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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  July 13, 2021 4:30am-4:59am PDT

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. right now on kpix5 we are looking live from our treasure island camera out at the city of san francisco. you can see a little fog there. >> good weather and traffic starting with mary lee. >> good morning. we are starting off the day with that drizzle once again. you can see the drops on the live san francisco camera as we kick off our tuesday. temperatures are running in the 50's. it's a gray start. we have low clouds and areas of fog and that drizzle this morning. especially along the coast and around the bay. as we head through the afternoon cooler than normal with that strong on shore flow and that ocean breeze. upper 50's in san francisco. low 6o's in oakland. mid-70s san jose and 80 in concord this afternoon. we are look at specific
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locations at least for the peninsula in the low to mid- 70s. low 80's for the tri valley and livermore and low 70's in nap. >> we will talk more about how long this pacific ocean breeze will last and this cooler weather but let's check in with a look at traffic. good morning. off to a great start. we will start off with a live look at some of our bay area bridges, the golden gate bridge up first and traffic is moving at the limit with no delays or issues. things looking good for the most part. they are doing road work on the northbound side. keep that in mind. looking at the san mateo bridge. both directions clear between 880 and 101. in fact only about a 12 minute commute between heyward and foster city. metering lights are off and traffic is light out of oakland, emoryville, pass already starting to see a few brake lights out of tracy, onto
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that 580, 205 connector. thingslook better once are you past that with a 31 minute travel time. happening today a massive search is set so start at 8:00 a.m. for a missing man. the 37-year-old marathon runner disappeared three days ago. he told his wife he was going for a run saturday morning and never came back. his car and cell phone were found at the staging area. on the phone a map of the eight mile route he planned to run. last night the alameda county sheriff took over the search using a drone with cameras. a search plane will also make passes over the ridge line using similar technology. there this video you can see a cow lighting up on the screen. it was a similar body temperature to a person. it's this type of sie th ho to
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imurbody temperature is different than the ground temperature. >> it just picks it up better. >> about 100 rescue crew members from 13 different agencies are expected to search the park. yesterday hundreds of volunteers, family and friends also searched the area but no sign of him so far. we have our eye on the city of santa clara expected to announce a local drought emergency today. that means more water restrictions. the county and the state have already declared drought emergencies there. we are talking outdoor watering. you can only do it three days a week. irrigation will be restricted at golf courses and you can't fill up water features like fountains and you can report water waste. you can tell on your neighbors. you can do that on the city's website. we will be following that big announcement today. back to you.
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fire watch this morning. the beckworkh complex fires are now three times the size of san francisco. flameshave burned more than igorhoodhave been evemes. evacuated, containment is only at 26%. hot, dry weather is fueling fires across the state. take a look at this. compared to this time, same time last year california has seen another 700 wildfires and 103,000 more acres burned. new numbers show more than 607,000 americans have died from coronavirus. this is accord ing to johns hopkins. there's a new issue concerning the johnson and johnson vaccine. a new warning about johnson and johnson's e million hagotten the shot, about 100 people developed a rare but serious
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disorder. the cases have been reported in men 50 and over, about two weeks after receiving the so. >> we have seen this with one of the flu vaccin lef decade it looks liit'svery rare. >> the fda said the benefits of the vaccine out weigh the potential risks. >> we have this beat. >> the vaccines have allowed some areas of the country to resume prepandemic life. >> now we have wasted that opportunity partially, at least in parts of the country. if the delta variant is allowed to accelerate i think we could see more variants. >> since just last week average daily cases in the united states are up 30%. more than a third of them in five hot spots. >> everybody is tired of hearing about coronavirus. we are tired of it too. >> kayla is a nurse at cox medical center branson in missouri. the hospital is sharing video
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is. >> give it a couple days, stay home. see hocis met to discuss a third shot to high risk americans. for now the government said the booster is not necessary. there are new guidelines again this morning about masks in schools in california. late last night the state said it'll allow school officials to decide how to deal with students who refuse to wear one. the guidance called for those students to be banned originally. k through 12 students will be required to wear masks inside once the school year starts. in addition to that the new state guidance said no social distancing will be required. masking outside will remain optional. ucsf expert said that it does often take align with cdc gui >> california -- i think it'll
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be clear. they do want to go back to school. by not requiring distancing they are doing a big thing. they are making a push for in person learning. >> the state said part of this uniform guidance was motivated by the fact that they did not want students who are not vaccinated to be singled out. a like look from sacramento. the governor just signed a new budget bill after reaching a deal with state lawmakers. the governor has hit a set back in his attempt to fend off a recall. yesterday a judge ruled that the governor will not be listed as a democrat on the ballot. his party failed to mark it. also, larry elder added his name to the ballot. time to 4:38. >> coming up on kpix5 and streaming on cb sn bay area a
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new twist in the scott peterson case. what his sister-in-law has to say about the new investigation by a judge. and new video from the river fire. our next half hour the efforts underway to get the blaze knocked down. and let's look outside. this is from our rooftop camera. it's 4:39. we will
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a new twist in the scott peterson case. a judge is looking to possible juror misconduct during his original trial for the murder of his wife and unbjornson. we spoke to his sister-in-law about the new developments. >> one more one more step signaling peterson's conviction may not stick. a judge filed a court order last week siting claims by appeals attorney that a juror falsely answered questions during the jury selection process. >> i can't speculate as to why that would happen. we need juror questionnaires filled out properly. we can't want jurors who want sister-in-law who id s e systemfail in the original trial. >> what do you think went wrong the first time around? >> the first time i think that -- i think that an emotional
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verdict was rendered. >> she maintains evidence was not looked ott pointing looked at. > this is a high profile capitol case. to this day nobody can explain at what time or how scott carried out this crime. that's a problem. the reason nobody is able to do that is because scott is innocent. >> the next step now depends on [inaudible] the victim of a crime while pregnant just to serve on peterson's jury, possibly to punish him. if the judge does find misconduct the murder conviction could be overturned but beyond proving his innocence it's about finding the true killer. >> their murder remains unsolved. this is a big step. >> the judges called for a hearing to discuss the possible misconduct. the date for that hearing won't
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be scheduled until late next month. taking a live look at oakland where a g to expand fer service. on july 1st the water emergency transportation authority started offering a direct ride from oakland to san francisco. now the vice mayor is calling for more trips a terminal in jack london square including destinations in the north bay. funding is up in the area. this morning we are learning new details about the impact of the camp fire that burned for two weeks in butte county. it claimed at least 85 lives and burned nearly 19,000 structures. a new report found extremely small metal pieces in the smoke that reached all the way to san jose. san jose showed the highest concentration of any location. levels were twice as high as normal. experts say that exposure for even a short time could cause long term breathing and other
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health problems. record highs on wall street he to space. tie hang king hall. >> wall street hit another round of record highs to start th on monday the dow gained 126 points. the nasdaq added 31 and the s&p500 rose 15. banks helped lead stocks high ear head of their earning reports. jp morgan chase released its second quarter results today. subway debuts a redone menu today and to celebrate its giving away a million subs. between 10:00 a.m. and noon the first 50 customers at east participating restaurant can get a free six inch sandwhich. a new menu includes 11 new and improved ingredients. six new and returning
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sandwhichs. the next billionaire's trip to space has been approved by the government. jeff bezos received the go ahead to launch the flight. it needed to craft's hardware and software worked safely during a test flight. he is going up just nine days after richard branson. that's your cbs money watch report. for more head to cbs money watch at the new york stock exchange. looking live from san francisco this morning where today supervisors could vote to make outdoor dining park lets permanent. it started during the pandemic. more than 2,000 have popped up in front of restaurants, cafes, bars and some retail outlets all over the city. and a statewide pandemic era program could be made permanent. yesterday a key committee advanced a sale. >> they like eating outside
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and they like the to go drinks. >> even at home. we want to check the weather and traffic right now. we will start with weather and mary, what's going on? > looking at that ocean breeze. gray skies, low clouds, areas of fog and check it out. that drizzle on the san francisco camera. it's a wet camera out there as we look to san francisco this morning. it's foggy as well. our temperatures are running in the 50's. downtown san francisco coming in at 53, 56 in concord, oakland 54, 55 livermore. 52 for santa rosa. let's check current visibility and you can see gray skies along the coast, around the bay. 16 miles an hour at sfo, oakland, at 16 with winds gusting up to 24, concord at 16
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miles an hour sustained but i have seen winds dusting up to about 31 miles an hour in concord already this morning and 29 right now for fairfield with that delta breeze. here is what you can expect as we go through the day with the micro climates. in the mid50's. around the bay, mostly cloudy, looking at temperatures in the 60's. upper 50's to the low to mid- 60s's and inland topping out in the 70's and low to mid-80s's. looking at a mild day even inland with daytime highs for all of us below average for this time of year. that on shore breeze continues. not a lot of change as we look to the middle part to end of the workweek. we are looking at temperature that will stay on the cooler side with that stronger ocean breeze kicking in for us. we are no longer talking about the extreme heat thankfully so. as we take you hour by hour on
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future cast you can see that afternoon sea breeze kicking up for us future cast skies and seeing the cloud cover as we go through the day. our sunrise at 558 and the sunset at 8:31. daytime highs for the south bay looking at the 70's. upper 70's for santa clara, and for the peninsula 67. low 80's concord, 87, antioch and brentwood. up ir70's to low 80's. 57daley city. for the north bay, 72 for a high in napa. topping out for clear lake, the triple digit heat this afternoon. here is the extended forecast and you can see a lit of a dip as we look to thursday and then warming up for at least for a weekend into early next week. we will see the temperatures on the rise.
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let's check in with gianna. it's already busy for the super commuters heading toward the pass. we have the brake lights out of tracy, getting onto 580. that westbound ride definitely slowing down already for your tuesday morning commute. once you are past that things are clear. the rest of the way toward 680. that dublin cher change. checking travel times in the yellow. 35 minutes over toward 680. look at the rest of the major freeways in the green. if you are up early heading toward 80, the east shore freeway. everything is light right now. light conditions on the highway 4 and 101 clear as you work along the peninsula. there's an overnight closure in the clearing stages on 84 as you work between main street. should be wrapping up at least by five this morning. if you are headed toward 84 you will need the alternate. checking travel times in the south bay. so far so good as we say good morning.
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northbound 85 -- northbound 101 to 680. only seven minutes right now. bay bridge toll plaza. light conditions, easy ride out of the east bay into san francisco so far. we will keep an eye on that. lucky riders got to hop on board the cable cars for the first time in months. >> and our camera got to take a ride. worker were giving free rides yesterday while making a test run. they did inspections before the cable cars reopened in september. if you missed out yesterday people can ride for free during test runs next month as well. morning. i can't wait to show you why a former giant's skipper was proud last night. and matt olson front and center as the king of the long ball was settled last night. let's look live outside. taking you to the south bay. a live look at
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good morning. another cool day because of that pacific ocean breeze for us. we have cloudy skies, we have fog, we have drizzle this morning, especially along the coast and around the bay. as we head through the afternoon, mid50's along the coast. upper 50's to low 60's around the bay. inland topping out in the mid to upper 70's to low 80's for many locations. i will have the rest of the week and what you can expect. morning. it's finally here. it's here. the all-star game is tonight. there was a warm up act. check these fellows dialing up
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dr. long ball last night. the home run derby. eight player was in the field. downtown denver, four american, four national league. a's matt olson. 23 home runs in the first half. needed one more for first round tie. time expired, olson was out. the most in demand must see, the angels slugger leads with 33 home runs. he hit one 513 strength. he ended newspaper a swing off against soto of the nationals. soto out lasted the star and bounced him in the first round. 31 home runs to 28. in the finals pete alonzo, popular pick. 23, 22 and won a second straight derby. he took advantage of that thin colorado air and hit 74 big flies. set third in history to have
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won it back to back. though he lost last night is he still the man. the 2a player will be the all- star starting pitcher tonight and he will bat leadoff as the american league dh. never happened before. that's all-star game history. he is the leading mvp candidate and the envy of every team but the angels. >> question wanted him. he. >> he didn't pick us. >> so did we. >> i think we would all respect what he has done and meant to the game this year. this is what the fans want to see. it's personally what i want to see. >> that is baker. the son of dusty. cal infielder was selected in the 10th round by the nationals on day 2 yesterday of the league amateur draft. this almost 19 years after jt famously saved the thin bat boy from getting trampled in the
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2002 world series. usa basketball is the favorite to win the gold at the olympics in tokoyo. hasn't stopped teams taking hi green, against nigeria. they lost in australia. patty mills a former saint mary star was doing damage. scored a team high 22 points and the crisp pass. nba head coach who faced questions after a 91-83 loss. at least he tried. >> can i finish? can i finish? can i finish my statement? can i finish my statement? when you talk -- are you going to let me finish my statement or not? will you be quiet now? i want to talk. >> and the beat keeps ongoing on for usa basketball. that's enough. i will see you later.
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>> can i finish? yeah. right? awkward. next, and streaming on cbsn bay area what'shappening today to help give vta trains back up and running months after tragedy. entering day 4 of the search for a missing runner. i'm justin andrews. what's happening today. and a live look outside before we head to break from our mark hopkins camera.
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right now, a massive search and rescue effort set to kick off early this morning for a missing runner in pleasanton. where can he be? we are live. >> and the mask guidelines for


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