone anything. that's why i have you here.


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