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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  June 29, 2021 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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bay area. >> we will leave with you this beautiful shot of the beach in pacifica open this tuesday morning. good morning to viewers in the west. welcome to "cbs this morning". "cbs this morning," it's tuesday, june 29th, 2021. troubling new images are emerging from damages to the condo building in florida just two days before it collapsed. what we're learning about the potential cause as the victims' families continue to wait and pray. extreme heat grips the northwest creating misery for millions and fueling wildfires. how roads buckled and mass transit was forced to close. alarming signs the delta variant of the coronavirus could pose a severe threat to unvaccinated americans as it spreads across the globe.
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our dr. david agus will tell us how to fight it. our cbs news crew comes under fire alongside government troops and civilian fighters while u.s. forces withdraw from the country. but first, here's today's "eye opener." it's your world in 90 seconds. >> i just cannot imagine the anguish, the torture. seeing the rubble and yet hoping against hope. >> the death toll has risen to 11 in the condominium collapse in florida. at least 150 people are still missing. every time there's an action there's a reaction. >> temperatutures have nevever experienced before. >> extreme heat wave continues in the pacific northwest. >> i'm kind of scacared what's going to happen later on in the summer when we get to august. >> country grappling with how to
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stem rising cases related to the covid-19 delta variant. >> the scientific information we're getting from the cdc is not good. a federal judge dismissed suits against facebook and the state attorneys general. a 70-year-old new york yankees fan got to live out her dream. >> and all that matters. >> score. >> knockout stage of the european championship. france and switzerland. the game was tied 3-3 after extra time. this goes to penalty kicks. here's how it ended. >> it is sheer swiss delight. they've knocked the world champions out. >> on "cbs this morning." >> microsoft announced they will release the xbox series x mini fridge this holiday season. what do those words mean? ♪ ♪
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hopefully this will be more successful gaming platform/household appliance than the oculus toaster. this is presented by progressive making it easy to insure. >> is that a joke? >> i can't tell with steven. >> i think it's real but i don't really know. >> he was very good. >> the toaster was pretty good. >> it's good. we begin this hour welcome to "cbs this morning." we begin with potential new information about what may have caused that catastrophic building collapse in surfside, florida. a contractor has shared these photos with the miami herald from just two days before the collapse of a wet floor, cracked concrete and corrosion. it's not clear if these conditions contributed to the tragedy. >> so far 11 bodies have been
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pulled from the rubble. no one found alive since thursday. david begnaud has more. i saw the report last night. it is heartbreaking. i don't know what you're going to say this morning. such a difficult story. >> reporter: tough to watch and to cover, frankly, gayle. 75 days before the collapse they said things were getting significantly worse. they said the deterioration was accelerating and they could argue and debate for years. it would cost millions of dollars to fix and it needed to be done. that letter was obtained by "usa today." the woman that wrote it, the association president, she survived the collapse. listen, little bits are seeping out every day but the focus really remains where it should, on the victims. >> my son, andres, which you're going to see pictures and you will see the smile. >> reporter: the last time luis bermuda saw his son was right
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before father's day. >> he told me, poppy, don't worry, i'm not going to spend the day with you, but all the days are your days. >> this 26-year-old young man spent most of his life battling muscular dystrophy and his father was right there beside him. in the early morning hours of june 24th he was with his mother when the champlain tower collapsed. their bodies were recovered on saturday. 150 people are still missing under 12 stories of rubble and debris. >> we're not lifting. you know, floor by floor, we're talking about pulverized concrete, we're talking about steel. every time there's an action, there's a reaction. >> we still don't know what caused that building to collapse, there is concerning new information about possible structural damage. there's an anonymous contractor who shared these photos with the miami herald. they show a wet floor, cracked concrete and severely corroded
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rebar in the pool equipment room, and these photos were taken two days before the building collapsed. that anonymous contractor reported deep standing water in the parking garage just below the pool deck. it is not known if either played a role in the collapse. while most of the victims' families are still waiting for an answer this morning, luis bermuda's is preparing to take his only child back to puerto rico, a young man who has not walked since the age of 9. survived a stroke, heart surgery only to die this way. >> he was teaching me. that boy was in a wheelchair, in that bed all day and he was teaching you how to live life and how to be happy. i am going to miss him every second, every minute onward. >> as he was losing his ability to write, his father said he would put a color in between his fingers and his dad said he'd guide his hands like this. he was able to do impressive
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artwork that's displayed on shirts and hats and sold by his father. at the end of his life the only thing he could do was talk softly and smile. tony. >> that's a beautiful remembrance, david. the search continues. all we know for sure, 150 people still unaccounted for. thank you very much. now to the pacific northwest which is still suffering from dangerously high temperatures as crews battle wildfires all across the region and the heat is putting a strain on the power grid. lily elusiano is in seattle. yesterday reached the hottest day on record. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to you, tony. the heat here isn't just oppressive, it's unheard of. it's so unusual that according to u.s. census data, less than half the residents in seattle have air conditioning. that leaves people to scramble to cool off however they can. for the first time ever seattle
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reached triple digit temperatures monday for a third day in a row. >> everything sold out. like today we couldn't get any ice. everything is completely gone. >> reporter: for days a dome of stifling heat has parked itself over the pacific northwest causing some restaurants like this drive in to temporarily close and roads to buckle. tanker trucks in seattle hosed down draw bridges to try to keep the steel from expanding. >> here we go. >> reporter: larry snider calls himself a community helper taking donations to give water to the homeless or anyone in need. >> water is the one thing people of right now. >> reporter: in portland, which reached a record breaking 116 degrees on monday, the extreme heat was enough to bring light rail and street car service to a halt. transportation officials posted this picture writing here's what the heat is doing to our power cables. some cities even have to close public pools. in seattle the hot pool deck
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made conditions unsafe. >> part of the reason i moved here was to come in the summer to have relief from arizona heat and i seem to have brought it with me so i'm not real thrilled. >> reporter: well, temperatures are supposed and expected to come down this week, they'll still be in the 90s and that is 20 degrees above average. if you are in seattle and clearly think of getting a hotel room, think again. i'll tell you a story, gayle. my crew and i resorted to couch surfing with friends and family because there are no rooms. >> you're the best looking couch surfer i've seen. thank you so much. thank you very much. now the fight against delta variant of the coronavirus. los angeles county now recommends wearing masks at indoor public places whether you're vaccinated or not.
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we have the story of the spread overseas and the efforts to contain it. >> reporter: outside this english soccer stadium young people are lining up to roll up their sleeves. >> this is the first opportunity i've had to actually get vaccinated and i'm looking forward to it. >> reporter: the u.k. is racing to vaccinate all adults as the delta variant has driven new covid cases to more than 20,000 in a day, the highest figure since february. that's though nearly 62% have been fully vaccinated, slightly more than in the u.s., but in countries like russia and indonesia where vaccination rates are much lower, the new strain is blamed for overwhelming hospitals and filling cemeteries. and in australia where tough border controls keep cases in check, the two-week lockdown has now shut down sydney. >> it will become a very dominant variant globally. >> reporter: sharon peacock leads the u.k.'s efforts to map mutations of the virus. >> can we beat this virus? it keeps mutating.
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>> it's here for good so people will become infected but we know how to treat people. we know how to prevent infection and we then learn to live with it. >> reporter: the english city of bolton shows one way how. in early may with less than 1/3 of adults vaccinated, a rate similar to u.s. counties, delta sent infections soaring, but after door to door testing and moving vaccination sites into more deprived communities, covid cases have dropped almost in half since vaccine director dr. helen wah. >> the people managing vaccine programs, it's about understanding why people are hesitant. hesitancy isn't just about not wanting it, it's about not being able to access it. >> reporter: dr. wah also told us that while some people are still getting nfected, fewer are getting hospitalized and dieing. they hope they can remove all remaining restrictions in three weeks delayed by the delta variant.
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anthony? >> thanks, roxannea. let's bring in dr. david agus this morning. good morning. what do we know about how effective it is against the delta variants? >> two shots of moderna or pfizer provide good but not perfect protection against the delta variant. that is 88 to 90% protection if you've been exposed to the delta variant. we've seen some breakthroughs. elderly got vaccinated early but in general we are infected from the delta variant at the present time. >> what about the johnson & johnson variant. people are saying they may need to get a pfizer or moderna in effect booster shot as well as that first johnson & johnson shot. >> it's a key question. early on j&j took a bolder
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decision of putting a higher dose of vaccine in one shot because they thought much of the population would be reticent to get two shots. it worked against the original variants of the virus. right now we just don't know. the cdc has the data, that is who has been hospitalized and what vaccine they got. we are waiting for them to release the data. that way we'll know if they need to get an rna vaccine. six months after the original shot. we're on pins and needles waiting in the public health community and obviously patients who got the j&j vaccine are watching anxiously tv also hopefully for some news. >> a new study showed the pfizer and moderna vaccine could offer long-term immunity? >> yeah. so you have to take these with a little bit of caution. what they showed is 6 months out the immunity is better than thought and looked very good. those were to the original strains of the virus. the virus is changing so likelihood, especially the elderly, will need a booster
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shot sometime in the late fall and people with medical conditions. everybody else, the jury is out. this was positive data. immune responses look really robust. i'm not sure it's enough for all of the variants. >> what do you make of l.a. county's recommendation where fully vaccinated people wear masks indoors again? >> i think what it reflects is that not everybody is vaccinated and, you know, there are people going out without vaccines and we have to protect everybody and stop the spread of the virus. so i think it's a reasonable -- it's not a mandate, it's a recommendation. i think it's a reasonable recommendation at the present time. we have two americas, those vaccinated and those not. they're going to be different trajectories for both. that certainly worries me. >> dr. david agus, thank you. we're learning new details about what may be behind a cryptic statement made by derek chauvin at his sentencing of george floyd. here's what he said.
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>> my condolences to the floyd family. there's going to be some other information in the future that would be of interest and i hope things will give you some peace of mind. >> some other information. sources tell our minneapolis station that chauvin was referring to a federal plea deal for civil rights charges. that deal will require him to publicly explain what he did to floyd and why. he could get 20 to 25 years as a sentence as part of that plea to be served at the same time as his 22 1/2 year sentence on the murder charges. >> people will like to know. >> lawyer for the trump organization says he expects the company to face criminal charges in new york city but not mr. trump himself. this is one of several
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investigations linked to the former president. they're likely to indict the trump organization and some employees in the coming days. trump lawyers anticipate the company will be accused of failing to pay taxes on corporate benefits and perks. in a statement the former president said the organization's actions were, quote, standard practice and he called new york prosecutors rude, nasty and totally biased. u.s. officials say the american military withdrawal from afghanistan will likely be complete by this sunday, july 4th. that will leave afghan forces on their own to defend their country against taliban militants who are on the offensive. charlie dagada got a close look. >> reporter: a trip to the taliban front line to kabul used to mean getting a lift on a helicopter. now it's just a drive away from the mountains inside the capitol. they're that close.
7:17 am
at the combat outpost in kapiza province, a concerned commander directed his gunman towards approaching taliban fighters. seconds later the outpost came under attack. >> jesus christ. >> bullets ricochetted off the rocks. from the moment we arrived here, these afghan forces opened fire on taliban militants who opened fire. that is how fluid this outpost is. >> so there's sometimes snipers in that valley? >> it is a combination of afghan security forces and civilian fighters known as uprising militias who have taken up arms. the defense committee chairman. how important are the, as you call them, uprising people? >> they are very important.
7:18 am
they play a vital role for the security of the overall afghanistan. >> reporter: an afghan humvee came racing towards us under fire and blasting its guns in a fighting retreat and then a whole column. we were told it was time to leave. taliban militants were advancing and no one was certain they could be stopped. 20 years after u.s. forces came here, they leave behind a country that is now on the verge of an all-out civil war. for "cbs this morning." charlie dagada, kapiza province, afghanistan. >> thank you very much. a new delay in the cruise industry as it tries to rebound from the pandemic but first, it
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ahead, colleges offer their student athletes a way to make money from sports. how the recommended policy change could make big, big bucks
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♪ ♪ ♪ ahead, the grammy's respond
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♪ ♪ >> that's a good song for this story. welcome back to "cbs this morning." one of the most powerful committees says players should be allowed to make dollars for their own personal brand. the ncaa's division i council voted yesterday to recommend a new policy which lets college athletes profit from their name, their image and likeness until congress approves a nationwide law. this follows a string of court rulings against the ncaa's policy. mola lehnge is here in the studio. good morning.
7:31 am
>> good morning, gayle. name, image and likeness. it allows student athletes to profit from their own fame. some students give students this benefit beginning thursday and that is putting pressure on the ncaa to end its long standing fight. >> wants to throw it. he's going for the end zone. caught, touchdown! >> reporter: college athletes like graham mertz may soon be able to profit from things like autograph signings, endorsements and social media posts under new ncaa guidelines. >> it's definitely an exciting opportunity. >> he trade marked his logo. >> you can't let this overtake what is going on. we'll go over to school, your sport. >> reporter: if passed, the governing board would suspend amateurism rules related to name, image and likeness and a
7:32 am
temporary policy would allow them to engage in this policy without violating ncaa rules. >> it's obviously long overdue. >> gary parish is a cbs sports television analyst. these nine states gave athletes the ability to profit from their fame. >> the ncaa had been dealing with this for years and promising to do something but never did anything until they were forced into this corner. >> reporter: this is all part of the battle brewing for years and even taken up in court. last week the supreme court unanimously ruled the ncaa could not cap education-related benefits. >> they now know if they try to restrict name, image and likeness with their rules, they'll be the ones that get sued and they'll ultimately be the ones to lose. >> this will have ground breaking consequences for sports. >> reporter: there's a lot of different ways for student
7:33 am
athletes to make money. there always has been. they just haven't been allowe to do it. come thursday they are going to be allowed to do it with very few restrictions. >> reporter: the board of directors making that decision is made up of university chancellors and presidents. this would still not allow students to be paid directly for playing college sports. >> nevertheless, mola, it can't be long before they have a list of the highest paid or money making athletes in sports. >> it's long overdue. >> i do, too. everyone else is making money. >> the schools have made so much money off of these athletes. it's only fair. >> good on them. trademark it now. >> trademark. >> he's got it ready. >> very smart. good move. we want to let you know about an ecigarette update. ecigarette maker juul labs has agreed to pay north carolina $40 million. the state is the first to settle a lawsuit over juul's role in
7:34 am
the teen vaping epidemic. it calls for juul to actively prevent under age use in north carolina. you may recall we spoke with former juul ceo kevin bern as the teen vaping epidemic was taking off. we asked him. >> do you have a sense of how big a portion of the under age market you guys are? >> we don't know specifically on that but i'm sure a big portion of the problem is attributed to juul usage of our product. >> reporter: as part of yesterday's agreement juul denies any wrongdoing. they say this is consistent to reset the company as we continue to combat under age usage. it comes as the fda evaluates whether to let juul and other
7:35 am
ecigarettes remain on the market. that rests on whether it can help adult smokers of traditional cigarettes quit. remains to be determined. >> i remember when you did that interview. at the time it seemed to be ahead of its time. i thought it was admirable he was even talking to you considering all that was going on. >> they were in a world of trouble. he came out and tried to beat the criticism. he sat down, answered all the questions. he's out of a job a month later. was unable to stem the difficulties and they're ongoing. >> so much has happened since then. coming up, we hear from a high school valedictorian who said the school tried to sensor his graduation speech when he talked about being part of the lgbtq community. ♪ love is a burning thing and it makes a fiery ring ♪ to o bringy whatat you can c carry. and it looooks like yoyou can carrrry a couplele s
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a new jersey high school valedictorian said his school tried to sentences censor his speech when he talked about being a member of the lgbtq community. a video seen nearly 200,000 times. a school principal grabs the 18-year-old's microphone after appearing to disconnect it. he took his speech and pointed to a pre-approved version. he continued with his speech anyway. meg oliver spoke with the recent graduate and his parents. >> 2021 but we're still dealing with this and it just broke my
7:41 am
heart. >> reporter: 18-year-old bryce dursham said his principal cut his mike less than a minute into his speech. >> after i came out as queer freshman year, i felt so alone. i didn't know who to turn to for support. >> and then just silence and then the principal came up onto the stage and he took the paper, the speech that i brought with me to read and he crumbled it. >> reporter: he said he was repeatedly to take out references about his sexuality and struggles with mental health in multiple revisions of his speech. he had spent six months in treatment for anorexia during his senior year and didn't even know if he'd be able to graduate, let alone at the top of his class. >> i want people to start having honest conversations about mental illness, about the struggles different groups face in school and society. >> reporter: how did you feel as a father watching your son go through that?
7:42 am
>> first i was like, he has more courage than i would ever have. then for him -- and all i did, i remember yelling out, grab your composure, bryce. and i saw him step back and he leaned back in, adjusted himself a little bit and he said, as i was saying -- and i went, you go, bryce. you go. and then i started thinking, he validated it. what? they think that the valedictorian can't memorize a speech? come on. >> in a statement to cbs news, no student speaker was asked to remove their personal identity from any speech before or during graduation or stopped from sharing their personal identity during graduation. adding, the school is centered on the accomplishments of all
7:43 am
graduating students and expressed focus on the graduating class as a whole. you knew they didn't want you to go off script. why did you do it? >> i thought to myself, i could either, you know, give this speech and go against all of the values or i could go with my gut and i could do what i thought was the right thing. all i ever wanted was to let people know they are enough. >> thank you and congratulations. >> for "cbs this morning," meg oliver, new jersey. >> he will start at tufts university in the fall where he hopes to keep standing up for those who are silenced. bravo, bryce. >> i was giving bryce a round of applause and so loved his dad, too. because you could see the pride that his dad had in talking about his son. i think both of them sent a very powerful message. i don't know what the principal was thinking. >> i don't know what they were thinking. >> it's 2021, y'all. >> bryce is a very strong young man. >> yes. >> he's been through a lot, but
7:44 am
that can be incredibly damaging to somebody. >> it can be. i think ultimately the principal did him a favor. if you weren't paying attention, you were after it got unplugged and restarted. >> get your composure. keep going. i love bryce coming back, as i was saying. bravo, bryce. bravo. >> well done. up this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsnsored by farxrxi.
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7:49 am
cruise to set sail today. it's delaying the trip after participants were tested for covid and some had inconsistent results. five crew members tested positive even though they were all vaccinated and had no symptoms. those same people tested negative the next day. the cdc treats inconsistent results as wimbledon. let's watch. >> they include leaders who have developed the anticovid vaccines. >> that is dame d woman is showi
7:50 am
us why you should never give up on your dreams. gwen goldman was the honorary bat girl at yankees stadium last night throwing out the first pitch of the game against the
7:51 am
angels. this dream was 60 years in the making. goldman wrote to the yankees in 1961 when she was just 10 asking to be a bat girl. she got a letter back saying as a young lady she might feel out of place. goldman's daughter abby reported this to the yankees current gm brian cash man and this time her response was very different. the team invited goldman to hang out and she got her own locker and uniform. goldman said this is one experience she will always treasure. let's listen. >> it's a dream of a lifetime that i get to be an honorary bat girl in the dugout, in the yankee dugout. i sat there as a kid and that was my dream to be able to do that and have you ever had a dream come true? it's quite a feeling. >> oh, wow. >> i encourage people, the yankees posted the zoom call
7:52 am
they made to tell her this. i encourage everybody to watch it. her dad played catch with her. even when she went to sleep away camp he'd clip out the standings so she'd know how the yankees were doing. even though they sent her that letter on my fifth birthday in 1961, she posted it at home because she was always a yankees fan. >> her husband said, she's going to be on the field? it was sweet. >> she was so moved. >> good on brian cashman for doing that. >> true fan. >> thanks. ahead, from makeup to music. how the vivid wororld o of drar ququeens wentt online duduring pandndemic. r goals s as it may . ♪ because e things are comiming back. ♪ makiking now, the titime to moveve forward. ♪ at u.s. . bank, our goalal is gettining you o where e you reallyly want to . ♪ becacause side b by side, thths no tellingng how far y you'll . ♪
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♪ that this heart of mine embraces ♪ ♪ all day through ♪ "cbs this morning" continues in a moment. i'm anne-marie green. millions of oil and gas wells provide the energ
7:57 am
. good morning everybody. it's 7:56. today supervisors will declare gun violence a public health crisis. this as oakland seeing a major spike in homicides. today the san jose city council will resume it's hearing regarding a development project that would turn the flea market into offices and retail space. several vendors have been protesting the project saying they will loose their livelihood. today the coliseum returns to full capacity. the a's will host a six game home stand verses the rangers and boston red sox. and that traffic alert continues along the east shore freeway. this is eastbound highway 80 due to the earlier accident. traffic is slow in that area. cal trans is closed the far
7:58 am
left lane from powell to ashby and looks like they are tracking that divider in the crash. taking a look at the san mateo bridge it's a 13 minute drive from highway 880. and the bay bridge toll plaza metering lights are uno so cars backed up. it's look log i can a 16 minute drive. it's gray in that view. that is the theme for much of the immediate bay. so much so that it's actually misting on the lens. this is our rooftop camera here at kp ib and that is the transamerica tower. you can probably tell. the whole top half is in the clouds and it's enough that it's misting out. meanwhile in san jose there's not a cloud. good example of how this worked owl. marine layer got squashed down and thick america the bay which means it could not extend out through much of the rest of the bay area. we really won't get a chance to deal with much in the way of
7:59 am
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8:01 am
we have to talk. some people drive way too fast. why are they driving so fast? zoom. please, be careful. we get scared. - my mom... - my dad... my jiji's at work. am
8:02 am
tousseau is opening the exhibition of celebrity puddles. >> bruno still looks good even as a puddle.% looks good. we welcome you back to cbs news. we're going to begin, of course, in florida where we are now in the sixth straight day of the deadly condo building collapse. here's what we know at the time. the death toll stands at 11. about 150 people are still unaccounted for at this hour. we're also getting a new look at images showing damages at the complex. a contractor took these pictures two days before the collapse and shared them with the miami herald. they show that there's water on the floor, there's cracked concrete and damaged rebar in the complex's pool equipment room. he also saw standing water in the underground parking garage.
8:03 am
>> the contractor told the herald he was struck by the lack of maintenance in the lower level. it was not known whether these issues contributed to the collapse. last night community members attended a vigil for the dead and those who have not yet been found. there's a growing memorial on what's being called the wall of the missing. turning now to the pandemic, an estimated 1 in 20 people who suffer from the disease are so-called covid long haulers. that means they've recovered from their initial illness but often have debilitating symptoms for weeks and months. many can't go back to work and face severe financial hurdles. as medical price roulette in collaboration with clear health costs, our correspondent anna werner looks at challenges they face. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. the long covid patients we spoke to said they are so disabled by symptoms they can't get out of bed. if they can't go back to work,
8:04 am
how do they survive financially. >> it is day 157 for me and i am -- >> that was candace taylor of atlanta last august, struggling to speak. her covid-19 infection happened in march 2020 but she says she still has breathing issues and other symptoms. >> i am pretty much disabled. i can't do small tasks that we take for granted. i can't clean my house without severe chest pains shooting throughout my body. >> reporter: covid hit kelly keeney and now she said the fatigue and pain turn her into a person. >> i do not look like that anymore. i don't look healthy, i don't feel healthy emotionally or physically. >> reporter: marlena is an industrial janitor.
8:05 am
>> i get tired easily. >> reporter: she was suffering from covid and in a coma and she gave birth to her daughter. >> the walking was the biggest issue. going from the door to the car that can tire me out for the whole day. >> reporter: doctors diagnosed all three women with what's often called long covid. >> we are dealing with a syndrome that we know is devastating. >> reporter: dr. avi knatt is studying long covid patients at nih. how disabling can this be? >> it can be very severe. many people cannot work any longer so they lost their job and now they are unemployed. >> reporter: she knows about that. >> dogs have a job to do. they're not bored and barking. >> reporter: she's lost both her jobs, her personal dog training business and the full-time mortgage processing job that paid the bills. she says she tried to return to that job until the day she says her boss told her she was making too many mistakes. >> you been with them 27 years
8:06 am
you don't make the same mistake and you don't make them twice. you're not remembering what i tell you to do. >> reporter: she's been out on disability with her boss's support for almost 10 months. no one can say how long that's going to last. >> do you have any assurance right now that you are going to be able to go back to work? >> no. >> reporter: barcenas is on disability too, but her payments are roughly half her salary. she lost her health insurance in september. >> two weeks after that i got a bill from physical therapy for $3,000. >> reporter: and no real idea of how to pay it, right? >> exactly. >> reporter: they're the kind of stories gary phalan hears a lot. >> the people facing the most enormous challenge of their life. >> reporter: many of his clients with long covid can't work but have trouble getting disability payments from the insurance plans provided by their employers. candace taylor, for example. >> it has been a tug of war with
8:07 am
the insurance company. >> reporter: she worked at a hospital that provides disability insurance, but even though her doctor diagnosed her with post covid syndrome, the insurance company fought her claim. in march they sent this letter denying short-term benefits even claiming in part falsely taylor said that she had a psychosomatic illness, in other words, one all in her mind. >> i never thought i would have to suffer for benefits that i worked for. >> reporter: are a lot of insurance companies turning down people's disability claims? >> i think generally that has been the case. a lot of them are based on, you know, symptoms that are hard to define. they change over time unlike the nature of other medical conditions and so because of that uncertainty, it gives really insurance companies more, you know, an ability to deny claims. >> reporter: at the time of our interview taylor said she was three months behind on her rent and had gotten two eviction notices.
8:08 am
>> there's days where i'm sad. there's days where i want to give up but i know i can't give up. there's a small part of me that just has to keep fighting. >> kelly keeney tries to keep her spirits up too but says what really hurts most is losing the dog training business she loved, that she hoped would eventually become her full-time livelihood. >> i tonight know if i'm going to be able to reopen the business. yeah, it breaks my heart. >> taylor fought her insurance company, new york life, for nearly a year. the company wouldn't discuss her case with us citing privacy and confidentiality concerns but two days after we contacted them she was approved for both short and long-term disability. >> a slap in the face when you're paying a company to protect you and then they say oh, your illness is all in your head. that's quite the insult. what is the main stumbling block for these people trying to
8:09 am
pursue their disability claims? >> i think part of the problem is this syndrome is so new. everybody is still learning about it. employers and probably to some degree the insurance companies are still catching up with this. the other part, as the attorney pointed out, is the symptoms can change from day to day. there's so many -- it's a variety of symptoms so an insurance company might say, you know what, we don't see where the consistent diagnosis is here so we're not going to approve the claim. >> are legislators willing to step in here? >> so the nih -- congress gave the nih more than a billion dollars for research and possible treatments. another key here is educating doctors, treating physicians to how this plays out, what are the symptoms, what do you look for? >> yeah. >> it's so scary because there's so much that's unknown. you think you get it, you survive, yet you still have these problems. i really do hope that they help miss taylor. >> you think if you have a letter from your doctor you're
8:10 am
going to be okay with the insurance company. clearly that's not always the case. >> no. one of the pieces of advice here is if you are suffering through this, try to get yourself a lawyer if you can, somebody who deals with employment law because this stuff is tricky. >> that's not what you want to hear when you're feeling like that, you need to get a lawyer. >> no. >> anna, thank you very much. roger bennett from the popular "men in blazers" duo to talk about his new book and how american pop
8:11 am
8:12 am
♪ go, bruno, go. bruno mars and silksonic paid tribute to little richard at the grammys. ahead we'll talk about changes to the voting rules for music's biggest night, and plans to improve diversity with new members. we'll be right back. you're watching "cbs this morning." yoyou can do b better! let's s go get a f freshly made footltlong from s subwa. thanks, , tony! thank k you! ♪♪ chchoose betteter, be bettt. anand now saveve when you ordeder in the a app.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ that's the lovely and talented mickey geiten. she was the first black country artist to perform at the grammy's which air on cbs and to be nominated in that country music category. it featured memorable performances, the recording academy, as you know, has faced criticism over the voting system and accusations of gender and racial bias. the weeknd received zero
8:18 am
nominations this year. he boycotted the awards show in april. the recording academy announced it would change its voting system to be more transparent. yesterday it invited more than 2700 music professionals to become voting members. 55% are from under represented groups. the academy's newly appointed president and ceo harvey mason jr. is with us now to discuss the changes. harvey mason jr., it's good to see you. >> good to see you, gayle. good morning. thank you. >> back in march you said we're asking the artists and the viewers to give the organization a chance because you guys got hammered over the practices that the academy uses to nominate. you said we're listening like never before. we hear the cries for diversity so how will the new rules change -- how will the new rules improve the transparency that many believe is badly needed? >> well, i think you went over some of it. it starts with the membership and getting the right people voting in the right categories
8:19 am
and making sure they're qualified and know the music and they can cast votes in an educated way. we change the number of categories you can vote on and changed the qualifications to join the category. we're going into different genres and inviting people to come in looking where we're under represented, looking where we need more qualified and knowledgeable voters and we're going and recruiting the people into the academy. that makes a huge difference. we did away with the nomination review committee. we changed the 33 1/3 rule which precludes some people from getting an actual award. that will increase our representation diversity numbers. as you covered, making sure that the membership is really diverse and really representative of the music that's being made today. >> you know, the academy's come under fire from the artists. jay z has notoriously spoken out against it. nikki manosh has tweeted. the weeknd has been very vocal about his displeasure and voting
8:20 am
practices. do you admit there has been a problem that needed to be addressed and needed to be changed? part of the problem, harvey, they won't even acknowledge that there is a problem. is this a way of saying, yup, we know it was wrong? >> i would say i ran for chair because i thought we could do things differently and we could do things better and i was appointed as ceo and that's our mission, our continuing effort is to make sure we're doing things right, we're doing things that represent our community, music people. we're partnering with the industry better. i think that is a focus for us, upgrading, making sure we're leveling up everything we do. there have been things in the past that needed to be done better and differently. we're a membership run organization so our members really dictate what are our processes? how do we vote? bhags the nomination committee? how do we vote? that's done by the membership. there's a lot of work to do. i'm excited by what we've done so far and proud of where we are headed and a lot more to do
8:21 am
better. >> harvey, it's anthony. to gayle's point about the academy's relationship with artists, the weeknd said this is an important step but he added the trust has been broken for so long between the grammy organization and artists. what do you do to repair that trust with artists themselves? >> well, i think the first thing is have some creative people in decision-making process, in the position to make a change and that i think is where we are nw. we've got new leadership, somebody as ceo as you can see who is a creator, an artist, songwriter, producer. i can see things differently. i have relationships with the creators and artists and make sure they understand we are focused on servicing them, rebuilding the trust and relationships that have been taxed in the past. we've got a long ways to go there, but i see a real positive
8:22 am
trend. i see where we're going. hopefully you all see some of the changes we're making and they see the efforts we're making. we have more work to to but we are excited where we're headed. >> harvey, women make up 26% of grammy voting members right now. what is your goal now with these new extensions of invitations to new voters? >> we want to get to 2500 new female women voters by 2025. this year i believe we have gender parity with our invitations. that's something we've never ton before. we didn't actively go out and say we need this type of voter, we need this type of voter. that's what we're doing now. in an effort to increase gender equity, we're going into different communities to say we need more women voters, qualified women voters. we're getting closer every year. we have almost 800 new women voters being nominated for membership this year. >> it helps to have somebody who knows the busines, harvey. >> harvey mason jr., thank you for joinin usus.
8:23 am
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the success of good morning. it's 8:25. a fireworks explosion blew out windows late last night in walnut creek near downtown. later boxes of fireworks were on the hood of a patrol car. police have yet to confirm inin man they detained is linked to the explosion. a 3.9 earthquake hit the bay area last night it. struck around 6:30 with a center in san lorenzo. there's a risk we could feel more shaking for the next week. the a bay area crew is in florida at the site of a collapsed condo tower. three members of the fire department will assist a fema
8:26 am
support team overseeing that effort. taking a look at your morning commute the traffic alert continues on the east shore freeway this is from an earlier accident on eastbound highway 80 near ashby. the left lane is closed there. you can see speeds really slow down to seven miles an hour. main travel times, westbound 580 in the red there. from an accident that is just clear near isabel avenue. taking the look at the bay bridge toll plaza metering lights are on and it's 1 # minute drive if the man us into san francisco. still looking gray over that camera. it looks more so from our roof where we have gotten mist on the lens here looking back at transamerica tower. that's what it looks like in san jose. that's what it looks like for most of the bay area. the skies cleared out. temperatures around 6o. when you look at where we are going we will be in the mid- 90s. it's about a five degree warm up from where you re
8:27 am
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8:30 am
♪ welcome back to "cbs this morning." it's that time again. time to bring you some of our stories at the talk of the table. gayle king is going first. >> i'm talking about britney spears, in particular britney spears younger sister. she's breaking the silence over the pop star's battle to end the conservato conservatorship. jamie lynn spears is her name. she posted a video saying she's very proud of britney for speaking up. jamie lynn explained why she's speaking out now. >> only thing i haven't before is because i felt like until my sister is able to speak for herself and say what she felt she needed to say publicly that it wasn't my place.
8:31 am
maybe i didn't support her the way i would like to with a hashtag on public platform, but i can assure you i supported my sister long before there was a hashtag. if it ends tomorrow or whatever the hell else she wants to do to be happy, i support that 100% because i support my sister. i love my sister. always have. always will. >> always will. jamie lynn says she's only concerned about britney's happin happiness. she's fighting to end the conservatorship. i was on vacation but i was watching her when she was talking. very touched, very moved by what she was saying. it sounds so restraining to her. the fact that jamie lynn is speaking up in support of her sister is also very touching. jamie lynn is getting hits online saying why are you speaking up now? that's the thing about online trolls, they troll you for anything. i want to say something about it because i think it's great that she's speaking up.
8:32 am
she said she waited until her sister spoke before she spoke out which made a lot of sense to me. >> makes sense to me. >> britney's going through it. >> she sure is. >> we're all pulling for her. >> we're going to be watching it. okay. jorts. jorts? did you know what they were before today? >> i think i've heard the word. >> jorts. >> jeans and shorts. >> jeans and shorts, right. we've talked about how short shorts are the trend of the summer. now the pioneering fashion magazine known as "the wall street journal" is reporting that jean shorts are suddenly in fashion. >> i like it. >> it's called dad style. >> i like it. >> i can get behind. >> that's not so bad. >> i'm here for it. >> these are pictures of the lee advice levis model. the supposed fashion trend of jean shorts only quotes business people saying we're selling jean shorts and we're selling a lot
8:33 am
of them. i don't know if that's an authority. >> it is a business newspaper. >> it is a business newspaper. apparently they range in price from as little as $10 up to 500 plus for a designer pair. >> we've seen you in your short shorts, tony, it is very attractive. thank you very much. >> that's very attractive, but will we see you in jean shorts? i like it. i am so for it. i like it. >> absolutely not. >> ruling it out entirely? >> for years i wore cutoffs of different descriptions. i didn't believe in buying shorts. i took shears and turned pants into shorts. never with jeans. >> i don't know why. >> i would have thought the same thing. >> i do know why. >> jorts, that's the reason. >> i would never call them jorts, that's wrong. a couple in new jersey held a gender reveal party like nothing we've seen before. the expecting couple's brothers put on a wrestling match in the backyard complete with
8:34 am
choreographed moves. the team girl wrestler wore a pink two utu. the winner would represent the baby's gender. here is the big reveal. >> 1, 2, 3! >> yeah, it's a girl. the expectant mom is a huge wwe fan. the dad to be is a middle school wrestling coach. you get why the theme now. >> yeah. >> you might recognize the referee, he's jervis. the video has been viewed more than 2 million times on social media. >> i think that's very clever. nobody was hurt. >> no. >> nobody died. >> and there were several almost pins for each side before they finally -- >> high drama. >> it used to be you'd be in the delivery room they'd come out and say, it's a boy, it's a girl. that's how you knew. >> exciting. we are excited about our next guest. he's the author of a new memoir
8:35 am
celebrating americ as we head towards the fourth of july. roger bennett was born and raised in england's historic port city of liverpool. now he's an american citizen and also half of the duo "men in blazers." popular nbc sports show and podcast. bennett's new book is "reborn in the u.s.a., an englishman's love letter to his chosen home." it is a deeply personal look on how american culture influenced his life. we recently took a trip with bennett to liberty island where he shared the depth of his obsession with our fine country. >> i was born, read and raised on american self power. i grew up in the merk of 1980s england inhaling everything american i could lay my hands on. movies, television, books, cloefts and occasional pair of knockoff ray bans and made the
8:36 am
united states my like in the darkness. america existed almost as an alternate planet to me. >> beuhler. >> a place filled with possibility and promise. >> you guys really are cowboys. >> at different times in my youth i've tried to boost my fragile self-confidence or at least minimize my deep sense of seth loathing by persuading myself, i am don johnson, i am walter peyton, i am john cougar mellencamp, i am the beastie boys, i am tracy chapman. ♪ ♪ >> i know some of this will sound trite, a love of a nation based on the largely fictional stories and myths that peddled about itself. having lived in the united states for more than half my life now, i'm keenly aware that the love boat, pretty in pink and miami advice are not the real america. ♪ ♪ ♪
8:37 am
>> over the past year the coronavirus pandemic, black lives matter movement and the toxicity of the election have created the impression we're a nation divided, chaotic and racked by fear. months lived in lockdown gave plenty of time for the mind to wander. spent a lot of mine digging deep into memories of an era when the united states felt very different. a beacon of such courage, tenacity and possibility, it gave me the confidence to chase those possibilities with a passion tracy chapman once sang about fast cars. as such, this book is a love letter to america written by a gent who came of age with the statue of liberty and the manhattan skyline painted as a muriel on his bedroom wall and ended up moving here. and for whom the act of becoming
8:38 am
an american citizen is the single greatest achievement of my life. >> that's great. >> roger bennett joins us now. >> that's nice. >> there are tears in your eyes, if i'm not mistaken. >> it's quite a lot to watch that. it's like that first part of "scarface." that's a lot. that's a lot. i'm so grateful for all of it, gayle. >> it's so beautiful. so beautiful. something that's not so beautiful, you write on page 56 you were a late bloomer with a tiny child penis that looked like a ball specific couligot. >> america can change many of it. >> that portion of my book was blur you had out. >> your love for the country where you said rolling stone would come, it's not just a text, it's something you need to worship. you talked about watching dallas, dynasty, fantasy island and the love boat with its percy theme song.
8:39 am
do you remember the love boat theme? >> i listen to it every morning. >> let us hear it. ♪ the love both ♪ ♪ so exciting and new ♪ ♪ the love boat ♪ >> such a boss. >> no, but it was very, very touching to me, your love for this country. and it comes from where? >> i grew up in liverpool in the 1980s when the north of england, the steel mills shut down, the co coal mines shut down. the cotton mills shut down. liverpool is a magnificent city. it was like baltimore but without the crab cake up side. it felt like the city was deteriorating around me. america, these shows that came over, "miami vice." tracy chapman's music, run dmc. >> beastie boys. >> life could be lived in color, aspiration and hope. that idea of america externally, when you live there, the liberty of such courage.
8:40 am
it makes you believe you can live a live in technicolor when your life is lived in black and white. >> all of that culture and then there's the reality of it. you wrote that there's the impression that we are a chaotic and divided country. is it only an impression? >> well, the reality is life was built up from liverpool in the 1980s and perception was all i had. i told myself i was an american trapped in an english person's body and then i acted upon it. also the reality is the discordance between america the idea as a kid and america the reality as an adult. it's the epigraph of my book. let america be america again, the land that never was and yet must be. on independence day when i bite into my first hot dog, it's those words i hold in mind. that's the task ahead of us. >> i'm fascinated by this. as a kid i was fascinated by liverpool because of the beetles and was drawn over the other
8:41 am
direction. but -- and i know when i went there i was like, okay, england isn't -- you fell in love with america and all its flaws. >> i adored america. i am who i am because of america. america played the role for me that ballet dancing did for billy ellier. it's not just me. if you have stood in a courtroom, 162 people from 46 countries and you say the oath of allegiance, you look left and right, you see people who have crawled through deserts, survived civil war, escaped turmoil driven by the idea of america, you know that that idea of america in the world shines sobriety, drives people, gives them incredible courage and joy. that's my message for you independence day. >> it is beautiful. >> thank you for having me. you're beautiful, too. it's coming home. in the commercial break you have to explain why baseball is so great to gayle. >> you're on your own. >> you're a white sox fan. >> it's chess. >>
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
this pride month many celebrations in the lgbtq community are being held virtually despite the drop in covid cases. the drag community started to create content online when the pandemic began to shut down parties and parades.
8:46 am
youtube views of drag themed entertainment have soared by more than 45% in the past year. as jiemy yukas reports, the digital drag platform has become a phenomenon nanks large part to the success of rupal's drag race. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> reporter: in 13 season's rupal's drag race has won more emmys than any other show. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: and helped move queer entertainment into the mainstream. >> why did i waste my time putting on this? oh, there's more. bob the drag queen won season 8 while the exchange is the first double crown all-star winner. >> drag was really liberating for me and it was really a thing
8:47 am
that made me say what everyone thinks about me is literally none of my business. this makes me feel powerful. drag made me feel like a super hero and you a super villain. >> oh, yeah, for sure. >> hilarious, beautiful, talented and humble. >> reporter: the show sent their careers into orbit. >> drag is just that easy, kids. >> reporter: bob is an actor and comedian. >> i'm a big, big lady. i'm what they call in harlem an slw, suspiciously large woman. >> monet released a single. her first album premiers in the fall. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: when covid shut down live gigs, they turned to youtube. >> when i say crying, my entire face was wet from sweating, from crying, probably bleeding. >> oh, no. >> from their apartments they began sharing their lives. ♪ ♪
8:48 am
>> reporter: from music to makeup. >> everywhere you see banana, replace it with mahogany. >> reporter: they opened their hearts and were embraced by more than a quarter million viewers. >> love it. >> reporter: online community are there new friendships, new connections? >> yes. they laugh with us, cry with us. veganism to why bother hate tongues, television shows, black lives matter. we do the whole thing. we get really emotional and really passionate ♪ ♪ ♪ >> reporter: fighting for equality and justice is unfortunately not new for the queer community. monet shot this near the new york stonewall riots which ignited the gay rights movement back in 1969. ♪ >> you have to remind people that all black lives matter, not just hetero black lives, not
8:49 am
just gay, trans, nonbinary, everything. >> if we're trying to get black people to the finish line together, obviously we cannot all be on the other side until every single person joined us. ♪ ♪ >> equality and acceptance. monet says she's been attacked riding the subway home from work in new york. last year violence against the transgender and gender nonconforming community was the deadliest on record. pride month is a chance to promote understanding beyond the world of entertainment. >> i used to think drag was so scary. it is weird, those guys are putting on dresses. why are they doing that? because of rupal drag, i was like, it's not that weird. like they're comedians, they're actors, they're singers. >> they're fathers, they're mothers, teachers, lawyers, doctors. drag queens are a lot like human beings. >> really? >> yes. >> reporter: for "cbs this morning," jamie yukas, los
8:50 am
angeles. >> they're fabulous. love them. we'll be right back. stay with us. >> good job. triple bacon chee..... hohow's that s song comingng a? that's foror me? oh no, y you're makiking musi, i don't t want to geget in y your way. ohoh c'mon manan. oh. hang o on a secondnd. my tririple bacon n cheesy jack combobo. onlyly at jack i in the box.
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good morning. evictions have started for the nearly 3 dozen people who are living in a waterfront camp. some of those camping at the park say that they are going to fight the eviction order. a special election happens today for a seat in the state assembly. the top two finishers advance to another round. today the coliseum returns to full capacity. the a's will host a six game home stand verses the rangers and post open red sox. taking a look at the morning commute.
8:56 am
the traffic alert continues on the east shore freeway. this is from an earlier accident on eastbound 80 near ashby. that left lane is closed. speeds are slow. cal trans has closed the far left lane from powell to ashby. estimated time of reopening is one this afternoon. a look at your other main travel times. some speeds in the yellow but mostly in the green and the bay bridge toll plaza looking good. metering lights are on. it's an # 1 minute drive from the maze to san francisco. still gray from our cameras looking at the city. gray enough that there is misting happening on the lens and you can't see the top of the transamerica tower. most of the bay area looks like that right now. if we go to the camera on sutro you can see the clouds here. everybody is pretty much mid- 60s's. oakland is 60 under the clouds and santa rosa still just 61. seven day forecast showing you a warm up inland.
8:57 am
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