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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  August 2, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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bay tech added hand sanitizing stations, more restrooms, air purifiers in classrooms, all to help students and staff stay safe. they also limited the number of class blocks for students. >> teachers are encouraged to take the classroom outside of ú limited to just the four walls. >> reporter: rentable frost says they'll be doing what the district is calling a restorative return. that's where teachers will use the first few weeks helping students readjust and reconnect with one another, before jumping into academics. >> staff went through some trauma informed training this week just to remind ourselves to listen to our bodies and listen to ourselves, and how to respond appropriately to each other. >> reporter: this in-person interaction is something the staff and students have missed and will never take for granted again. >> i get to meet more people and be social again instead of being in the house all day. >> justin andrews reporting. kpix is your go to source as
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kids go back to school. we have all the latest information on your school district's reopening plans on as well as links, info from the state health department and the cdc, along with expert answers to your medical questions. it's all on cbsn bay area. looking live at san jose city hall, which just reopened to the public today for the first time since march of 2020. all visitors are required to wear a mask, and you will need an appointment for in person services like getting a permit. the federal moratorium on evictions is now expired, and while california's protections last another two months, in many other states, millions of tenants could be at risk of losing their homes. the white house is calling on states and localities to give extensions, and it is asking them to speed up distribution of covid relief money that can help. by the end of june, only about $3 billion of the $46 billion in rental assistance have gone out. >> of some states and
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localities can get this out efficiently and effectively, there's no reason every state and locality can't. >> california's renter protections lasted through the end of september. eight other states are also extending theirs. advocates say in some places, more than a quarter of renters are behind on payments. san francisco police that a 30-year-old man turned himself in for a homicide. the suspect went into the police station saturday, same that he had stabbed someone at an apartment on folsom street. officers went to that apartment and found the body of a 76 year old man. at this time there is no information about a motive or how those two were connected. in san jose, flames poured out of that roof and windows of this vacant building overnight. fire broke out after midnight on oz array avenue, down the street from the fire station, actually. nobody was hurt. investigators are working to find the cause. new information coming out about the victims in a deadly helicopter crash near the
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sacramento river in colusa county. renee santos reports one of them was an almond farmer. >> reporter: an american flag sways at half staff outside van family orchards as they mourn the loss of bill van. bill and his wife susie along with bobby keaton and charles wilson all died following a helicopter crash in colusa county. the wreckage showing parts of the helicopter, an r 66. bill anders brother garnet started their processing facility in 2012. the organization employs more than 200 people. bills brother describing bill as hands-on, a lover of farming and business, adding in a statement, being actively involved in every step of the operation made bill the happiest. his losses a shock to our family, our employees, and our fellow growers. >> that's there one orchard there. >> reporter: walt see versus the crash is hard to process. bills helicopter went down into his tomato field. >> this sent shockwaves through
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the whole community. i spoke to several people this morning and you can still feel the sense of loss and just the shock of it all. >> a preliminary report from the ntsb will be released 15 days after the crash. comedian kathy griffin revealed today she has been diagnosed with lung cancer, even though she has never smoked. griffin tweeted that it is stage one and she's going to undergo surgery to have half of her left lung removed. griffin says that her doctors are optimistic and she hopes to be back up and running around as usual in a month or less. she also urged her followers to stay up to date on medical checkups. in her words, it will save your life. coming up, this could affect your summer travel plans. it's now easier for americans to travel to europe. the new rules in effect. amazing. it's a big day. >> mark plus it's a breakfast
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favorite, but it may soon be hard to get. why you could be paying a lot more for bacon. coming up on you at 6:00, finding an open appointment to get tested for covid becoming much more of a challenge, as cases continue surging across the bay area. plus, -- today is the first day back
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can you see my wall of smiles? when i first started using genesys---- i was kind of embarrased at all the love and attention i got from my customers. people are so moved by how much i understand about them. they start including me in their lives. that's helen and her friends. i arranged a wellness retreat for them. look at those ladies. such wisdom. mmm. but it's really genesys that helps me
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understand people and what they truly need. i'm just glad i can help. welcome back. we are covering all angles of the covid spike in the bay area. what you need to know right now to protect yourself and your family. dr. peter chin-hong with ucsf joining us now. dr., thank you so much for being with us. there is so much concern about how fast this delta variant is
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spreading in the bay area, so what makes it different from previous strains? >> delta is very different because the amount of virus someone who is infected produces is unimaginable. it's 1000 times more than the regular will hahn variant, and i think the clincher is that vaccinated folks can spread it to others. >> so the indoor mask mandate is taking effect at midnight. do you think that will be enough to turn the tide? >> i think it will be a good maneuver to pause, but may not turn the tide completely. i think what we are looking at ms of numbers is our behaviors from two weeks ago when we all sort of through off our masks and wild abandonment if we were vaccinated. i think now we have to be a little more restrained, given the data, but i'm confident in the bay area, citizens, i think, we will rise up and we
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will sort of crush this. >> i like that wisdom there. we'll crush this. we keep hearing the advice, get vaccinated, so what about kids who can't get vaccinated, with school starting to open soon? >> i have two things to say. first of all, kids under 12 are less likely to get covid, as well as transmit covid, and the school environment is actually safer than the community. we've seen that even in periods of surges in states like wisconsin and in georgia. so i think delta is not going to act any differently. what you can do is make a ring of bodyguards, immunity bodyguards around the kids. that is to vaccinate all the adults around the kids, including teachers and staff at the schools. >> let's talk about the unvaccinated now. they are clearly more at risk. that the concern that you were talking about, right? >> unvaccinated folks, no matter how you slice and dice the pie, more than 99.5% of deaths currently in the united
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states, even with delta. >> is the delta variant driving more people to get vaccinated now? has that been kind of a showstopper now, people are finally getting it? >> yeah, i was pleasantly surprised within the last week, u.s. overall increasing 30% of vaccinations. bay area, very different rates depending on how vaccinated the community's. but i was really impressed with solano county, more than 60% increase, or 50% to 60%, and contra costa, around the same. san francisco, very high vaccination rate, bumping about 15%. >> if we mask up come midnight, more people get vaccinated, where do you see things, let's say 2 to 4 weeks down the road? >> i think it will look very different in the bay area and in california, and in the country, really, depending on how fast the community gets vaccinated. in a community with low vaccination rates you are going to see more people overwhelm
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the hospitals. we are seeing that already in states like missouri. we are seeing that in some communities in california, and that's where the two groups will separate. >> we've done this before. we borne our masks. is going to happen again tonight at midnight and we'll be talking with you i'm sure very soon again. dr. jinghong, thank you so much. >> you're welcome, julie it. thank you so much. >> two passengers showed fake vaccination cards and covid test to an airline. the passengers traveled from the u.s. to canada. canadian officials say each person was fined $1600 for providing false information. travel nightmare for hundreds of spirit airline customers. a look at crowds gathered outside the ticket counter in orlando today point the florida- based airlines is nearly 230 flights were canceled because of weather and what they called operational issues. that's on top of another 165
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flights canceled yesterday. let's take a live look at sfo. vacationing in the uk just got a lot easier for fully vaccinated americans after the british government changed its restrictions. >> reporter: it's an emotional reunion for families at london's heathrow airport. for many, they've been separated for almost 2 years by an ocean and pandemic. >> amazing! surreal! >> it's a big date! >> reporter: fully vaccinated americans can now travel to the uk without having to quarantine. many arriving here some of being able to see family and friends again in a single word of it as awesome. >> i'm regnant with my in-laws first grandchild so it's exciting to finally be able to be here and share that news with them. >> reporter: all that's now required is a covid test the fourth line, and a pcr test two days after arriving. you'll also need to show your cdc vaccination card at the airport as proof you've been fully vaccinated. officials hope the cards become the ticket to traveling more.
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>> the vaccine is a passport to freedom. >> reporter: freedom to fly into the arms of your loved ones. late last month the white house says it currently has no plans to change the existing travel ban that makes it difficult for british and eu citizens to come here and visit the u.s. princess cruises completed its first u.s. voyage since the pandemic shut the industry down. the majestic princess sailed between seattle and alaska for seven days. that ship is equipped with new safety measures to keep passengers safe and travelers must be fully vaccinated. the cruise line planning to restart trips from california and florida this fall. up next, what one museum is doing to drive admissions during the pandemic. and coming up all new at 7:00, a kpix 5 original report. they are known on the street as serial plaintiffs, disabled people who file hundreds of
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lawsuits under the americans with disabilities act. >> it's like, come on, give us a chance to get back on our feet. >> every one of these cases are based on a
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it is that time of year.
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school about to start. today, sunnyvale community services hosted their back-to- school day event. this time it was a drive- through. family stopped by to get some supplies before school does begin. they did have to stay in their cars while volunteers loaded the supplies into the trunk or the backseat there. the goal is to provide children with tools for success as they begin the new school year in person. a couple of female billionaires are teaming up on a big-ticket venture. melinda french gates and mckenzie scott are given away $40 million to help american women gain power and influence. it is part of a french/gates equality can't wait challenge. the four winning projects are focused on improving gender equality through career advancement and better education. a northern california museum is looking for ways to drive more tourists through its front doors. >> reporter rachel wulff shows us what the california automobile museum is doing to
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rev up revenue. >> reporter: covid stalled membership at the california automobile museum until they reopened their doors in march. >> people gradually came back so we are not quite to pre- covid levels. >> reporter: mark steigerwald changes exhibits several times a year to keep it fresh, but this summer he decided to rev up marketing efforts, to bring in more car enthusiasts. the museum has started a car club meet up every third saturday. >> we have as many as 110 cars out here in our parking lot at one time. great response from the public and from car clubs as well, bringing cars from as far away as seattle. >> reporter: david frank is part of a model a car club that was showcased. >> there's people of all ages in the club. youngsters, those kids are only 40, you know? >> reporter: he was surprised how many people can. hundreds were there and were really interested in cars. as a car enthusiast and a docent at the museum, he hos anotopnday drives, in new business. rides are included with museum
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admission. >> we go down to miller park or old town, or up to the capitol, and we have some pretty special rides, and these people really, really enjoyed it. >> we are appreciative of everyone who comes out. >> the museum will feature low riders on august 21st, food trucks, and a dj will be there as well. florida drivers might be used two bugs on their cars, but that is a turtle. firefighters say a turtle cause an accident on the turnpike. a semi-hit the turtle, causing it to fly right into the windshield of a nearby car. hang on. here's the good news. neither the turtle, the driver, nobody hurt, not even the turtle, who was released safely back into the wild. >> oh my goodness. >> no people, no turtle. i told you how tough that shell is. >> turtle wax. fairplay to the turtle. let's take a look at what's
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happening with as wise. low cloud cover fog is going to return as we head through late this evening and overnight. plenty of sunshine out there, even along the coast. we are going to see up-and-down temperatures as we go through the week. we're going to go down a little bit for wednesday and thursday and back up by friday and saturday, but overall it's good news because we're avoiding the wildfire smoke, at least for now. there's the potential it creeps into the bay area by the end of the work week. but at the moment it's just potential and something we'll watch as we go through the rest of the week. outside right now to the east, some fairweather clouds floating through nothing threatening. pence in the usual 30 degree range that we see across the bay area in early august, anywhere from 61 degrees in pacifica to 91 degrees in concord, 82 in santa rosa with 79 degrees in san jose. those temperatures slightly below average in the parts of the bay area likely to climb a little bit tomorrow and then drop wednesday and thursday before climbing again. it's not a full-fledged ride on the temperature roller coaster, just a few rolling hills if you want to do it that way. temperatures low all over the e, 68at sf
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wntown temperatus in the mid-60s, 71 in oakland, 90 in concord and livermore in 94 degrees in fairfield. 80 on the nose in santa rosa with temperatures in the upper 70s in san jose. a pleasantly warm evening. this clouds farther up in the atmosphere are going to slide off to the north. we're going to see low cloud cover and fog spreading across the bay into some of the inland valleys by early tomorrow morning but should retreat pretty quickly. i think the marine layer is going to get a little bit deeper as we head through tomorrow night into wednesday. some more great on the map and even a little bit of green showing up on the coast. potential for drizzle might add up to a trace of moisture but nothing more than that. even with that thicker fog it's going to retreat toward the coast by wednesday afternoon with a similar pattern on the way for thursday. temperatures tonight dropping mostly into the 50s, mostly low to mid 50s by early tuesday morning. the very warmest spot around 60, very cool spots like santa rosa dropping beverly into the upper 40s. as the skies clear out, temperatures warm up almost
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exactly where we were today for san francisco, up into the mid- 60s, which is close to normal for early august. santa rosa with a cooler start. you can make up for it with high temperatures reaching up to a couple degrees warmer thana tuesdaafteoo ncord aches up into the low 90s. topped out just about 90 today, a couple degrees warmer than that with plenty of sunshine ever had from midmorning all the way through the rest of the day. san jose also reaching up to maybe a degree warmer than today, 81 for a high temperature, which is exactly normal for this time of your. the hottest spots farther east in salina and contra costa counties make it up into the mid-90s on the coast. high temps mike wright around 60 degrees. all in all pretty typical stuff for others. temperatures drop back wednesday and thursday, a trend that will be more noticeable as you get further away from the water, so a bigger drop for san jose compared to oakland and san francisco but a bigger increase by friday with the warmer air sticking around into the first half of the weekend. no big changes by early next week, just a return to near or slightly below average temperatures. farther inland in the east bay, hotspots friday and saturday with highs into the 90s. north bay tries to catch up, upper 80s on friday but down into the lower half of the 80s by saturday. i'll have a look at this
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evening's dog walking forecast coming up at 6:00. covid testing appointents are becoming hard to come by, as the highly transmissible delta variant spreads in the bay area. plus, a dozen east bay studenhatested positive for the virus just days after heading back to school. and the amtrak route into the bay area been blocked by a deadly mudslide. still ahead at 5:00, why the price of a favorite bay
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the producers are warning pork products may begin disappearing from california store shelves come january 1st, and that includes a bay area favorite -- bacon. >> as kpix 5's jon gray us reports, it's all because of something people voted for three years ago. >> reporter: in 2018, voters approved opposition 12 for the humane treatment of farm animals. now it looks like those chickens, or in this case, pigs, are coming home to roost. prop 12 set mandates for living space for farm animals if they're going to be sold for food in california. it started with chickens, but the pork producers pushed back in the courts. now the ninth circuit court of appeals has upheld prop 12, and that means breeding pigs will have a little more room to move around. there's just one problem -- >> there is very little pork production in the state of california. it is predominantly done in the midwest. >> reporter: the vast majority of pork in california stores
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comes from other states, and jim monroe with the national pork producers council says only about 4% of farmers are compliant with the new rules. but because the law bans wherit is produced, on january 1st, most of the nation's raw pork products would be illegal to sell in california. >> my wife told me there was a bacon shortage. she said when you go to the store, make sure you buy bacon. >> reporter: jenny flanagan says she remembers the chicken law, it had no idea it would have this effect on her son's favorite, bacon. >> it's kind of sad. it would be nice to know what we were voting for. >> you don't feel people knew. >> i don't think anybody knows about this. >> reporter: she may be right about that. we called dozens of restaurants, stores, and meet markets today, and very few were aware of what may be coming. that included caterer raji purification, who says pork is a staple in hispanic and asian cooking perking >> asian market they use almost 80% pork. i don't know, we'll see.
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that's pretty crazy. >> reporter: california is an important market to port reducers, so they will be racing to expand their facilities or lessen their herds to try to comply with the space mandates. either way, that will create an expense that many simply can't sustain. >> you have significant cost to come into compliance with what prop 12 requires, and some of them just won't be able to do it. they'll be forced out of business. >> reporter: some california voters may have thought they were striking a blow against big corporate farming operations, but those may be the ones most likely to survive. in pleasant hill, john ramos, kpix 5. >> the only legal step left for the pork producers is the u.s. supreme court, but they say they're trying to work with governor newsom to postpone enforcement until changes can be made at the farm level. if not, the price of what pork is available is expected to skyrocket. now at 6:00, with how fast
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the delta variant is spreading, more people are needing to get tested. but how easy is it to get one? >> it's hard to get tests now, as it was during the real -- more than a dozen students at one school in contra costa county test positive just days after being back in class. so what happens now? and could the covid spike forced the oakland a's to change their game plan ahead of tomorrow's home stand? we go one-on-one with san jose police, why they want you to watch this newly released video. good evening, i'm juliette goodrich and for elizabeth cook. >> i'm ken bastida. we begin with a live look across the bay area at some of the counties that will require everyone, regardless of vaccination status, to wear a mask indoors. beginning at mid night, seven counties and the city of berkeley will implement the new mandate. it follows cdc recommendations s no everybody should be
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assecontue to sp suddenly more people are realizing they need to get tested again. >> but how easily can you get one? kpix 5's kenny choi is live in san francisco. i know you've been digging into this question all day, so what have you learned? >> some are saying we are back to square one when it comes to testing. it is difficult to get one. where's the closest testing site? how quickly can i get an appointment? many people we talked to today said it is extremely difficult to get tested right away. >> reporter: every bay area county health department is seeing significantly higher demand for testing. >> we've already decided not to scale back some testing sites that we had considered scaling back and as the demand changes we are going to consider opening up additional testing sites. >> reporter: sam


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